Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jennifer's Dream Come True (part one)

By mstewa1

This is my first post so feedback welcomed!! If response is good sequels will be written.

Jennifer was waiting for her lousy hubby to get back. She had found out earlier that day he had been cheating and she was waiting for revenge. She sat on the sofa in her new shiny black platform thigh boots with a six inch heel, her leather mini skirt, leather gloves and leather corset. She wasn't waiting long as Jason strolled in the house five minutes later. He walked into the room and was shocked by what his wife was wearing. He had a funny feeling that that night he wasn't going to like what she was going to do. He tried to act cool and asked how she was but as soon as she mentioned his mistresses name Julia he knew the game was up. He was about to explain himself when she demanded that he strip naked and lay down on the floor with his legs spread. He argued but a swift kick to his balls took the wind out of him and he complied.

He laid on the ground naked and began to whimper as he knew he was going to have a whole new experience.

Jennifer wasted no time and stood over him with her platform boot just over his balls. She stamped on them and swashed them in upon contact and held her boot on him as Jason tried to use all of his withering strength to lift her boot off him. But with his wife standing at 6 foot, 2 inches tall and physically strong legs he had no chance. Upon seeing her husband try to fend her off she took some rope and tied his hands to the table to prevent this happening again. She then stood over him again and proceeded to do the same and stamp on his balls swashing them again. She was beginning to enjoy herself and was getting excited over what power she had over him. Jennifer then began to kick Jason repeatedly into his balls using more force every time Jason yelling as the pain intensified in his unprotected sac.

After about 50 kicks Jennifer stopped and untied Jason telling him to kneel with his legs spread so the onslaught could continue. He complied and again she kicked him with more force than before leaving a echo of whimpering from Jason to sound the room. Enjoying herself, Jennifer stopped after 50 again and inspected the damage with her leather glove working her way over his balls with her index finger. She began to rub the bottom of his dick and worked her way up. Jason always admired her magic fingers and before long he was fully erect. Jennifer saw this as an opportunity to squeeze his sack together, once again leaving Jason to cry in pain.

Jennifer had a brainstorm at this point and tied Jason back up again to prevent him recovering fully and proceeded to get her phone and dial in Julia's number. As soon as Jason knew who was on the end of the line he knew he was in trouble...

To be continued...

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shade the dog said...

Nice story plz continue