Monday, October 29, 2007

The General (part 1-2)

by philco

The military man with a chest full of medals had always been a closet masochist. His résumé reflected this. Early in his career, he volunteered for multiple infantry in Korea and Vietnam. Along the way, he earned commendations for bravery and his strategic genius had him well on the path to General. At 50, he made 3-star and by the ripe age of 57 he was promoted to 4-star General. The 6'4", rugged 230-pound Army man with the graying flattop definitely looked the part. Upon being promoted, the hero was given the option of hiring his own secretary. He relished the idea and took a firsthand role in interviewing candidates.

Ten days into the search, the bachelor with and eye for the ladies found the ideal woman. A slim, petite, Demi Moore look-alike in her mid 30's, this woman exuded innocence and elegance. She had eyeglasses and wore her long, silky hair in a sexy ponytail. Her attire was business professional - long-sleeved white blouse, a beige skirt cut loosely above the knee, a metal ring belt that hugged her curvy hips, ivory nylons and matching peep-toed stilettos. Her single status appealed to the General since married women, and especially those with children, were high maintenance.

The interview went well. She expressed flexibility indicating she was free to work from dawn to dusk. Her skill set was excellent and she answered the General's questions patiently and to his satisfaction. After a moment to skim her résumé one last time, the West Point alum closed the file with gusto and said, "You're hired". They smiled mutually in agreement. Just then, the man's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me," he apologized. "I have to take this." As he stepped out of his office for privacy, the stunning hiree caught her breath and strolled to the window to admire the morning sunshine. Seconds later she wheeled around to return to the guest chair when she noticed an open web file in the General's computer.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she pressed play on the dormant file. The image that materialized was that of an attractive woman in a karate outfit instructing a younger woman dressed in business attire how to properly defend herself, with an emphasis on 'busting balls'. The hiree's satin panties moistened at the mere idea of 'girl power' but her mid-morning wet dream ended abruptly when she heard her new boss wrapping up his call. She quickly clicked the stop button before double-timing it back to her chair.

"Sorry about that," bellowed the 4-star as he re-entered the room. "I just learned that we've been invited to a party tonight. The Joint Chief's are hosting a bash in my honor to celebrate the promotion."

"We?" she asked.

"Yes, we," he confidently snarled. "It will be the perfect place to introduce you to those you will be working with… and against," said the General with a sly smile.

"I can't wait," said the shapely brunette. "Meet you there?" she asked.

"Indeed," he said. "Here's the address and please dress formally."

Hours later the hiree arrived at the black-tie function dressed to rupture with a sexy, black evening dress highlighting her perky bustline and a black leather mini-skirt. Her black, pointy-toed stilettos caught the eye of the lone military cop manning the metal detector entrance. "You could really hurt someone with those, ma'am," said the young guard in a sheepish tone."

The woman, wearing her gorgeous hair down for this occasion, sensed her absolute superiority over the boy. She smiled, removed her glasses and said, "Oh, you mean these shoes." She gazed down innocently at the sharp points and flexed her foot for emphasis. "You're probably right." She the playfully tilted her head, looked into the MP's eyes and warned, "And if you give me any static officer, you might find your testicles orbiting your tonsils." He smiled uneasily and motioned her through. She advanced without incident and, knowing the MP's gaze was magnetized on her fetching derriere, the woman strutted toward the ballroom, her weapons clicking as she went.

"There you are Lisa. You look lovely," said the General, decked out in full dress uniform with the newly minted 4th star on both shoulders. "Glad you could make it," he said as he kissed her hand and kindly seated her at his table.

Thank you for inviting me sir," she said. The pair proceeded to get more acquainted as toasts to the new 4-star sporadically interrupted their chat.

"I did a little research on you General," said the woman as she snuck her pointy-toed shoe under the table, making soft but direct contact with his package. We have a lot in common," she said as the point of her shoe provocatively probed and jabbed his scrotum.

"We do?" he said in a wary tone.

"You're not only single like me but you like having your balls kicked."

Taken aback, the General said, "How do you know?"

Lisa replied mischievously, "I saw that webpage you had open this morning. You're a closet masochist! Don't worry; it will be our little secret. But I have to admit, it made me very horny. I don't know if you noticed on my résumé but I once worked at the CIA where they taught all delicate females self-defense." She then jabbed him hard with her heel, causing him to recoil slightly. "You mentioned sir that we have people to work against and I could be quite handy as an internal espionage agent." She went on to add, "Because of my appearance, men tend to underestimate me."

Never mind a 4th star, the General's third leg was on full alert as Lisa continued to lightly jab his sack while giving a tidy dissertation of the many ways to 'bust' a man. "Punching, kicking, slapping and flicking are all good techniques," she said. "But there are other subtle methods that I specialize in. For instance, come close for a moment sir." She reached under the tablecloth and gently unzipped his trousers. Grabbing his testicles firmly, she the gleefully explained the famous 'grip and twist'. "It's especially effective when dealing with pushy men at bars," she said. "You make a ring with your thumb and index finger around the nutsack, apply pressure by tightening and the use your index finger to divide the testicles while pressing inward."

The General winced and patted his hand on the table to signal her to relent. "That'll work," he said then quickly looked around to see if anyone was eavesdropping on Lisa's mesmerizing lecture. Satisfied no one was, the General caught his breath and instructed his new secretary to, "Please continue."

The brunette vixen drew the General's attention to those wicked, black pumps she was wearing. "These are my nutcrackers," she purred proudly. "My girlfriends and I talk frequently about the latest pair of 'nutcrackers' we purchased. The MP at the entrance noticed this pair. And why wouldn't he? The point (she fingered the sexy outline of it) is most effective in cutting a man down to size. One properly executed snap kick with these, General and even a powerful man like you would be down for the count." The 4-star grimaced while accidentally spurting in his shorts. Trying to contain his excitement, he reached under the table to zip his trousers, which were still undone after the 'grip and twist' lesson.

Meanwhile, Lisa waxed on about her pumps. "I've learned a new technique that I'd love to try out on you General.

"What's that?" he asked with a trace of fear.

"I'd like to kick you as hard as I can with these pointy shoes. Only I'm going to follow through and get you with my heel as well, sort of a double whammy," she said with a smile that nearly leveled him.

The General gulped, contemplating how such a nasty strike could be on his manhood. "You'd do that?" he asked in disbelief.

"I'd let you wear a cup though," she responded. "But only for the first kick. The rest would be straight on and I promise, deadly accurate."

Lisa now knew she had her boss wrapped around her finger. Seizing the moment, she invited the General to slow-dance as Chris DeBurgh's 'Lady in Red' came on. As her trailed Lisa to the dance floor, the General got a good look at her sexy, compact body. Her pumps elevated her petite frame just enough so that her eyes were even with his chin. Gently placing her hands on the General's broad shoulders, the woman seductively traced the outlines of the General's 4-stars. She gazed into his eyes and warned that if his hands went any lower than her waist, "You'll be walking funny sir."

The General was however on his best behavior. Lisa whispered that she was joking but that she did have a question for him. "General, what do you get when you subtract two from four?"

Puzzled, the General could only muster, "Two."

The woman pulled the unsuspecting man closer and said, "Wrong silly. A 4-star General... minus two..." She drove her left knee powerfully into his pills, which impacted hard against his pubic bone. "…equals you, my dear, in the fetal position." The General faltered like Mike Tyson after a Buster Douglas uppercut. The stunned hero collapsed into Lisa's arms and she struggled to cradle her superior while also applying a Spock hold to the man's neck.

Just before he passed out she whispered, "Oh, you met my knee General. I'll see you at 0600. Bring your cup."

The ensuing commotion was met with a mix of bemusement and concern by the rest of the gathered elites. "What happened to him?" asked one of the other 4-stars as his eyes took a walk up and down Lisa's irresistible figure.

The woman maintained her exquisite feminine poise and put her hands on her cheeks for effect. "I'm not sure," she offered convincingly. "I think he fainted."

0600 Next Morning

The following morning, the 4-Star arrived at the Pentagon for his regular 6 a.m. start. He was a bit groggy and his gait was slightly off, as he made his way down the long hallway to his office. At his promotion party the night prior, his newly hired secretary had asked him to dance and during that dance, she delivered a clandestine knee that popped his nuts like the balls in one of those air-powered lottery machines. The gorgeous woman subsequently applied a pressure point pinch maneuver to his neck that left him unconscious. When he finally came to an hour later, his short term memory failed him and he could not explain to colleagues what caused him to pass out. Nevertheless, here he was, back at work early the next morning.

Lisa was waiting for the general inside his office when he arrived. Upon seeing her, it all came back to him, the way she had easily disposed of him.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” he said sternly.

Lisa was not intimidated and quickly the reversed the tone, “Oh General, you made my night. To think that a little thing like me….could take you….a big strong military man… OUT… with one knee… it got me soooooooo wet.” The hero heard this and felt like he’d almost won the lottery. Here she was, a sexy and mature woman who was not only a cool person, but one who was also into his secret fetish.

Dressed in a tight light blue blouse, her top three buttons were undone and her matching knee length skirt had a generous slit up one leg that revealed her sexy white stockings. The pony tailed brunette rose from her chair and sauntered toward the general. Her white pumps with razor sharp points, clicked on the shiny waxed floor as she approached and pinned him against the wall.

“I’ve always liked kneeing men,” she continued. “A knee in the balls… is arguably the best technique available to women, especially to a petite woman with bony knees like myself. The bonier a woman’s knee is… the more damaging the strike. And besides, it’s a very up close and personal way of saying ‘fuck you’. Most men are too distracted by my eyes or cleavage to even realize it’s coming. From a woman’s standpoint, a knee in the balls contains the ultimate element of surprise. Won’t you agree general?”

The general had encountered many formidable adversaries in his career but here was an ally that was being very adversarial. Lisa was correct though on all counts. Her gaze…..was intoxicating, and her perky nipples… were causing a serious gravitational reaction in his Defense Department issued dress trousers. He was almost daydreaming when the woman lightly slapped his face with her left hand and scolded, “General, my eyes……are up here.” He quickly snapped out of it and locked eyes with her. She smiled glowingly at him then took the opportunity to gently unzip his pants with her right hand.

In addition to her many incredible feminine attributes, Lisa prided herself on her fingernails, often spending hundreds of dollars to update her impeccable French Manicure. Her glistening 2-inch white tipped nails invaded the general’s nether region with mixed intentions. She slipped her right hand inside the hero’s underwear and used her index and middle fingers to provocatively tickle the underbelly of his ball sack. The general began to purr liked a Cheshire cat.

Lisa could feel the general’s flag was at full mast and she joked, “You did say you had a bone to pick sir. You weren’t lying were you?” And with that, she quickly grabbed a firm hold on his pocket rocket.

“Last night was great,” she said, maintaining eye contact with her boss as her right hand firmly massaged his throbbing shaft, “but that sir… was just a love tap.” Right then, using his hard cock as leverage Lisa pulled the general toward her and brought her right knee up sharply and squarely, trapping his package underneath his hard held boner.

The general dropped with a thud to the floor and moaned pathetically. Very satisfied, Lisa fanned out her lovely nails while looking down on her fallen boss and sighed, “You might recall general, that last night I wore that tight leather mini skirt. And today you might notice I’m wearing a skirt with a slit.” In the state he suddenly found himself in, the general was incommunicado. So Lisa continued what was now a monologue. “I love mini-skirts, especially sexy leather mini skirts, but I just find that looser skirts with a sexy slit provide me with more freedom of movement… to better punish men with my knee. Don’t you agree?” she asked rhetorically.

Lisa felt badly about how she’d once again suckered her superior with a surprise knee. She looked down sympathetically at him, and said, “I think we could both could use a cup of coffee, now don’t move, I’ll be back General.”

The hero continued to writhe helplessly while catching a blurry glimpse of Lisa’s wonderful wiggle exiting his office. Moments passed before he was able to pick himself up and stagger to his big leather chair. Lisa soon re-entered the room double-fisted with coffees and placed one on the general’s desk.

“Glad to see you’re up Sir, this should help see straight again,” she said before seating herself seductively in front of him on his desk while crossing her shapely legs for effect.

The man had barely gotten down a swallow of the tasty java when the seductress sipped hers, looked up and asked, “Did you bring your cup General?” He almost spat out his first sip when he heard that. “Remember, I told you I wanted to try out that new technique on you handsome,” she continued, as she slid off the desk and walked behind him and placed her soft hands on his shoulders. “You’ve tensed up sir, I think I need too loosen you up before we begin,” she said and she proceeded to massage his thick trapezoid muscles until she could feel him noticeably relax.

The vixen then walked to the office door and locked it. She told the 4-Star to stay still and close his eyes until she was ready for him to open them. After the events of the last 24 hours, he didn’t know what to expect next, but aching nuts and all, he was fully prepared to go with the flow. Meanwhile, Lisa watched the General intently, making sure he obeyed her order, as she proceeded to disrobe.

“O.K., she said, “you can open your eyes.” His jaw dropped when he opened his eyes to find his perfectly toned and tanned brunette secretary standing ten feet away, in a white bikini, with her ivory stockings pinned up by a garter belt.

“I had a fashion decision to make General. I could have slipped on this nasty pair of knee high black boots I own, but I decided these white pumps would suffice for what I have in mind. Both have the ball busting points I talked about last night, but if you cum, I didn’t want any of your man juice staining my black boots so I stuck with the white pumps. It’s probably a moot point anyway sir because I can cripple you in black or white and besides,” she half-joked, “your balls will feel like a used piñata when I’m done with you.”

“You got me Lisa,” confessed the general. “I do have this fetish, but my tolerance as you can tell is pretty low. Will you help me build it up a bit more?” he asked.

“That IS my plan General,” she replied, as she removed her glasses and took off her pony tail liberating her brown locks and fidgeting with them in a feminine manner to ensure they now flowed straight down her back. “General, there’s a lot of power in a knee, but I’ve found that a pointy toe can do maximum damage too. In fact, for me, it’s almost a toss up. Please stand up sir, I’d like to try to a combination on you.”

“But I forgot my cup,” remembered the hero as he got to his feet.

“That’s too bad sir. I guess I’ll have to be gentler then,” said the bikini beauty in a devilish tone that failed to convince her superior.

“What are you going to do?” he asked as his voice cracked with anticipation.

Striding toward him to close the distance, she stopped about three feet from him before launching her damaging assault. “I’m flattered you asked,” she said with purpose and without hesitation. “First General, I’m going to kick you (she then stung him with the point of her pump at half-strength).

Then I’m going to knee you. (Grabbing the man by his lapels, she once again buckled him with a vicious right knee lift that squished his pills.)

Then lastly (as she forced him to stand up straight), I’m going to finish you off,” and she then launched a very lady like snap kick aiming to demolish his sack with her pointy toe while hitting also his scrotum with her sharp stiletto heel on the follow through.

It was barely 0700 but the general was ready for bed again. The vixen’s three-pronged assault had left him down on all fours. Ironically, one of his hands was pawing the point of Lisa’s right shoe as she stood innocently in front of him, and he mumbled something about how she’d broken her promise to be gentle.

“Ooooooh,” she purred totally oblivious to the damage she had wrought. “I got you square with my toe didn’t I,” but I just missed with my heel follow through. “Get up sir; I’m going to try THAT ONE again.”

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