Monday, October 8, 2007

ONE of my many ballbusting stories (first one ever told)

By kickmyball

There was this one guy named Josh in my history class who was sexy as hell! Unfortunately, he knew that I loved kicking guys in the nuts. I think its funny, not necessarily a turn on, just fascinating to make them cry in front of a group of friends. I heard from a friend of mine that he thought I had a nice ass. This kinda pisses me off cuz I’m small and have a rather bubbly butt. She also told me that he had the best bud around. I liked the fact that he was a pothead cuz that gives me a good reason to make conversation.

I went to school the next day in heels, a semi short mini skirt, and a tight little white t-shirt that showed my round titties. I went into class and sat right next to him. I noticed him looking at my ass and my chest. I asked him if he could score me a pound of some good chronic. I told him I have money and would do him sexual favors as well. He liked the idea and told me he'd follow me after school.

I got together some friends from the soccer team and we all went to my sister’s apartment. There were six girls there waiting. All sexy, all filled out in the ass and chest, and all ready to laugh their asses off before receiving a nice stash of ganja.

After school I told Josh to follow me and we drove down the street. He parked his jeep next to my Miata and we walked up the steps. When we got inside he instantly pulled out his sack of weed. I asked him if I could take a peek and he reached out to hand me his rather large bag of ganja. As soon as he reached out, I drove my knee into his nuts. You could hear a loud crunch. He went straight to the ground. I kicked him really hard one more time on the way down. Just to be a bitch. All seven of us chicks started roaring in laughter and I reached down and snagged his bag of pot.

He lay on the ground moaning while we chicks mooched off his stash. We smoked a couple joints then rolled him over on his back.

He looked up at us rather confused with a pale face. Two of the chicks held up his legs while I stomped down on his nuts. I stomped on them for a good five minutes and then let Stacy jump in (the only other girl down with the torment) everyone else just laughed at the pathetic boy.

Stacy and I stomped on his nuts until he cried, considering that we were stoned, we wanted to see the damage, so we made him show us his bruised up balls. It was funny to see what we did.

As he was puling out his purple nuts one of the chicks not involved in the beating jumped up and dove towards Josh, she reached out and grabbed a handful of swollen testicles. Her hand clenched to his sack and his eyes lit up. We all started cracking up one more time. Josh broke out and ran to his car half ass naked.

The next day we found out that Josh wrecked his car into a telephone pole and went to jail for warrants. Once in jail other inmates noticed his purple nuts and he never heard the end of it. To this day everyone remembers him as the little boy who got his nuts kicked by us bitches and sang soprano all in one night.

The bud was really good and we all got a good deal. And now there are seven more girls in school that love busting nuts just as much as I do.

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