Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Shoe Store Clerk

By MsBoots69

While working during X-mas vacation at a mall in Denver while I was in college, I took a part time job at a shoe store called "The Freaky Pair" which specialized in hard to find HIGH heels and all up to date "fashionable" shoes.

I worked from 10am until 9:30pm one day and dealt with over 150 totally complete assholes {customers} that demanded everything and really had me in a really pissy mood!!!!

While I was locking up and doing inventory a security guard walked up behind me and asked me if I needed a hand? BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Besides the fact he was a fat obnoxious pimply young kid, he grabbed MY ASS which you do not do without me wanting me to!!!!!

Well somehow I kept my composure and said "sure" and told him to come in back and we well have a few "KICKS" together...

I led him into the stockroom and told him to wait by the curtain while I used the bathroom. Which was really time for me to get and slip on a pair of size 7 1/2 red pumps that laced up the front and had long strings that wrapped around my ankles and legs and tied in a big bow just below my knee, with a nice 4 1/2 inch heel that was very wide at the top but tapered smaller than a #2 pencil at the bottom!!

I snuck up behind the kid and he was just standing there leaning over a small counter and I hauled off and kicked him as hard as I possibly could, all he could do was stand there in shock and lean over the table more opening up his crotch even more and again I let him have a perfectly placed red toed shoe in his balls!!! This time he fell to the ground on his backs screaming STOP PLEASE, but all the days frustrations only made me deaf and all I did was change my shoes into a pair of brown suede boots with a thick chunky heel and then I stomped him so hard he sat up and I seen him crying, not moving, just holding my ankle while my boot heel was grinding into his balls and all he could do was cry!!!

I wanted to try on all the shoes and see which ones were the best on this kid but I thought he had enough and helped him out of the store and leaned him up on the banister by the steps and held his head up so he could look me eye to eye and rammed my knee into his beaten nuts for one for the road, he fell so hard to the floor and balled up like a little baby!!!! Oh well!!!!

I went back into the store to lock up and looked at all the shoes I could of used as weapons and really CRUSHED the kid, and just smiled and walked by him still balled up on the floor and told him how lucky he really was I was a nice girl!!!!!!

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