Monday, October 22, 2007

The Lesson

By mulation

Okay... this is my first story, so you'll have to excuse any crappiness…

Jim was a stud and he knew it. He was the captain of the varsity football team at his high school and it certainly showed. He would always flaunt his muscular body around with tight-fitting shirts and pants that would show off the bulge of his prominent manhood. The girls would all swoon when he swaggered by in that special way of his.

All of them, that is, except for one. The one girl that Jim wanted more than any of the sluts he could get a dime a dozen. Her name was Kimi. Kimi was the captain of the cheerleading squad. She was Asian-American, and had inherited the best of races. She was tall with long, shapely legs and the kind of breasts most guys jacked off to in the magazines. She also had an exotic look that just drove Jim crazy. But despite his best efforts, Kimi ignored him for the most part.

One day, while the football team and cheerleading squad were out practicing on the field, Jim decided to try and get Kimi's attention. He "accidentally" threw the ball out to the track around the field, where the cheerleaders were practicing their routines. Kimi, who had noticed Jim's previously attempted advances as well, decided that enough was enough. She picked up the ball, and walked over to Jim, a seductive smile on her face.

When she reached him, she swung the ball underhand between his legs stopping an inch away from the young man's crotch. He yelped in surprise, and jumped back, prompting bursts of laughter from both teams, who had seen the entire thing.

"What's the matter, little boy?" Kimi asked mockingly. "Afraid that the big bad cheerleader might hurt you in your little ballsie-wallsies?"

At this Jim straightened up and puffed out his chest. "In your dreams," he replied. "I ain't afraid of anything, especially not a little girl like you!"

At this he pushed her and laughed as Kimi fell to the ground. The football players laughed at how easily Jim had put Kimi in her place. Jim, who was ultimately the gentleman, however, offered a hand to help Kimi up. She gave him her best smile as she took his hand, but the smile soon turned into an angry scowl and, before anyone could make out what had happened, it was Jim who was on the ground and Kimi who was standing over him laughing.

Jim was really angry now. He got up and put up his fists, ready to teach this puny girl a lesson, no matter how hot she was. Kimi merely stood there, shaking her finger at him while saying, "Tut, tut, tut. You should know that fighting's bad. But okay, I'll take you on," she said. Seeing that he was preparing to strike, she added, "However, I think both our teams still need to practice, don't they? So how about tomorrow after school in the gym? I'll have one of my girls see you tomorrow to tell you the rules." And with that she and the rest of her team walked away to continue their practice.

The next day, one of the younger cheerleaders, whom Jim recognized as a girl named Jenny, approached him as he was entering the cafeteria for lunch.

"Ok, Kimi said to tell you the rules. There are going to be three bouts: One boxing match, one wrestling match, and one free-fighting match. There are no holds barred, but there are a couple of ground rules you need to familiarize yourself with. First of all, matches are to be fought in the nude. Second, there is to be no kicking or wrestling holds in the boxing match, and no blows at all in the wrestling match. The free-fighting match can be fought any way you choose. Whoever wins at least two of the matches will be declared the winner. The loser will have to be the winner's slave for a week. The first fight will begin at 3:10 in the gym, and the next fight will be held the following week at the same place and time, followed by the final fight the week after that. Good luck... I think you're going to need it," she said.

It was 3:00 and Jim walked into the gym with his signature swagger. He strutted his way to the locker room, stripped off his tight clothes and donned a robe that he would wear until the fight. The thought of him fighting Kimi, the girl of his dreams, with the both of them naked and with no rules keeping him from doing what he wished with her brought him to a raging hard-on that poked out through his robes. The very thought of his hands on that body got him so turned on he started stroking himself. He was almost at the brink of orgasm when Jenny came in to check up on him, denying him the release that he craved so badly. Oh well, he thought, he would be able to do whatever he wished with Kimi for a week after he had taught her a lesson. That would certainly make up for this interruption now, he said to himself.

When Jim stepped out of the locker room, Kimi was already in the ring wearing nothing but her gloves, shadow-boxing. Jim climbed into the ring as well, and took off his robe and had the girl help him with his gloves.

"Are you ready to lose?" he taunted.

"I don't lose," Kimi replied.

After this short exchange, the bell rung, signifying the beginning of the first round. Kimi was lightly jumping back and forth, obviously waiting for Jim to make the first move. But he didn't… or couldn't. He was hypnotized by Kimi's enormous breasts swinging up and down, side to side. Kimi realized the effect she was having on Jim, and pointed this out to him.

"So you like these?" she asked, cupping them in her gloves.

Jim snapped out of his fantasy world and tried to get his mind back on the fight. They danced in and out of each others' range, feeling each other out. Jim, however, was obviously still thinking about Kimi's naked body, as he had a humongous erection. Kimi put on an evil grin as she saw his cock rise. It was time to strike.

With surprising speed and grace, Kimi had dashed in, ducked under Jim's frantically thrown right hook and come up with an uppercut to his balls! But fortunately for Jim, Kimi hadn't thrown her full weight into the punch, aiming only to reveal his male weakness to him. Jim, however, had other things on his mind.

As soon as Kimi's gloved fist had come into contact with his testicles, his whole body had been on fire. He had been hit a couple times in the groin during football practice, but he had had a cup on to absorb the impact, and had only felt a fraction of the pain an actual blow could do. He dropped to one knee as he grimaced in pain.

"That was an illegal punch!" he protested.

"There are no holds barred, remember?" she replied sweetly.

"I'll get you for that cheap shot, you little bitch," he said through clenched teeth.

"Ohhhhhh," Kimi said sarcastically, "did the poor little cheerleader hurt the big dumb jock's balls?"

Jim said nothing and instead concentrated on getting back to his feet and staying there. As he rose to his feet, however, Kimi had managed to throw a couple more punches into his face and stomach, softening him up some more. Jim was now afraid to suffer yet another punch to his balls, and so had one gloved hand protecting his family jewels, leaving him unable to fight at his full potential. Kimi, realizing this, had used his vulnerability to her advantage, feinting attacks to his groin and then striking him somewhere else.

As the match proceeded, Jim began to tire visibly. His movements were more sluggish, and he was bleeding out one side of his mouth. Kimi, on the other hand, still looked as fresh and energetic as when she had started the fight. It was the classic tale of a smaller, faster fighter slowly chipping away at a much larger and stronger opponent. Although Jim, at the beginning of the fight, could have laid Kimi out for the count with just one powerful punch, he no longer had the strength to do so. But the match continued.

Finally, when it appeared that Jim was no longer able to continue with the fight, Kimi decided it was time to put the football jock in his place. She moved in for the kill with a quick jab to the chin, followed by a left hook into his flank. She then followed with a much slower feint to Jim's face, attempting him to get his hands away from protecting his balls.

Jim fell for the trick hook, line, and sinker. As he moved his hands to stop his face from being smashed in, Kimi dropped towards the ground and delivered a devastating uppercut to Jim's testicles, this time with all the force she could muster.

The effect on Jim was instantaneous. His jaw dropped and he was in far too much pain to even scream or even breathe. Instead he crumpled, rolling around on the ground in a fetal position, muttering something that sounded vaguely like, "my balls... my balls..." He was definitely out for the ten count and Jenny raised Kimi's hand in victory. Round one had gone to Kimi.

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