Monday, October 29, 2007

Gender Wars - Genesis (part 1-2)

By peter


A beam from the sky streaked through the solemn dark clouds of the night and crashed into abandoned lot number 23A. The dirt was immediately cast aside by the unyielding force and scorching heat of the beam to reveal several reinforced titanium plates below. In moments the beam had punched through them too and after a minute the beam faded. With that the final male resistance cell against female domination in the nation ended. The personnel at X-Corp Control, the division in charge of the orbiting satellite that had fired the beam let up a cheer and toasted each other as the final phase of operation ‘swift kick’ was concluded.

Aside... For those who don’t know this is another installment of a series of stories I wrote ages ago. Truth be told, I can’t remember where I left off, so I’m going to start a new series in the same world. The story takes/took place in a world where male domination has been replaced by that of the weaker sex. How? As I vaguely recall it had something to do with the release of a series of bombs that destroyed the y-chromosome. The story revolved around several men and their resistance cell. In the ensuing new world order the slang ‘Danglers’ became the derogatory reference to men and a group, which I will refer to as the X-Corp (perhaps they had a different name in the previous chapters) are tasked with handling male upstarts in ways only females can. Back to the story...

From his dilapidated balcony Michael watched the beam from when it was just a thin trickle of light cutting through the sky to its evolution into a large pink cylinder the size of a skyscraper and its final dissolution into nothingness.

“What will I do now? What will all men do now?” he thought. “Ha, the gentler sex. I wish that were true. They destroyed our very last hope of equality, of the chance of a fair life and they did it to devastating effect,” Michael scoffed out loud. He said this all with a bewilderment and fear that did not sit well with his 15 years working as an Elite in his nation’s army. Working as an elite until the women had come to power that is. At that point men were deemed too unruly, too violent, too primal and too unevolved to be good soldiers. Women, with their ‘greater sense of unity and greater level of evolution’ were the ‘only ones who could handle a responsibility as great as the protection of the country’.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

“Dangler, open the door sweetie. I’m here for my therapy.”

Michael opened the door. Leaned up against the doorframe was Melissa, a beautiful, tall blond with shoulder length hair. She stood there in her dark business suit and heels staring at Mike’s groin as if talking to it and not him.

“It’s been a tough day for me so far, honey. I think we’re gonna have an interesting session tonight.”

Men didn’t work anymore. For the same reasons he had been discharged from the military other men had been deemed incapable of handling anything but the most basic of jobs. But he had found a way to make more than your average man: women had become more aggressive since taking power, new training schemes had been implemented to teach them to beat any man in any situation (for self-defense apparently) and… they wanted to practice these skills and would pay good money for it. With his army training Mike could put up a good fight. In fact he had won against his female clients on several occasions. Basically Mike fought the women, his clients, who came to his apartment and got paid three times more than the maximum male salary.

Without invitation Melissa stepped into the doorway. She thrust her hand out and grabbed Mike’s balls.

“Ooh, they feel so plump. I hope they’re not too tender from last time. I just got carried away a bit. Hard day at the office. You know what I mean, right Mikey?”

“Look Melissa, let’s just do this. You want to fight me. Let’s go.” Mike had just watched the male resistance die from his balcony. He wasn’t in the mood for her taunting but as he spoke that sentence he realized he had annoyed Melissa. That wasn’t smart, especially when she had her hand cupped round his genitals.

“You’re right Mikey, sweetie.” She tightened her grip on his balls. “All business with you huh?” She twisted her hand a little. “Let’s get to it!” With a vice-like grip she yanked mike by his balls, dragging him to the fight room. A place she knew all too well. Like a good dog Mike followed, squirming and walking with his legs parted to try to minimize the pressure on his balls.

In the fight room Mel let go of Mike’s delicates and moved to the other side of the 5m by 5m room, but not before a firm tug that caused Mike to wince and Mel to giggle. Without a word Mike removed his trousers and shirt and stood in front of Mel, wearing only his tight spandex jogging shorts with a hole cut in the front to allow his genitals to hang out. Women liked it like that. It gave them easier access to the man’s stuff, and they enjoyed being able to see what part of the groin they were kicking… It ‘refined their technique’. Mel, in her tall, confident beauty removed her suit-jacket and undid the top three buttons of her shirt. She loved to tease mike and slowly caressed her voluptuous breasts. Mike tried to ignore her, but his cock slowly hardening was something beyond his control.

“Put on your cup, Dangler,” commanded Mel. “I want to have a bit more of a challenge this time!”

Mike did so. After all he got paid 15 dollars an hour to do this.

They approached each other and Mike threw a left punch at Mel. He almost hit her square in the face, but his punch was stopped as he looked down to see Mel had landed a shin kick straight into his cup. He backed off a bit. She was fast today. That meant she really WAS pissed off. He jumped back a bit and Mel grinned.

“Didn’t crack it, did I?” she purred.

Mike looked down and saw a slight break in the cup. Nothing that made it unusable. He overcame the mild pain and reapproached. This time he lunged at her, while turning his hips sideways to protect himself. She threw a kick but missed. He barged her to the floor. As she fell one of her breasts slipped out from her shirt and Mike, naturally, paused to observe. Another kick rocketed into his groin. This time the tip of her shoe was perfectly placed to lever just behind the seam of the cup and push through to his testicles. Mike dropped and grabbed his screaming balls as Mel slowly stood up triumphant and began to massage her breast back into her shirt.

“Oh get up Mikey, it wasn’t that hard!”

Twenty minutes later a new round had begun and Mike found he was winning. He had her pinned on the floor. He wasn’t even wearing a cup! Her delicate frame too weak to lift Mike’s muscular body. She writhed and wriggled but she could not escape. Mike was about to claim victory but suddenly found a hand probing up his thigh. Instinctively he moved his body away, to only just miss a fist slamming into the spot where his balls were only moments before. But Mel was quicker than him still. Her training meant she could react on instinct and she followed that strike by thrusting her hand to where she now knew his balls lay expectantly. She grabbed them and twisted.

“I think I’ll yank them off this time,” she whispered, half menacingly, half jokingly.

With every wriggle by Mike she tightened her grip. With every yell she twisted and with every attempt to fight back she yanked. Mike hated this. This was the worst position. When the woman grabbed them he couldn’t do anything. There was nothing on her to grab. Her perfect form made her invulnerable to any equivalent attack and a fast punch was out of the question, she was too wily for that. She’d crush his balls first. And then she began to dig her nails into his balls. It wasn’t permanent damage, but Mike passed out from the pain.

When he awoke he saw 15 dollars left taped to his testicles and a female lipstick mark on his balls next to a note. He took the note; half dazed, and began to read.

“You were great mike. We should do this again next week. I hope you don’t mind about the lipstick. I just love men’s balls so much. Such good control points! If you didn’t have them you may have had a chance. But then, if you didn’t have them you wouldn’t be a man would you?

XXXX, Mel”

Mike had been humiliated for the last time. His balls were almost as sore as his pride. He wouldn’t do this anymore. Not unless he was fighting the women for real. Not unless he had started a new Male Resistance...


Men’s fashion had changed quite a bit since women took control. Though men still wore t-shirts and shirts the change had been to the trousers. If a man walked in public he had to wear trousers with a special sleeve in which to insert his balls, pushing them forwards and outwards. A separate holder, which women called the pinky glove, was also designed into the trousers in which the man would insert his penis. These new trousers were called cupping-trousers or CTs. The idea officially, was that it was sexy. But the truth was women just liked being reminded they were lucky enough to not have such a vulnerability and loved staring at a man’s juicy cock and balls as they bounced as he walked - just longing for a kick.

To be fair, women’s fashion had changed a lot too. With their increase in confidence and when in casual wear, all women wore tight binding tank tops and of course the obligatory skirts or tight shorts. What better way to remind men of the ‘weaker sex’s superiority’? Not only that, but these days, it seemed all women had the bodies to pull it off.

Mike hated his trousers. He could almost feel the glare he got from every woman on the street as he walked towards the bus-stop his cock and balls bouncing along with him. Sometimes women would just feign a kick to his balls then begin giggling as he moved his hands to protect them.

As the bus pulled up everyone formed a queue to board. Mike hated this too. He hated the way women would ‘accidentally’ brush up against his penis when he was waiting, just to see if they could make him hard. The woman queuing in front of Mike was gorgeous though. In her short pleated skirt and revealing top she was perfect. Her firm round ass moved backwards towards Mikes cock and she began to lift her skirt, rubbing her panty-less ass against it. Mike new he shouldn't bother saying anything. The woman would just claim it was he who was the aggressor, and he'd probably receive a swift back kick to the balls. Mike stood there, trying hard to not get turned on, but she was too seductive, she smelt too good and she felt too soft. Soon he had a raging hard-on.

The woman pressed up hard against Mike, and subtlety grabbed his cock that was now protruding out between her legs. Still encased in the fabric of his CTs Mike was just grateful that particular part had been made of a material that stretched. She held onto his cock then began to move it up into her pussy. She did this for a few moments and Mike continued to focus on reducing his boner. Clearly the woman wasn't happy with his now softening penis and she began to squeeze and twist it. Suddenly Mike felt her begin to undo his flies and moments later his penis was out of his trousers and being inserted directly into the woman's wet and warm pussy. Mike couldn't resist the pleasure and he began to go hard again. The woman was just teasing him, because only a few seconds later it was her turn to board and she stepped up onto the bus, leaving a raging hard-on that Mike couldn't slip back into his trousers.

Mike let the other men behind him go up onto the bus (it was women on the bus first then men, after all women had more important things to do and had to board first so they could get on with running the world) giving him time to lose his hard-on and slip his cock back into his trousers. He looked up at the woman, smiling at him through the bus window, and she blew him a kiss, then took out her cell to probably call a friend - no doubt to talk about the fun experience she'd just had with a man and how glad she was to be born without penis.

Mike was about to step up on the bus when he felt some hands creep up between his legs, cup his balls and slowly pull him down off the bus. This was made all the more easy by the trousers with their separate holder containing his balls, probably another reason women wanted men to wear these cupping-trousers – they could more easily control their toys. Mike grimaced from the pain and, unable to turn his body due to the hand between his legs, turned his head to see a beautiful brunette in a tight black top and shorts.

“Excuse me, I have to get on, Dangler,” she said, toying with Mike’s balls as she spoke.

“Argh! You could have just asked,” Mike exhorted, feeling the rage building from the blatant unfairness of it all.

“Excuse me?”

“I – said – you – could –have – jus… ahhhh!”

The brunette tightened her grip, yanking Mike’s balls backwards and damn near pulling him off his feet. The women on the bus and still waiting at the stop applauded her for her assertiveness and booed mike for his rudeness.

“Arrrghh!” Mike yelped as she yanked his balls again, this time with such an upward and backwards force that mike’s face almost hit the floor. Mike was drained from the pain, only being held up by the vice-like grip on his sack. As the brunette let go, mike slipped to the floor and he felt her six inch heel dig into his back as she stepped on him and onto the bus.

Eventually Mike got up, just as the next bus arrived. He queued again and stepped onto the vehicle.

“Next stop, the bar on the outskirts of town, the only place with men who may be capable of starting the resistance,” Mike thought.

He paid for a ticket and waited for the standard electronic hand to extend from the driver’s cabin and tape it to the sleeve in which his penis lay. This reminded him of branding cattle but, as the bus company slogan goes ‘with this new system, everyone will know when the male doesn’t have HIS ticket.’ Mike moved past the rows of women in their suits and men in their CTs and promptly shuffled to the back of the bus, sitting down alone. Mike stared out the window. The pink siren lights of the X-Corp police van could be seen on the other side of the road. They were racing somewhere. The van broke suddenly, spun around and started moving in Mike’s direction. They were racing towards the bus!

Moments later Mike’s bus jolted to a halt as the X-Corp van cut it off. He saw three voluptuous women, barely contained within their cat-suits, jump out and board the bus.


Suddenly a man halfway down the bus jumped up and grabbed the woman next to him, holding her in a head lock under his left arm.

“THAT’S COZ THE BITCH YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT KICKED ME IN THE BALLS!!” he yelled back, tightening his headlock around the woman.

Mike could almost see it happening before it did. The woman, with her free right hand, rammed it up between the man’s legs. As the man loosened his grip round her neck from the shock, she stepped back and pushed him off of her and towards the X-Corp officers. Like lightning the officers drew their guns and fired soft cushioned pellets at the man’s crotch. These were special projectiles, incapable of hurting a woman but having sufficient force to stun a man if impacting on his testicles. The X-Corp trained their women to fire these perfectly. It was rumored that all the officers were so elite that there was a 99% chance of the projectile hitting the most vulnerable front point on a man’s testicles in the first shot.

This time they must have got him because the man stood stunned for a moment, then cupped his hands round his balls and bent forwards, gasping for breath. The front officer sexily sauntered towards him, her breasts and hips swaying as she did. She slowly began to undo the zip running from the centre top of her cat-suit, until half her cleavage was showing and slipped her hand down between her breasts. From here she pulled out a ring, about 5cm in diameter, grabbed the man by his balls, who was still gasping for breath, and placed his cock and balls through the ring. Then by pressing a button on her watch the ring contracted and tightened round the man’s genitals. The officer then began walking off the bus.

The man knew the drill; if he got too close to her the ring would tighten and expand in thickness, effectively forcing his balls out in front of him and eventually popping them off. If he got too far away the same thing would happen. He scurried to his feet and walked, silently with the officer. He didn’t want to provoke her. As walked down the corridor of the bus the woman he had placed in the head-lock came running up behind him and swung a devastating kick up between his legs, dropping him to the floor. The X-Corp officer having already stepped off the bus at this point was unaware of any of this and kept walking towards the van. Suddenly he was ‘too far away’ from the officer and the ring began to expand. He screamed and yelped and only after twenty seconds did the X-Corp woman come up to him and deactivate this automatic mechanism. The officers didn’t care about the man, but they were busy, and so while one escorted him off the bus the other two made sure the incident wasn’t repeated by consoling the woman who had been attacked by the man.

As quickly as all this had happened, it was forgotten. Though Mike wanted to help the man he knew he couldn’t do anything yet. He reassured himself that all he needed was time then he could make the changes he wanted; with his military history he had the training and contacts to acquire weapons and lead his team. He quieted his mind and stared out the window, watching the shadows dance past on the walls of the buildings around him.

After an hour and half Mike reached the outskirts of the city. The place was called the Regal Pub but it wasn’t that regal and it barely classified as a pub. He pushed open the creaky door and in there was a crowd of at least 25 men, all his ex-military buddies, all eager for a fight. And Mike knew they had the resolve to win…

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