Monday, October 15, 2007

My First Attempt At Writing A Story!

By moneyshot29

I begin to wake up and immediately feel the slight burning sensation in my thighs. I try to move my legs but realize slowly in my sleepy stupor that I can't. They're tied down - ropes around my ankles and knees - holding my legs spread open. My arms... my arms can't move either. I'm tied down in a spread-eagle position. As I become more alert I realize I'm naked. I can feel the cool, smooth, silky sheets on my penis and balls. Someone looks into the room, my vision too blurry to make out who it is.

"He's waking up!" I hear a female voice say. My eyes adjust and I see two familiar faces entering the room, one carrying a hot pink duffel bag.

"Hello Todd."

I recognize Kirsten and Kelly at that moment and realize they must have drugged me.

"We were so thrilled that you told us about your little fantasy. We decided to give you a little birthday present," Kirsten says. "But trust me; you don't want to see what’s coming." At that moment Kelly slipped a blindfold over my head - shutting out the visual world. After securing the blindfold she let her long fingernails trail lightly down my chest, over my left nipple, pulling the sheet away as they went. When she reached my crotch I could feel a single fingernail scratching the length of my hardening penis. When she reached my balls she removed her hand and pulled the sheet away.


A hard slap directly on my balls! I let out a grunt and struggle against my bonds to try to protect my sore testicles as the two girls giggle.

"Should we gag him, do you think?"

"No let's not... I want to hear the noises he makes!"

"Great idea!"

I can hear what sounds like a plastic bottle being unscrewed. I feel a hand gently holding my penis and pulling my foreskin back, while another starts to rub all over the head.

"Wait for it..." Kelly playfully whispers in my ear. That’s when the familiar burning sensation begins. Icy Hot! They put Icy Hot on my penis! As the burning intensifies I begin to thrash about... trying desperately and impossibly to remove my cock from the source of the burning! My now rock-hard dick is flopping about as I thrash around - and the girls are loving it. Hysterical laughter fills the room.

"Look at that thing go!"

“It’s bouncing all over the place! HAHAHA How ridiculous!"

After several minutes of burning, thrashing and laughter I finally adapt to the pain and the burning becomes a lingering tingle on the tip of my penis. Something is gently rubbing against my scrotum... I can't make out what the object is but I have a pretty good idea. Then I feel it - the ever-so-familiar sharp stinging on the skin of my sac, followed by the dull ache spreading over my lower abdomen. A wooden spoon. They are hitting my balls with a large wooden spoon.

SMACK! Again... and I grunt... and struggle to protect my balls!


"Don't fight it boy… it’s only going to make us enjoy it more!"


My body is writhing in agony. I'm trying desperately to close my legs and protect my balls but the bonds around my knees won't allow it. Raucous laughter again fills the room. I feel something warm next to my head... a leg. Now on the other side too and warmth in front of my face.

"Here's the way the game works, Todd," I hear Kirsten say. "You lick my pussy... for every 30 seconds that I don't have an orgasm... you get one of these from Kelly" SMACK!!! "Time has already begun... you best start licking"

My tongue flies out of my mouth, furiously searching for Kirsten’s clit. I'm not going to mess around; I'm going straight for the magic button.


Agony! My balls are aching but I'm trying to concentrate on Kirsten's pussy. Licking furiously at what I think is her clitoris.

SMACK!!! Oh god was that 30 seconds already!?

I can hear Kirsten beginning to moan in pleasure while Kelly is still laughing hysterically.

SMACK!!! My balls are killing me. My whole abdomen is in pain and if this doesn't end soon I think I might vomit from the testicular-agony-induced nausea. After ten more whacks of my balls I finally hear Kirsten screaming in ecstasy! Thank god!

Kirsten climbs off of me, and just as I'm beginning to think its over I feel Kelly climb on and immediately another SMACK on my balls.

"Get licking boy! It’s my turn now!" Kelly yells.

The process takes much longer for Kelly. I had to remember that she once told me she likes slow teasing licks. I lost count of how many times my balls where hit with the spoon, but it had to be close to 40.

After Kelly finally came, I felt my bonds being untied and heard both girls saying things like, "Good boy" and "what a good little toy you are".

The blindfold was still on and my nuts hurt way too much for me to think about getting up and walking away. After the last rope was removed I felt something go around my balls and tighten. A collar. A sharp tug persuaded me to get to my feet. My arms were than handcuffed behind me.

"Come on, boy... just one more thing to do."

We walked out a door and I felt the cool night air on my skin. Oh no, we're outside. Sharp tugs on my nuts let me know which direction to walk in. First there was grass underfoot, and then pavement. After walking for what must have been five minutes I felt an explosion of pain from my crotch. One of them had kicked or kneed me in the balls. I fell to the ground in complete and utter

agony and felt the blindfold being removed. I could see Kelly's car, with Kirsten already in the passenger seat and the driver's door open. As I lay on the ground handcuffed, with a collar and leash around my testicles I watched Kelly walk to her car.

"Please girls... please no," was all I could muster.

Kelly turned and looked at me, winked, and got into the car. As they drove off I began to fully realize my situation... how the hell was I going to get home?

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