Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Honeymoon

By number2

As the plane taxied down the runway to its final destination in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, it was hard to say who was more excited, Patrick, or his ravishing new bride Melissa.

Theirs had been a storybook romance. Somehow Patrick had won the heart of this stunning brunette after years of trying. Not that she had any lack of suitors. In fact almost every eligible male had made an attempt to woo her, only to be shot down. She had been on dates before Patrick, many, in fact. But her vow to remain chaste until after her wedding scared most of them off. Patrick was steadfast. He was in love and would wait until she was ready. He knew he would never meet a woman like this again.

They had both decided, actually Melissa decided and Patrick agreed, to wait until their honeymoon night in Maui to actually consummate their love. Patrick, who had had sex with two girls prior to dating Melissa, could hardly stand the wait but knew the experience would be all the better for it.

Melissa was anxious for the evening as well. She was far from a prude, but she wanted her first time to be special, and she couldn’t think of a more special place to lose her virginity.

They checked into their luxurious hotel, unpacked and went to check out the place. The scenery was magnificent and Melissa quickly spotted a restaurant overlooking the ocean. She decided they would eat there that night, then head up to their room for their first night of passion.

The evening couldn’t come soon enough for either of them. They spent the day relaxing on the beach, Melissa in a black-and-white polka dotted bikini and Patrick in long surfer shorts that he hoped hid his near-constant erection. As night approached they went upstairs to shower and change. Melissa still would not let her new husband see her naked body until she was ready to “give herself fully to him”. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, she was clad in a tight green strapless evening gown, split open on the sides and a pair of 4-inch black heels. Patrick had to restrain himself from jumping on her right there and then.

Their meal was spectacular, but Patrick was so focused on what would happen later that he barely ate his sumptuous meal. Melissa, on the other hand, enjoyed her steak and lobster slowly, savoring every morsel. Their waiter, a large handsome Samoan who went by the name of Manny, nearly spilled the wine he was pouring onto Patrick’s lap, intent as he was on staring down Melissa’s ample cleavage. He wasn’t the only man who noticed her. Just about every guy in the restaurant had snuck a peek at the hottest woman there.

Finally the time had come. Patrick paid the bill and Melissa took him by the hand, guiding him to the elevator. Despite her lack of experience, she would be the director of the evening’s doings.

She led him into the room and had him sit on the bed. He watched as she slowly performed a strip-tease in front of him, revealing every inch of her newly tanned body. She bent down and kissed him then slithered onto the bed next to him. Patrick nearly ripped his own clothes to shreds as he stripped out of them and dove onto the bed next to his wife.

What followed was, to Melissa, one of the most unpleasant experiences of her young life. Patrick clumsily mounted his wife in the standard missionary position and began to pound into her with all the force his body could muster. Melissa gave him all the customary “oohs” and “ahhs” she felt she was expected to, but in reality felt no excitement.

Moments later an over-excited Patrick pulled out of her and ejaculated onto the bed sheets. Gasping and sweating, he whispered out, “Oh God, baby. That was incredible. You are the best.”

Melissa sighed uncontentedly and returned the compliment. She had her from her girlfriends that usually the first time wasn’t all that great for girls, but it and he would get better.

Unfortunately it did not.

Over the course of the evening, Patrick copulated with his wife four times, each time leaving her more unsatisfied than before. When he finally drifted off to sleep, Melissa wept silently, not believing that this was all there was to sex.

The next morning a refreshed Patrick was up early. He had booked an early morning scuba lesson for the pair and was anxious to get started. Melissa, disappointed over the previous night, didn’t want to do anything. She made up an excuse about the lobster being bad and she felt a little sick but told Patrick that he should go and enjoy himself.

Patrick gave the proper amount of sympathy but finally, at Melissa’s insistence, he left for his lesson. When he was gone, she showered, put on a sun dress and went down to the hotel’s restaurant for some breakfast.

As she picked at her eggs wistfully she heard a somewhat familiar voice above her.

“You don’t look like a happy woman,” came the deep bass.

She was about to tell whoever it was to go away, that she wanted to be alone, when she looked up and recognized their waiter from her honeymoon night dinner.

“Manny, is it?” she asked. He nodded.

“Mind if I sit down?” For some reason Melissa let him. She felt this was the only person she knew on the island, other than Patrick, and she could actually use some company.

“You know, we have a law here in Hawaii,” he started. “Beautiful women such as yourself are not allowed to be unhappy. It gives a bad name to paradise.”

Melissa smiled. She knew it was a line but it was what she needed to hear right now.

“There you go. That’s better,” Manny continued. “Now why don’t you tell me what’s wrong and we’ll fix it.”

Melissa’s frown returned. She couldn’t tell this guy, this complete stranger her problems. Or could she? He didn’t know her. He’d be the safest one to talk to.

She tearfully poured her heart out to the attentive Manny, explaining her virginity and her disappointment. He listened intently and when she was through he put his oversized hand over hers and told her how beautiful she was and how any man, especially after being denied her that long, would have a hard time holding out and that she should talk to her husband and they could work it all out.

“Now go on up to your room, fix your make-up, and make yourself pretty for your husband. Everything is going to be just fine.”

Melissa stopped her sniffling and smiled. “You’ve been such a good listener and friend Manny. Would you walk me up?”

“I’d be happy to.”

Then rode the elevator silently, Melissa dabbing at her running mascara that had leaked down her pretty face. When they arrived at her room, she invited him in, telling him it would only be a minute or so.

Manny sat on the couch while Melissa fixed herself up in the bathroom. Emerging moments later, she was as pretty as she had ever been and Manny gave her polite applause.

“I hate to ask you this,” Melissa said. “But could you do one more favor for me? I need your opinion on something.” Manny nodded and Melissa slipped back into the bathroom.

Minutes later her head peeked out. “Are you ready?” she said playfully.

Manny smiled his ascension.

Melissa threw open the bathroom door and stood there in a nearly sheer white negligee that barely covered her crotch and a pair of matching white heels. Manny gulped.

“I was thinking about wearing this tonight for Patrick. Do you think he’d find it… sexy?”

“L-look, Mrs. Martin, I think…”

“What’s this Mrs. Martin stuff, Manny,” she interrupted. “I thought we were friends.” She sauntered over to the couch, watching the tent in his shorts rise.

“It’s just that… I don’t think… I mean… You just got married!”

Melissa bent down in front of him, exposing nearly all of her breasts. “Manny, I’ve never had a man other that Patrick and I may never have another. I have to know if it gets better. I have to!”

Manny couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed Melissa by the waist and pulled her in for a deep, wet kiss. Melissa responded in kind and slid her hand down Manny’s shorts. She was amazed at what she felt. Compared to the large Samoan, Patrick was built like a little boy. She pulled down his shorts and watched as the nine inches grew in her hand.

Manny stood and scooped up the small brunette, carrying her over to the bed. He laid her down gently, lifted up the hem of her lingerie and dove into her neatly trimmed bush. Melissa gasped with pleasure as Manny’s talented tongue penetrated her nearly-virginal cunt. As he licked and slurped, she pulled his head in further, nearly yanking out tufts of his hair.

After a few moments he knew that her natural lubricants were starting to flow. Manny stood up and peeled off his clothes, revealing his tanned and well-built body to the already impressed Melissa. She marveled at the size of his man-meat, now fully sized, and he powered his way into her moist clit.

Melissa bit her lower lip as Manny penetrated areas she didn’t know she had. AS he thrust in and out of her, she clawed at his muscular back, knowing how wrong this all was but wanting him more and more.

Without warning the Samoan pulled out of her then effortlessly flipped her over on the bed. He pulled her up by the waist and entered her doggy style to the delight of the surprised bride. Melissa could feel her first ever orgasm start to build when, unexpectedly, she heard the front door of the suite opening.

“Honey, are you here?” came Patrick’s questioning voice. Melissa had to think fast. She still loved Patrick and she couldn’t let their marriage end like this. She slid off an unhappy Manny and ran to the bedroom door.

She cracked it open slightly and peered out. “I’m in here. Don’t come in; I’m working on a surprise for you.”

“Really? A surprise? Let me see.” Patrick strode towards the bedroom.

Melissa squeezed herself through the bedroom door. She couldn’t let her husband in there. Patrick’s eyes bugged out as he saw his new wife’s negligee. “No, honey, not yet. It’s not ready yet.”

“It looks ready to me,” Patrick said lustfully. “Come here baby.” He grabbed Melissa and began kissing her neck. She couldn’t let this go on. She knew he’d want to go into the bedroom.

“No, not yet, please let go of me,” she yelled, trying to extricate herself from his grip.

He held tight and continued slobbering all over her. “C’mon baby, you feel soooo good…” he murmured.

Melissa knew she had to stop this… and soon. She continued trying to pull away from her horny husband but he simply would not let go. Frustrated, and not know what to do, she brought her right knee up swiftly, connecting solidly with her spouse’s nutsack. His grip finally loosened but he still stood. Another lightning fast knee shot up and Patrick went down in a crumpled heap.

“I said ‘let go’!” Melissa shrieked. Patrick lay at his wife’s feet, cupping his sore testicles. “Now stay out here and don’t come in until I tell you to!” she ordered, storming back into the bedroom.

Manny was standing up and gathering his clothes, ready to beat a hasty retreat.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” demanded Melissa.

“Well it’s just… your husband is right outside…” he stammered.

Melissa took a quick look through the crack in the door where she saw Patrick, still in the fetal position, moaning and writhing. “Get your ass back on that bed,” she commanded, pushing the much larger man onto his back. She climbed on top of him and mounted him in a reverse cowgirl position, taking in his full length and keeping an eye on her horizontal husband.

She rode the huge Samoan, whipping her hair about, watching as Patrick tried in vain to get back to his feet. The excitement of her first real fuck, coupled with her dominance over her spouse, brought her to orgasm within moments. Manny was not far behind, shooting his load deep inside the sexual dynamo astride him.

The room was completely silent, save for the heavy breathing. Manny’s now-softening cock slid out of Melissa’s sopping wet cunt and she dismounted the sweat-soaked waiter. Despite the all-over warm feeling she had from her first orgasm, she knew she still had to get Manny out of her room undetected.

She threw Manny his clothes. “Get dressed quickly, I’ve got an idea,” she whispered. She sauntered out of the bedroom found Patrick, now on his knees, facing away from her. She eyed his hanging ballsack and had to stifle a laugh. Compared to the monster that had just been pounding away inside her Patrick’s package could hardly compare. She reared her leg back and took aim…

No, that wouldn’t be fair, she thought. He deserved a chance to get better, if he really wanted to. She put her leg back down and walked past her husband to the couch a few feet away. Spreading her long legs, she beckoned him forward with the crook of a finger. Patrick plodded forward as his new wife pulled up her lingerie and exposed her moist box, pulling apart her lips with her fingers.

“You need to make it up to me for ruining my surprise,” she pouted. Patrick was bewildered; he didn’t know exactly what he had done, but he didn’t want to make his bride unhappy. He dove into her pussy and began to lick, not realizing he was lapping up another man’s spooge. Melissa sighed; he was as bad at oral as he was at regular sex.

Manny peeked his head out the door. Melissa had wrapped her legs tightly around Patrick’s head and he couldn’t see anything. Melissa blew a kiss to her Samoan suitor, mouthed the words ‘thank you’ and watched as he tip-toed out the front door.

“Oh God, oh God,” she fake-moaned to a well-meaning but inefficient Patrick. What was she going to do about this? Maybe with a little training…

to be continued?

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