Monday, October 22, 2007

The Jenna Sosa Story

Woman kicks cop in groin, lands in jail
(Original publication: October 13, 2006)
PEEKSKILL - After a police officer stopped Jenna Sosa for blasting her car stereo and driving with a suspended license, she could have gone to the police station, where she would have been charged, processed and released.
But instead, the 20-year-old Peekskill woman kicked Officer Christopher Vazeos several times in the groin, sending him to the hospital and herself off to the county jail, Detective Sgt. Eric Johansen said today.
The incident began around 12:20 p.m. yesterday on the 1000 block of Park Street when Vazeos pulled Sosa over because she was playing her car stereo too loud, police said.
He ran a check on her driver's license, which showed that it was suspended, a misdemeanor, police said. Vazeos then placed Sosa in the back of his cruiser to bring to the station for processing.
While Sosa was in the cruiser, Vazeos saw her talking on her cell phone. When he tried to take it away, she kicked him several times in the groin, sending him to the Hudson Valley Hospital Center, police said.
He'll miss at least a week of work, Johansen said.
Police charged Sosa with second-degree assault, a felony, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor, and violating a city ordinance on loud car stereos.
She was arraigned in City Court and sent without bail to the county jail.
"Had Sosa behaved as one would have expected, she likely would have been released from custody after receiving a couple of tickets." Johansen said in a release issued this morning.
"Instead, she decided to escalate the situation by assaulting a police officer causing him to be removed from duty, and is now sitting in the County Jail pending a future appearance."

by number2

Jenna sped down the road, the new Justin Timberlake hit blaring out of her red convertible’s customized car stereo. She was headed to pick up her best friend Tina then they were going out for a night out at her favorite club for a little drinking, a little dancing and, if she felt like it, an unforgettable night for one (or two) lucky guys.

She touched up her lip-gloss in the rearview mirror, not an easy task to do with her long brunette hair whipping in the wind. Too late, she saw the telltale red-and-blue lights behind her.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. She had recently lost her license, a natural occurrence for a girl who loved to drive fast. She knew how to deal with this. As she reluctantly pulled over to the side of the road, she undid the top two buttons of her silk blouse. After she shut off her engine, she hiked up her already too-short skirt exposing most of her tanned and toned legs.

Officer Vazeos had seen this all too often. Another spoiled daddy’s girl with a graduation present car and a stereo that cost more than his month’s salary.

“License and registration,” he mumbled even before looking at the girl in the car.

“Here you are officer,” Jenna said sweetly. “Is there some sort of problem?” Reaching for the IDs the frazzled officer finally saw the woman he had pulled over. Simply put, she was the hottest woman he had ever seen. Her heaving breasts were barely contained by her top and her skirt was so short he thought he could see ‘something’ in-between her impossibly long legs.

“Um, ah, yeah,” he stammered. “Your, um, stereo was uh, way too loud.”

Jenna beamed. He was right where she wanted him. “I’m sooooo sorry,” she cooed. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Uh, mmm, okay,” the hapless officer mumbled. “Let me, um, just run your license and I’ll let you go with a warning, I guess.” He stumbled back to his car, his raging hard-on straining at the front of his pleated pants.

Jenna sat in her car and steamed. She knew if he checked her suspended license, she was fucked.

Moments later, he came back to her car. “Miss Sosa, I’m afraid your license is showing up as suspended. Please get out of the car. I need to book you down at the station.

Jenna sighed, grabbed her purse and stepped out of her car. Officer Vazeos nearly had to bite his lip as her looked over her perfect form. In her six-inch clear platform heels, she was almost as tall as he was and when she brushed her perfect, young ass against him, he almost shot a load.

She calmly entered the back of his car and crossed her legs, resigning herself to the fact that she was going to be booked. It wasn’t the first time and she knew he daddy would be right down to bail her out. As the door closed, she remembered Tina; she had to call her and let her know what had happened.

She took he cell out of her purse and hit “2” on the speed dial. Just then, Officer Vazeos decided to steal one more quick glimpse at the vixen he had ‘captured’.

“Um, miss, no phone calls until we get to the station,” he said through the window.

“Just one quick call to my friend to let her know I won’t be coming…”

Officer Vazeos opened the back door. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist,” he said reaching for the phone.

Jenna swung her legs onto the seat trying to hold off the rude policeman. Not unexpectedly, she saw his huge boner as he moved in closer.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “You’re trying to rape me!” Before the officer could say or do anything, Jenna thrust her platform heel into his groin, sending him sprawling backwards out of the car.

Jenna tried to get out of the car using the door behind her but it was locked. She shimmied across the seat to the open door and jumped out, only to be met by a barely recovered Officer Vazeos. He grabbed her, but in his weakened state was no match for her fiery Latin temper. She wheeled him around, shoved him against his own patrol car and shot two hard knees up into his ballsack before letting him fall to the ground.

“You thought I was a defenseless little girl you could have your way with!” she spat at him. “Well now who’s defenseless?”

Meanwhile, the call to Tina had gone through and through the garbled conversation she had made out the word ‘rape’ and quickly called 911.

Jenna heard the approaching sirens and smiled. This rapist cop was going to get what was coming to him.

Through a haze, Officer Vazeos tried to cope with what had happened. He wasn’t sure what was worse – the humiliation he was sure to suffer at the station house or that fact that he was so turned on by being destroyed by a hot 20-year-old. He looked through watery eyes to see Jenna standing before him, hands on hips, saying something he couldn’t make out. He reached out towards her, unable to speak.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Jenna thought. “This son of bitch wants more. Fine then. I’ll give him some more.” She strode confidently around the officer on his hands and knees and eyed the space between his legs. With all the power she could muster, she swung her legs forward, feeling his testicles crush up against the top of her foot before he went flying forward, collapsing on his face.

Just then, the other officers arrived. Seeing one of their own on the ground, they had no choice but to arrest Jenna and book her on aggravated assault charges. Officer Vazeos was sent home for a week to recuperate (but mostly what he did was masturbate to the thought of Jenna smashing his balls).

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