Monday, October 22, 2007

Saved By The… Bust(?)

by number2

Dustin knocked on the dressing room door softly and, when he heard the soft voice from within beckon him, he opened it up and walked in.

"The producer said you wanted to see me, Tiffani," Dustin said with some trepidation in his voice.

"Now Screech, what did I say you had to call me?" Tiffani replied with just a bit of anger in her voice.

"Oh, uh, yeah, I'm sorry. The producer said you wanted to see me, Ms. Thiessen." Dustin had learned, being the youngest of the kids, to show proper respect to the (slightly) older actors on the hit show. The guys didn't seem to have a problem with him but the girls, especially Tiffani, just loved to pick on him.

"And, uh, y'know, my name is Dustin, not Scree…"

"Look Screech," Tiffani somewhat rudely interrupted, "we're all getting older now and I've really noticed some changes in you." She swung around her chair and faced Dustin for the first time. He noticed that she was still clad in her Bayside High cheerleading uniform. The tight red sweater top strained to hold in her burgeoning breasts and the white, pleated skirt didn't cover much of her lithesome legs. He started to get that funny feeling in his pants that he usually got when she wore that outfit. She uncrossed her legs and sauntered over to him.

"When we started this show, the other guys had already gone through their 'changes'," she continued, "so they're pretty much the same, but you, you've definitely been transforming into a man before our very eyes." She was directly in front of him now and he realized that he had really never been this close to her before. In fact, he had been expressly forbidden to maintain eye contact with her and she did everything she could to limit her scenes with him. But now she was so close that he could smell the body lotion she used on her flawless skin, the shampoo in her long brunette hair and even the strawberry flavored lip gloss on her pouty lips.

She ran her index finger down his chest. "I mean, look at you, you're taller, you're more muscular and you even seem to be losing that ridiculous funny voice that you're known for. Her hand continued downward, brushing against the erection that was trying to explode out of his jeans. Despite the fact that he was a full five inches taller than her, he felt like a small child with her, unable to do anything but sweat and quiver.

"And I was wondering." Her hand slid down and cupped his nutsack. "Were you planning to stop doing that stupid voice?" she asked sweetly.

Dustin gulped. His throat was dry and his mind clouded but he was able to understand that she wanted an answer. "Uh, ah, yes, I, uh, I guess so," he stammered out.

Tiffani released his nuts and stated matter-of-factly, "Then I think we have a problem." Dustin was taken aback. He didn't know what was wrong, he just knew he wanted Tiffani's (sorry, Ms. Thiessen's) hand back on his crotch.

"Uh, ah, I'm sure whatever the problem is we can work something out," he said quickly.

"Do you really think so?" Tiffani asked innocently. Dustin nodded and she responded with a big smile.

"Good." Dustin was startled as her hand snaked its way into his pants. "You see, it's just that that dumb-ass voice of yours is what makes you special on this show." Her fingers crawled down his shaft, gently massaging it. He could barely concentrate on her words; he was doing everything he could to not shoot his load.

"We've got the jock, the preppie, the activist, the rich girl and, of course, me, the sweet cheerleader. You're our only link to the geeks, freaks and losers and we don't want to lose our audience." Her fingers wrapped around his ballsack and gripped it securely. "So I had a talk with the other people on the show and we decided it would be a bad idea for you to lose the voice."

"Um, er, okay, I, uh, I guess I could keep doing the voice if it would help the show," Dustin spluttered out.

"See, I told the other girls that you'd do anything to help out… and you will do anything, right?"

"Sure, whatever." He thought, 'I'd do anything to keep your hand down my pants.'

"Good, then you won't mind dealing with the other problem." Dustin had no idea what she was talking about and didn't really care. This was the best day of his life and he was willing to agree to just about anything.

"Screech, I know you'll be able to keep up that asinine tone of voice when we're filming but the problem comes when we do all those mall appearances." Dustin was about ready to cum; he didn't even hear much of what she was saying at this point. "We can't risk you slipping up and accidentally speaking with a man's voice. So I came up with a solution."

'Just a few more seconds,' he thought. 'I'm almost there."

"I'm going to have to castrate you," she said unemotionally.

'Oh God, yes! I'm going to... wait a second… what did she say?"

Tiffani's hand closed tightly around Dustin's balls and any thoughts of pleasure quickly leapt from his mind. As she squeezed, tears began to well up on the young actor's face. He tried to escape but every moment he made pulled his sack away from his body causing him even more pain.

Tiffani smiled as her small hand compressed his nuts like they were Silly Putty. Despite all her strength though, his balls stayed intact and would not rupture. After over a minute of this torture, she happened upon an idea.

She briefly released his scrotum, allowing poor Dustin a moment of respite. Unfortunately for him, his torment was not over, not by a long shot. Tiffani readjusted quickly and focused all her power on just one testicle. Dustin screamed as her nails bit into his flesh as she made a fist with his unfortunate ball trapped inside. Now concentrating on the single testicle, Tiffani was able to put twice as much pressure and she began to feel it give way.

Dustin began to thrash about, trying to get her to lose her grip but she held steadfast. Tiffani even noticed that she was starting to get sexually excited at her co-star's agony. Her pert nipples were erect and her panties were dripping with her juices. She gave one more squeeze with all her might then heard a 'squick' as Dustin's ball exploded. His screams stopped suddenly as he passed, mercifully, into unconsciousness. Tiffani finally let go of him and he slumped to the ground.

Deciding she needed to check her handiwork, she yanked down the comatose actor's jeans and underwear in one swift motion. His scrotum was a disgusting shade of purple and black. Despite the fact she had just done the damage she saw, she was wary to touch it. She probed the pulpy mass with the tip of her pristine white tennis shoe and an electric jolt ran through her entire body. She couldn't resist plunging her hand down into her now-soaked panties and fingering herself to a mind-shattering orgasm as she flattened the mush that was once Dustin's left testicle.

After a few moments Tiffani regained her composure and looked down at the lifeless young man below her. Although her mission was complete and Dustin's nut was turned into paste, virtually assuring that his voice would never change, she wondered if that was enough. She thought that it might be a good idea to destroy his other ball, just in case.

She calmly raised her foot up high and positioned it over his remaining testicle, planning to take it out in one swift motion, when the call signal rang out, alerting her that it was time to film her next scene.

She put her foot back down, blew Dustin a kiss and whispered to him, "I guess you were just 'saved by the bell'," as she skipped out of the room.

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