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Mind your P’s and Q’s - Part 11-14

By luigi77


Lisa helps her student back to his place...

Jill and Pam left together, and Lisa decided to follow Dan home after he was able to walk and drive. Dan had offered to bring her home several times after their private sessions. Wanting to keep their relationship professional, she had always declined. Tonight after watching the other two women, she felt lonely and figured Dan was the best thing to happen to her in a long time.

After letting the girls out, Lisa locked up and went back to help Dan get dressed. “You got to see other Martial Arts forms of attacks tonight, but I don’t think you’re ready for multiple attackers just yet.” Dan didn’t respond.

“I figure that you got it pretty rough tonight, maybe I should follow you home tonight. To make sure you get there alright. Besides, I’ve been thinking that I should have visited your place before tonight. Is that alright, Dan?”

Dan was still groggy, but not senseless. He had trouble using his voice, as it felt like his nuts were stuck in his throat. “Sure, that’s fine,” he said. Then looking at her nipples pushing through her sports bra, he added, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Lisa wasn’t sure that her old beater would be able to keep up with Dan’s Porsche, but he was driving very cautiously, feeling sorry to have bought a car with a standard transmission. Every time he’d shift, his balls throbbed as though Pam was still pounding her fists into them.

Parking in the spacious circular driveway, Lisa was awed by the size of his home. A grey stone mansion that had been in his family for years. It was ridiculous for one man to live in a 5000 square foot house all by himself. “How could such an unassuming guy be surrounded by all of this opulence, and remain so humble?” Lisa was thinking as her mouth dropped agape in awe.

She tried to maintain a calm exterior, while helping Dan limp to the front door. Dan fumbled with his keys, and confessed, “I usually park in the garage. I don’t have guests very often. Thanks for coming over.” Lisa asked if he really lived alone, and he replied, “Shortly after my father died, mom moved to their home in Florida. I grew up here, so I’ve never seriously thought about moving.”

Lisa pressed, “Isn’t it difficult to keep this much house clean?”

Dan smiled. Most people asked about the value of the property. Lisa was different; he liked that and told her, “The cleaning service comes on Thursday. Other than that we can run around naked without anyone seeing of hearing us. I own eight acres, and it’s surrounded by a stone wall.”

“What a wonderful idea,” Lisa smiled, “Let’s get naked.” She pressed close to him and began to pull his shirt off over his head. They left a trail of clothing through the foyer, hall and living room on their way to the patio. Lisa surveyed the pool, but decided on having Dan lick her wet pussy while she sat on the side of the hot tub. Dan knelt in the warm water, soaking his swollen testicles as he serviced her through a wonderful series of orgasms. He loved the taste of her ‘love juice, vaginal fluid, pussy pulp, mounds moisture’. Dan’s mind wandered gleefully as he sucked her nub, reveling in bringing her pleasure.

He had cleaned her clit a half dozen times over the last two months. He had never been allowed inside of her. He had never been in any shape to try for normal sex, after her brutal assaults on his manhood. She would use his tongue for her pleasure, and then she usually gave him a reach around after he had fully serviced her needs. She said it would help relieve the pressure from his swollen sac. Lisa truthfully told Dan that she wasn’t using birth control which she used as an excuse to deny him straight sex.

Dan lay on the deck beside Lisa, their feet in the warm water of the Jacuzzi. Lisa reached over and softly squeezed his erection. She stood between his legs, caressing his balls with her fingertips. Amazed at the size of his balls after an evening of abuse. She loved torturing them. Leaning forward and kissing each ball, slowly moving her lips around each orb sucking and licking the tightly stretched scrotum. His balls were so swollen that even the warm bath failed to slacken his bag.

Dan moaned in pleasure and pain. Hoping for her to take his throbbing cock into her mouth next, he tried to fight the urge to spew as she stroked his meat. There was no denying her anything, he gave in and shot his load all over his own chest and abdomen. Closing his eyes and arching his back he couldn’t see how bloody his ejaculate was. Lisa washed him clean with a couple of handfuls from the hot tub.

He begged her to spend the night. Cooking for her, opening a wonderful bottle of wine, giving her a back rub, and washing her softly in the shower. Dan slept with his head resting on her belly, symbolically at her feet. He serviced her again in the morning, made her coffee, and ran to the store for fresh pastries as she bathed. He loved treating her like a princess, it felt so right. Lisa felt like she had adopted a puppy, a wealthy, good looking and very devoted puppy who gave great head.


Lisa becomes Dan's personal trainer, his balls become hers...

Their training sessions continued for almost three more weeks, when Lisa announced that she was offered a position at another gym, across town. They were offering her more money, with benefits! She had been living without medical, dental and a retirement account since she graduated from college. She just couldn’t, in her right mind pass up this opportunity.

Dan was dumbstruck! “Can we meet at this new gym?”

Lisa shook her head, “Not like we do here. I have the keys as Assistant Manager here; I’ll only be an Instructor at the other gym. I’m sorry Dan, believe me, this has been great fun. I truly enjoy our time together.”

“How much will this job pay you?” he asked, with a distant plan forming in his head. “I know that’s very personal information, but maybe I can match their offer.” Lisa listened as he continued, “I have two medical and retirement plans at the factory, and shipping firm I inherited from my father. You could work for my company as a personal trainer, and be covered under those benefit packages.”

Lisa couldn’t believe her ears. He couldn’t be talking about more than a couple of hours a week work at the most. His balls couldn’t take much more torment than she was already giving them. She looked him in the eyes and slowly said, “I’m making mid-30’s here, they’re offering me over $40,000 salary and benefits at the new gymnasium. You couldn’t match that could you?”

Dan smiled, “Match it, hell I’m prepared to offer you $50,000 a year, and better benefits.” Lisa was in shock. Dan thought her silence was hesitation so he sweetened the deal. “You can even live at the mansion; the southern wing has three bedrooms and your own private bath. I’ll even buy you a company car to replace the ‘college classic’ you’ve been driving.” Lisa was thrilled!

That night’s session almost ruined him. He no longer needed to be restrained; he held his legs as wide as possible to allow Lisa to condition his testicles. She was so excited that she lost count of her punches, and squeezed his testicles flat on a half dozen occasions. She treated him to another hand job at the end of the evening, pleased that his balls measured larger than any other evening after her abuse.

They were both happy with the arrangements. Although Lisa was hesitant to move into his home and leave her apartment, so Dan recommended she keep it until she felt comfortable in the south wing. She kept if for one additional month, before moving in full time to her new home. Here she ruled the roost; she could attack his balls any time day or night. The maid service was let go and he picked their cleaning chores with her inspecting his work.

Severe consequences awaited his testicles if he didn’t satisfy her with his efforts. They both knew she’d find a reason to bust his balls several times a day. He loved the way it pleased her to mash his meat. It was worth his pain to see her smile. He could tell how happy she was by the wetness of her pussy after a particularly brutal ball busting session. Dan licked her to orgasm almost daily.

Within three months he proposed marriage. Lisa had expected this and wasn’t unhappy; she didn’t want to lose her power over him, so she was pretty specific about what her idea of how their marriage was going to be. Already on one knee, Dan dropped to both knees and promised to worship and serve her even more as her spouse. “Prove it,” Lisa demanded, “Offer me your balls; they will be mine to do with as I please.”

“They already are your balls, Lisa. I love you, I NEED you. More than life itself, certainly more than my balls, I mean your balls.” Dan said looking up at her. He then stood, removed his trousers and put his hands behind his back. Lisa wrapped her fingers around her balls and accepted his offer.

There was a small ceremony at the mansion a couple of weeks later, and Dan was finally allowed to enter the vagina he had been tasting for six months. While he was cumming, Lisa grabbed and squeezed the sperm out of his balls so violently he cried out loud. Lisa rolled him on his back, and forced him to lick her gash clean of his own cum. There was no misunderstanding who wore the pants in this family.

Lisa became legal owner of half of their 300 million dollar fortune in cash and personal property. The factory and shipping companies brought in 2.3 million a year in profits, and were valued at over 275 million in assets. The business was run well by competent managers, the money was invested well and diversified, so Lisa decided that they would travel and enjoy life.

In their travels, she developed an affinity for foods made with testicles. Sheep, bulls, even horse balls were delicacies when properly prepared. She became bolder about contacting professional Mistresses who specialized in cock and ball torture and ball busting. With unlimited funds and their winning personalities, they attended private parties, filming sessions and even castrations.

Lisa wanted to abuse and even break a man’s balls before they were removed. With unlimited funds, she bought testicles on the black market. She met and hired the best female chef, at a private Bar-B-Q in New Mexico. Patty shared her love of torture of male slaves, and gladly agreed to serve Lisa the most finely prepared men’s balls, as well as animal cuttings when humans weren‘t available.

Often a man in financial straights would sell only one testicle, to earn some quick cash. Other times they would offer both their nuts, with the desire to be cut by a beautiful domineering lady. Lisa would always tenderize the meat before harvest, and would eat ‘her’ testes in a variety of dishes.


Lisa re-defines the meaning of P's and Q's...

Years ago sailing vessels would mix rum in their drinking water to keep the water from going bad on long voyages. A sailor’s rum ration was measured in pints and quarts. Young sailors were told to Mind your P’s and Q’s, so as not to get drunk, miss their duty station, or worse yet fall over board.

Lisa had an idea on how to keep her supply of testes from running out. She wanted her own ‘rum ration,’ she put a price on a pint and a quart of human testicles. The concept was to buy them with a volume measurement, not by the pound. That way, the women harvesting the man meat would be encouraged to swell them as much as possible before they were harvested. She would get tenderized man meat delivered in glass jars soaking in alcohol to preserve them.

She could still travel and collect her own nuts at her leisure, but would have a steady supply waiting for her enjoyment on a regular basis. The word spread that she was offering $50,000 for a pint and $125,000 American dollars for a full quart jar. She also offered a $50,000 bonus for both the first pint and the first quart to be delivered. Flyers with ‘Mind your P’s and Q’s’ were e-mailed, faxed and mailed throughout the world.

Many women world wide began to collect man meat in hopes of being the first to fill their jars. The variety of collection methods varied widely, and Lisa loved to hear first-hand accounts of how the women collected their share of swollen nuts.

A FemDom Mistress in New York began offering discounts to masochists, giving extended sessions and going topless for her slaves if they would donate a nut or two to her collection. She took her time repeatedly mashing their balls to get maximum swelling before their de-nutting. The men would sign legal waivers, before or often during sessions. With their minds clouded by the pain of her abuse, and the pleasure of her teasing and denial, they would offer her anything in their obsessive haze. Most of them were actually paying her to abuse them and therefore to harvest their manhood as well.

A women’s self-defense instructor in Philadelphia would hunt rapists and chauvinistic pigs throughout the old city late at night. She would pretend to be lost or drunk to lure them in close. Thinking her to be an easy mark, they wouldn’t be prepared for her attack until they were curled in a ball in a smelly alleyway. She would tie their hands behind their backs, duct tape a gag in their mouths and remove their pants. She would then work over her personal ‘punching bags’ with foot stomps, knees, open palm strikes and squeezes. Long after the men would pass out, she would continue to increase the swelling of their ruined meat.

Most testicles in her collection were damaged but that was still within the rules. No scrotums were allowed, vas deferens, spermatic cords and veins were acceptable attachments. They had to be kept fresh in at least 80 proof liquor or pure ethanol. The hunt was on.

In India a woman from the upper caste system was harvesting the balls of lower class, and untouchable men. Often these poor beggars would willingly offer their seed sacs for a small sum which amounted to several years’ income. Honored to be given the attention of the high ranking lady and her servant girls. Although it was not allowed for her to touch the men or their testes, she enjoyed clipping the cords after her young servant girls brought them to full size swelling.

Two young college coed students in France decided to combine their harvest and split the money for tuition. They were soccer players on the University team, and would lure men with advertisements as escorts. Often acting together with a special two for one deal, they would kick their victims’ balls repeatedly. Taking turns holding his legs apart until long after they passed out. They would pick the fruit, and leave him alone and ball less in his hotel room. A quick sewing of the wound kept them from accidentally killing any of their Johns.

Worried about ingesting diseased testicles, Lisa asked a lady doctor she met at a leather munch. She specialized in infectious diseases and taught Lisa’s chef, Patty, how to safely cook all of the testicles. Explaining the alcohol also helped to stave off bacteria. With the knowledge that they were safe, Lisa tried baked balls, fried man fruit, sautéed sperm-makers, braised bollocks, tossed testes in a salad, and even tried puréed penis from a eunuch. But her favorite was a white sauce Patty made which had the consistence of sperm. That gave them both a sadistic pleasure to think about it while she ate.

In Indonesia a rebel woman soldier would castrate the men her unit killed during their raids. She had a small guillotine she would use on the dead men first then she would stomp and beat their prisoners before slicing off their bruised balls. She was actually the first to collect a Pint for testicles, but without access to a post office she had to wait to collect her reward.

Two lesbian lovers in Central America were the first to deliver a full pint of nut meat. They used the machismo attitude of the Latino men and the beauty of the younger submissive lesbian partner as bait. She was deceptively petite and in great shape. She carried a black belt in two separate disciplines, and had her butch partner waiting in the shadows. Tequila and unprotected border crossing points between countries gave them access to exploit horny young men from rival tribes. They enjoyed both the emasculation of men, and their life long hatred of the opposing native population to fuel their passionate collection of swollen man meat. They used their earnings to purchased land and build first a bar/ whore house, and then apartment houses to rent out.

Lisa enjoyed the taste of testicles marinated in tequila; Patty prepared them with lime juice and fried peppers. That jar made almost a dozen meals, and reassured Lisa that her program of Pints and Quarts was destined to succeed. She still kept busy collecting balls on an individual basis. Taking her time to pummel the man’s fully exposed nuts, until they wouldn’t swell any further, and then cutting them free with her own hands. They always seemed to taste better if she witnessed their removal.

PART 14 (conclusion)

Lisa says goodbye to Dan and the twins...

Dan felt pleased to give Lisa the means to fulfill her dreams, and traveled with her supporting and worshiping her during their travels. He watched as the jars of alcohol soaked testicles were arriving. Patty would giggle and look at his crotch as he brought them into her kitchen. “What about you donating to your wife’s collection, Dan? I’d take great care to prepare your meat to perfection for Lisa.”

Dan blushed but didn’t reply. He knew that he’d have to tell Lisa his secret very soon. His physician had diagnosed him years before with the same heart disease that killed his father, uncle and grandfather. Now Dan was beginning to show symptoms. He had less than a year to live, and his physician estimated that he had less than three months.

While Lisa made a rare solo trip to New Mexico for a two day ‘smash and grab’ harvest of both balls and a penis, Dan was admitted to the local hospital with a severe coronary attack. His EKG, showed massive scar tissue and the prognosis was dismal. He demanded to be brought home to die. Lisa came home to find him on life support machines in the master bedroom.

“Lisa, it’s time for me to go. I won’t last much longer, please take your balls from my body and let them serve you one last time. I couldn’t think of another way of showing my love and devotion to you. You are my reason for being, please make me a part of you.” Dan was pleading.

Lisa was devastated. The money was nice; her testicle collections were fun, but this was serious, she loved Dan. How could she possibly deny his dying wish? “Of course I’ll accept your offer. I’ll swell them one last time, and Patty will prepare a special meal that I’ll eat in front of you. You’ll be remembered for always taking it like a man. We’ll set the harvest whenever you’re ready, as it may kill you in your present condition.”

“Lisa, I don’t want to live like this. Let’s spend another day together then drain me one last time before you swell and remove your meal.” Dan kept a stiff upper lip as he spoke, and seeing Lisa nod her head in acquiescence, he began to get hard thinking about her last opportunity to attack his manhood. “Please don’t hold back, make this a session to remember - for me, for us.”

Lisa was softly crying, thinking, “Have I taken him for granted? Should I tape our session and relive his last orgasm? Would it be merciful to take him tonight, now, is that the merciful thing to do?”

Dan watched his father go through the same illness and knew he was going to go downhill fast. Lisa and Patty prepared everything for his last meal; of course he was the meal. Patty bought fresh herbs, a great cooking sherry, the best of everything. For years she had teased Dan about cooking his meat, and now that she was actually going to get him in her skillet, she was going to do it right!

Lisa decided to drain Dan’s balls, and brought him to orgasm four times throughout the evening and morning of his emasculation. Lisa saved the sperm for Patty to cook with as this would be a very special meal.

True to her word, Lisa made this last session their best. She worked his balls over with her fists for 15- 20 minutes, and let them swell for 5- 10 minutes. Then she’d begin knees mercilessly driving her knee cap between his legs. After another rest period, she squeezed his meat while they were still small enough to wrap her fingers around them. This went on for three hours, feet, fists, heels, shins - all directed at his unprotected nads. Dan had been trained well; he took her best without losing consciousness.

The swelling was tremendous, Lisa smiled and said, “I‘m sure glad I worked up an appetite, your balls are huge. This recipe calls for crushed nuts, we can do it after they‘re removed if you‘d like.”

Dan was adamant, “No please, don’t stop.”

Lisa always enjoyed squeezing, so she decided that was how she’d crush his balls. They were too large for a single hand, so she wrapped both hands around his right testicle and began the pressure. Slowly driving her palms together, she managed to get them within a half inch of each other, but couldn’t pop his nut. Her months of training had toughened them up. Lisa finally had to drive both thumb nails directly into the center of the trapped right testicle. Dan was moaning loudly as they both felt if give under the onslaught, the scrotum didn‘t rip but she could feel the orb distort. Lisa took advantage of the breech, repeatedly driving the sides of her thumbs into the torn testicle.

When she had ripped it length wise, she changed tactics. Her right fist began pounding his damaged man fruit into a mushy pulp. She had actually worked herself into a sweat, and took a rest before destroying his left nut. Patty was drooling as Lisa began to open the scrotum and spill out the shredded seed sacs. Dan watched as Lisa cut them free and dropped them into a stainless steel bowl Patty was holding.

Patty lifted one of the deflated nuts and rolled it softly in her fingers, looking at Dan and giggled like a school girl. Even destroyed, they were easily the largest nuts she had even prepared. Patty gently kissed the testicle and dropped it back into the bowl. Looking Dan in the eye and licking her lips.

Too large to be eaten whole, Patty slices the testes into strips. They were seared at a high heat in a thin layer of peanut oil. Lightly seasoned with herbs and whipped butter, the sperm was added after cooking in a sherry sauce. Dan watched the preparation, and Lisa didn’t let them cool down before greedily savoring her first bite. Patty begged for a taste as there was more than enough to go around. Both girls kiss and thank Dan throughout the meal; it’s a celebration, not a time for morning.

The events were more than Dan’s heart could withstand. Four orgasms, the beatings and finally the destruction and cutting of his manhood. He fell asleep that evening after the meal was over, and did not awaken in the morning. Dan was buried in the family plot, and Lisa consoled herself be visiting the women who had filled their jars of testicles, and personally paid them in cash. She loves to hear first hand the stories of how they collected the man meat.

She started her own self-defense school, with an emphasis on training men to prepare for an unprotected attack on their testicles. Her evenings are spent with several female assistants, pounding naked male student’s balls, and using the same cloth tape measure that she used to measure Dan‘s swollen balls. You can hear her three nights a week, “Swelling is the key ladies; these men deserve to get the training they’re paying us to give them. That’s right, squeeze that testicle!!”

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