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Mind your P’s and Q’s (part 1-5)

By luigi77

Lisa enjoyed all aspects of the martial arts, it kept her in great shape, she met lots of friends, and she was just naturally very good at it. She studied several different styles, earned a black belt in both karate, and judo; but loved street wise women‘s self-defense the best. She always loved going for a guy’s balls, and fantasized about getting to work over a man’s nude balls. She tried it in bed with a couple of boy friends, but they couldn’t take more than a light slap. Lisa earned a living by instructing at a local gym. The owner opened in the morning for the 9-5 crowd, and Lisa closed the place in the evenings.

Lisa met Dan for a one hour tour of the gym, as a personal trainer. She was immediately taken by his good looks and his easy going personality. He showed interest in the free weights, and exercise machines, but they spent most of their hour discussing martial arts classes, especially self-defense. Lisa invited him to join one of her group classes, but he felt more comfortable in a one on one setting.

Although she was a manager at the gym, the job didn’t really pay that much. Personal training sessions were the key to increasing her income. Lisa had group classes late on Tuesday and Thursday, so Dan asked if he could come in Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Lisa thought that was great, instead of waiting to lock-up the gym, she’d make some decent spending money with a well mannered, really cute rich guy.

Dan showed up 15 minutes early for his first lesson, and was surprised at how empty the building was. “Hey Lisa, are we all alone?”

Lisa said, “There are two janitors, and maybe a half dozen people left in the locker rooms, but at this gym most people come in before or after work.”

They walked together over to the sparring room, selected padded head gear and sat down to stretch before they began to dress out. Lisa asked, “Are you wearing a cup?"

Dan blushed and said, “Yes, of course. Have you ever sparred with a guy who didn’t wear a cup?”

Lisa smiled at the thought. “Not me personally, but in one of my group classes a guy forgot his cup, but decided to spar anyway without telling anyone. The petite woman he was fighting dropped him like a ton of bricks with a knee two minutes into the match.”

Dan shivered at the thought and to hide his embarrassment said, “I guess that’s not a good idea.”

Lisa got a visual image in her head, which made her smile to herself. Dan saw her grin and figured he was making her uncomfortable, so he looked away. But she continued the conversation, saying, “I guess that depends on what you want to take away from this training. You won’t be wearing a cup in a bar fight, or if you’re attacked on the street. So, if you’d like to become an effective street fighter, then it would make sense to also condition your testicles to acclimate them to taking a hit.” Then it was Lisa who shifted her gaze to keep him from becoming uncomfortable.

Dan thought about that for a bit, an admitted out loud that he “grew up in private schools or with home tutors, and wanted to learn to defend himself. I’m not interested in attending tournaments or competing, I want to do this mostly for the conditioning and personal self defense.” He sat there with a real thoughtful look on his face.

Hesitating so as not to word it inappropriately, Lisa continued to look away as she said, “I’ve always wanted to spar with a guy naked. One on one, no pads, no cup, just real and natural, it just seems to be the most pure form of fighting … can you understand that Dan?” She turned softly looking directly into his eyes as she finished speaking. Lisa looked away first and lay back to stretch her thighs, purposefully pushing out her chest.

Dan began to ogle her body. Large firm chest, at least a C+ cup size, long toned legs, pretty face and long brown hair. “Yeah,” he said a little too lustfully, “I wouldn’t mind fighting naked.”

Lisa couldn’t believe he really took the bait! Now to set the hook she added, “We’d have to do it after I lock-up, it’s not much, but this job pays my rent. I’d hate to get fired helping you out.”

Without thinking Dan replied, “I understand about discretion, and I’d be happy to pay for the additional lessons. Would you expect more money for staying late? It’s $35 an hour now, how about $50 for the later lesson?”

Lisa paused to think and agreed, “Yes, that sounds pretty fair. Maybe you could help me close-up the place, too.” But what she was really thinking, “Was this guy going to pay me to bust his balls? Pay me extra? What a deal!!”

Dan was again stealing glance at her unbelievable body thinking, “Will she really get naked here with me alone? That‘ll be worth $50 in itself!”

The first hour was pretty routine; Lisa assessed Dan to be above the level of a good green belt, but sparing below the level of a brown belt. Near the end of the hour, as he began to tire, she stunned him with a solid right hand to the left side of his face. Dan brought up his guard, and spread his legs to keep from falling. Lisa snapped a front kick into his groin so fast and hard that it sounded like his cup cracked. Dan bent over and backed up a couple of steps, asking “you’ll only kick half speed later on, when I don’t have my cup, right?”

“Of course”, Lisa reassured him, “but they are worse things than a front kick.”


Dan began to worry, but they got busy turning out lights, shutting down several fans and locking the doors. When they returned to the sparring room, Lisa immediately took off her blouse, and sat down to remove her foot pads. Dan saw how her tits seemed to stand up and support her sports bar, rather than the bra holding up her tits. That was all of the incentive he needed to begin removing his clothes.

As Lisa was removing her briefs, Dan removed his cup, and she noticed he was sporting an erection. He seemed embarrassed about dropping his jock strap. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry.” She pinched her nipples and said, “I’m hard, too. It’s only human nature,” then turned her back to him and walked into the middle of the room.

“Since, we can practice most moves during the earlier sessions,” Lisa instructed “we’ll concentrate on groin strikes now. I’ll go at half speed, and we’ll see how long you last, OK?”

Dan felt exposed with his boner bouncing as he walked out into the room. Standing this close to her and wanting to touch every part of her, was really clouding his judgment. He took a stance across from her and just waited in a stone like state.

Lisa circled to his left, sending a couple of jabs to his face. He was slow to block, and when the third punch connected with his left eye, he was blind to her follow-up kick. Lisa’s shin fit perfectly between Dan’s legs, pinching both testicles between his pelvis and thighs. She could see him falling forward and grabbed his shoulders to help keep him on his feet. As the wave of nausea passed, he opened his eyes, and wobbled a step or two. Lisa asked, “Are you alright?”

Dan chocked out a weak, “Yeah, I think so…”

She released his shoulders, backed up and said, “Defend yourself.” Throwing a couple of wide slow fists towards his head. Dan began to block and move again, slowly regaining his senses. Lisa noticed that he would leave his arm extended after a block, so she grabbed his wrist, and lifted his elbow up in front of his face. Dan was off balance and needed to step forward to take the pressure off of his arm. “Bad move Dan,” Lisa said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. Then she drove her knee up into his balls.

Dan cringed gritting his teeth, and realized that he couldn’t move as long as his arm was twisted. Lisa took full advantage and began to pile drive her knee into his unprotected nuts. Not at full speed, but enough to keep his full attention.

After eight or nine knees, she let go of his arm and moved to the side to allow Dan to fall into a fetal heap on the mat. Lisa went over for a drink of water and looked at the clock, “almost two minutes, not too bad for your first time.”

“Will I get better?” he managed to moan in a voice that wasn’t his.

“Sure, you’ll be up in a couple of minutes, but you’ll keep dropping like this until your testicles are conditioned to take the blows,” Lisa assured him. “What we should really be doing is concentrating on your conditioning.”

Dan began to almost breathe normally, and asked, “How do we do that?”

Lisa smiled to herself; this was going to be Fun!! “The same way you condition your knuckles or shins on a heavy punching bag. You repeatedly tone the body part, and it strengthens over time.”

Dan was groggy, but seemed to get the idea. “You want to keep kicking my nuts until they get used to the pain?”

Lisa came over to where he was now sitting, and gently pushed him onto his back, then placed one of her hands on each of his knees. She was beautiful, large firm breasts standing out, hair pulled back behind her into a ponytail, and a full view of her mounds as she knelt between his legs. “Not just kicks Dan, but punches and squeeze training as well. I’ll get a training card, and we’ll record how many of which kind of blows you receive. Then we can track your progress.”

Dan thought that sounded very professional, and found himself nodding his head ‘yes’ in agreement. Lisa didn’t wait; she had him place his hands under the small of his back and said, “First let’s see if you can take ten punches. Interlock your fingers under your back to keep from trying to block me, ready?”

Without any more warning Lisa switched her stance, sat between his legs, draping each of her legs over his to hold him in place. She grabbed his dick with her left hand, holding it up out of the way and made a fist with her right.

Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat. Lisa’s fist pummeled Dan’s fully exposed nuts directly into his lower abdomen. The air left his lungs as he tensed in shock.

Splat, Splat, Splat. Lisa continued, as he began to roll from side to side to get his hands free.

Splat, Splat, Splat. She finished just as Dan managed to bring his fingers over to his embattled groin.

“There now Dan, that wasn’t so bad, you took ten direct punches to the testicles without blocking. Now let me check for any damage… come on move your hands … that’s right.”

Dan moaned as Lisa rolled his balls around between her fingers. She was very thoroughly looking for any sign of a rupture, completely enjoying herself. By the response from Dan’s cock he was enjoying the examination as well; he got rock hard in no time.


Way beyond any embarrassment at this point, Dan hoped for a ‘happy ending’ to Lisa’s examination. He had visions of her stroking him, or better yet leaning over to service him orally. Instead she began talking about other types of attacks that he might encounter. Dan wasn’t paying too much attention to her words.

He was nearing an orgasm, when Lisa seemed to slap is nuts with her right hand. He propped himself up on his elbows, and looked down to see his balls stretched down to the bottom of his scrotum with her left hand. Meanwhile her right hand was squeezing up from underneath his sack. She was talking, “…while a kick or a punch may land harder, if someone manages to grab your testicles - they can exert the pressure for a much longer time. They can pull them…”

“Holy Shit!!” Dan screamed in a very high pitched voice.

Lisa continued her lesson. “…they can twist ‘em, or drive a finger into them by using their other hand. This is especially painful if they have long fingernail.”

With each new description she was demonstrating his vulnerability. “Oh no… Easy… Please nooo…” Dan was beginning to sob. His legs were shaking uncontrollably and he was getting tunnel vision as he began to black-out.

“There,” she said looking at the clock on the wall, “thirty full seconds of squeezing. You did great for your first lesson. I’m very proud for you.”

From the way she said this, Dan though she was done with her lesson. He sighed a breath of relief, and after she stood up, he rolled onto his side to relieve some of the pain in his balls.

Lisa got up, had a drink of water and began to get dressed. He watched absentmindedly as she put on her briefs and sports bra, liking the fact that she left her blouse, pants and shoes off in anticipation of a shower. He was feeling better, and thought about following her into the locker room, when he realized she was speaking again. Something about other attacks… from behind…?

Dan had rolled onto all fours like a dog. Unable to stand erect just yet, he rested his face on the cool matted floor. It felt good to keep his legs apart; it relieved some of the pressure on his black and blue balls. “Shit, are those my nuts?” he thought looking back down between his wide spread knees. They were a dark funny color, and hugely swollen, they didn’t even look like his nuts.

While he was watching his balls dangle underneath himself, he saw a pretty foot getting closer very quickly. He saw the impact with his balls, driving them up into his stomach. The sound it made was weird, a slapping, wet sound. Then the pretty size six foot swung back away and his funny looking balls bounced violently up and down - “nice manicure on her toes, pretty color,” he thought.

Just then two things happened at the same time. Pain swelled up through his stomach into his brain, a deep, throbbing, hot, pain. The second thing he noticed was the pretty foot coming back towards those bouncing balls hanging under his ass.

“Oh hell no,” was all Dan had time to think. He didn’t even have time to look away, just witness his ball disappear between his stomach and her foot. This time he saw his feet, as his knees were lifted off the mat a good six inches. Then everything went black and silent.

Dan fell forward flat on the mat, spread eagle and stationary. Lisa saw his nuts lying on the mat unprotected and continued her explanations of different ways his testicles were vulnerable. “With your testicles flat on he ground like this, an attacked could easily stomp them into putty. I won’t put my full weight on them, grind them into the mat, or stomp them with force. But you need to understand the danger of lying here like that.”

As she spoke, Lisa was curling the toes of both of her feet over each of Dan’s balls to keep them from squirting away. “Slippery little devils… there, I’ve got them now. Can you see how this is like a hand squeeze; the pressure can be kept up indefinitely by an experienced attacker.” She watched as his nut meat squished out between her toes, dramatically dark between her white toes. She was getting very wet between her own legs, regretting having replaced her panties.

It was a full two minutes before stepped off saying, “See how you were held stationary by my feet. You were unable to get up, or even roll away. This is very effective and dangerous.” Lisa was unaware that he had been unconscious for this entire foot maneuver. She was too excited to wait; she drove her hands into her briefs and furiously began to rub on both sides of her clit. “Dan, I’ll go shower now, and let you recover for a while.”

Lisa didn’t even make it to the locker room, she stopped at the first padded bench she came to in the Nautilus weight machine room and finished her orgasm. Only after she finished moaning loudly, did she realize she could be seen from the front windows. Fortunately most of the lights were off inside, and nobody was outside looking in at her. She continued on to the showers smiling and blissful.


When she finished in the locker room, Lisa went to her office grabbed a clipboard, workout tracking plan, tape measure and headed back to the sparring room.

Dan was sitting up, holding his balls gingerly in one hand and slowly rocking back and forth on the mat, moaning a low primitive sound.

As Lisa came over to sit in front of him, he instinctively tried to back away. “Oh don’t be silly, we’re done for today. You did very well for your first lesson!” she said cheerfully.

“Now let’s begin a chart to document your progress. You took one front kick, ten knees, ten punches,” she recited as she wrote down the numbers and categories. “Thirty seconds of squeezing, two kicks from behind, and full two minutes of stomping. You were great!!”

Dan didn’t say anything, but he was encouraged by her praise. Lisa was so enthusiastic, that he couldn’t bring himself to say he might not come back for a second lesson.

Then she put down the clip board and moved between his legs with the cloth tape measure, recording the length, width and circumference of each testicle. “We should probably weigh them as well, but I’m sure the measurements will be fine for our purposes. Next time we can measure them before and after your lesson, then we can see when they are getting accustomed to our regimen.”

Lisa was fully clothed, and did another exam of his testicles, ensuring they hadn’t split open. They were warm to the touch, completely black and blue, swollen to an unbelievable size. She was fascinated to see they filled the fleshy scrotal sac, but were intact. The outer sheath of each nut was stretched to its maximum, and he was getting hard again as she probed his bag. “Looks alright to me; let’s see if you can stand up and walk it off a little.”

He was able to walk, and they both figured that he had recovered enough to drive home. Lisa finished closing up the gym as he dressed, then she let them out and watched him get into his Porsche. “See you Friday, Dan,” she called before he closed the car door. “Nice car,” she thought, “and what a great sport. I hope this arrangement lasts.”

Dan came back on Friday, and again the gym was almost empty. Lisa greeted him cheerfully, saying, “The janitors are almost done, and there are only two other people in the locker rooms getting dressed. When they leave we can lock the doors and have the whole place to our selves. Let’s go stretch out and warm up.”

Dan was still tender after two days of recovery, and frankly a little skeptical about being able to survival another ‘private lesson’. He intended to tell Lisa that when she joined him.

It was almost ten minutes before she came into the sparring room, she had the clip board and what looked like a couple of terrycloth waist belts from the robes in the sauna room. “These are to help you keep your hands behind your back, so you don’t block any of my hits on your testicles,” Lisa said cheerfully. “Go ahead and disrobe, we’re alone, the doors are locked. I’ll be right back, I forgot the tape measure.”

Off she went before Dan could voice a word of protest. He did as he was told, and was standing naked in the center of the room when she returned. She held the cloth tape measure and grabbed the clip board, ordered him to sit down and began to measure the dimensions of his balls. They were still tender, but he was fully aroused by the time she finished.

“Your right testicle is larger than your left one, and they are less than half the size they were when you left here on Wednesday evening. I really didn’t expect them to swell up that much. That’s so cool!!” Lisa was acting like a young teenager, almost giggly.

She moved the clip board and grabbed the terry cloth waist belts, asked Dan to roll onto his stomach and began to tie his wrists together behind his back. She the tied his ankles together, and used a third belt to join his ankle bonds to his bound wrists. With his help Lisa rolled him onto his back again. The result was dramatic, Dan’s knees were spread wide, his hands were trapped under his torso, and he couldn’t even think about closing his legs.

“Ready to get started?” Lisa asked as she sat between his knees, using her legs to help stabilize him.

“Dan realized she wasn’t getting undressed, and said, “Aren’t we going to fight naked, again?”

“Since we need to condition your testicles before we can really ‘fight’, there’s no need for me to disrobe,” Lisa explained. “We’ll get you up to speed and after a couple of more lessons we’ll spar a lot longer than we could tonight. Now let’s pay attention, ready?”


Self-Defense Instructor Lisa trains Dan's testicles to withstand attacks that may occur in the real world, without a protective cup. She enjoys it, he survives.

She didn’t wait, grabbing his penis with her left hand; she made a fist with her right and began punching his completely exposed nuts.

Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap. Five straight punches. The air rushed out of Dan’s lungs as his whole torso contracted.

Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap. Five more direct hits. Dan went into shock and tried to plead for mercy. His mouth moved but no words were coming out. Too late…

Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap.

“Tonight we’ll increase the amount to 15,” Lisa said with a ’matter of fact’ tone. “I think you should be able to increase your tolerance quickly.” She figured he’d be numb in a couple of minutes anyway, so she wrapped her fingers around both of his balls and waited until his breathing became rhythmic again. Then with a one word warning she said, “Ready” and began to squeeze his testicles in both of her fists.

Watching the clock on the wall she was aiming for three minutes tonight. Lisa began to day dream a bit and had to shift her grip to maintain her attention on the task at hand. Whenever she eased her grip, the blood would rush back into Dan’s nuts and his pain receptors would register new and excruciating sensations in his clouded brain.

Dan squealed like a wounded animal every time she loosened her grip. Lisa thought that was funny and found herself pumping her hands open and closed to see the reaction on Dan’s face. At one point she interlaced her fingers at the top of his scrotum and trapping his balls at the bottom of the sac, she crushed both testicles between her palms. The nut meat was so flattened between her hands that it began to balloon out along the sides of her palms.

“If I had a third hand I’d drive my finger nails into them,” Lisa was thinking out loud. The sound of her voice startled her, and she looked at the clock. “Oops that’s more than four minutes.” She kept that to her self, but couldn’t help but revel in the joy of squeezing his balls, so she continued for another 45 seconds to make a full five minutes. Lisa was living a dream she’d had for years; she had unrestricted access to a wonderful pair of bollocks and could do whatever she wanted - “awesome,” she sighed.

Dan was awake, but definitely not alert. He was making some low guttural noises, but no recognizable words. He wasn’t listening too well either.

Lisa was too fascinated by the swelling orbs in her hands to notice or care much about his mental state. She was guessing at how much larger she could get Dan’s balls to swell before they were in danger of popping. Lisa was determined to find out. She figured that the exterior sheathing would stretch a little more each night, and she could document that by measuring them.

“Wow they are getting warm; do they feel hot to you?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “They’re already as big as they were on Wednesday, and we haven’t even started to kick them, yet. Let’s give you a little breather, while I shift to a new position, alright?”

Lisa kept rolling his bruised balls in her hands while he moaned and began to enjoy the sensation. His dick grew steadily until it was bobbing with each heartbeat. She noticed a drop of pre-cum, which brought her back to reality. She thought he’d obviously had enough of a rest, so she spun around until she was kneeling between his legs.

Holding one hand on each of his knees, she balanced her weight on her left knee. Drawing her right knee back she aimed at his nut sac. With his erection they made an easy target. With no warning Lisa began to drive her knee cap directly into his fully exposed testes. Her leg naturally bounced back, and she drove it back on target again.

“Munff, no, meurthceyy, pleeassse murthcey,” Dan was trying to articulate, but she didn’t give him a chance. Lisa continued to drive her knee into his groin until her left knee was sore from her own weight. So, she dropped her right knee and began to bounce her left knee cap into his balls.

Dan lost count, but Lisa continued until she was tired. Gleefully announcing, “80 knee strikes, Outstanding Dan! Way to go, you really took it like a man, ‘giggle’. They are really getting huge, this is great.”

She stood up, and took a minute to drink some water. She then rolled him onto his stomach and began to untie his bonds telling him, “You really made some progress tonight. We’ll be sparring again in no time.” After his wrists and ankles were free, he just lay there sprawled face down on the mat.

To get her front kicks in, Lisa grabbed Dan’s ankles and lifted his legs off the mat exposing his balls from behind. This reminded her of doing ‘wheelbarrow’ hand walks with here friends as a child. Except Dan’s arms, chest and face remained flat on the floor. As she lifted his ankles higher his legs bent at the knees, so she had to step forward and hold his lower thighs with her hands, and place his feet under her arms.

It was a perfect target - Lisa slapped the top of her foot into his black and blue bulge. When he tried to lift himself out of position, it more fully exposed his groin. Lisa adeptly used the curve between her leg and foot to more fully catch not only both testicles but also his cock in her unrelenting assault.

She expected Dan to wriggle free, but he was beyond struggling. His physical strength seemed to be fully drained; mentally he was I a semi-catatonic state of shock so he laid there and took his medicine. As his body weight began to strain Lisa’s upper body, she lowered them back down to the mat, being careful to leave his legs spread as wide as possible.

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