Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trick or Treat

By nutcracker sweet

With the neighborhood kids seemingly done with their Trick-or-Treating you settle down on the couch, your balls wrapped in a silk sash and with a fistful of baby oil you start to stroke yourself, as Elvira camps it up on the television.

Hot damn, you think, that Mid-western Viking has sure got some big knockers. You giggle, thinking, I bet that sawed-off runt in Mudville County wishes she had half the tits of Cassandra Petersen...


"Oh shit!" you mutter, tucking yourself back into your Spiderman pajamas. "Must be one last Trick-or-Treater."


"Hold your horses! I'm coming!"

You open the door, but there is no one there. You tentatively poke your head out and look to the right...and then look to the left, but nada. Not a damn thing.

"Hm?" You step out on the front steps and gaze up and down the block, taking in the Halloween decorations until your eye falls on the house where Alex Macleod filmed an episode of "Trading Spaces". Your hand absently fondles your tight scrotum as you muse about blue-eyed Scottish lasses. Mmmmmmmmm, blue-eyed Celtic girls... DOH!

You hear a noise from back inside your house! But it isn't Elvira telling one of her corny jokes. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end as you consider entering the house. Maybe you ought to head down to the VFW for reinforcements...

Oh, don't be a sissy, you reproach yourself, it's gotta be the TV, or the cat, or something logical...

So you turn and march back in slamming the door behind you, and locking it. The silence is deafening. You know that you left the television on. Slowly you turn, clutch your chest and stagger backwards at the apparition before you! Three cloaked figures, their features hidden within the cowls of their capes!

"Yikes!" You step back, only to have your arms seized. Bug-eyed, you look over your shoulders to see two more shadowy figures holding you tightly. You feel your bowels ready to evacuate in terror.

"Wha-bab-dab-whoo-gep-nadan-" you stutter ala Porky Pig.

The living nightmare in the middle steps forward a pace or two. "This is the Festival of Samhain," a soft lilting drawl speaks from out of the shadow of the hood, "and we need to appease the gods of the Otherworld."

You lick the sweat from your upper lip, thinking, Thank god; at least they're human...

Another one of the cloaked figures steps right up to you and a slight, silver-ringed hand shoots out of the billowy sleeve to grab your crotch... and women, you smile to yourself.

"Yugh!" you chirp, as the black-lacquered nails dig into your testicles.

"Particularly, we need to appease the goddess, Nut-crunchicle!" The hand twists and tightens on your hapless nut sac.

"You do know who Nut-crunchicle was, don't ye?"

Grimacing and red faced you weakly shake your head, "NO."

"Ah! She was an ancient Druid priestess, she died a horrible death at the hands of 'traders from the East'!", she drawls as she shakes your nuts and lets 'em drop.

The third specter pipes in, "Her soul can't rest until her treacherous death has been avenged!"

"Yeah," says the cowled one at your right shoulder as she reaches around you to punch your balls. "Repaid in full!"

"Wha- what’s this gotta do with me?" you gasp

She presses her face so close to yours that you can smell her breath, which vaguely reminds you of kerosene, "You are the last remaining male descendent of those murderous traitors from the East!"

"And we are the Daughters of Nut-crunchicle!" they all sing out in unison. "And we've come to finish the last chapter to this ancient story!" The three in front of you throw off their cloaks, to stand spread legged, hands on hips. Naked, except for thigh-high black leather boots with spurs and strap-on dildos over their glistening crotches. Thin-hipped, tight-assed, flat-bellied, small of breast, blue eyes blazing contempt at you.

Even in this situation your lustful animal instincts take over as you gawk at the three women who certainly do bear a resemblance to each other, and your cock starts to stir as your aching balls roll in their fleshy pouch.

"Howdy!" drawls the smallest of the three as she rakes her black-lacquered fingers through her unruly, raven-mane, "It's me, Moira!"

"Jaysus, Moira, what the hell is goin' on?" you desperately interrupt her.

You slump and gag when the lady in the middle steps up and kicks your balls, ordering you, "Silence!"

"OOOOPS! You just made Fionna's acquaintance!" Moira continues, turning to gesture at the third raven-haired, blue-eyed vixen who is smiling at you and idly slapping her latex cock, "and that's Alex (Macleod)!"

Fionna grabs your balls in a strangle-hold and Moira and Alex take over holding your arms to your sides, as the other two step out to cast aside their cloaks, licking their lips and stroking their own "cocks."

"Meredith (Brooks), Shannon (Doherty), meet Cyber-perv," Moira continues.

Your eyes dart to the faces of the five women that are standing naked in your living room! Your living room! Hot damn! This is a dream come true! Oh, how many times have you masturbated to visions of these five lovelies? Many! Well, at least to visions of Meredith, Alex, and Shannon while watching TV. The other two you could only make up in your own head how they might look! Now here they were! This could only be a good thing... right?

"Permission to ask a question, Fionna," you groan.

She eases her grip on your nuts, "Shoot!"

"How did my ancestors dispatch your Nut-crunchicle?"

The five women exchange glances.

Meredith backhands your cock, hard!

Fionna knees your balls!

"They fucked her to death!"

At the look of abject terror that fills your eyes all five women burst into evil laughter, "Bwahahahahahahahah!"

As the implications of Meredith's statement dawn on you, five women sporting latex cocks and bent on avenging an ancient transgression against one of their own suddenly didn't seem so sexy anymore.

She must have read the consternation in your eyes because Meredith then backhands you across the side of your head. "Tough shit, Cyber-perv! But this is the only way to bring Nut-crunchicle eternal rest!"

Stars explode before your eyes and your head reels. You are only vaguely aware of the women milling about, as hands roughly grab you and lead you to the kitchen table, pushing you face down on it. One of the women is leaning on your back; one elbow digging into your spine and one hand under your hairy ass squeezing your nuts and rolling them against each other.

The shrill of the Highland pipes splits the air as Alex, fumbling with CDs at the player turns, grinning. "Och! Music for the soul, eh, sisters?"

Shannon wipes a tear from her eye. "Ah, Truer words never spoken!"

"Aye! Warms the cockles of me heart!"

"Turn it up! That'll drown out the pig's screams!"

The hand on your nuts squeezes harder and Meredith growls in your ear, "Squeal piggy!"

You gasp out a few half-hearted "oinks" and "soowees".

She grinds her elbow into your back and twists your nuts. "Ye're fuckin' pathetic! But for sure ye'll be squealin' soon!"

Fionna smacks your ass. "Moira, go to his closet and get a few of his ties so that we can lash him down."

You grimace. "Not my Garcia ties, please", and manage to turn your head to look across the table where you come eye to "eye" with Shannon's "cock". She has two black-lacquered fingers slid behind the dildo and into her glistening womanhood. She is diddling herself.

"Mmmmm, I want him to suck my dick!" she winks one blue eye at you.

Alex is opening and shutting kitchen cabinets. She opens the fridge and pulls out a six pack of TsingTao beer, "Look at this shit! He drinks slope piss-water." She cracks open a beer and downs about half of it in one draught. "Yuck! Pretentious yuppie puke."

Alex opens more beers and hands them around as Moira comes skipping out of the back hallway with a handful of silk Gucci ties.

Moira is bubbling over with excitement, "Hey guys! Y'all should come back here and see this! I think we ought to have a little fun with him first!"

While maintaining a strangle-hold on your testicles with one hand, Meredith grabs a fistful of hair with the other, jerks you upright and starts to manhandle you down the hall, Moira leading the way with Shannon, and Alex and Fionna trailing behind, drinking beer and giggling conspiratorially.

Moira pulls up short. "Ta Da!" She gestures towards the bedroom.

The other four women and you exchange puzzled looks.


"Up here, sillies!" Moira leaps to grab the chinning-bar mounted in your bedroom doorway where she swings like a chimp jacked up on crystal Meth, her "cock" waggling obscenely.

Moira jumps down, blue eyes flashing. "This is goin' to be fun!"

"Grand idea!" Meredith positions you in the doorway. "Arms up!" The women use a couple of your ties to bind your wrists to the chinning bar.

You stand trembling, your scrotum shriveling in terror as your testicles try to seek refuge within your body. Your limp dick withdraws into itself.

"Ahh, look it! 'Mr. Turtle' is hiding", Shannon coos, tweaking your dick. She grabs your hips, and squats down to let her tongue flick across your flaccid member. As your cock rises to the occasion she sucks on the head, her azure eyes smiling up at you. The women cheer and jeer.

With your cock fully erect and oozing pre-cum she runs her tongue up the underside of your cock, stands to step back, "Mmmm, isn't that better?"

"Much!" Alex says. "Now let's beat his balls!"

"Yesss!" hisses Moira, hoping up and down, hardly able to contain her excitement.

"Sure fun is fun, sisters," Fionna drawls behind you, "but let's not forget the real business for our being here."

You stiffen as you feel the tip of her latex cock tentatively pressing at your butt crack. "No... please don't..." you whimper.

"Looky!" Meredith exclaims as she returns from the kitchen, swinging a broom as her ancestors wielded a basket-hilted claymore. "A spreader-bar!" She lightly taps your nuts with the end of the broom stick causing you to lurch backwards against Fionna's "cock".

"EEEEEEK!" you squeal.

"A bit too long though, ain't it?"

"We only need about two, three feet..."

"So let's break it off over his head!"

"Nah! I want him conscious for what he is about to suffer."

As this girly banter is being exchanged, Moira slips away to the front of the house. She enters the garage where she picks up a hammer, handsaw, and a couple of large nails. She returns after first stopping to turn up the pipes music a wee bit.

"Here." She hands the saw to Shannon.

Fionna grabs the broom from Meredith. "Hm, we need a way to hold this while we saw it down to size..." She casts a sidelong look at you, and a cruel smile plays across her lips. The other women follow her glance and they all start to laugh!

Fionna works up a mouthful of saliva and spits on the end of the broom stick then, swiftly and without warning, she jams it into your ass!

You shriek! Tears filling your eyes, you thrash against your restraints until Meredith's firm hand calms you down by squeezing your balls. While Fionna holds the broom stick firmly in your ass, Shannon uses the saw to cut it off at about three feet in length.

Even with Meredith's death-grip on your testes and tears of pain running down your cheeks, you sigh in relief when Fionna pulls the spreader-bar from your rectum.

Alex and Moira squat down to tie off the ends of the bar securely to your ankles.

Shannon reaches over your shoulder with a pair of your soiled boxer shorts that she stuffs into your mouth. Fionna secures this make-shift ball-gag with another one of your ties wrapped around your head.

Your eyes bug in abject terror as Moira advances on you with the hammer and nails. Sweat, tears, and snot stream down your face.

Moira stands before you and stares searchingly into your eyes. Searching for what? She smiles, winks and drops to her knees!

OH MY GOD, you try to scream through the soiled cotton, NOT MY BALLS!


You look down to see Moira hammering the nails into either side of the doorframe. She then secures your ankles to the nails with two more of your ties.

"Hey! Now that's using your head, girl!

"Way to go, li'l sister!"


Moira stands and rubs the cold, steel hammerhead against your balls. "Now we gotchya right how I wantchya!"

Meredith nudges her aside. "Me first!" She squints at you, slowly drawls, "I'm gonna knee your nuts!"

Your plaintive cries for mercy are swallowed by the cotton gag.

"HeeYah!" her knee flies up towards your crotch! You buck in your bindings! But she stops just short of slamming your balls. Her eyes flash! "Maybe next time!" she giggles.


Shannon's booted foot swings up between your legs from behind to smash your testicles between her foot and your body!

You convulse, screaming into the gag!

Meredith grasps your shoulders and pile-drives her knee into your balls!

You retch, the wind knocked out of you! Behind the excruciating pain is the fear that you are going to drown on your own vomit. You choke it back down. The pain in your groin throbbing up through your abdomen. You want nothing more than to curl up on the floor, clutching yourself. You hang in your restraints, crying and sniffling, incapacitated by the agony that radiates from your battered manhood.

"Hot damn, girls! That had to hurt, eh?" beams Alex.

"I dunno, let's ask him." Fionna pries the gag from your mouth and you suck air!

"How'd that feel?"

All that you can do is whimper, moan and weakly shake your head.

"Did it hurt your little ballies?"

"Would you like another?"

"No," you manage to croak, "please... no more..."

"Oh, but Alex, Moira and Fionna haven't had their turns yet."

"No, please..." you sob. "I'm beggin' for mercy... I'll do anything... my balls can't take anymore..."

"Sure they can," Moira says as she steps in front of you. "Testicles are tough little organs." She wraps one little hand around the neck of your nuts pulling down on your scrotum and stretching your rapidly swelling testicles away from your body. "It's you that can't handle anymore."

As Moira is holding your balls, you feel Fionna's hands on your hips and the head of her "dick" pushing between your butt cheeks to press against your anus. You start to jabber away, again begging for mercy.

Fionna rocks forward on the balls of her feet and the "cock" enters you. You scream! You arch your back as Fionna slides it in even deeper, and then pulls it back. In and out, in and out, working up a rhythm.

Your screams are drowned by the shrill of the pipes.

Fionna is pounding your entrails.

Moira yanks sharply down on your nuts. She balls up her other fist and swings a round-house upper-cut solidly into the underside of your trapped balls!

Your world explodes in pain!

You scream!

You puke!

You pass out!

Hanging limply.

You awake to feel Alex lapping at your swollen and sore man-eggs. You are afraid to open your eyes. But you hear a soothing voice, and the rough tongue feels weird on your tight nut-sac.

You halfway open one eye to see that it is your cat that is licking your balls! And it is Elvira yammering away on the TV!

"What the...!" You bolt upright, arms and legs flailing! Only to roll on to your side as a sharp pain shoots through your abdomen. Your ass is on fire! You reach behind you to feel a candle sticking out of your ass. You yank it free and toss the taper to the floor.

You are naked from the waist down. Your nut-sac is swollen the size of a grapefruit. Your hands, unfettered, gently touch your tender testes. Your asshole throbs with pain.

You look around. No blue eyed, raven haired Celtic women. No cloaks. No Druids. No strap-on dildos. No ties. Nothing.

"Holy shit!" You rub your hands over your face, wiping away the cold sweat. "It was just a dream..."

You shudder, "More like a nightmare."

You turn down the TV and stagger into the kitchen where you see the five empty Chinese beer bottles, "Geez! No wonder I passed out and had such a weird dream."

You shake your head thinking about how realistic that dream was. A shudder runs up your spine.

You grab the last TsingTao and waddle back to the couch, failing to notice as you pass it by, the CD of Highland pipe music left in the player.

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