Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mary Avon Lady

By MsBoots69

It was in late November in Seattle and I was rushing door to door to get all the X-mas orders in I could by the deadline. All I kept thinking about was I need to stop this b.s.!! I'm going to be 40 next March and this door-to-door stuff is getting old. Even though I was weathering the old age looks thing really well, thanks to all my products and five days a week at the gym, I need to get myself a office job. The make-up kits felt like they weighed 100 pounds today. The houses seemed like they were a mile apart and these high heeled boots were killing my feet but appearance is EVERYTHING in my business!!

I finally made it up this long driveway and sat down my bags, straightened up my long trench coat and wipe d the spots off my patent leather boots all the way up to my calves where they stopped. It was then I noticed a scuff I made on the 3 1/2 inch heel on these steps which really pissed me off. I just spent $200 for these boots!!

When the door opened a big guy in normal farmer gear, the coveralls and baseball hat, smiled with both his teeth at me, and asked me, "What can I do for you sugar?"

"SUGAR?" I shook it off and asked him if I could speak to the woman of the house please.

He smiled again and said, "Sure," and invited me in.

I knew right away there was no way a woman of the house lived here. There were too many empty beer cans and dirty dishes everywhere!! This big guy yelled out, "Hey Jethro, this here little gal is looking for the woman of the house," and laughed out loud.

Well Jethro called out, "I be right there Bubba," and in walked in his double, right down to the bibs and hat.

I shook my head and said I have GOT to get out of this business!! I was just taking off my trench coat when they were both eyeing me up and down. I had on a short red skirt that hugged my old but very firm butt with a matching blazer with a silk thin white blouse under it, business but attractive. Like I said, appearance is everything!

Well just then Bubba walked up behind me and grabbed both my ass cheeks with both hands and started to squeeze and laugh. And here comes Jethro. I snap kicked him so fast and hard I think I paralyzed him and I instantly came down and stomped my spike heel into the top of Bubba's foot causing him to scream louder than Jethro!! I then spun around and rammed my knee into Bubba's nut sack causing him to double over, giving me time to turn and snap kick Jethro again keeping him immobile!!

Bubba was starting to stand straight and I took three big strides and buried my boot toe-deep into his crotch, lifting him off the ground and quickly dropping him and Jethro must have came to because here came the big hick. I easily side-stepped his rush and bent down and punched his jewels as he ran by causing him to stop and double over. I then KICKED the hell out of his balls with three hard full power boot full from behind - down he went!! Bubba was lying on the ground crying and I ran and football kicked off his crotch as hard as I could causing him to sit up then I continued with a roundhouse to the side of his head knocking him out cold!! Back to Jethro, he was still down so I walked to him and held up his right leg and kicked him six times over and over right into his balls and knocked him out with a snap kick in the middle of his big forehead!!

There this over-the-hill woman stood in the middle of this pigsty with these two out cold, so I smiled and got my makeup kit and painted their faces with the brightest colors I had. They really looked like clowns now! I added up all the makeup I used on them, wrote out a fake receipt, took the cash owed out of Bubba's wallet, walked down to his crotch and put the receipt on his balls and lifted my knee to my face and stomped down with the spike heel landing right on his left nut!!!!

He didn't even wake up, and probably wished he hadn't when he does!!! I looked at my boots and saw that damn scuff and walked to Jethro and stomped his balls the exact same way as Bubba and he didn't move either!!! I then took $25 out of his wallet and left him a note that I took the money to have the boot scuff I got while stomping on your balls repaired!!

I gathered up my kits, put on my trench coat and straightened it up and headed out to the house next door and said to myself, "I have got to get out of this business!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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