Friday, October 5, 2007

Steph's Warning

by jacksdoe

It wasn’t long after my first busting with Stephanie that we realized we were better for each other than just a quick fling. We hung out a lot that semester and things seemed to be moving faster than any relationship I’d been in before… of course, this is college after-all. I guess I knew I was “in” when she quickly introduced me to her friends and I could read that look in their eyes, the “so this is the guy we’ve been hearing about” look. Most of her friends were guys, and they all of them definitely wanted her, so we understood we wouldn’t be close friends as long as I was with Steph. That was true of all of them except for her closest friend and roommate Mandy who actually seemed to like me.

Mandy was definitely a brain, always walking around with her nose in a book and always studying things/people with her penetrating observational eyes. Plus her wit was sharp as a tack but she was so shy that she really needed to be comfortable with you before she’d loosen up and attack you with it. But as bright and quiet as she was you probably wouldn’t guess how much of a looker she could be; hell, if I wasn’t already into Steph she would definitely be on my top 5 girls on campus “to do” list. Long skinny legs in tight blue jeans, and long dark straight hair that she kept tied back in a ponytail. She had this whole conservative European model thing going on and although I’m sure she was fit and toned she wasn’t athletic like Steph. Mandy was more delicate then Stephanie and she didn’t taunt the campus boys with her sex appeal like Steph did, that would have been beneath her classy image. Instead she could rest behind those dark framed eyeglasses of hers and just exuded it naturally. So there you have it, the brunette beauty was rooming with my blonde goddess. Oh Yeah… I had ideas, but I valued my balls too much to even explore that subject with Steph.

I didn’t really start to get to know Mandy until I started hanging out at their dorm room waiting for Steph to get back from work. I wanted to make a good impression but sitting that close to someone as hot as Mandy was so intimidating I had the tendency to ramble on nervously. She would listen so intently lying on her bed; head propped up on one arm, and would often flash a smile at whatever the hell I was saying.

I wasn’t sure what she thought of me until one night Steph and I were walking around campus and after a period of walking in conversation she popped it out of the blue, “Oh, I couldn’t get Mandy to shut up about you the other night.”

She grinned widely, “Really?”

Then Steph really hammed it up with her mock baby voice, “’Jacks is so cute’… ‘He gets flustered so easily’… ‘he has such a cute smile’…’I love guys like that’”

Before hearing this I had actually begun to wonder whether or not Mandy thought I was retarded. But it didn’t take long for her words to pump up the old ego and I was strutting my stuff in no time.

“Oh you mean this smile” I grinned all cocky and raised one of my eyebrows to overplay the part. Steph just chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Ok ‘hot stuff’ get over yourself.” We slowed down our walk and stepped out from the light-posts path in the shadows of a tree, Steph wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I had to remind Mandy to keep her hands off my guy because you,” she giggled as she leaned in for a kiss, “are all mine.”

Still playing off the ego high I was feeling dangerously confident, “Well, one more pair of hands couldn’t hurt.” I grinned suggestively.

She stopped coming in for the kiss and cocked her head, pushing her tongue against the inside of her cheek in an open mouthed smile. Her fingers unlaced behind my neck and her smooth hands traced over the outline of my shoulders, then worked down the center of my chest, down just beyond my belt. She cut her eyes up at mine and let out a long sigh as her hand was caressing my shaft through my board shorts, “Some boys just don’t learn the easy way.”

I instantly felt her fingers drop and clutch tightly around my balls squeezing the life out of them, I reached to pull her hand away but she just tightened her grip and said oh so calmly, “Don’t.”

Her eyes were transfixed on mine and she never stopped smiling her sexy grin. “Wow, you do get flustered easily don’t you?” Her grip tightened a little more but before I could sink to the floor she backed me into the tree.

“Now then, babe, are you sure one more pair of hands couldn’t hurt you… cause you don’t seem to be doing so hot ‘hot stuff’.” She yanked down hard on my sack and I started to drop to my knees but then she pulled back up again preventing the fall, then she repeated a couple of times and couldn’t help herself from laughing at the squeaking noises and pained faces I was making.

“Now I know guys are always horny and I also know Mandy is a hot piece of ass but I really want the two of you to get along and not have to worry about you hitting on her OK?” I nodded as strongly as I could without moving any part of my body below my neck, and felt my mouth drop open in a silent scream as she rolled my nuts in her palm occasionally squeezing them into each other.

She leaned into my chest and I could feel her soft boobs pressing against me as she opened that knowing smile of hers and began one of her melting French kisses. By this point the pain radiating from my nuts had climbed up into and beyond my stomach so that even now I wondered if she could feel the pain she was causing me through my quivering lips. I couldn’t reach my balls so I grabbed the closest thing in that area so I grabbed my hands full of Stephanie’s ass which only seemed to turn her on more and tighten her grip. I could hear my own moans being drowned out by Steph’s stimulating tongue. Finally she pulled her head back still licking her lips and still keeping a death grip on my package.

“Hmm, you taste like caramels. Well I think you and your boys get the idea… So uhhmm, how’re your balls” she squeezed tight and let go rapidly a few times just to get a chuckle out of my reaction. “I’m sorry babe but this is more fun than I thought it would be and since I haven’t been able to get you to play Frisbee with me again you’ve had it coming for a while.”

She brushed her hair back over her shoulder and licked her lips again, “I wonder if all of you tastes this good. In fact I’ve been pretty rough on your fellas tonight but there’s one more thing: I’d like to find out and maybe you could help me with. I’ve never put a guys balls in my mouth and I always hear that phrase ‘Suck my left nut’ so I’d really like to find out what your balls taste like.” I gulped as her tone was dripping sensuality, but didn’t have time to offer a response. She was soooo excited as she opened my belt; careful to switch hands quickly as she was definitely still holding me up by my balls, then lowered my board shorts. I usually go commando so that was all it took to strip me down naked against the tree.

“I hope you know that you really needed this good old fashioned ball busting to keep you in check, right? I mean if we’re gonna have a serious relationship I need you to get along with my closest friend without wanted to hump her leg every time you see her in a crop top. But after tonight you won’t exactly be fantasizing about Mandy without this little reminder popping into mind will you? So to finish this off on a more pleasurable note you don’t mind if I find out what they taste like on the tongue do you?”

My ability to speak was robbed a long time ago and I was barely able to see the excitement on her face as she got down on her knees. I stood there waiting for I don’t know how long with my cock straight out and my girl’s fist around my nads expecting either a blow job or a nut sucking but then she stood back up and leaned into me again and smiled. “No you won’t forget about tonight,” she let go of my balls with one hand and immediately rocketed her knee up into my sack and held it their as all my body weight was being held up by her knee and my balls. I guess she had got a footing on the tree behind me because she wasn’t strong enough to support all my weight with her thigh.

I was hanging in limbo by my nuts, and I tried to fall but just ended up sliding halfway down her smooth golden tanned leg. I held fast when my boys reached her knee cap but realizing this she faintly bobbed her leg sending me down to her shin where I instinctively leaned forward and coiled my left arm around her muscular thigh like I was holding onto a tree limb that I’d racked myself with. My right arm reached around and gripped her ass check which she seemed to enjoy, but all I wanted to do was fall to the ground and hold my throbbing lemon sized orbs as I pass out but she wouldn’t let me. As my upper body was draped across her knee she gently ran her fingers through my thick head of hair as I groaned in pain. Despite my agony I still had a serious hard-on pressed against her leg and all my weight combined with the pressure built up by the torture to my balls she had me on the verge of cumming.

She leaned over slightly and took my head in her hands lifting it up so she could look into my tear filled eyes, “Hey baby, you know those things in the back of your throat… can you describe what they taste like.” She jiggled her knee a little as she laughed and it was just enough to make my cock exploded onto her thigh and all over stomach I let go of her ass and leg and let my arms fall limp as the ecstasy of my throbbing cock was immediately replaced by the overwhelming throbbing of my nuts. She pulled her knee away and I dropped like a bag of bricks as I cupped my jewels and curled up in the worst pain of my life. Steph had the biggest smile as she picked up my board shorts and began wiping my jiz off her leg, “Wow, sucks to have balls huh?” Then her eyes lit up, “Hey, as fights go I guess we can say you got creamed huh?” I could hear her chuckles overtop of my moaning as she tossed my shorts on my oblivious clenched body.

“If I wasn’t so turned on I’d probably feel bad for him,” through my squinted eyes I looked up at the voice I had recognized. My eyes followed up the long tanned legs as Mandy emerged from the shadows to stand beside Steph, both girls with hands on hips towering over me with hungry grins.

“Something about a guy drooling all over himself gets me wet every time.” I could hear them giggling as they walked off talking about something (or someone) Mandy was almost finished with but then I couldn’t hear anything but the blood pumping through my eardrum. I closed my eyes as new waves of pain coursed through my body, but with each gut wrenching wave an orgasmic moment flashed through my mind: the image of those two gorgeous chicks and their sexy smiles looking down on me with such satisfaction in their eyes.

Another shot of pain kicked in and I could feel my eyes rolling back as I gratefully drifted off into blissful whimper-free unconsciousness still holding a bigger and bluer pair of balls than I had ever held before.

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