Friday, October 12, 2007

The Girls Next Door

By luigi77

Bob had his mind on something else, or he would have been more careful. Really! He's not that kind of a guy.

He just didn't notice Deanna using her new make-up case, Deanna's birthday present. He accidentally bumped into her and she dropped the case on the playground asphalt, breaking her new mirror - 7 years bad luck, (for Bob).

He didn't even stop or turn around to see her crying, Bob just mumbled 'cuse me and headed into the apartment building, like every other day after school.

Deanna's older sister Laura came over to comfort her and said, "We'll make him pay for that." Their friends gathered around more than willing to help.

Bob had just finished watching some cartoons and was trying to decide which Playstation game to play when Mom called for him to take down the trash. Two bags of trash, one for each hand down and out to the dumpsters.

As he left his apartment, heading for the elevator, Laura emerged from the apartment next-door heading for the elevators in front of Bob. She was two years older than Bob and Deanna and since she went to High school, Bob didn't get to see her on the bus every day like he had for years.

He wanted to see more of her, much more. She now had C cup titties and being a warm day was wearing a sleeveless cotton top, which exposed most of her beautiful chest. He was lost in a search for a panty line, when the elevator doors opened and he followed Laura into the car. She pushed a button, the elevator began its decent and he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra! Laura's nipples were rock hard and he could see their perfect outline...

"Do you like what you see?" Laura asked (way too seductively to be serious). She had obviously noticed Bob staring for some time now.

"I...uh...sor...sorry," was all Bob could manage and he wondered if she noticed his raging hard-on pushing through his shorts.

At just about that time, the elevator doors began to open and Bob saw this as a perfect escape from an embarrassing situation. He hurried through the doors, only to stop short. This was the basement; he needed to be on the first floor to get out back to the dumpsters.

With one bag of trash in each hand, he pivoted around towards the elevator and was surprised to see Laura blocking the way with a strange smirk on her face. She took a half of a step forward with her shapely left leg then her right leg became a blur as it rocketed into his exposed groin, lifting him onto his tip-toes and slightly off the concrete floor.

Laura knew she had connected with both of Bob's testicles even before she felt them squish on the top of her sandaled foot. She felt so proud as he curled into a fetal ball at her feet, desperately clutching his swelling manhood and trying to inhale. This was better than she had planned.

Bob was in shock. Confused and in pain, only two sounds registered; the sound of the elevator doors closing in front of him; and the sound of girls giggling behind him.

Deanna and three of her friends emerged from the old housekeeper’s office across from the elevators. They used it as a playroom after school; as it had a sofa, desk, a couple of overstuffed chairs and a carpet.

Laura grabbed Bob under his arms and the other girls helped to lift and drag him into the playroom. Laura positioned herself behind Bob's head. She sat on the carpet in front of the sofa and pulled Bob towards her.

With his head on Laura's abdomen, Bob's neck was in her crotch and he could feel Laura's pussy was dripping wet. Despite his pain, he was getting hard again. Laura locked her legs over Bob's arms immobilizing his upper body, while the other girls quickly stripped him from the waist down. His cock was pointing at the ceiling, as the girls grabbed his legs pulling them apart and positioning themselves for the best view possible. Deanna knelt down between his legs and looked first at Bob and then at Laura for encouragement.

"Just like I told you,” said Laura, in a slow authoritative voice, like an instructor at school. “Kathy, you get his underwear and get ready.”

Deanna made eye contact with Bob then dropped her gaze to his groin. With one small hand she grabbed his scrotum, encircling it with her fingers. She pulled his balls to the bottom of the bag, using enough pressure that both testicles were clearly visible through the stretched skin. Bob had never been touched by a girl before. He inhaled involuntarily and was lost in the moment. He almost orgasmed.

Deanna then curled her thin fingers around the trapped nutmeat and used her free hand to cover the bottom part of Bob's balls. Without looking up she squeezed both hands at once very hard. His balls squished out between her fingers like small bits of a water balloon. The contrast between her whitening fingers and his darkening red nuts was remarkable.

Bob exhaled all of the air he had sucked in. He made no sound, but had his mouth and eyes wide open.

Laura looked at Kathy and commanded her to act. "Now, stuff in his underwear. Now." Kathy was ready, she had rolled his briefs into a cylinder and now forced them into his mouth deep enough to make Bob gag.

Deanna rolled her hands left and right to see the trapped nuts from different angles, still squeezing. Bob, now tried to scream, but only muffled cries came out as he was forced to inhale much needed oxygen through his nose. Deanna squeezed until her hands got sore, then she eased her grip.

Laura instructed her little sister to hold his balls in the palm of one hand, and punch them with her fist. "Smack, Smack, Splat...that's what you get, Smack, Splat... for breaking my mirror, Smack, Smack, was my new birthday present, Smack, Smack."

Bob had given up on trying to scream, he was sobbing like a baby as Deanna let go and stood up. She kicked his balls squarely; sending them up onto his stomach and watching them slide back down between his legs for the next kick.

"There, that ought to be enough. Let him go," Laura announced to the girls holding his legs.

"But I want a turn," cried Kathy.

"Me, too," chimed the other girls, almost in unison.

"I know, I know. Now get off," Laura said, again using the slow instructor’s tone she used earlier. As the girls reluctantly got up Laura was able to move Bob's head and move her shapely butt up onto the sofa. She continued, "Something else you'll learn about boys and their balls, when you get into High School, is that they loose all of their strength if you hurt them bad enough. You'll all get a turn."

Bob had resumed his fetal curl, trying to hide his battered balls in the center of the carpet. When Kathy rolled him onto his back and easily forced her hands under Bob's, grabbing both his cock in one hand and his balls in her other hand. Kathy then stood up, lifting Bob's ass off the ground to the height of her knees, before releasing him to thud on the floor.

Bob began to curl back into a ball, when another girl grabbed both of his ankles. She stood up, lifting his legs, as he rolled flat on his face. She saw his balls dangling unprotected down towards the carpet, steadied herself and began to kick him repeatedly. The top of her foot curled neatly along the round part of his lower abdomen. Each rhythmic kick sent a fleshy 'Splat' sounding off of the bare walls, until her arms got tired and she dropped his legs unceremoniously.

He was unable or unwilling to move. His legs spread enough for his balls to be seen protruding out from under his ass. Another girl walked up between his legs slipped off her sandal and stepped firmly on his nuts. She giggled as his balls squeezed between her little toes.

As Deanna made eye contact with her sister Laura said, "Come on, or we'll be late for supper."

Deanna, hesitated, but knew Laura was right as always.

As they stood in the elevator Deanna could see her three friends in the playroom with a softly moaning Bob. Taking turns lifting him off of the basement floor by just his balls, trying to see who could lift him the highest and laughing loudly.

She turned to her big sister and thanked her for her first lesson in punishing boys by their balls; but somehow Deanna knew that this would not be…

…The End

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