Monday, October 29, 2007

Physical Pleasures

By Pleasure Seeker

Chapter 1

Greg and Rachael had only been dating for about three months. It had only taken them four dates before they started fucking, about normal for Greg and faster than usual for Rachael. Greg was coming up to 24; he had blond hair and was a fit medium build, just under six-foot. Rachael was 20, good looking, kind of cute with it; she had light brown shoulder length hair, a good pert pair of breasts and long slender legs.

That day they had been walking by the lake, it was getting towards late afternoon and they were drifting towards the parking lot. Rachael asked, “One last look at the lake before we go?”

“Okay,” said Greg. They both sat on some rocks by the edge of the lake where the water came right in.

Greg was Rachael’s fourth boyfriend, and though it was so far the shortest relationship, she found Greg much sexier than the others. There was something about the way he made love to her which suggested an adventurous nature about sex. So far, though she had not explored this potential aspect. But this was about to change without her realizing it.

They talked for a while about nothing much, watching the last of the other visitors begin to head home. A few feet away was the track to the parking lot, all of a sudden they were startled by the screech of tires as three boys on bikes careered past.

“Have you ever ridden a bike?” enquired Rachael, looking at his firm thighs but also noticing the visible bulge in his chinos were his legs met.

“I used to,” he said, thinking back to when he was a teenager. “But a soon as I was 16 I started to drive and suppose didn’t need to.” He then remembered one of his cycling days, when he and some friends from school rode out to the creek about 12 miles outside town. He thought about telling Rachael, couldn’t decide, and then did.

“I remember once, I was with some friend out at Wild Creek, guess I was about 15. We were just coming to the ridge on our bikes, a steep up-hill ride, when the chain on my bike came off and I landed hard on the cross bar straight on my balls. It really hurt for a few minutes, but after lots of laughter from the other guys I was able to carry on.

“The funny thing,” he said, only now realizing what may have occurred, “when I got home about an hour later and went up to my room, I felt incredibly horny, with a heavy but yet not fully hard cock. At that time of course I wasn’t fucking anyone so had to be content with jacking off. My balls were still tender from the busting earlier, but I still felt the urge to squeeze hard them while rubbing my cock.”

Rachael listened in fascination; she always wondered about men’s bodies and what they felt when sexually aroused.

Greg continued. “When I came, and it didn’t take long, I remember shooting more cum than normal, but most surprising was the distance the first few spurts went, overshooting the tissue I usually laid on the bed. There was a long white streak all across the bed quilt which I had to quickly clean up.”

“Do you think it was the blow to your balls that made you cum like that?” inquired Rachael.

“I don’t know. It’s never happened to me since and I’ve never been kicked or hit in the balls, even during school sport.”

“I’ve grabbed you balls during sex and even squeezed them quite hard, you haven’t objected,” said Rachael.

“I get so horny then that it takes a lot to distract me from what you are doing to my cock,” he replied.

“I think we should test this out as soon as possible, when we get back to my place I suggest I kick you in the balls and then you tell me how you feel.”

“No way!” said Greg, alarmed.

“I promise to fuck afterwards and anyway, if it still makes you horny, just think about not having to rub yourself off this time. Maybe some sucking of your dick first, some clit and pussy?”

“OK, but just one kick. With my jeans on and no shoes on your feet.”

“We’ll see,” said Rachael, thinking this is going to be fun and if I know Greg, it won’t stop at that.

Chapter 2

Back at Rachael’s apartment, about an hour’s drive from the lake, Greg and Rachel grabbed a bite to eat and then started to freshen-up after the days outing. Greg watched through the door of Rachael’s room as she stripped for a shower. He watched her firm tits spring from the confines of her bra as she unfastened the clasp. He could see her shapely ass as she slipped off her jeans, the curvature of her buttocks and the space between her legs showing off the outline of her cunt against the dark background of the bedroom. Clearly visible now was the mound of brown curly hair that surrounded her lips outlining her pussy he so much wanted to part them and fuck with his rapidly hardening prick.

As he sat there thinking about Rachael and sex, she suddenly disappeared into the shower leaving him only with his genitals to play with. He thought of the time she would take his firm end between her lips and allow the rim to rub over the edge of her lips before taking the full head of his swollen cock into her mouth. As he did so he realized that his balls were soon to receive Rachael’s undivided attention, with her intent of finding out if inflicting him to high levels of testicle pain would make him extra horny and a super fuck.

Slowly Greg felt each testicle, letting his fingers trace the plum-shaped outlines held within his scrotum. He wondered how much pain he could expect from his nuts, the memory of the bicycle ride was distant now and the prospect of having his nuts crushed alarmed him. Suddenly he wanted to tell Rachael that it was only a joke and that he had made the story up to pass the time. After a few moments thought though, he realized that he found the relatively minor pain exerted by Rachael on his balls during sex a real turn-on, causing him to have some of the best hard-ons of his life, perhaps there was something about ball busting that released an additional level of sexual arousal in men. Alright he decided, he would let Rachael at his balls and let her convince him on the benefits of the experience.

Greg could see Rachael as she dried her naked body, her hands rubbing the towel over her firm breasts, down over her flat belly and between her legs. He sighed as she rubbed the towel around her pussy and up to her small tight asshole, thinking of the times his dick had penetrated those moist lips and left his thick creamy spunk running down her thighs. She then proceeded to pull on a T-shirt and mini briefs.

“Come on Greg, finish that beer and get in the shower, I can’t wait to kick you in those beautiful big balls of yours,” called Rachael as she pulled on a flimsy pair of light blue knickers that barely covered her cunt hairs.

Greg climbed out of the chair and pulled his T-shirt off followed by his Chinos. Rachael looked at his smooth but muscular chest and arms, she watched as he lowered his cotton briefs to reveal his ample cock and full balls. Even soft, Greg could manage six inches, hard it was a magnificent eight inches of thick throbbing cock, enough to fuck her off properly every time.

Rachael watched as he showered, thinking only of his balls and the pleasure she wanted them both to have from Greg’s ball busting.

Greg came out of the shower and started to dress. He pulled on a pair of Levis and some socks, grabbed another beer and went over to where Rachael was sitting on the sofa.

“I thought I said no jeans?” she said as Greg appeared.

“Come on, I need something to stop them being ripped off,” said Greg as he playfully held his groin.

“No, if you want to feel the impact of my foot in your balls they must be either exposed or held in place by the minimum of material. Put on those tight blue briefs you bought from Sears last week. They look good but let your nuts stand out.”

Greg pulled off his jeans allowing Rachael a look at her target. She looked at his plump testes and wondered what it was like to have such sensitive parts between the legs and as part of one’s sexual organs.

Quickly Greg pulled on the blue briefs, adjusting the fit to allow his heavy cock to hang in front of his balls. Rachael stood up and moved towards him. As soon as she could reach her hand had delved into his pants and pulled his cock upwards to expose his nuts from the front. Rachael was not now concerned about Greg’s penis. That could wait; all she wanted was his balls.

“One kick to start, OK?” said Rachael looking at Greg. He winced at her, but really he was almost looking forward to answering a big question. Greg nodded and opened his legs about two feet. Rachael shook her head and made him move them wider apart. She could now see a clear gap around his restrained nut sack, the shape of her intended targets clearly visible through the thin cotton.

“I think it will be best if you close your eyes, if you flinch or move it may reduce the force of the blow.”

Greg obeyed. Legs apart, eyes closed he braced himself for the most pain he was ever going to feel, but strangely looked forward to the impact.

Rachael took two steps back, balanced herself then swung her right leg forward in a kicking movement with all her weight. The instep of her foot came sharply into Greg’s groin. Nothing could now stop Greg from finding out if this was to be pleasure or pain.

The first Greg new was the sharp impact into his scrotum. Like any skin on skin impact this was slightly sore, but this was only the beginning of the experience. He felt himself being briefly lifted off the floor as the full force of Rachael’s kick hit him. He knew it would be a few seconds before the ball pain would start. Already he could feel the affects of the impact in his abdomen, the sharp pain in his sides and stomach. This would last only a few seconds, but would be intense. He tried to focus on his balls, believing that most of the impact would be felt there and quickly turn into sexual arousal.

With his eyes still closed he struggled to keep his balance after the blow. The pain of the initial impact was now transferring to the intense ache in his testes. This is what he remembered from the bike crossbar in the balls. Although it hurt like hell in his balls he was starting to get really turned on by this and wanted the feeling to continue. Standing up straight to maximize the feeling in his nuts, Greg managed to open his eyes to see Rachael looking at him, wondering what she had done to the guy she loved.

“Are you OK? Are your balls all right? Do they hurt?” she asked desperately.

“Yea,” gasped Greg holding his testicles. “It’s OK. What I’m feeling now is great, all the pain is in my balls but I can feel a hard-on coming on.”

Rachael looked up from his balls to see a firm shaft sticking up in the front of his briefs. Wow, she thought, one kick does this already. Greg pulled down the front to his briefs to examine his balls. They looked a little red and perhaps slightly swollen, but otherwise normal.

“How do they feel?” inquired Rachael.

“Tender, but fine,” said Greg rolling each one gently in turn between his thumb and forefinger to check it was still whole.

“I’m going to knee your balls now,” said Rachael.

“I said one kick, you’ve had that,” replied Greg. He wasn’t about to stop her though, this was too much of a turn-on to stop now.

“Come on, your enjoying this and so am I. Lets take it all the way whilst your balls are tender and see how much you can stand”. As she said this, her hand cupped Greg’s scrotum and gently massaged the contents. His cock was stiff now and his end was poking out from the briefs.

Greg considered Rachael’s request and decided he would like to know what his balls would feel like after she kneed him.

“OK, but make it good one,” he said.

Rachael stepped back, releasing his balls. She reached out with both arms and held Greg by the shoulders. She gestured him to open his legs wider, then swung her right leg back and then bought it rapidly up into his tender scrotum. Greg bent at the waist with the force. The few brief second quickly passed before he could feel the intense sensation in his nuts.

Rachael watched as Greg staggered at little, recovered his stance and grabbed his balls, holding the pair of red testicles as they delivered a painful but highly arousing pain throughout his body. His cock remained upright throughout this time. Rachael looked longingly at it, wanting to take the head into her cunt, impaling herself on the long shaft, right up to Greg’s aching balls.

“Here, let me,” she said reaching out for his balls. Greg removed his hand from around his testicles and started to gently rub the tip of his penis, slowly flicking the skin over the ridge.

Rachael took his testes in her right hand and felt the shape of each ball with her fingers. Almost instinctively her grip tightened on his balls. Both testicles were now trapped in a vice-like grip, her fingertips pushing into the firm flesh of Greg’s swollen balls. She locked her grip and at the same time leant forward and kissed Greg on the lips, pulling to him with her free hand.

The pain shot up Greg’s sides as he felt his balls grabbed in this tender state. After the initial shock had subsided the residual pain turned into an intense sexual ache once again and started to arouse him, his cock again stiffening, the glans bursting though his short foreskin to reveal his purple shining knob.

Rachael responded by taking her hand from around Greg’s waist and gripping his penis, allowing her hand to slowly masturbate him. Her other hand maintained its hold on his balls.

As she rubbed her hand up and down his erect cock Rachael could feel his balls throb under the pressure applied to them. Greg groaned audibly with the pain as she continued to grip his nuts and occasionally massage them. His only movement was a thwarted attempt to push his hand into Rachael’s knickers and rub her dripping pussy off. She was determined that this was going to be Greg’s experience and her coming could wait until he was ready to fuck her later.

“Are your balls alright?” she inquired.

“Yes, I can just stand your grip at the present. The longer you squeeze for, the more intense the pain becomes. Squeeze harder! Harder! Harder! Arrgh!” moaned Greg as Rachael obeyed his command. Her fingers now pulling at his compressed scrotum and its contents with her right hand. To apply more pressure to his balls she took her left hand off Greg’s knob and gripped his right testicle, his left one being gripped by her right hand. By applying separate forces to each ball the impact on Greg was visible. His cock seemed to grow even stiffer, the skin of his end stretched tighter, the hole in the end no longer a slit but almost round with an oozing of the clear fluid men make when highly aroused.

Greg groaned in both pain and pleasure at the forces acting between his open legs. Rachael started to move the tips of her fingers in the firm flesh of Greg’s balls whilst maintaining the pressure. Greg was almost whimpering but still he let her carry on.

Suddenly Rachael released his swollen testes, Greg sighed with relief at the almost instant removal of the deep-seated sensations in his balls and lower abdomen.

“Come over here and sit on your balls,” ordered Rachael as she took a slightly padded chair and placed it in the center of the bedroom.

Almost in a daze Greg moved over to the chair. Rachael reached between his legs from between his buttocks and pulled on his swollen scrotum. She allowed Greg to lower himself onto the chair whilst her hand held his balls in place close to his ass hole. As soon as the weight of his body started to push his balls into the firm cushion of the chair she withdrew her hand. Greg let out a moan as his weight compressed his super sensitive nuts, just to make sure he wasn’t cheating and taking some of the weight on his legs Rachael quickly pulled his feet up off the floor. Greg cried out again.

“How are they?” asked Rachael.

“Starting to throb, I can feel each ball, they feel really hard. It’s like I’m going to come, but I’m not going pass the point of no return and actually cumming off. Each time they throb they must swell because the pressure increase making them hurt and throb more.”

Rachael watched Greg’s face, slowly his eyes closed and his mouth opened. He looked almost at peace.

“What is it, Greg?” she wondered.

“It’s like coming in little bursts but without the sensation in my cock,” he whimpered.

With that Rachael pulled off her T-shirt followed by her now wet knickers. Quickly she rubbed her right hand over the opening to her pussy ensuring that the thick white cunt cream was ready for what she intended. By pulling Greg’s balls back between his legs his prick was stretched tight, the end at a shallow angle to his thighs. Rachael took hold of his shaft and quite roughly pulled the underside of the penis at the base to produce enough skin to allow it to angle upwards. This is where Greg’s eight inches would help.

Quickly she positioned herself on his thighs, holding his shoulders. Looking down to check the penetration angle, she lowered her wet pussy lips over the glans of his cock. She could achieve about three inches of penetration, enough she thought. Her next move was to start bobbing up and down on Greg, the point of deepest penetration resulted in most of her weight being taken by Greg’s throbbing balls. He briefly opened his eyes at the extra pressure and pain but he could hardly see his girlfriend inches away. The sensation in his balls and his cock now having its most sensitive parts rubbing up a woman’s pussy was too much.

The throbbing of his balls spread between is legs to envelope his entire sexual organs. He was coming like he has never come off before. The exquisite rubbing of knob inside Rachael and the hour of ball busting was coming to a climax. He threw his head back, mouth open wide and cried out in ecstasy as the first massive spurt shot from his pulsing cock. He could feel his balls almost wrenching themselves to pump out his cum into Rachael’s cunt, shot after shot of the hottest cum he had ever felt erupted from his dark purple penis. Still he cried out, the throbbing never seeming to end.

Rachael could feel the heat and the force of his spurts as the semen hit the walls of her vagina. Already it has started to trickle down her leg and onto Greg’s thighs. After what was an age Greg became quiet and still, to relieve him she climbed off him, more cum dripping from her pussy lips as she did.

Greg stayed still for a few more moments then raised himself to release his trapped balls. They were still swollen, hanging slack in his now red scrotum. Slowly he climbed out of the chair and looked at Rachael, smiled and took a step forward and put his arms around her naked body, drawing her to him. A large drop of cum landed on his foot.

Later Greg made love to Rachael, giving her an endless series of body shaking orgasms.


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