Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lisa Gets Fed Up

By lemonhead

Fuck! I dropped the papers from my desk for the third time today and was feeling frustrated. It was Thursday, nearing the end of the week, which for most people was relieving to think about, but not me, it just meant more work, Fridays were always the worst. If I could only get through today and tomorrow everything would be fine. I could relax, take some time for myself and just enjoy the day, the complete opposite of working in this shit hole. If I wasn’t getting paid what I am, I would quit in a second. I’m a secretary, not the kind that sits in front of a CEO that makes phone calls, and makes sure there’s two creams in my boss’s coffee. No, I work in the corner of a room basically doing annoying tasks for whatever jerk slaps something on my desk. These guys are complete assholes sometimes. They could care less about how busy I was; they thought that just because I’m a woman I shouldn’t ask questions, just do whatever they told me. Some were worse than others, some I hated so much I felt I could kill them some days, but I knew I never could, I could do nothing about their sexist remarks, or male power trips.

Bryan was the worst; he would try flirting with me five times a day. Saying stuff like “nice skirt, you should try putting on an even shorter one tomorrow” and then giving me his typical smirk after clearly staring down my blouse. He actually thought he was being nice, but what he didn’t know was that I could hear nearly everything he and his other bastard friends were saying from the cubical two to the left of mine. “I have to work late tonight, so I’m going to make sure that slut Lisa’s here ‘till I’m done, I’ll just tell her to retype some shit I don’t even need. God, I love seeing her bending over at the water cooler, I’d do anything to stick my hand up that tight black skirt and slide my fingers over those cotton panties.” He and his friends laughed agreeably. He was a complete asshole, and made my job hell. I couldn’t help but fantasize ramming my knee or kicking my high-heeled shoe right into his fucking nuts.

It was almost 6:30 and I was still typing away at some useless shit Bryan had told me he absolutely needed for tomorrow’s meeting. I knew what he was doing, but what could I do, tell him to go fuck himself? I wish, but that was impossible, I’d be fired in a second by some other ass who knew he could hire another attractive 25 year old to do his work.

I had finally finished, brought the report to Bryan and waited for his approval. He glanced at his watch and then gave me a coy smile. “Lisa,” he said, “Most of this is good, but I’m going to have to ask you to redo pages 5 to 7, they’re a bit weak.”

“What the h.” I stopped myself, I’d quickly change whatever the bastard wanted and be out of here in 20 minutes.

As I was walking out, I heard him say, “Oh, actually, come here for one more second, there’s something else, that document on the side of desk needs proofreading, can you grab that too?”

As I leaned over to pick it up I was furious that he was getting pleasure from getting a good look at my ass. Just then, I felt his hand grab the back of my left thigh. I stood there in shock. His hand started to slide up under my skirt from behind. Finally he started to rub his thumb on one of my lips, this guy was a creep.

“You know, we could maybe forget about this project. Would you like that? I tell you what, if you follow me to the bathroom and give me a simple five minute blow job, you can go home right after, how’s that sound, seriously?”

I immediately pulled away and walked to my cubical without saying a word, I was fucking pissed off. I finished what he told me to do, slammed it on his desk and left. As I was walking down the stairs I almost lost it, 'how could this pecker get away with this,' I thought. When I realized I couldn’t do anything about it, it enraged me even more. Then I thought, fuck it! This piece of shit’s going to get it. In the hall way downstairs, I waited; I knew he would be strutting out of here with in minutes now that I was gone. Sure enough I heard the asshole come down.

I heard him come up from behind me. “So”, he said “You decided to stick around.”

I turned around and walked up to him not knowing what I was going to do to him. I got with in a foot of him and just stared.

He continued, “The same offer applies for tomorrow Lisa, you do favors for me, I’ll do fav…”

Just then I reached between his legs, and slapped the palm of my hand on his package. After feeling for a second, I found what I was looking for. I grabbed his balls in the palm of my hands and gave them a firm squeeze. “Look, you asshole! I’m sick of taking this shit from you…”

He quickly pushed me against the wall. That was it. I looked at him in the eyes, took a step forward, and planted my right foot into his balls, hard. I knew I hit them good, I knew exactly where they were hanging from my grab. I can’t tell you how good that felt, seeing him there not knowing what hit him, just knowing that the pain he was feeling was so intense. I think he tried to say something, but all I heard was a few pathetic high pitched moans that made me feel even better. I couldn’t tell if he was about to fall over.

Either way, I knew I had to this right. I walked right up to him again, and grabbed one of his shaking hands that was trying to protect his aching nuts. I quickly moved both our hands under my skirt and firmly rubbed his over my crotch. “Is that what you fucking wanted? To feel me between my legs? Well it’s time to concentrate on what’s between yours!”

With that said, I rammed my right knee into his half covered crotch just enough to see the reaction on his face. Not impressed, I grabbed his other hand, pinned him against the wall, and let him have it with a full forced knee to the balls, twice! The piece of shit couldn’t even make noises now. I let go and he fell to the floor.

“Every time you play with my crotch, I’ll play with yours.” After saying that I turned around and walked out the glass door of the building. I felt so good. I lit a cigarette, and just watched him squirm on the ground through the door. About 4 minutes later I saw him getting up, dazed. He got to his feet, his ass facing me, and started walking to the stairs again. He had one hand in front of him, and one balancing his self on the wall.

Fuck this I thought, I opened the door and walked in. He didn’t even hear me he was so out of it. With his legs slightly spread, I calmly walked up to him, almost feeling cruel at this point. I took a couple of fast steps and quickly flew the tip of my high heels into the underside of his aching fruit from behind. He fell to the ground so fast he may have fainted, but I doubt it, I still heard noises coming from him. I turned around satisfied and left. I walked to the bus feeling so much better, I had actually done it. It’s time guys realize they’re not always in charge. I starting thinking that my boyfriend has always been a bit controlling of me too. Maybe I should I go home and give him a couple of cheap shots to the balls when he’s ignoring me, that’ll wake him up. Ooh, I could have some fun with this new found method I thought. It’s about time his pride tones down a bit. I was excited, even a bit turned on; my panties were becoming a bit damp. I felt like a new person. With that I got in my car and started heading home…

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