Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Girl Worth Hanging Out With

By nuwanda

This is my first story. If you could send honest feedback, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

A few weeks ago I had lent a mixed CD to the sister of a friend of mine. My family knows her family, that's how I know her. To my surprise, I ran into her when I went dancing with a friend a couple days ago. She's not what most people would call beautiful, but I think her body's fine. She's very sweet, her eyes are pretty, and her smile alone tells you she's worth hanging out with.

Anyway, I spent half the night talking to her, about music, about people. At some point she told me that the security guy cornered her against a wall, and she didn't know what to do. Nothing bad actually happened, but I always find a way to bring "fighting" up in conversations with girls, to let me ask them, "What would you do if you had to defend yourself" and let them answer me what I

want them to. So I said, "If that happens again, let me know, so I'll tackle him. Maybe it'll take him a couple minutes to kill me, and you'll have some time to run." We laughed, and she then said that she can hit very hard for a girl (music to my ears), and I said "show me" and extended my arm. She punched my there a few times, and I've got to say she was right.

No girl had hit me in a way that it actually hurt, even the slightest bit. A few have tried to hit me in the balls, but for some reason it never hurt a lot with just one hit, and I couldn't help telling them to stop just before it started to really hurt. Survival instinct, I guess. Probably most of the hits didn't actually hit my balls.

Anyway, I took the punches well, but I said something like "hey, stop!" It was more interesting that way. It brought this mood where when I made some smart-ass remarks and she'd threaten to punch me again. I wasn't even thinking about ballbusting yet, it's just the way I tend to act with some girls. But near the end of the night, after I put out her last cigarette before she finished it (I don't like it when people smoke), she looked at me in an 'I'm going to kill you' sort of way. Both of us smiling, I grabbed her wrists, saying something like "take it easy" and then she raised her knee, not trying to hit me, but kind of "showing me how she felt". Nothing more of that sort happened that night, but we had arranged to meet at my house a few days later, to return my CD and exchange some more music. And my parents wouldn't be home that day, since it's a national holiday. You wouldn't know the ideas that came to my head…


So she came to my place that day, and we talked, and we share some music. I managed to bring back "fighting" to the conversation. I told her, "You know that punching doesn't really hurt much, do you?"

She said, "Sure, but there's not really much that I could do that would

really hurt you."

So I answered, "That thing you threatened to do the other night, maybe that could hurt me, right?"

"Well, yeah, obviously. It hurts like hell to be hit there, right?"

I said, "I wouldn't know, no girl could hurt me by hitting me there."

She said, "That's because you've never been hit by me." By this time we were both smiling and laughing all the time.

I said, "You wouldn't."

"Oh yeah?"

I stood up, my legs a little spread. I was challenging her. But she kept on smiling and looked away. She wasn't really a violent person. She wasn't going to hit me. So I said, "Come on, just for fun. You can knee me very lightly at first, and increase the force, and in the end we'll know if you can actually hurt me that way."

She agreed. She was convinced that she wouldn't need to knee me full force, I'd give up much before. So she stood up, and put her hands on my shoulders. This was amazing, even though I didn't think she would really knee me as hard as she could, I enjoyed myself very much. She then lifted her knee. I didn't say "she kneed me" because she barely touched my balls with her knee. She was actually afraid of hurting me.

I looked her like I was doing before the knee, and said, "So, when are you going to knee me?"

She said, "Oh yeah?" and WHAM, she kneed me much harder, but still not a powerful knee. This time I actually felt it, but pretended it didn't.


WHAM, even harder.

"Come on, you can do better."


I was starting to hurt now, and it was clear that she wasn't even near using all her strength. She was hitting me like a friend, and even though I was really enjoying what was happening, I wanted her to really hit me. So I said, "Do I have to grab your ass in order to make you knee me for real?"

She stared at me, and after I laughed, she said, "Nah, just like I can't knee you for real. You can't grab my ass. We're friends." That's exactly what I was waiting for.

Her hands were still gently resting on my shoulders as I reached down and grabbed her from behind, and I felt her hands slowly started to get a grip on my t-shirt, and before I could do anything, she kneed me in the balls with such a force that I wouldn't have thought possible, even for her. She didn't just move her knee, she increased her momentum by turning her hips with the knee, just the way they teach me to kick in karate training. And man, did that hurt. I've heard that it doesn't hurt immediately, that it slowly builds up into being unbearable. Well, fuck that, it was unbearable from the start. I actually couldn't believe I could feel such pain, even after hearing everything people say. And it got worse every second. The pain slowly rose from my balls to my stomach, and I felt like I wanted to puke. I wasn't going to, but the feeling was there.

I couldn't keep standing anymore; I dropped to my knees, still holding my balls. My friend didn't think it could hurt that much either, in the movie the guy gets back up in a second. But I couldn't move; I was using all my energy left not to fall completely into fetal position. But surprised as she was, she didn't apologize or anything like that. Instead, she said, "You deserved that."

After a few moments, she started smiling again. The first shock has passed, and

she realized that I was just playing, so she added, "So, is that hard enough for you, or should I hit you even harder?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Even harder?? Could she actually DO that???

I said, "You wouldn't… you did before because I grabbed your ass, but you wouldn't do it just for the sake of it."

But apparently one knee alone wasn't payback enough for what I did, and my eyes were wide open in amazement when she slowly reached between my legs and pulled my hand apart from my aching nuts. My heart started beating wildly, I was still kneeling down, my legs spread, my hands on the air, and I wasn't ready for another hit. No way could I take it.

But her pretty eyes that never lie assured me that it was just what was coming and her smile assured me that it was going to hurt… a lot. I started to say, "No! Pl…" when her foot swung through the air and collided merciless against my unprotected balls. This time all the karate and mental training weren't enough to prevent me from falling to the floor, holding my balls, unable to move, unable to speak, as she released her hold over my wrists. As much as I've heard from other people, I couldn't believe that a weak little girl, one that had no martial arts training whatsoever, one that I could beat without any problem in a fair fight, was the reason why I just wanted the world to just stop right there, to end my misery.

She kissed me in the cheek, and said, "NOW we're even."

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