Tuesday, October 9, 2007

In the Club (part 1-2)

by KneeMyNuts

Since, “D,” as his friends called him, recently broke up with his possessive girlfriend; he had been in no hurry at all finding someone new. He spent all his time at work, at the gym working out, or home watching sports on TV with his friends. It wasn’t that he had no life; he just didn’t want another crazy woman in his life.

At 6’1”, 185 pounds of muscle with very dark skin and a handsome face, he had no problem attracting ladies’ attention, his friends told him. But this 23-year-old wouldn’t hear it.

One Saturday night, D invited some friends over to watch a baseball game at his apartment. To his surprise, they weren’t dressed in their normal jerseys, sweatpants, and what-not. They all looked like they were going to a party or something.

“What? Everyone’s jerseys and shit clothes are in the wash?” D asked his friends.

After everyone chuckled and exchanged glances, Mike, one of his friends spoke. He said, “We’re getting ready to go to a club and you’re coming too!”

D scoffed and answered, “Right, guys.”

Another of D’s friends, Craig said with a huge grin on his face, “Get dressed man! Hurry your ass up!” His friend Tyrell laughed and motioned for him to go to his room.

Very reluctantly, D got up and went t his bedroom and went to change. After a couple minutes, he came out wearing khakis and a navy blue collared short sleeve shirt. Although it didn’t hide his muscular physique, he wanted to wear something very plain so he wouldn’t attract much attention.

They left his apartment and decided to walk to the club. It was within a few blocks, it was such a nice night, and everyone except D planned on getting very, very drunk. After about ten minutes of walking they reached the parking lot of the club, where they all saw a small group of attractive females about to go inside. All of them were attractive, but one of them really stood out.

She was the most attractive woman D had ever seen up close and in person. She was about 5’8”, slim body, dark hair, light brown skin (D figured she was of mixed parents), and about a C cup, D guessed. Her best assets were her toned long legs and shapely ass and the tight, short, low cut black dress and strappy black 4” heels she wore had D captivated.

If he’d stared a little longer he would have had an enormous boner, however, his friend Craig broke his stare. “Ya see that chick in the black dress? I dare you to go over to her and say ‘I’m D. Remember my name because you’ll be screaming it later!’ Do it wuss,” said Craig, playfully shoving D in the girls’ direction. But since they were no where near the females, D didn’t try to stop him.

He just laughed with his friends and said, “You’re such a fuckin moron, Craig.” He continued to laugh, but kept that girl in his mind.

They got inside and the placed was much less crowded than they thought it would be, to D’s relief. That’s not to say it was empty; it just wasn’t loaded with all the people they thought would be there. They looked around and found the bar had just enough seats for all of them, so they went that way. As they made their way to the bar, D noticed that group of girls that he’d seen in the parking lot. He quickly found the girl in the black dress again as she was dancing to the loud music. The way she moved her sexy body had D’s full attention again, and he would have gotten hard if he hadn’t been distracted.

Tyrell leaned in close to D and said, “Holy shit, she can dance!” Apparently, he saw her too.

D answered, “Well, there go my chances with her. I can’t fuckin’ dance.”

“None of us can,” answered Mike with a smile, “but that’s never stopped us before! Let’s go out there and dance with them!”

D replied, “Fuck that!” But his friends would not take, “no” for an answer. They grabbed D’s arms and started to drag him out to where the females were, but D quickly said, “Ok! Ok, I go but I wanna get a beer first.”

“You better get out here soon, or we’ll come get ya,” was Craig’s answer as D’s friends moved to the dance area. D sat down on a bar stool and got his beer, having no intention of going out there. He wasn’t about to embarrass himself. However, he wanted to see his friends try to dance; at least he’d get a laugh. He turned around and saw Tyrell and Craig talking to the girl in the black dress. After a few seconds, to D’s horror, Tyrell, Craig, and the girl all looked at D while talking to each other. , “What are they saying?” he asked himself. Then, D almost started hyperventilating when the girl in the black dress walked in his direction. He looked past her and all his friends had shit-eating-grins on their faces.

The girl stopped right in front of D and asked, “What’s a cute guy like you doing sitting all by himself?”

He looked up into her enchanting green eyes and the only answer he could manage was “Thanks.”

She chuckled and asked, “Do you want some company?”

D nodded his head and said, “Sure, I’d love company.” He pulled the stool next to him out a little so she could sit.

She pulled it a little closer to D and sat in it. “I’m Stephanie,” she said with a big smile that would have made D weak in the knees if he weren’t sitting. She held out her hand for him to shake, which he did.

He took her hand gently and said, “All my friends call me D.”

“D, huh? That sounds easy enough to remember.” They both laughed lightly.

D asked her, “Do you want a drink?” as he finished the last of his beer was about to get another.

She answered, “Absolutely! I’ll have what you’re having.” They drank beer after beer while having conversation like long-lost friends, talking about their backgrounds, college, anything.

Stephanie, getting a little tipsy, asked out of the blue, “Are you a virgin, D?” D almost spit out the mouthful of beer he had just taken. He was a virgin…at 23.

He almost panicked, but he just took a deep breath, looked down, and said quietly, “Yes.”

Stephanie, looking very surprised, said, “Really? I woulda figured you’d be in the double digits by now!” They both laughed loudly.

D didn’t even think to ask her; she had to have, she was so hot. He instead replied, “Well, no one wants to have sex with guys as weird as me.” Stephanie looked a little confused, and raised an eyebrow at D, which got a chuckle from him. He was too drunk to stop himself from asking the next question, “Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls before?”

Stephanie looked like she was about to spit out her beer, then she blushed a little. , “Uh…yeah, a few times…why?”

D, realizing what he just asked, got nervous, but smiled and said, “Eh, no big deal. I’m so drunk I don’t know what I’m saying!”

Stephanie replied, “Well, since you’re a little drunk, you won’t mind dancing with me.”

D got up, forgetting that he couldn’t dance, and said, “Hell no, I don’t mind!”

They went to the dance area, where D’s friends saw them both. Mike winked at his friend, and D winked back. Stephanie moved her body the way she had before, and D tried to stay with her, and was succeeding. In fact, D was a much better dancer than he gave himself credit for. Stephanie would get really close to him then back away, teasing him badly, and with no one to distract him this time, D was hard as a rock.

When she got close to him again, she felt it against her body. She said jokingly, “You’re lucky you can dance or that dick of yours would have earned you a knee in the balls!” D’s mind started racing thinking about this sexy woman dominating him.

She then leaned in close and said, “I need some air. It’s so fuckin hot in here!” She then grabbed D’s hand and led him toward the exit. D mouthed to his watching friends that he’d be right back, and then followed her outside. As soon as they were outside, she pushed him against a nearby wall and started kissing him, jamming her tongue into his mouth. Her hands were on his shoulders and his were around her waist, and starting to move to her ass. She pulled away suddenly, fixing D with a stare that scared him a little.

“Tell me why you asked if I’d ever kicked a guy,” she demanded. D panicked as he looked for something to say, but nothing came to mind. Stephanie took a slight step back with her right leg, and said, “You’d better answer before I knee you in the balls!” D’s only response was a lot of stuttering and stammering, so she made good on her threat. D watched as her leg rushed up towards his nuts in a blur, powerless to stop it. Her knee crashed into his left nut, smashing it into his pelvis. The pain hit him immediately, and he started the fall toward the ground, but she held him up and slammed his back against a wall.

“I’ll do it again if you don’t answer,” Stephanie promised, looking right into D’s eyes. D couldn’t think of a lie in time, and she kneed him again, harder this time. But she kept him from falling, and pinned him against the wall. She said, “Come on, D. Answer because I can do this all night.” When she said that, D’s cock was springing to life.

With his dick about to answer for him, he said, “I’m sorry Stephanie, but it really turns me on getting kicked in the balls.” He looked down, very ashamed. He felt a soft hand under his chin pull it up so his eyes met hers.

She smiled really sweetly, her mood of domination melting away. She said, “See? Was that so hard?” She looked around to make sure no one saw her abuse him, and when she saw nobody in sight, she grabbed D’s hands, took a few steps back, then took one forward with her left leg and sent her right high-heeled foot slamming into his balls, letting him fall to the ground.

She walked really close to him and knelt down at his head. She whispered in his ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

D struggled to talk but said quietly, “I gotta tell my friends I’m going.” He looked up to see her smile really big.

She answered, “They know you’re leaving. We talked about it earlier tonight, right before I sat do with you.” She helped him to his feet and gave him a long passionate kiss, then hailed a cab and got in. D knew he was in for a wild night.

Part 2 – Stephanie’s Apartment

Stephanie led D into her apartment, turning the light on as she entered. She closed the door behind D, who was walking a little gingerly after having his balls bashed a little, and she started taking off her strappy black heels. She looked a D with a little grin and said, “I’m not really a big fan of those heels, but my roommate says I look sexy in them.” D nodded his head in agreement, and he tried to keep the disappointment off his face. He had a huge heels fetish and wanted her to bust him in her heels. Oh well, at least he was here and beginning to sober up.

While D was lost in thought, Stephanie, now barefoot, kicked him gently in the balls to get his attention. D bent slightly, but smiled as she had his full attention. Stephanie got close to him, grabbed his collar, and pulled him down a little as she stood on her tip-toes. She kissed him gently, and then said, “My roommate isn’t here, so I can do to you whatever I want.” She paused and tried to probe his package with her knee but he was much taller than she was now that she took her heels off. Instead she stepped back slightly and kicked D hard in the balls, but to her surprise, he didn’t go down. , “Pretty tough, but you’re goin’ down!” She kicked him even harder with her barefoot, and before he could go down like she said, she got in close and had to jump up a little to knee him. Then she let him slide to the floor. , “Told ya! You stay down there for a few minutes while I go change. You’re gonna be a lot of fun!” Stephanie picked up her heels and sauntered into her bedroom, and closed the door.

D, still on the floor, was in tremendous pain, but very turned on. He had never been dominated like this, and if he had, he couldn’t even imagine the girl doing it could be so attractive. He pulled his large cock out of his khakis right there, and started jerking off. He couldn’t wait for her, he was so horny. As he started to get into it, he heard someone moving in the apartment, but not from Stephanie’s bedroom.

“Oh shit,” D whispered to himself, and jammed his cock back into his pants. He dove behind her couch and listened carefully. Suddenly he heard a voice…but it wasn’t Stephanie’s. It was a female voice and this new girl said, “Stephanie? Are you here?” Then it dawned on D: Stephanie’s roommate was still here! D thought about how he’d get out, but with her roommate so close, he had to be careful. He stayed perfectly still, and didn’t hear anything from this girl either.

Suddenly he heard a feminine grunt behind him and simultaneously felt something hit him between his legs. D groaned loudly, fell to his side, refusing to cover his balls so he wouldn’t let her know how bad she hurt him. He turned around and got up slowly, and saw another very attractive woman. She was a little taller than Stephanie, and not dressed to kill like she was, but his cock was getting hard looking at her. She was slim also, but had a little more muscle (as far as he felt from his aching balls), red hair, pale skin and freckles, and a small B chest. She stood in front of D, trying to look angry, but she was impressed with his physique and his face. As mentioned before she wasn’t exactly dressed to kill, wearing a pink bathrobe tied around her waist and was wearing ankle socks.

As they were sizing each other up, D heard Stephanie at her bedroom door exclaim, “Holy shit, Julie, you’re home?!” They both looked at her, and D was awed by what he saw. She was wearing her dark hair in a ponytail, a black lace bra that somehow made her breasts look even bigger, a black garter belt with black stockings, and (D’s favorite part) shiny black high heeled pumps. When he saw her, his mouth hung open and his dick hardened again. Stephanie, on the other hand, looked mortified. She just stood there, looking down at her shoes.

After a few seconds of silence that seemed like hours, Julie finally spoke up. “Well, looks like you know who this asshole is.”

D looked at her, and making no effort to help the situation, said, “Whatever, bitch.” D would never say that to a female he didn’t know, and he started to realize that he was still drunk.

Julie looked at D, then back to Stephanie and said, “Since you two have ‘plans,’ I’m gonna go to bed.”

With that, she turned and headed to her bedroom, but was intercepted by Stephanie. She said, “Maybe you should stay awake for a little while longer,” as she winked at D. He stood by as he watched Stephanie and Julie whisper to each other as he caught little tidbits of their conversation.

“…..stay a little bit…” , “…..kinda cute…” , “…..it’ll be…..fun…” , “Can I borrow……”

After their brief conversation ended, Julie disappeared into Stephanie’s room for a few seconds, and then came out holding something behind her back, and then she scurried into her own room and shut the door.

When the door shut, Stephanie sauntered up to D, placed her hands on his shoulders, and lifted her knee very slowly between his legs, reaching his balls much easier, and she left her knee there for a second or two. She smiled sweetly at D, and said, “Much better!” She put her foot back down on the floor, and stepped back a little then continued, “Are you sure this turns you on?” D was about to answer, but her knee was already on its way to his groin. Her knee slammed in to his balls and he bent over, starting to fall to the floor. He slid down her body, and ended up on his knees in front of her. Before he knew what was happening, she pulled her foot back really far, and sent it forward with incredible speed. Her kick connected with both of his balls with the top of her foot and lifted him off the floor a little. He quickly covered his balls and curled himself into a ball at Stephanie’s high heels. His stomach felt really queasy, and he was about to throw up. He dry-heaved at her feet, threatening to spill the contents of his stomach on her floor.

Just as it appeared that he was about to puke everywhere, the door to Julie’s bedroom opened, and out came Stephanie’s sexy roommate. She made herself look as hot as Stephanie, wearing her red hair in a ponytail like her roommate, a red low-cut blouse that didn’t exactly do a good job of hiding her hard nipples, a very short black leather miniskirt that had a long slit in the side, showing off another pair of amazing legs, and at the bottom were red high heeled pumps with stiletto heels. She walked just like Stephanie, hips moving from side to side, and when she got right in front of D, she took his hands and gently pulled him to his feet.

Julie wasted no time with what she wanted to do, as she reached for his belt, and undid it, letting his pants fall to the floor with D making no effort to stop it. She then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off him, revealing to both women the muscular body under his shirt. Both girls looked very impressed, and didn’t try to hide it. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him in close. Julie looked him right in the eye, and without warning, she drove her knee up into his balls viciously, his balls only protected by the boxer-briefs he wore. Before he could react, she kneed him in the balls twice more while Stephanie stood by. Julie stepped back slightly and kneed D as hard as she could and then let him fall to the floor at her feet.

D looked up from the floor and watched Stephanie walk towards him. She held back Julie from doing anymore damage to D’s groin and said, “Hey now, he’s my date! I brought him here!”

She gently grabbed his hands and helped him slowly to his feet. She looked him in the eyes, with a fearful expression on her face. Stephanie asked, “Are you ok, D?” When he answered with a nod, a smile spread across her face, and she said, “Good!” With that, she pushed him backwards until D’s back was against a wall, slowly because his pants were still around his ankles. She took a step back, looked him in the eye and smiled sweetly. Suddenly, he smile disappeared and held his hands tightly, took a half step forward with her left leg, pulled back her right and kicked D in the balls as hard as she could. He groaned loudly and was struggling to remain conscious. He could barely stand, but was standing because Stephanie was holding him up. When Stephanie saw he was fading out, both girls helped D to their couch and sat him down to give his aching, swelling nuts a little rest. Unfortunately, the pain was still too much and he passed out anyway.

After some time went by (D had no idea how long), both girls came over to him without saying a word and pulled him to his feet. Julie looked at D and asked, “Think you can take some more?”

D was about to answer but Stephanie answered for him, saying, “Look at his body! He can take a few more from two girls who are like half his size!” Somehow he managed a smile, and again, his cock sprang to life. To D’s horror, it was extremely visible because he was completely naked now!

When his dick reached its full size, both girls looked on and Stephanie mouthed to Julie, “Holy shit!” Stephanie turned to him and said, “Just a little more, then we’ll give that dick of yours a little release!” Right after the words left her mouth, both of them forced this strong man back against a wall again. They pinned him there, both in front of him, each with a hand on his shoulder, holding him there. Without any sort of warning, Julie slammed her knee between D’s legs cruelly and right after her knee went down to gain power to get him again, Stephanie’s knee thumped his nuts. They alternated, delivering knee after knee to his badly bruised nads.

After many strikes by Stephanie and Julie, they let him slide down the wall with his legs spread. Amazingly, D’s cock was still standing at attention. Julie nodded to her roommate then backed up a few steps while Stephanie stood in between D’s legs. She put her black high heeled pump on his hard-on, and pushed it gently to her floor. She added more weight onto it, little by little. When she had most of her weight on his cock, she moved her foot back and forth on his dick. After a few short minutes, D had the wildest orgasm of his life, shooting load after load of cum onto her floor and back high heel.

He was completely spent, but Stephanie said, “Wow that was a lot you just blew! But you’re not done. We’re gonna give you a few minutes then join us in my bedroom because we’re gonna take something from you…that pesky virginity of yours!” Both women walked, hips moving back and forth, to Stephanie’s bedroom and waiting for the sexy, strong man they just beat the shit (and cum) out of.

The End…maybe.

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