Monday, October 15, 2007

I Gave At The Office!!! !!! ! (part 1-2)

By missboots

9:00 p.m. Thursday

The girls all met after work to celebrate their last day working for the asshole dealership and were looking forward to working for the new owners. After a couple of hours of drinking, one of the girls said, "One of assholes I am not going to miss is that jackass service manager!!”

Instantly two or three others all spoke up and said how tired of his stuff they were!!! ! It was a common denominator for all the girls. This guy had obviously harassed each and every one of them very badly, enough for them to plot a severe and painful revenge for this guy’s last day at work. They started to plot and didn't finish up until 1:00 a.m. but were confident they planned this out to the last detail!!! !!

5:00 a.m. Friday

The alarm clock went off and I shut it off with no problem on this Friday. It was my last day at work at this auto dealership as their service manager; new owners were taking over and all the managers were being replaced by the new owners with their own managers they trusted to bring in. I had a new job lined up and was looking forward to it but luckily for all the mechanics and office help, they all got to keep their jobs with the new ownership. And they also got a free week off paid while they redecorated.

6:30 a.m. Friday

I always enjoy being the first one to work. I get everything turned on and ready and I still get a nice amount of quiet time to read the paper and grab some coffee before everything gets hectic. I was leaning on the parts counter with the paper like every morning when something felt "different". I thought I heard something when I felt an explosion in my balls. I looked down between my legs and saw a brown leather cowboy boot crushing my balls!!! I know that boot!!! It was Mary’s!!! And then the pain hit me. As quick as I slumped down on the counter a second explosion hit my balls!!! Again the same boot landing solid between my legs. This time I slumped down, the pain taking all the strength out of my legs sending me down to my knees and falling forward onto my hands when the third kick from behind sent me flat onto my face crying from the pain!!! ! Before I knew what hit me I was down with a pain I have never imagined!!! !

A few minutes later I was awakened with the click clack of high heels and heard a soft voice say, "Are you okay?" It was Bunny and I was still laying there but now looking at a pair of patent leather pumps with a four inch heel and handcuff like chains running around the ankles. She asked me, "What happened? I saw Mary leave here looking pissed! What did you do?”

I told her I didn't know. She offered to help me up and as I struggled up she grabbed my hands to help. Once I was up she interlocked her fingers with mine, turned my palms face up and bent my fingers down so hard. I stood on my tippytoes with my arms fully extended as she backed up and unleashed a lighting fast snap kick with the pointy toe of those pumps connecting solid with my balls!!! Before I could react with the pain she reeled back with her right leg and snapped kicked again, this time even harder!!! ! As I was falling she really bent back down on my fingers and I still stood up for her. Unfortunately this time she backed up, took a deep breath and really snapped kick my nuts straight on. This time King Kong could not have held me up from the pain that was rushing through my body. I fell hard to the ground curling up like a baby!

Before I knew if my balls were still intact or if I ever was to use them again I felt my right leg being lifted up high into the air followed by my left leg also being pulled up. This made me kinda sit up and when I did I saw Dawn in her sexy pink mini skirt and her pink three inch heel ankle boots. I knew the look in her eyes and when I tried to cover my balls with my hands Bunny, holding my right leg, jabbed her four inch heel into my right armpit, pinning my arm, and Mary followed her by pinning my left arm with her cowboy boot. Dawn then jumped forward with her left leg and blasted my balls with her right boot. It made me try to sit up but the girls had me pinned down bad and all I could do was beg her to stop!!! That didn't help as her second kick was even harder as she connected hard with her pink boot!!!

As she started her third kick, Mary stopped her and said, "Last one, make it good!"

Dawn stopped and said, "You’re right" and backed up four or five steps and ran forward and kicked so hard she missed a little and the toe of her boots just glanced off my balls but her three inch heel slammed ungodly hard into my right ball!!

I thought I was passing out when Bunny started yelling at me, "You have been asking for this for a couple of years now. We could not let you leave without us letting you know how much you pissed us off!! Unless you want us pressing sexual harassment charges against you or having your wife get phone calls all hours of the day asking for you and whatever else we feel like telling her you will take this all as deserved punishment for treating us women as crap!!! Do you understand?"

I said, "Yes" and Dawn reeled her boot back a foot and kicked my left nut straight on, causing me to tear.

She yelled at me, "YES WHAT?"

I screamed, "Yes Ma’am!" and they dropped my legs and left me laying there grasping my balls and all I could hear was their heels getting quieter and them laughing and talking about me

11:00 a.m. Friday

I was in a daze all morning. I could not believe what had happened to me. My last day and I can not even find a position to work where I don't cause worse pain to my balls. I have tried to pee all morning but can't, my balls are swollen to twice their size but still do seem to be intact, so maybe I shouldn't complain after the savage kicking I took. And then I heard all those heels walking down the stairs.

It was Bunny, Mary and Dawn, the “Three Bustkateers”. They all stopped on the other side of the parts counter I was leaning on while trying to rest my balls when Bunny said, "We just stopped to say goodbye. Our boss gave us the rest of the day off and we are all going to lunch. We are just waiting for Stacy."

I said, "I thought Stacy got fired last week?"

Bunny said, "She did but she has one more job to finish off." Just then I felt a super hard kick from behind in my balls. I thought I was feeling better a little but when this kick caught me off guard. I thought I was going to throw up. As the pain was sending me down to the ground Bunny and Mary grabbed my arms and pulled me up against the parts counter and Stacy kept the ballbusting kicks coming. The second kick was not very hard for whatever reason but the third kick… it sounded like a firecracker going off when her boot slammed into my nuts.

I slumped back into the ground and faded off into unconsciousness. I heard all four girls clicking away and still laughing I came to a few minutes later and went to the bathroom to compose myself if possible I had to walk like a penguin it hurt to bad to move my nuts too fast I checked them out and they were still intact luckily, but swollen a little more at least they were gone and I should make it through the day.

7:00 p.m. Friday - closing time

I had made it all afternoon my balls were still swollen and hurt like hell. I couldn't even touch them without screaming but they were still round and intact, just badly beaten. The sales manger came back and said he was leaving and everything was locked up out front. A few minutes later I heard a knock on the window in back of the parts room where the night receptionist/cashier worked and saw Jeanette, the hottest 22 year old who flirted more than I did and she was dressed in a purple old sweat suit and gym shoes. I walked up to the window and she handed me a note, winked at me and closed the blinds on her side of the window.

I read the note – ‘Turn around and look at the parts shelf directly behind you. Look at the top shelf and place your right hand in the white nylon zip tie and pull it tight then place your left hand in the handcuff on the top of the shelf on the left side, leaving you looking back at this window. When I return from changing in the ladies room, if you are not in this position I will call your wife and try to explain to her how I am pregnant with your child. I am sure I will not have any problems with you!’ I followed her instructions and a few minutes later I heard the hard click of Jeanette's famous thigh high spiked heel boots!!!

Before I heard the heels stop, I looked down as the toe of those boots was sticking out just past my crotch as the top of her booted foot was slamming into my balls. I wanted to fall then but the ties kept me upright as she walked in front of me and quickly snapped kicked her super pointy toe into my groin again taking my legs out. All I could do was close my eyes and turn my head as that second kick was coming. This pissed off Jeanette. She told me, "That was a free one but listen very, very carefully to my instructions. I am going to walk to the window and turn around. When I do I want you to follow my every step. I guarantee that you will never forget this moment for as long as you live. When I turn around I want you to look into my eyes and feel the fear. When I say, ‘look down now’ I want you to look at my boots and watch me strutting up towards you. I want you to watch my left boot plant in front of you then I want you to watch my right boot swing back and keep watching it as it flies towards your swollen balls. I want you to watch it every inch by inch as it rockets into you, knowing this will be they worst pain you will ever feel in your life! And I warn you now… if you fail at any of these orders I will have to do it again until you obey and trust me, as hard as I am going to try to destroy your balls with this last kick, you do not want me to try again!!!


"Watch me walk away."

"Look into my eyes."

"Okay, look down now!!" Before I could try to plead she quickly was heading towards me. I could not help but watch her every move as scared as I was. I watched her plant her left boot and when she kicked out with her right boot I couldn't keep up with its speed. When it connected with my balls it sounded like a stick of dynamite went off. I was kicked unconsciously instantly.

9:00p.m. Friday

I woke up on the floor of the parts room not knowing where I was until the pain in my balls reminded me of everything and the cut nylon zip ties laying around me also helped remind me. I did not hear or feel Jeanette cut me down or leave. I just know I am very lucky to still have my balls intact, as swollen as they were and as hard as it was to walk. Now I just had to figure out how to tell my wife why I am two or three hours late and why my balls are swollen three times their normal size


9:30 p.m. Friday

It took a while but, I finally got myself together enough to make the one hour drive home. My body is telling me I have to pee, but I can't go While I was standing there trying, all I could see was Jeanette's boots strutting up to me, her left boot planting, and the right one flying into my balls! I kept picturing it over and over. It was like she burnt it into my memory.

9:45 p.m. Friday

I stopped at a Quickmart to gas up my truck and to pick up a six-pack for the long ride home. Hopefully I can pee when I get there and more importantly, come up with an excuse for my wife why I am so late and why my balls are swollen three times their normal size…

10:45 p.m. Friday

Finally, home at last. I went in through the garage door and quietly walked in. I walked by our bedroom and my wife was asleep in bed. What a lucky break! Hopefully I will be walking better tomorrow and can b.s. her on why I was so late.

I finally had to go to the bathroom. I tipped toed there and, after still standing there waiting to go, picturing Jeanette's boots blasting my balls over and over, it was hypnotic the way she did this too me, I finished and headed back to the garage for another beer.

11:15 p.m. Friday

While walking through the family room, I thought I heard a noise behind me. I turned and looked into the dark family room but all I could see was Jeanette's boots flying towards me, her left boot planting firmly, her right boot swinging back and then watching it rocket straight into my balls! The reality hit me about the same time I realized this was my wife’s knee high black stiletto heel boot crushing my balls!!!

Oh my god!!! Not tonight!!! While I stood there numb and paralyzed from her kick she was wasting no time. She kept her forward momentum coming and grabbed my shoulders and tried her best to knee my balls into the roof of my mouth!!! She pushed me back into the garage door opening then she stepped back and rifled a snap kick into my balls with the very tip of her granny boots. This one was sending me down. I looked at her pulling back her leg for another snap kick but as I turned away my legs gave out and I ending up on my hands and knees facing away from her. Big mistake.

She jumped forward towards me while punting my balls with all her might. This sent me flying forward but my right shoulder hit the door opening stopping me. She must of counted on this because her second kick from behind was so hard. I thought my balls both exploded at the same time!!! She watched me crumple to the floor crying, coughing and gasping for air and started laughing her ass off while taking off her boots. She walked up to me and dropped her boots on my nuts and told me she was “going to bed, make sure you polish my boots for me before you come to bed. I still have plans for them for the rest of the weekend! I guarantee after this weekend you will never be late again!”

11:30 p.m. Friday

As I lay there, hoping my balls were still intact, I had a couple of last thoughts. One good thing about my wife's ballbusting episode - she unknowingly is going to feel very good about herself tomorrow when she inspects her work tomorrow and is now taking the full credit for five other evil women and the work their wicked shoes and boots already did. And even with this increasing pain in my balls that does not seem to be stopping to grow I wonder if it would have helped if I told my wife, "I just gave at the office!"

9:30 a.m. Tuesday [about 3 weeks later]

The girls were on break when Bunny called them all over to her desk. As she dialed the phone Bunny asked for Halle. A minute later Bunny put the phone onto speakerphone and said hello to her cousin Halle who worked at the dealership their old buddy service manager went to.

"Hi, just wanted to know how your new service manager is doing?"

Halle said, "Just great, he is the nicest and biggest gentleman around all of us girls but he is kinda 'jumpy' though."

Bunny asked, "What do you mean?" Halle told her the other day she snuck up behind him to kid around with him and when she got close to him she stomped down her high heels really fast and loud like she was really running up behind him. All he could do was scream, "No, please!" and curled up into a little ball and looked like he peed his pants!

The girls on the speakerphone were laughing so hard and high-fiving each other they couldn't even say goodbye to Halle!!!

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