Monday, October 15, 2007

New Home

By matthewsmith

Roaming streets in darkened night

Seeking drunks so dumb and dim

Silky dress and long high heels

Brings them home as meat to break

Picks him up inside her Lexus

He gets excited sexually

She is too, but he's no questions

She waits for her control to prove

Her violent power over these beasts

Taming men as horses too

Car pulls up he feels so horny

Opens door and steps inside

A bed of silk, so soft and cozy

Drunken sperm begin to leak

She touches lightly gently waiting

Tells him now to close his eyes

Injects his neck with tranquilizer

Laughs at him, he rolls his eyes

Takes him to a darker room now

Drags him by his balls that are

Tied so tight with strong hemp rope

Pulled and burned, and dislodged

Unconscious drunkard not knowing yet

The damage that's growing in his loin

The pain he'll feel on re-arrival

And where he's spending the next few nights

She locks his hands, and knees and feet

On a rotating tabletop

Turn and lock like gyroscope

She thinks about the fun she'll have

Sadistic beauty full of hatred

Full of evil, pain, and death

She will show this drunken schoolboy

The world's pain and more than that

He will be forever scarred, if death

His fate he does not meet

She will try to spare his life-force

So he knows that she is queen

Eyes are foggy, but he wakes

She greets him with a smile now

He doesn't know just where he is

Hasn't noticed his body yet

The moment lingers, she waits for it

And then she sees the pain infest

"What the fuck" he slurs so muffled

The pain he feels from rope is now

A burning ring about his scrotum

And aching ache in testicles

The cuffs, claustrophobia

Then the panic begins to set

"Welcome to my little dungeon,

I've dealt with men like you before,

I will have some fun tonight,

Now don't speak another word"

She lifts a buck knife

In her left hand

And brings it down

So violently

But it was just a trick to scare him

For his groin,

Already hurting

Instead she cuts the rope

From around his scrotum

Tossing it nonchalantly to the floor

Takes her stance

She grows a smile

Rubs her outer thighs

Focuses between his legs

Her foot moves instantly

From floor to sack

A violent flash

Light blinds his eyes

She snaps again

Her smooth tan foot

Vomit flows from the weak man's mouth

She paces the room

Vulture circling her prey

And waits for his sickness to end

Sadistically snickering

At his pathetic state

His stomach empty

He still dry heaves

A nasty bruise grows on left nut

A small rupture from her foot

Insides slowly seep out

Through the crack

Left side of scrotum swells

With blood and puss

And who knows what

She's happy with her work,

Although it wasn't planned

She steps outside

And comes back in

With fire hose in hand

A powerful surge of water shoots

She aims it at his face

All at once he is subdued

Drowning in this path

Of water flushing out his face

And getting in his nose and mouth

Then all at once she turns away

One shot of water

To his package just for fun

Just for fun

He gasps for air

After that assault

His heart straining from excess pain

Arising from his manly pieces

Desperate to escape now

He struggles against restraints that

Are still to strong for him to break

"Tonight you're going to learn the pain,

that all you men should know"

Tracing her nails across his chest

She teases him with gentile

And looks into his sorry eyes

She smiles as he shrinks away

In tears he waits bracing his mind

For what's to come tonight

"Sweetie, ya know, I have to pee,

but there's no toilet here,

if you could open wide for me,

tonight might not be quite as bad,

but if you spill a single drop,

then I'll take this cigarette,

and light it just to put it out,

inside the tip of your small thing."

He opens wide, but still in fear,

She hops on like a horse,

Aims her pee-hole

At his tonsils

And tries to relax her bladder

The stream begins, a warm sick taste

So fast he can't keep swallowing

Tries his best but overflows

And spills down side of face

Spills down her long leg

She gets up off him

Looking angry

"You fuck, you got piss all over

my leg, you're going to pay now"

She lights her cig and puffs away

But when it's halfway done,

She lifts his dick and dangles cherry

Right above his urethra

He sweats in fear anticipating

This awful pain that's sure to break him

She spreads his head and shoves it in

Twisting and turning to pack it tight

He screams in pain, agony, sickness

Feeling his world flash before.

"I warned you faggot,

you should have listened,

Should have heard the words I said.

You spilled this urine on my leg and

All over the floor and your head.

This is your punishment."

With that she cupped her hands and waited

For the moment to come wry

Gave his balls a firm hard slapping

Made him dry heave a second time

His body going into shock now

Will he come out of it again

He'll just have to wait until

The blinding pain stops blinding him

"Now I'm going to leave you sweetie.

Leave you here for a while,

With broken balls and burnt urethra,

I hope you like this domicile."

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