Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hairdresser

By MsBoots69

I started working for CC last July at her hair salon which is attached to her house in a small town in Ohio. CC is the kindest and caring friend I have ever known. She is the perfect mother of her four year old little girl and works hard for her family. The problem she has is her husband, a lazy, rude obnoxious ass named Jake. He is off work due to a work injury and all he does now is sit around and drink all day and drive CC crazy.

Well after he was off work about four months, he really turned into a jerk. He was always yelling at CC, always embarrassing her in front of her customers by coming into the shop and yelling at her for stupid reasons. Well finally he crossed the line and started to hit her. He was 6' 2", 210 lbs and she was 5’1" and 90 lbs so this is a really fair match, right?

I tried to mind my own business but one day she came into the shop after lunch crying her eyes out and holding her stomach. The bastard was lying on the couch and she tried to cuddle up with him for some unknown reason and he punched her in the crotch three times. I thought she was going to die the way she was acting in so much pain. Well enough was enough!!!

The best part was CC had enough too and wanted him to feel her pain in any way possible so she happily agreed to my plan. We waited until Friday and started our plan of revenge!!!! I showed up to work with only one thing in mind, to be the biggest prick teaser I could ever be and Jake was the receptionist!!!! I wore a short blue mini-skirt with a matching blue tank top vest that buttoned up the front with a white waist length sweater when the customers were around, but when Jake was around I teased him with all I had.

During lunch CC took her daughter over to her mom’s and I started to really tease Jake. I almost felt sorry for the jerk but NOT!!!!! We finished our schedule and after we locked up I put on a pair of silver ankle boots with a short three inch heel but with a very hard and pointy toe!!

Jake must of been really horny because he was even hanging around in the shop so CC talked him into a shampoo and a haircut which made my job even easier!!!

CC positioned Jake into the shampoo chair at the low sink and started to wash his hair. She deliberately let some shampoo into his eyes and when he complained she wiped his eyes with a towel and when the towel was around his neck she sat on the floor and about strangled him while she pulled him tighter into the chair. And BINGO he was lifting his butt up while fighting the choking and I stepped into it and blasted him with all I had with the top of my boot toe right into his balls!!! He grunted loud but CC kept pulling tighter and even I couldn't tell you how many times I kept kicking his crotch, each time harder and harder after thinking about what this jerk did to this sweet little girl!!!

He finally stopped moving off of the shampoo chair and I thought CC HAD CHOKED HIM TO DEATH BUT HE WAS STILL BREATHING AND I WOUND UP AND LET HIM HAVE ONE MORE POINTY TOE PERFECTLY LANDED IN HIS NUTS AND HE JUST SLUMPED OUT OF THE CHAIR WHEN CC LET HIM LOOSE. I don't think he was totally unconscious but when I stomped on his balls with all my weight all he was muttering was, “I am sorry CC…”

I guess we will see??? I hope so for his sake because I still have my thigh high stilettos if he really wasn't!!!!

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