Monday, October 15, 2007

Phone Call

By maxcrazymax

Hello? ---- Oh, hey Suzy! ---- Oh, yeah... uhmmm...I forgot... been kinda busy here. You'll NEVER guess what happened! ---- Oh, shut up, do you wanna hear why I didn't make it or not?

Well... you know that cleaning service I just got? They sent this guy today. ---- No, not that one. A new one. Anyway, he was late! The asshole, so I left as soon as he got here so I could make it to class on time. But of course, you know me, I forgot something, so halfway there I had to turn around and get my notebook. ---- Be quiet! You're no better. ---- Anyway I got back to the house and went in, and I guess the guy didn't hear me. ---- I don't know his name, just listen! ---- Oh, well he's almost 6' and more tan than me, prick! Kinda hairy too. Mustache and goatee.

Anyway, I was just going to slip in and get the notebook and book it. I was already going to be late. Then I saw him as I passed the laundry room. You know I come in through there a lot, and pile my shoes there? ---- The li’l perv was on the floor of my laundry room, nude, with my shoes, and socks, and bras! ---- No REALLY! I swear! ---- I know! ---- No. ---- No. ---- I'll tell you what I did, just listen. ---- No I didn't. ---- Come on! Give me a chance! ---- No, I wasn't scared! ---- Well, yeah, he is bigger than me, but... I don't know. Anyway I wasn't. I just stepped into the laundry room and said, "What the hell are you doing?" {Giggles.} You should have seen the look on his face. He was beet red. Trying to cover himself with a dirty sock! {Laughs.} I was struggling to keep a straight face. And get this; he somehow managed to get out a lie! He said, "I... uhm… I’m... doing the laundry?" Just like that. Like it was a question. ---- I know, like I’m going to believe that! I was really fighting not to fall down laughing at this point, but part of me was still mad, so that helped.

So I said, "Yeah right! I'm calling Amy." You know Amy, right? ---- Yeah, she owns the service. Anyway, that did it. He was still on his knees, still trying to cover himself, but now he was bent over, begging me not to tell! He was saying, "No! pleeease, please miss. Please don't tell. Amy will fire me! etc." I told him he'd be lucky if she didn't kill him first, {Laughs.} ---- Oh, I know. I couldn't believe it either. It was hilarious. This man, kneeling, nude, begging. ---- I did. I was laughing my ass off. ---- Oh, no, I couldn't stop anymore. But I did regain enough composure to ask why the hell I shouldn't tell her. That stopped him from begging. He thought for a second, I was looking down at him. Then he looks up, and says, "I... uhm… I'll do Anything, miss. Just don't tell. I'll clean your place for free, anything! I promise."

Well, by this time there was no way of making it to class, and you know my twisted li’l mind. ---- {Giggles.} ---- You would be thinking the same thing, girl! ---- {Laughs.} ---- No, I wasn't laughing out load, but I'm sure there was an obvious smirk on my face. ---- Well, I wasn't sure if he really meant it or not, so I decided to make sure before I made my decision. So, looking down at him I said, "Anything?" smirking at his predicament. He hung his head. ---- {Laughs}, I know. Anyway, he hung his head, but I could see that he was blushing again, but he kinda nodded and said, "Yes, miss" Well, I didn't know what I should ask to test him, but the first thing that came to my mind was, "crawl over here and kiss my toes, slut!" ---- I DID say that. ---- Yeah, I said it seriously. And he tried to weasel out, saying "but… but I meant...." I said, do it NOW! And he got on all fours, head hanging, and started crawling. THAT's when I started laughing. ---- I know! {Laughs.}

Well, here he was crawling to me. ---- How could I not? ---- {Laughs.} But he crawled over, and I had those old sandals on. ---- Yeah, the blue ones. And he bends over, his hairy ass in the air. ---- laughs, I know, it was! And he begins kissing each toe. Very gently actually. ---- Yeah, it did feel good, but I was still laughing.

I wanted to see how far he'd go in his promise, so I pulled my foot back. He stopped. I was feeling real wicked by this time, so I said, "Did I say stop?" He looks up, confused. So I said, "Well, did I?" He shook his head, said, "n… no miss" and bent over again, crawling forward to continue. I'd let him just touch my big toe and then move it back. Making him crawl forward each time. ---- Yeah, he did. {Laughs.} Well, it’s not as if the little perv didn't want to. And he knew I knew it, which made it all the more humiliating. {Giggles.} ---- I'm getting to that. Finally I did say stop and walked around him... slipping off my sandals. Walking around him, just looking at him on all fours. ---- He was. He looked like he wanted to evaporate he was so embarrassed, or Em-Bare-Assed. {Laughs.} I stopped behind him, and totally without warning KICKED him, square in the balls. ---- Laughing, no really, I did. ---- Well, I was still mad at him. ---- Damn right I had a right to be. ---- He did. {Laughs.} He rolls over, holding them. Moaning a bit. But THIS is really funny. I told him to spread them again, and reluctantly, he forces himself to spread his legs, this time looking up from on his back, and I KICKED him again. ---- {Laughs.} He whimpered a bit more yes. ---- {Giggles.}

Well, it worked at least. I knew he was serious about his promise. And his cock was still hard! ---- Laughing, I know, I know. ----Well, like I said, it did feel good for him to kiss my toes, so I walked up beside him, and placed a foot on his face and said, "Lick it." ---- Of course he did! {Laughs.} ---- It did. His mouth was warm on my sole. Plus there I was standing over him, my foot on his face. It was funny, but it was fun, too. ---- He licked and sucked on it for a while then I decided to try something. I put that foot on his chest, and stood up on it and placed the other on his face. ---- Well, you’re not a size 3 either! laughing. ---- Well, he did make a muffled moan, but he let me do it! ---- Hee, hee. ---- Well, the floor was dirty! He hadn't cleaned it yet! I couldn't put my freshly licked clean foot back on it! Laughing. ---- Exactly!

Well, by this time I was dying of thirst and I kinda wanted to go to the living room for a smoke, so was about to make him get me a drink, but then I saw all my dirty clothes strewn about and his hairy body and decided to dress him for the job. ---- {Laughs}, you know it girl! ---- Well, there was a frilly li’l apron that I made him put on. {Laughs}, yes ludicrous! ---- Well, I was going for the French maid thing, but it’s not like I had any of the other things one would wear. ---- Sooorrryyy... You buy them and I'll make him wear them. {Giggles.}

So, yeah, I had him get me a drink, and I went to take a seat. I told him he had to stay on all fours, so he comes crawling in with the drink in one hand, head bowed, and offers it to me. ---- It was ok. If it hadn't been I'd already planned to make him wear it. ---- {Laughs.} I saw him looking at it. I could tell he was thirsty too, so I asked him if he wanted some. He said, "Yes miss?" And I laughed and said too damn bad, bitch! He hung his head and I practically cackled. Then I took my finger and lifted his chin and told him to open his dirty little mouth. Of course he did, I guess thinking I would give him some after all, and I did. Laughing. ---- I'm sorry, I just can’t think about it without laughing. I took a sip and spit it into his mouth! ---- {Giggles.} I know, but I never denied being evil! ---- {Laughs.}

Well, I wanted to enjoy my drink and a smoke so I leaned back in my chair and told my slave to get on all fours so I could put my legs up. ---- Laughs, well he made a good floor mat so why not a footstool?!? ---- Hee, hee. After I finished my cigarette I was looking at his ass, exposed there, and I picked up a shoe from beside my chair and SMACKED his ass. I did it hard and it started getting red there immediately! A perfect shoe print! ---- {Laughs}, well he looked up, all confused, like, "what did I do?" Which made me laugh, and I asked him, "What!? Do you think I need a reason to do that?!? Isn't what you've done already reason enough for ANYTIME I want, you little slut?" He hung his head, which made me giggle, and he said, "yes, miss, I’m sorry miss" ---- Of course not! I told him just that. No way he was getting off that easy. I was just glad I'd thought of using the shoe, because by the time I was through my hand would have hurt! ---- Oh, I have no idea. I lost count. He was whimpering, and squirming, but he did TRY to stay still. ---- {Laughs.} I know. I was laughing the whole time, and his as kept getting redder and redder. ---- Oh, no. ---- Well, I DID think about tying him up but I thought it was even funnier to me, and more humiliating for him, that even though he wasn't tied up, and its not like he couldn't have MADE me stop, he let me do it anyway. ---- Laughs, exactly.

Well, after truly putting him in his completely debasing place, I felt it was safe to let him do something that could bring me real pleasure... as long as I did it in a way that he had no control of, so I told him to lay down, on his back. ---- Giggles, well, yeah, he did kinda whimper when his butt touched the floor. ---- Ha, Ha. Well, I'm getting to that! I walked over and stood over his face, and let my shorts drop right onto his face. ---- Yeah :), his eyes did bug! ---- Well, you know I don't wear panties! ---- Well, that’s what he thought too, but you're both wrong. ---- {Laughs.} I kicked them off his face and sat down, yes, but I made sure to place my ass over his mouth, and I spread my cheeks good too! ---- Why the hell not! He made a good floor mat and footstool, why not a seat? ---- Well, he's the perv I caught in my laundry room, why can't I make him lick my ass? ---- Hee, hee. Well, I did. As soon as I sat I told him to start licking, and he tried to say, "Yes miss" and started. ---- Well, I think that’s what he said, it was hard to tell with my ass on his mouth muffling his voice! ---- {Giggles.} It did. And I couldn't help it; I started riding his face, grinding on it. ---- Well, I don't know if he could breathe or not, probably not well. ---- Hee, hee. No actually I let up every once in a while. It was too fun to have it stop because he was dead! ---- Well, I did eventually.

After I'd had enough of that, I gave him another spit of my drink to wash his mouth out with and turned around so he could. ---- Yeah, I WAS VERY wet by then. Yeah, I'm sure he face was covered in it in seconds. Yeah, and he has a mustache and goatee too, like I told ya. ---- {Giggles}, Yeah. ---- Oh, I don't know how long! I know it was still bright outside when I closed my eyes, and it wasn't when I opened them again. ---- Of course as long as I wanted! ---- Oh, I lost count of those too. ---- Hee, hee, hee. ---- Yeah, he had been hard for a long time, so while I was sitting there I put my feet around it, but I told him they better not get messy! ---- So, I don't care if it was mean. {Laughs.} ---- Well, what do you THINK I did, I made him clean them off! ---- Yeah, that was the first thing he really hated doing I think, but I just laughed, I didn't care. ---- Well, I'm still trying to decide if I should.... SHIT! ---- He just screwed up! ---- Yeah, he's still here. What? Do you think I'm going to let him leave? ---- {Giggles.} ---- Well, he's on the floor at my feet, painting my toenails and he just screwed up! I guess I'll have to make him learn by doing his own first! ---- {Laughs.} Well I've got some pink; that should do for the little slut! ---- Hee, hee. Yeah, I need to go and deal with this. Maybe if he can figure out how to do a good job I'll consider using his cock from more than a place to step. ---- Laughing. I'll tell you tomorrow! ---- Oh, the house? Yeah, well I'll make him do that while I sleep, or maybe tomorrow. Sometime when I'm not here so I don't have to be bothered. ---- Video? ---- Oh, I see, just in case he decided it’s not worth it that could be more blackmail material to hold over his head. ---- Hmmm... I'll think about it. ---- {Giggles.} ---- Yeah, well, like I say, I'll tell ya tomorrow. ---- Hee, hee See ya then.

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