Friday, October 5, 2007

Step Sister

by jonsnidr

That night the 17 year old girl has an argument with her step brother purposely initiated by her. She incites his anger to the point where he strikes out at her slapping her in the face. She takes the opportunity to do what she had so long desired. Distracting him with a palm strike to the chin she moves in for the kill. She had donned her heavy high heel boots especially for the occasion. Wearing tight high cut hot pants and t shirt her beauty is on show for him to see. Grabbing him by the arms she begins with a graceful knee in the balls which she noticed bends him over nicely. She can already feel her juices flowing in anticipation of what is to follow. She pushes him upright against the wall and steps back.

Moving quickly she plants her left leg and moves the right back. She brings the right forward with all the force she can muster. Her shapely booted leg moves forward and upwards, the metal reinforced toe of the boot striking her step brother full in the nuts. The hard point of her boot hits directly on the target smashing his jewels. He collapses to the floor eyes popping out and totally defeated. Pushing his legs apart she finishes the job with a few stomps using the sharp boot heel jabbed into his scrotum. Still unsatisfied she picks him up by the hair and delivers a final knee directly to his testes utterly crushing them.

Leaving him slumped on the floor semiconscious she strolls off sure that he won’t bother her again.

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