Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mad Driver

By MsBoots69

I woke up late for work and was having a bad day. It was a normal crappy Monday morning and nothing was going right!! There was no coffee, no shaving cream and I stepped in a pile of puppy droppings barefoot!!!

I get through that and the I can not find my car keys, I tear up the house looking for them and finally find them and run out of the house only to trip over a bag of garbage my lazy son left on the porch that he was suppose to take out last night!

I finally hit the road and I get to my first stoplight and a black T-Bird with smoked windows is just sitting there after the light turns green. I back up to go around but the car takes off like a bat out of hell!!! I get to the next light and the same T-Bird does the same thing. I am starting to get pissed but the car takes off and pulls into a 7-11. I keep going and after a while I go to turn left and this black T-Bird flies past me and whips into the left turn lane making me slam on my brakes to just avoid rear-ending this asshole!!! He then takes off and this guy seems like he is destined to make himself a pain in the ass along my whole route!! Finally he cuts me off again and pulls into a mini-mall parking lot and by now I was really pissed and decide I need to kick this guy’s ass!!!!!

I whip in behind this guy and block him in and I get out ready to kick his ass and I started by kicking in his rear quarterpanel!!! Well finally the door opens and out comes a dark blue pump with two ankle straps with studs buckled around a really dark tanned leg followed by the other leg!!!! Both attached to the most beautiful petite blonde with spiked hair wearing a matching blue skintight sundress with mirrored sunglasses and tons of jewelry!!!

Before I could close my wide opened jaw she kicked me so hard in the balls I couldn't believe it came from that little babe!!! I was doubling over from that kick as she pushed up my head and blasted me with three knees that I swore came from a 300 pound man!!! I went down instantly!!!!! She then walked up and kicked my with her pointy toe of those pumps again forcing me to close my legs around her foot making it hurt even more. She would then take her foot out and stomp her stiletto heel right into my balls causing me to open my legs again!!!! After four or five rounds of this back and forth torture she finally took a deep breath and kicked me so hard with those pumps again I must have slid back two feet and I though I was blacking out!!!

As she was walking away all I could do was watch her cute ass in that tight dress and her long high heels tapering away when she reached into her purse and pulled out a set of keys and unlocked a door and turned to look at me and flashed the most evil smile at me while I laid there unable to get up and wondering if I would ever get a hard on again!!! As she went inside and I was fading in and out of consciousness I read the sign on the door - Welcome to Miss Diamonds Dojo… The Self Defense Specialist!

I was having a really crappy day!!!!!!!!!!!

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