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Killer Nurse 2

By number2

(sequel to

The next weeks were the highlight of Nurse Linda Colville’s life. Still soaring from the exhilaration of destroying two Marines, she vowed to make the third’s life a hell on Earth. After soundly defeating Lt. Berry, she subjugated him to her will. The stocky Marine was now the willing slave to the teen nurse that had taught him about her superiority.

Linda had come up with a schedule of daily duties for her slave to perform and she delighted in coming up with new tasks for him, some of which she knew would be impossible for him to perform, just so she could punish him. Lt. Berry would start each morning getting up hours before Linda and foraging through the jungle for food. He would bring it to their makeshift camp and have her breakfast ready before awakening her. Linda decided that the most pleasant way to be woken up would be to have her big, strong Marine supplicate himself at her dainty feet and kiss each one gently. After Berry had done this task, he was to lap at the bottom of her feet until Linda awakened.

Linda slept in Berry’s Marine uniform, which she had altered to fit her lissome body. Berry was to be nude at all times in her presence; Linda would allow him the luxury of wearing underwear when he was out getting food or water from the jungle. Berry would then serve the dominating teen her meal and only when she finished would she allow Berry to partake in whatever leftovers were available.

When Berry finished cleaning up Linda would head outside for her morning calisthenics. Berry would be forced to watch the stunning young girl as she stripped off his/her uniform and performed stretches, lunges and bends in front of him. Any normal man would attain an erection from this sight and Berry was no exception. Months without any release coupled with Berry’s darkest fantasy of being dominated by a woman gave him what became a painful erection every morning. It always brought a smile to Linda’s beautiful face to see the nude soldier, sweating, a massive boner pointing directly at her; it was one of the reasons she would not allow him to wear clothes.

Linda would finish off her morning workout by taking a long swim in the surrounding ocean. She would swim from anywhere from a half an hour to two hours, depending on her mood, and Berry would stand at attention on the shoreline waiting for her to emerge, just to towel her off.

Her morning exercise along with consuming the majority of the food kept Linda in phenomenal shape, possibly in better shape than when she arrived on the island. Berry, on the other hand, was starting to break down. He had dropped from his nearly 200 pounds down to under 180. Linda had graciously shared her supply of quinine (after all, she didn’t want a dead slave) so malaria was not a problem for either of them. Linda has noticed this, of course, but didn’t care, as long he served her.

Afternoons were for Linda’s martial arts practice. She would re-don Berry’s (now her) uniform and spar with the beleaguered lieutenant. What was once a nearly even contest had turned into just another way for Linda to brutalize her servant. Generally, Linda would start by circling Berry slowly, jabbing and feinting, trying to find the perfect opening. Berry attempted to defend himself, but to no avail. When he was completely healthy, she had nearly killed him; now it was a complete mismatch. When Linda was through playing with her toy, she would strike hard and fast. Her favorite targets were Berry’s face and his oversized balls. A quick punch to his head and Berry would almost always raise his defenses leaving his groin wide open. She tried a myriad of attacks; from straight kicks, back kicks and knees to punches, grabs and twists. Eventually one or more of Linda’s blows would fell Berry. This led to another daily ritual; Linda would force Berry onto his back then straddle his face. She would writhe back-and-forth until she exploded in orgasm leaving Berry beaten and extremely horny. She would then retire to her hut for an afternoon nap while Berry was to gather wood for their fire and food for Linda’s evening meal.

One day about a month into their daily routine Linda caught Lt. Berry in the jungle, masturbating. She silently crept up on him as he stroked his cock, lying on his back, eyes closed and moaning. She watched him for a moment then leveled a kick at his overly sensitive nutsack. The boots she was wearing (Berry’s) were much too large for her girlish feet but deliver a painful smash to Berry’s balls. He howled in agony as the comely nurse kicked again and again.

“You…” KICK “Are…” KICK “Never…” KICK “To…” KICK “Do…” KICK “That…” KICK “Again!” shouted Linda before stomping down on Berry’s swelled nutsack. “Do you understand me?” she asked as she ground the tip of her boot into him.

Berry managed a weak, “yes, pl…” before the sickening ‘pop’ of his exploded testicle sent him reeling into unconsciousness. Linda smiled at what she had done and stripped over the prostrate soldier. She fingered herself to a mind-shattering orgasm then walked triumphantly back to her shelter, leaving Berry in the jungle. It was hours before Berry limped back to their camp. When she noticed he was empty-handed, she greeted him with a backhand that sent him to the ground. Berry never masturbated again after that day, though his cock ached for release.

Evenings were spent (by Berry) cooking whatever small game he could catch, serving Linda then feasting on her scraps. Often Linda would have Berry give her a full body massage, knowing what it would do to his already over-stressed libido. Caressing her 19-year-old body made Berry’s cock rigid even on his most weakened days. Linda would playfully swat at or kick his member always making sure not to allow him to blow his load. “Medical experts,” she would say, “know that release of semen depletes your energy and you need all you can get.” Berry would resign himself to her will and sleep frustrated every night.

This went on for nearly three months until one day when Linda was jogging down the beach. Suddenly she heard from the overgrowth, “Halt! Who goes there?” She turned slowly to see a Marine she had never seen before, brandishing an automatic that was leveled at her head. Linda sized him up immediately. He was about 5’11” and 170 pounds. She knew that she could take him easily but he had the drop on her. It took her only a moment to compose herself then she fell down to her knees in front of the surprised soldier.

“Oh thank God you’re here,” Linda wailed. “We thought we would die out here! Are you part of the rescue party?”

The Marine holstered his gun; obviously, this weeping girl was no threat to him. “Rescue party? No, we were dispatched to this island to look for Japs. Our ship will be arriving to pick us up in just a couple of days. Why do you need a rescue? Were you shot down? We heard there was a lot of action going on around here about four-five months ago but nothing lately. How many more are with you?”

Linda ignored his question but followed with one of her own. “You said ‘we were dispatched’; how many others are there?

“Just four, including me. The Marines have been sending small units to all the islands in the area looking for Jap strongholds and…”

“And is your camp nearby?” Linda interrupted.

“Just about a mile to the south; I’ll take you there. Were there any other surviv…?”

“So, four big, strong Marines,” Linda interrupted again. “And I suppose if you got me safely back at your camp you would want a little favor in return…?” She looked directly at the bulge formed in the soldier’s pants.

“W-what?” stammered the Marine. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ll just bet you don’t,” replied an obviously angry Linda. She thrust her fist up into the Marine’s groin. He fell to the ground wriggling in pain, his eyes wide-open with surprise. Linda pounced on him, striking his balls over and over again. She stood up and kicked him in the side. “You men are all alike!”

The Marine tried to block out the pain as he reached for his holstered weapon. Linda was too quick for him, smashing his hand under her tiny foot, smiling as she heard bones snap. The soldier screamed like a wounded animal. Linda knew that might alert the rest of his squadron so she swiftly shot a kick to the side of his head. It had the desired effect; he was out like a light.

Linda stood completely still, listening for sounds of oncoming Marines. When, after a minute or so, she heard nothing she put her attention back to the comatose man at her feet. She knew he would die, but how? Since she was in no immediate danger of discovery, she decided to have some fun. She stripped him naked then ripped a length of cloth from his shirt. She tied it around his mouth as a gag so he couldn’t yell for reinforcements (no need to take chances). His shoelaces were used to tie his hands behind his back. Linda stepped back, pleased with her work, then splashed some warm ocean water onto his face.

The soldier sputtered and awakened. Linda jumped back and assumed a crouch position, ready for fighting. The Marine assessed his situation. His head, balls and right hand were burning with pain; he was gagged; he was naked and his hands were tied. There was a stunningly beautiful, but quite probably insane, woman standing by him looking for a fight. There was only one thing to do. He struggled to his feet and stared at Linda. She was bobbing up and down on the balls of her feet waiting for him to make his move.

Suddenly he bolted for the jungle! Linda, expecting an offensive move, was surprised. The Marine had a good twenty feet on her before she could even move. She sprinted up the sand, her long legs quickly bridging the distance between them. Just as he reached the edge of the jungle, Linda reached him. She grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked backwards. He fell immediately down to the ground. Linda kept her hold on his hair and pulled him back down the beach. The Marine had no choice but to go with her, walking backwards, his head held aloft by her powerful grip.

When they reached their original starting point, Linda threw him down to the ground. She sat down on his chest, looked into his eyes and said, “Coward. You don’t even deserve a man’s death.” She cupped her right hand over his mouth tightly and pinched his nose with her left. As his air supply dwindled, the dying soldier attempted to buck Linda off his chest. She laughed cruelly as each undulation brought her closer to orgasm. In short order, the bucking stopped and the man was still. Linda held her grip for another minute, savoring her orgasm, making sure the man was dead.

She grabbed the corpse by its hair and pulled it out into the ocean. When the tide took the body away, she ran back onto the shore and buried the soldier’s uniform and weapon. There were still three Marines left on the island (not including Berry) and she was limited in the amount of time she would have to dispatch them. She quickly formulated a plan in her head and set off into the jungle.

Heading south towards where the now-deceased Marine had said their base camp was Linda moved quickly yet quietly through the foliage. She listened intently for any signs of the other soldiers and less than fifteen minutes into her trek she heard voices coming her way. She lay down on the jungle floor, pretending to be asleep and waited for their arrival. It wasn’t much longer until she was discovered. She heard what sound like two distinct voices coming closer and soon those voices were right near her.

“Holy smokes sarge! It’s a lady!” came one of the voices, in a young-sounding Midwestern accent.

“I can see that McIntyre,” went the other voice, deep and husky. “But what the hell is she doing here? And is she alive?”

Linda felt a hand reach down and pick up hers. Fingers felt for a pulse.

“She’s alive sarge! What should we do?”

“Well see if you can wake her up, McIntyre.”

Linda’s arm dropped to the ground and her body was shaken by McIntyre. Linda feigned unconsciousness for a few moments then slowly opened her eyes.

“W-what… w-who are you?” she stammered in mock fear.

“It’s okay lady,” replied McIntyre. “We’re the U.S. Marines. We’re here to help you.”

Linda took her first good look at McIntyre. He was skinny, maybe 150 pounds soaking wet. She estimated from her seated position that he was around 5’8” and no older than 20. In fact, he may have been younger than Linda.

“You’re alright miss,” came the other voice. “Now how about you tell us how you got here.”

Linda turned and saw the largest black man she had ever seen. Well over 275 pounds and a muscular 6’4” tall. His uniform read ‘Blake’. She got over her initial shock at his size and related her tale of the Zero attack and the crash landing on the water near the island. She left out the part about Berry surviving as well, of course.

When she finished Blake said, “That’s quite a story lady. But don’t you worry; we’ll get you home safe and sound. As soon as McIntyre and I find Hudson, we’ll take you back to our camp and our ride home will be along soon.”

“Who’s Hudson?” asked Linda.

“Oh, he’s the other guy in our search party,” replied McIntyre. “We’re looking for Japs and we sent him ahead and now we think he’s lost.”

“That fool’s always getting lost or screwin’ up sumthin’,” continued Blake. “I swear he’s gonna get himself killed one of these days…”

Linda smiled to herself, thinking about the Marine’s body floating out with the current. Then, just as quickly, she brought herself back to the task at hand. She figured she would have to split up this pair if she was to have any chance of taking them out. Blake would have to go first. She got up and dusted herself off making sure the Marines got a good eyeful of her as she stretched her youthful body. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see they were impressed.

Blake pretended not to notice. “C’mon, I think he went this way.” They headed back down the way Linda had come, back where she had killed Hudson. As they walked, Linda held tightly to Blake’s massive arm, clinging to him for support. Blake couldn’t help but to look down at where Linda was strategically displaying her cleavage. In turn, Linda couldn’t help but notice the bulge starting to form in the Marine’s pants.

Linda knew he best chance to take out the burly soldier would be in the jungle so she had to act before they reached the beach. “I think I heard something,” she stated suddenly.

“What? I didn’t hear nothing,” said McIntyre.

“No, I’m sure I heard something back over there,” she stared directly into Blake’s eyes, her tiny hand rubbing gently against the swelling at Blake’s crotch. She mouthed to him silently, “Send him away…”

“Uh, yeah,” replied Blake. “I, uh, think I heard something too. Why don’t you go over there and, uh, check it out… and take your time…”

“Well okay sarge, if you say so…” McIntyre trudged off into the jungle and Linda smiled. Everything was going according to her plan. As soon as the younger Marine was out of sight, she put her full attention on Blake.

She reached her hand into his pants and grabbed hold of his massive member. Blake followed her gladly as she walked back from where they had come. When she was sure McIntyre was long out of sight, Linda pushed Blake up against a tree and ripped his uniform shirt off. She stepped back and admired his well-muscled physique with seemingly not an ounce of fat on him. Trailing her finger down his chest to his stomach only served to make his enormous erection stand out even further.

“Tell me, Sgt. Blake, when was the last time you had a woman?” she asked coyly.

“Well, I haven’t seen my wife in over a year-and-a-half,” he responded.

“And is that the last time you got any?”

“Well… no… A few times with prostitutes… But that was mostly blow-jobs, so that doesn’t really count…”

“And is that what you want from me?” Linda asked as she slowly pulled down the Marine’s pants.

“Oh… God… Yes…” Blake stammered out. Linda went to her knees in front of him.

“And you’re sure your wife won’t mind this?” she asked as she engulfed the head of his cock with her lips.

“N-no, she won’t ever know,” said Blake as Linda’s tongue snaked across the underside of his shaft. Linda nearly gagged on the massive tool but knew it wouldn’t be for long. She attempted a smile then bit down with all off her might.

“Aaaiiighh!!!” screamed Blake as her pushed Linda away. “What the fuck are you doing, you crazy bitch?” As the large Marine checked his bleeding member for damage, he never saw Linda’s right foot come up into his unprotected nutsack. Blake let out a high-pitched yelp and dropped to his knees. Linda knew she couldn’t let up her attack and she shot a round kick to his head that snapped it back into the tree behind him. There was a sickening ‘crack’ and Blake fell face forward into the ground before him.

Linda smiled at the rather quick work she had made of the huge Marine; she really thought he would be more of a challenge. Her satisfaction was short-lived however as she heard the sounds of McIntyre returning to her position.

When McIntyre reached them, he saw his sergeant lying facedown in the short grass. He pulled out his revolver and pointed it at Linda, his hand shaking nervously.

“What happened? What did you do to him?” the young man demanded.

Linda immediately shifted to her scared little girl routine. “He… he tried to rape me,” she sobbed. “And when I tried to run, he tripped over his own pants and hit his head on a rock.” McIntyre lowered his gun as the beautiful nurse sauntered over to him. She opened up her uniform shirt, nearly exposing both of her breasts. “He said… he said he was going to… suck on these… and then… and then… he was going to…” Linda fell into the youthful Marine’s arms, weeping.

McIntyre was unsure of what he should do, help his unconscious, injured sergeant, or help the distraught, young nurse. As Linda wept, she sized up McIntyre. He was barely out of his teens, didn’t look to be very strong and, she decided, was worthy of a quick and (relatively) painless death. She gripped McIntyre by the head and kissed him deeply, her tongue wrapping around his. Releasing the kiss, she guided him down to her breasts where she held him tightly.

McIntyre had never been with a beautiful woman, or any woman for that matter, and had no idea what to do. He did know that he enjoyed being between her two perfect breasts though. Linda held him there not moving and, after a short while, McIntyre began having trouble breathing. Linda clutched him tightly to her and there was no room for any air to get in. McIntyre started to panic. He struggled to get free, but Linda’s grip was tight. Soon, his oxygen supply was exhausted and he passed out. Linda grabbed him by the head, kissed his pale blue lips then snapped his neck with one quick twist.

The pity Linda felt was quickly overwhelmed by the intense orgasm she felt at the death of another Marine. She was considering what to do with the bodies when she heard a noise from Blake. He wasn’t dead yet!

She walked over to his prostate form and stood over him, thinking about her options. She could kill him easily right now in his debilitated state… but where was the challenge in that? She examined Blake’s body; he had a welt on the back of his head the size of a silver dollar. With some effort, she removed his uniform and flipped him onto his back. There was some blood coming from his now-broken nose from where Linda had kicked him earlier. His cock had stopped bleeding and, strangely, was still somewhat rigid. Linda kicked at it lightly with her bare foot and it responded by pulsing slightly.

She continued to manipulate his member with her toes, bringing back his full erection. Linda marveled at its size. She noticed, by placing her foot down firmly on it, that his cock was roughly the length of her entire foot. Linda decided to see how close she could come to bringing the large black man to orgasm before awakening him. She stripped off her uniform, leaving both of them naked, and stroked the underside of his dick with her dainty foot. Soon she felt his ballsack start to tense up underneath her heel and she knew he was ready to cum. She ceased her rubbing and bent down at Blake’s face.

“Blake… Blake, honey… wake up,” she said soothingly. When he didn’t respond, she slapped him roughly several times across his face. Finally, he started to stir.

“Wh… what happened?” he said groggily.

Linda whispered in his ear, “I beat you unconscious… and now I’m going to kill you.”

Blake shook off the cloudiness in his head, remembering the events of a few moments ago. He focused his eyes on Linda, now standing over him, her arms akimbo, defiant and nude. Blake realized that he also was nude, and that he had an enormous erection that was ready to shoot. He vaulted to his feet, not knowing what to do.

“You’re crazy, bitch! Ain’t no way I’m having anything to do with you!” he said, staring down at her lithesome body. Linda walked a few steps towards him, her body almost touching his. Blake stepped back and Linda laughed.

“Oh, is the big, bad Marine afraid of little ol’ me?” She continued to walk to Blake and he continued to back up. “C’mon Blake,” she said, poking his chest. “Afraid to take on a little girl?” Blake had no idea what was wrong with the lovely nurse and didn’t want to find out. He kept on backing up until, at last, he tripped over a mound in the jungle’s undergrowth. He soon realized, to his shock, that it was the body of McIntyre.

“What the hell did you do to him?” he asked horrified.

“The same thing I’m going to do to you… after I’ve had a little fun, that is.” She scampered away leaving Blake with the body of his fallen comrade. The anger welled up inside the Marine and he leapt up and chased after the nimble nurse. It didn’t take long for him to catch up to her. When he reached her, he grabbed her from behind, lifting her up in a massive bear hug. Linda was still laughing as he tried to squeeze the life out of her.

She reached down between her legs where Blake’s tool was jutting out below her moist pussy lips. Grasping it firmly in both hands, she proceeded to pummel his nutsack repeatedly with the heels of her feet. Blake held on for as long as he could but soon the pain forced him to drop his prey.

Linda, on the other hand, did not release her grip. She deftly flipped her body over, still holding on to Blake’s rod. When she landed on the ground she yanked at his dick roughly, causing him to shoot his seed in an arc about six feet past Linda. Knowing that he was now in a weakened and confused state, she let go of his now-withering member and began to shoot punches at Blake’s spent balls.

Blake couldn’t take the abuse for very long and fell to his knees trying to cover himself up. Linda sprang up from the ground and leveled a knee at Blake’s face, sending him reeling back down to the ground. Before he could even think of trying to recover, Linda was on top of him. She sat on his chest, pinning his arms to the jungle floor with her strong legs. With her left hand, she throttled his throat and her right came down again and again into the mess that was once his face. Blake tried to beg her to stop, but all that came through the blood, split lips and broken teeth were gurgling sounds.

Linda felt a surge of adrenaline as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her. She knew that Blake was near death and a few blows would finish him but she wanted to destroy him a little bit more first. She rolled off his body and positioned herself between his legs. Gripping one testicle in each hand, she placed her feet underneath his scrotum, using Blake’s body as her leverage.

She stretched herself out pulling Blake’s battered balls with her. Blake tried to scream, but to no avail. Mustering all of her strength Linda pulled the sack to its limit. She dug her sharp nails down deep and started to feel the sack give way.

Suddenly Linda was on her back, a spray of blood shooting from Blake’s groin and two severed testicles in her hands. She inspected them for a few moments, rolling them around with her fingers. When she tired of this, she squeezed them as hard as she could, feeling them pop, one after another, and letting the pulp run out of her fist.

Moments later Linda regained her composure and went over to inspect Blake. He had blacked out from the pain and would certainly soon die from blood loss but Linda would have none of that. She lifted her foot high above Blake’s mess of a face and brought it down swiftly. There was a sickening crunch and Blake stopped breathing.

Linda smiled as she surveyed the damage she had caused. McIntyre lay in a crumpled heap and Blake was a bloody, destroyed mess. Linda’s own body was none the worse for wear but it was nearly covered with Blake’s blood. Her uniform, lying over by a tree, looked to be relatively clean so she scooped it up and headed back to the ocean to clean herself up.

Leaving her clothes on the shore, she jumped into the warm waters of the Pacific and rubbed her lithe body with the salt water, cleaning off the Marine’s blood. She began to giggle thinking about the expressions, the sheer terror she had seen in the soldiers’ face just before she killed them. Destroying Berry’s will these last few months had been fun, but it was nothing compared to the exhilarating rush that came with the utter defeat and destruction of those poor men.

She completed her washing and headed back up the shore to fetch her uniform. Her body glistened in the late afternoon sun and she was positively aglow with her victories. Just before she reached her clothes a man stepped out of the jungle, a gun pointed directly at her. The fourth Marine.

Linda had nearly forgotten all about him in her excitement. She sized him up immediately. He was an older man, looked to be in about his mid-40s. He was about six feet tall and probably a bit over 200 pounds. She could tell by the gold leaf on his uniform that he was a Major. His nametag read Saunders. Despite his age, he looked to be in fairly good shape and his face showed the lines of a man that had been in more than a few combat situations. His steel-blue eyes stared Linda down unwaveringly and his gun hand was steady.

Linda immediately went into her frightened woman routine. “Thank God you’re here! I thought I was the only one on this island. Are you with a rescue party?”

“Can it sister,” the gruff Marine replied. “I saw what you did to my men back there and I’m taking you in. Next time clean up your bloody footprints if you want to try to pull something like that.”

Linda was take aback initially but quickly changed her story. “But… but… you don’t understand. They were going to rape me and they got into a fight over who would go first and…”

“Not going to work honey. I know McIntyre and he wouldn’t harm a woman, probably not even a Jap one. And Blake’s saved Mac’s life so many times that I know he wouldn’t fight to the death with him… not even over a pretty little filly like you. Now I’m taking you back to camp. As soon as my transport gets here they’ll take you into custody and you’ll get yourself a full military trial followed by a nice execution.”

“But… but, I didn’t…” Linda could see it was useless to try to reason (fool) the Major so she acquiesced. She started over to pick up her uniform.

“Uh-uh missy,” said Saunders, following her with his pistol. “I don’t know what you’ve got in there and I don’t know how you took out two of my men (he obviously didn’t know about Hudson) but I’m gonna keep you just like that until I can get you in a secure area.”

Linda shrugged and moved towards the Marine. He quickly circled around her, keeping his gun trained and enough space between them that Linda couldn’t risk an assault.

“Okay sweetheart, march!” Linda had no choice but to do what the Major ordered and she headed back into the jungle. Their entire walk she kept looking for some way to distract or overpower Saunders but he was a cagey veteran and he gave her no opportunities. She could see smoke nearby and knew they must have been very close to the Marines’ camp.

There was a noise behind them, a branch snapping and a rustle of leaves.

Hudson! Is that you? Get over here! I need your help!” A few moments later, some of the brush opened up and out walked Lt. Berry, clad only in his underwear. Saunders turned and pointed the gun at this new fellow, figuring that this must be the woman’s accomplice, after all, there was no way a woman could do all that damage.

That was what Linda was waiting for. She bolted towards Saunders. He turned and swung the pistol towards the small nurse, just as she leapt into the air. With a perfectly timed kick, the gun flew out of his hands and somewhere into the undergrowth. Now Linda figured she had the advantage.

She landed expertly in a crouch and threw a fist at Saunders’ crotch. He deftly blocked it and countered with a chop aimed at Linda’s head. She rolled out of the way and spun up to her feet. Both combatants stood in ready positions eyeing each other warily.

At the same moment, each of them attacked. Neither blow connected, as their expertise seemed evenly matched. They continued to launch attack after attack at each other but to no avail. Linda used her speed and flexibility to avoid nearly all of Saunders’ punches and Saunders’ skill kept Linda at bay.

They circled each other again and then Linda saw an opening. She feinted a punch at his head and, when Saunders went to block it, she shot a kick to his exposed rib cage, which connected soundly. Saunders let out a moan and Linda smiled. This old guy was tough but she had finally weakened him.

Again they circled and again Linda tried the same move. This time when she connected, she heard one of the Marine’s ribs crack. She decided to try again. Another fake head shot, another kick, but this time Saunders was ready. As soon as her leg struck (with a blinding flash of pain for him), he grabbed her and threw her down to the ground.

The air rushed out of the young girl as Saunders’ bulk came crashing down on top of her. Still, he was injured with a cracked, maybe broken, rib so she did not panic. Saunders attempted to punch Linda in the face but she was able to block with some ease. She scratched at the Marine’s face, drawing some blood, but he seemed not to notice or care. He grabbed her right wrist and pinned it to the ground, limiting Linda’s punch ability. Suddenly an idea came to her. She wrapped her powerful legs around Saunders’ torso and began to squeeze with all her might. The pain in his side was magnified immeasurably but the Major knew he couldn’t let that stop him. Linda started laughing with delight and Saunders raised his fist to smash in her pretty face.


A shot rang out in the otherwise peaceful jungle and both fighters stopped and looked to see what it was.

Lt. Berry had found Saunders’ pistol and was pointing it, first at Saunders, then at Linda, back and forth, back and forth…

Saunders reluctantly got of Linda and stood, his hands in the air. Linda followed suit, not knowing what was going through Berry’s mind. As the barrel of the gun shifted from one to another Linda was the first to speak.

“Shoot him Berry! That’s an order!” she screamed out.

Saunders was much calmer. “Listen son. This woman just killed two Marines and I’m taking her into custody.”

Berry! Do it!”

“I don’t know what she’s done to you, boy, but it’s time to be a soldier. Now give me that gun.”

Berry,” Linda said softly. “Shoot him and I’ll give you what you’ve always wanted.” She rubbed her sweaty, dirty body up and down. “Do it and this is all yours.”

“Son! Do your duty as an American!” Saunders ordered.

Linda licked her lips and smiled.

Thoughts raced through Berry’s head. He had no idea what to do. Should he do the ‘right thing’ and give up Linda or should he submit to the will of the beautiful young nurse. His mind swirled and his gun arm dropped.

Both Linda and Saunders rushed towards Lt. Berry.

“BLAM!” Rang out another shot.

Berry looked down and saw the smoking gun in his hand.

Saunders looked down and saw the gaping hole in his gut.

Linda calmly took the gun away.

She watched as Saunders writhed in pain. She walked up to him at put the gun to his temple.

“BANG!” she yelled, giggling as Saunders flinched. Berry was still standing in his place, unmoving, in a state of shock. With some effort she dragged Saunders over to the nearest tree and sat him up, making sure he could see what was to happen.

She sauntered over to Lt. Berry and dropped to her knees in front of him. Pulling down his underwear, his penis was flaccid, probably from fear or surprise. She fondled his scrotum, squeezing the pulpy mass that was once one of Berry’s testicles and then engulfed his cock with her mouth.

It didn’t take long for the Lieutenant to become fully rigid inside her warm, moist mouth. Linda licked and sucked up and down the shaft, occasionally stealing glances at the hapless Major who watched everything as he was painfully bleeding to death.

When she had had enough, she pulled Berry down to the ground and laid him on his back. She mounted him easily; her cunt was as moist as his cock. Berry was still in a stupor but knew what was going on. He bucked his hips up in time with hers, penetrating her deeply. She rode him like an expert, bringing herself to orgasm twice. Every time she could feel he was ready to blow, she slowed, controlling him, making him last longer.

Finally, as she neared a third orgasm, she knew he could hold it no longer. She stopped moving allowing Berry to thrust with all his might. Coolly she picked up the pistol that was next to them and aimed it at Saunders. She waited for the moment just before Berry was going to cum and pulled the trigger.

Berry exploded into her just as Saunders’ head exploded into a fine red mist. Linda collapsed onto Berry as she experienced the most mind-numbing orgasm of her life. She lay on top of him; the only sound their breathing, for nearly five minutes.

Over the next two days, Linda supervised while Lt. Berry buried Linda’s newest conquests. Although it wasn’t really necessary, she got a perverse thrill out of pointing the gun at the hapless soldier while he worked and occasionally clicking the now-empty weapon. She refused to let Berry mark the graves in any way preferring to masturbate herself to climax over each filled grave as she relived the experiences in her mind and Berry stood and watched.

The Marines’ camp was low on supplies and Linda knew their pick-up would be coming soon. She also knew she couldn’t let Berry get on that transport ship with her. She could kill him easily enough. There was plenty of guns and ammunition at the Marines’ camp and she certainly wouldn’t have had any difficulty in taking out the young man in hand-to-hand combat but she wanted a little something different.

She decided that she would make Berry one final meal. He was surprised to see her cook; up until now he had done all of the cooking (and cleaning and whatever other chores there were to be done). As Berry set the table in the Marine’s camp, he never noticed Linda slipping the drugs into his food. They sat down to eat and the young nurse was positively beaming.

“Those Marines’ transport ship should be here any day now. You must be excited to be going home,” Linda said with glee. Berry was taken aback again. Nurse Colville had never really talked to him before, just barked out orders, which he dutifully followed.

“Uh, yeah, uh, I guess so,” he replied. Linda smiled. She knew anyone else would kill to get off this godforsaken island but this young Marine was so subjugated to her will that he didn’t know what to think.

“Too bad you’re not going,” she stated matter-of factly. Berry gulped. He knew this moment was coming. She was going to kill him. He thought quickly. He knew he couldn’t beat her. Maybe he could run. Run and hide until the transport ship arrived. He bolted from his seat and ran towards the jungle. But something wasn’t right. His feet weren’t moving like they were supposed to. In addition, he was feeling lethargic, tired, like he was moving in quicksand. He turned and saw Linda walking towards him, laughing. Then everything went black.

Sometime later (hours, days?) Berry awoke in the middle of the jungle. As his head cleared, he couldn’t believe he was still alive. He got his bearings and ran to the Marines’ campsite. His first thought was to look around for the cruel, young nurse but she was nowhere to be found. In fact, the entire camp was nowhere to be found. Everything, the tents, the supplies, the guns, was gone save for a small box sitting in the middle of what was the campsite.

Berry picked up the box and read the note attached: “Dearest Lt. Berry, while you were sleeping, the transport ship arrived. You were looking so peaceful I didn’t have the heart to wake you. Besides, I couldn’t have you telling stories about me to those other big, bad Marines, now could I? I’ll always remember our time together. Love, Nurse Colville XOXOXO P.S. I left you a present. I’m sure you’ll know what to do with it.”

Berry threw the note down and opened up the box. Inside were a service revolver and a single bullet. Berry knew he had no options. There was little food on the island and, without quinine, malaria would soon infect him. He put the bullet into the chamber, spun it around and placed the barrel in his mouth.

“CLICK.” The sound resonated in Berry’s ears as tears streamed down his face.

“CLICK.” He muttered a silent curse.

“BLAM!” The young lieutenant was no more. His lifeless body slumped to the ground; his head oozing blood.

Two hundred yards away Linda Colville sat watching the Marine take his own life, through a pair of binoculars. Her other hand busily penetrated her moist box and her orgasm coming only moments after Berry’s shot rang out.

Breathing heavily, she decided to take a dip in the ocean. She was covered was sweat and needed to cool off. As she approached the water’s edge, she spied in the distance a large grey ship. She grinned. Her story was now straight – how Berry had raped her, killed the other Marines and then despondently committed suicide.

As she washed off her smooth skin, she thought to herself, “I wonder how many big, strong Marines are on that ship…”

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