Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Life of Jim: Amanda’s Persuasive Skills

By Knee My Balls

This is my first BB story written, so comments are more than welcome. Maybe a follow-up will come when I have some time. Until then I hope you enjoy!

The doorbell rang at precisely 5:30PM.

Amanda, Jims "would-be-ex-mother-in-law", had called Jim some days ago and asked him if she could pay him a visit today to talk about his recent dumping of his girlfriend (and Amanda's daughter), Eve. At first Jim had said no, because he couldn’t see any point in discussing this with Eves mother, but Amanda had somehow talked him into it, and in the end of their conversation he had agreed to invite her today at 5:30PM. Maybe Amanda could better explain Eve, why he had decided to dump her. So here he was, at his own apartment for two years now, and just about to open the door.

"Hi son,” Amanda said with a wicked glint in her eyes, as Jim opened the door. Amanda was still dressed in her work uniform. She worked as a stewardess on American Airlines continental flights, and had just leaved from work. Amanda was 39 years old and still a very attractive lady with a body to die for, beautiful face with sparkling eyes and just the right make-up to emphasize her feminine look, she had long slim legs and at least a C or D-cup. And she knew how to dress like a lady! Jim had never been disappointed when he saw her, and today was no exception. Black high heeled pumps, black stockings, a short blue skirt and a matching shirt which could not hide her nice round breasts, especially not now where she had unbuttoned the upper buttons and her breasts kind of popped out.

"Hi Amanda, come on in,” Jim responded. In the time just before his breakup with Eve he had called her mom since she always called him son, as she apparently still did, but he had broken up with Eve and had no intentions of getting back with her, so for him Amanda was no longer any mother to him.

Amanda followed Jim into the living room where Jim had set up some quick dinner. He had not eaten yet himself and thought Amanda might also be a little hungry.

"Oh, how nice of you to make dinner. I’ve had such a busy day with almost no time to eat, you must be clairvoyant to see how hungry I am, dear,” Amanda said with gleam in her eyes as she set down her purse beside a chair and sat herself elegant sideways on the chair with crossed legs, showing off her nicely curved legs wrapped in the sexy black stockings and making the skirt ride up a little longer. Jim gulped, and could not help himself from staring at her legs. He had always been fascinated by women’s legs, especially when they were in stockings or pantyhose which gave the legs such a feminine look...and sometimes gave him a boner!

He was quickly back to reality and lowered himself on the chain opposite of Amanda and said, hoping she had not caught him staring. "Oh! It’s really nothing, just some quick food. I haven’t eaten myself so it’s really no big deal.”

Amanda smiled one of her winning-smiles. "Oh, you’re such a nice boy Jim, always polite, newer giving yourself the credit you have earned. I always liked you Jim, you’re such a good person always pleasing your relatives, I think you are the best son-in-law any woman can dream of.”

"Well, thank you for the nice words, but as you know I have broken up with Eve,” Jim said.

Amanda sighed. "Yes I know you did Jim, and that’s also why I wanted to talk to you today. I know you made a wrong decision that you soon will regret, so actually I am doing you a big favor by coming here. But lets eat first, then we can talk.” Amanda looked Jim straight in the eyes as she said this, which made him a little unease and he tried to avoid her eyes and instead looked down...down at her feet, giving Jim full view of her perfect size 8s as she dangled her pumps on the tip of her toes. God how he would love to hold those feet in his hands and massage them! "Ohhh, do my feet smell, dear? You keep looking at them. I am sorry; they have been trapped in these pumps all day, so they need a little air.”

Jim knew he was caught and tried to excuse himself, "Oh, no! I mean...eeerrh....they don’t smell, I just.....you have really nice feet, I didn’t mean to stare, I was just thinking.”

"Ohh, I see....well lets have something to eat, then you can think some more.” Amanda let her pumps drop to the floor and positioned herself straight on the chair.

"I hope you don’t mind me taking off the shoes, my feet really need some air.”

"No, it’s OK,” Jim replied and began to eat.

Suddenly Jim felt something between his legs and didn’t have to wonder long about what it was as it was a feeling of warm nylons riding up his legs. "Well dear, maybe it was about time that you tell me why my daughter is not good enough for you,” Amanda started.

"Well, I just don’t think she’s the right one for me. Eve’s a nice girl, but I don’t love her anymore.”

"Like you mean she can’t turn you on anymore?”

“Well, yeah, I mean she never dresses like a woman and she doesn’t....well....our sex is not so good.” Jim became red in face as he laid out these details on their relationship for Eve’s mother. Why did he say these things!?

"I see,” Amanda sighed and let her foot rest on the chair between the legs of Jim. "Maybe it’s my fault in raising up Eve. I never shown her how to dress or behave in means company, in a way she’s still my little daughter, even though she’s 20 now. But I think time has come for a change. I will talk with her, and then you take her back and give her all your loving.” Amanda stretched out her foot and let it rest on Jim’s crotch.

Jim nearly spit out his food, and could not stop the growing erection in his pants. "But I wont take her back,” Jim said as Amanda started rubbing her foot back and forth on his crotch, which did not make his erection smaller. "We have split up, and now its time to go on with our lives - separately."

"Don’t you like what my feet are doing to you now Jim....?” Amanda seductively whispered as she increased the speed of her rubbing. Jim now had a clearly hard-on and breathed faster and heavy. The feeling of her warm nylon covered feet rubbing against his dick was a huge turn-on for him, something he never experienced before. If she continued this amazing action with her feet, he would soon end blowing his load in his pants.

"Yesss....but,” Jim began and was cut-off by Amanda.

"Then you have really good reasons to reconsider your decision about Eve....I can teach her a few things you know....."

Jim started to roll his eyes but his dick had not taken all his brain capacity, and Jim said, "Amanda... please, you are really a sexy woman, but I can’t take her back - its over.”

Amanda stopped her footjob and withdrew her foot. "I don’t think you quite understand me sweetie, I am not actually asking you to take back Eve, I am saying YOU ARE TAKING HER BACK!” On her last words she let her foot fly forward.....straight into Jim’s groin. Before Jim could react she had withdrawn her foot and sent it flying forward again into his balls.

Jim’s eyes bulged out and he burst out, "My balls! Ohhhh, you kicked my balls!” Jim could not believe this was happening, first she had given him a nice footjob and now he was in a pain only a man could understand.

In natural instinct he had clamped his legs together, avoiding further blows to his sore balls, but he was in great pain from the two blows he had already taken. His hands cupped his groin and he started breathing quickly.

Amanda smiled wickedly at Jim and his expressions of pain "Now I think you understand me better sweetie. I think I have your full attention now.” Amanda again sat sideways on the chain and extended her leg in the air. "I guess you newer knew how much pleasure and pain these legs could give you,” she said as she ran her hands up and down her stockings, knowing exactly how sexy she looked in a mans point of view. "And unless you don’t want more pain I suggest you take back Eve!"

Jim tried to get up from his chair and with some pain managed to get up "You are fucking crazy,” he muttered, "I am not taking back your daughter!”

Amanda smiled at Jim and raised herself from her seat "Oh sweetie, you really look to be in great pain, spread you legs a little so your balls can have some air.”

Without thinking Jim spread his legs a little, and it actually did feel a little better. His head was still lowered and he saw the sexy stocking feet of Amanda as she approached him and placed her hands on his shoulders "Sweetie, you are WRONG!,” In the nanosecond that followed Jim almost knew what was coming, but had no time to avoid it. With her hands clamped tightly around his shoulders she held him down and at the same time pistoned her knee up....straight into his balls.

Jim registered it all in slow-motion as her knee accelerated from the floor till the short feeling of her sexy stockings gliding up against the inner part of his legs, before it made direct contact with his balls. His balls were totally crushed between her knee and his pelvic bone and he was lifted up on his toes from the force of the blow. Amanda did not lower her knee, but kept it in place, so Jim could not drop down but instead felt the ball-crushing feeling of her stocking clad knee as he tried to stand with his feet planted on the ground. Jim opened his mouth, but nothing came out, except for some strange sounds.

"Uhhhhh, that was a good one, right sweetie,” Amanda grinned. "Now you really know the power of the female knee! I bet you regret right now, that you were born as a man with those dangling fruits hanging between your legs. I am surely happy to be a woman and have the delight of busting means balls! It is soooo stress-relieving! And it has a dramatic effect on convincing men to do as I wish! Am I right or am I right?”

Jim was still pinned on the end of Amanda’s knee and was in a great deal of pain. All his strength seemed to have left his body and all he wanted to do right now was collapse on the floor. To make things worse, Amanda grinded her knee around in this balls and laughed, "Oooohh, threes nothing more satisfying for a woman to see a man in ball pain caused by herself.” She lowered her knee and commanded "Get down on your knees!,” although she knew she didn’t have to say this. Jim’s body was limp, and he sank to the floor at her feet, where he curled up in a ball. He saw her sexy stockinged feet through tear-filled eyes of pain, and could not believe such sexy feet and legs could so easily bring him down at her feet in such pain.

After a minute he muttered, "Ohh, you crushed my balls....”

Amanda laughed. "Don’t you know your own balls better than that, sweetie? They are not crushed yet, only been beaten up a little! Believe me, if they were crushed you wouldn’t have any doubt about it, and I know this, because I crushed some sets in my life...all those pervert business-men on the flights.....and your father’s...”

Jim was stunned by the last words and Amanda saw his expression "Ohhh, your father never told you, did he!” Jim knew his father and Amanda had gone to the same high-school and he also knew his father had one of his balls surgically removed, because of some illness, he had been told.

"Well Jim, your father didn’t behave quite nice to me at the school prom, so I gave him what every woman would have done - a hard knee to his balls! Then I followed up with a kick and that’s when I felt something burst. Of course I wasn’t so experienced in ball-kicking then, actually I didn’t mean to do permanent damage, but that episode gave me a little more experience.” Jim was shaken. That explained why his father had always been acting strange when Eve’s parents had gatherings with his own.

"Now sweetie, it is time for you to say the words I want to hear, unless you have not had enough yet.” Jim shook his head. "Wrong move, sweetie,” Amanda said and grabbed each of his legs in her hands and placed her foot between his legs on this groin. "You better talk so I do not misunderstand you. It would be such a shame if I should pulverize your balls due to a misunderstanding, right?”

Jim’s eyes grew wide as he saw the coldness in her eyes. She meant it. She increased the pressure on his balls by pulling his legs and he could feel his balls flatten under her stocking soles. Jim cried now, "Please.....don’t crush my balls....I’ll do it, whatever you say!! Please stop...”

Amanda eased the pressure and lightened up. "Good boy! Another set of balls are rescued!”

Jim didn’t care about anything right now. If he should date Eve again it wouldn’t be the end of the world and he would still have his balls intact. Jim slowly sat up and looked up at Amanda who smiled seductively back at him and let her hand rest on her groin.

She continued, "Breaking a man makes me so HOT....so superior.....it makes me so fucking wet. I think you need to find out exactly how wet I am!” On her last words she placed her stocking feet in his face and pushed him back on the floor. She then zipped down her skirt and slipped of her panties, standing left in only stockings and shirt.

"You are going to taste my sweetness now, and you better get used to it, because in future you are going to service both me and Eve. So this is training for your own good.” She then lowered herself on Jims face with her pussy one inch from his mouth. Her pussy was clearly wet and it smelled wonderful.

"LICK!” Amanda commanded and Jim began lapping at her juicy pussy. "Uhhh, that’s good son, just the right spot!” Amanda moaned and grinded her pussy all over Jims face. It didn’t take long before an orgasm built up inside her and she exploded in a fluid of pussy juices running down Jims cheeks and clamped her legs shakingly together on Jims head. "Very good son, I can’t wait for you to do more of this..."

Amazingly this whole thing had given Jim another erection, though his balls were still quite sore. Amanda saw his erection and seductively whispered in his ear, "I think we need to take care of that one, you know my feet can also be very pleasant...” She unbuttoned his jeans, sat herself beside Jim and placed one foot on each side of his hard-on. Then she began jerking her stockinged feet up and down his shaft to the moaning Jims pleasure. She was a true expert in using her feet on a man’s dick and shifted between slow and fast, soft and hard stroking of his dick, knowing exactly how far he was from coming.

"You know son, in the future you will have much more of this....can you imagine Eve in sexy stockings doing this to you.....or have a taste of her juicy fresh pussy.....” Jim could not hold on any longer and exploded in a giant cumshot, all over himself and Amanda’s stockinged feet.

"Ohhhh, such a big load! You young ones are sooo full!” she grinned.

A few minutes went by and Amanda said "Okay son, I am glad we cleared things up. Now after I have left you will call Eve and tell her how sorry you are for being such an asshole, and tell her how much you miss her. And I will teach her some things about being a woman so you wont be able to recognize her next time you come...understood?” Jim nodded. After all it couldn’t be that bad.

Amanda slipped of her cum-soaked stockings and left them on the floor. "Keep them as a souvenir,” she said as she got her skirt back on and found her pumps and purse. Jim got up on his feet and followed her to the door. Just as she left her back on him she kicked her heel backwards, right in Jim’s groin. Once again she caught him dead-on and Jim once again found his way to the floor as he heard her laugh, "Just couldn’t resist it Jim! Balls are so tender when they have just been drained...” and then he heard the sound of her pumps click-clack fading away.

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