Thursday, October 11, 2007

Truth or Dare with Amy and Heather

By loganknight

This story is loosely based on an experience I had when I was 20, and in my own place for the first time.

We used to call Amy "Little Amy" because she was so young compared to the rest of us in the crowd we ran around with. She was 16, and while she didn't have a great body, she was a lot of fun and cute as a button. I don't know if it was her attitude or her personality, but even though you wouldn't think she was sexy when you first looked at her, once you got to know her she certainly had a strong appeal. 5 foot nothing and 120 pounds with reddish-blond hair and maybe a 38b-30-38 body; she was always fun to have around. Her friend Heather was another story - this girl was 18, and without doubt one of the sexiest women I'd ever met. 5'3" or so and 108 at most, she was a 36d-26-36 knockout brunette with long black hair and light brown eyes. The only thing wrong with her was that she didn't have any idea how hot she was - in fact; she seemed to think she was unattractive.

My apartment was a typical "single man first apartment" - I had a hand-me-down couch, a table with a TV on it and an overstuffed chair in the living room, a mattress on the floor in the bedroom, and a lot of beer in the fridge. It was 9pm on a Saturday night that, for some reason I can't remember, the three of us were sitting on the floor in my apartment, drinking beer and bored silly.

Normally there would have been nine or ten of us out somewhere - the lake, a movie, a club, whatever. So after a few beers, Amy pulls a deck of cards out from her purse and jokingly suggests strip poker.

Heather laughs and says "OK, why not?" and I'm doing some fast mental math - I'm wearing jeans, a T-shirt and some boxers, with a pair of socks. Bother girls have on two shirts, jeans, bra, panties shoes and socks. Not wanting to seem like a party pooper (and eager to see Heather nude!) I declare that so long as shoes and socks count as a single item, I'm in.

Pretty soon I'm down to my boxers, and the girls are in just the jeans, panties and T-shirts (they'd opted to take their bras off under their second shirt rather than loose the shirt - much to my disappointment). Heather also still had her shoes - moccasin boots that laced up to just under her knees.

An argument about something or other broke out and Amy commented "Hey, you're the one that was so eager to be naked, why don't you just strip!" I pointed out that it was the two of THEM that were so eager to have me naked, not me.

Amy and Heather looked at each other and Amy said "He's right - get his boxers!" as they both lunged at me. Now, there are far worse things that can happen than to have two women you find attractive struggling against you trying to get your last article of clothing off, I'm sure you'll agree. But I put up a fight anyway, and at some point while I had Heather in a hug with me on the floor on my back and her back to my chest on top of me that she started kicking around and "accidentally" brought the heel of her right boot down squarely on my nuts. That finished me off in a number of ways. As pain exploded in my balls, my cock went from semi-rigid to a full scale woody, and enough fight went out of me that Amy swooped in and yanked my boxers down and off my body.

My arms released Heather, who giggled out a "sorry about that" as she rolled off me, and I felt Amy's hand close tightly around my cock, as she giggled "Hey, look! The little guy sure is happy to see us!" In addition to the fact that Amy had few, if any, inhibitions, she and I had also slept together a few times in the past, so the fact that she was so comfortable with my body wasn't surprising.

Heather, on the other hand, had never seen me naked, so it was a little embarrassing for me that the first time should be while I in moderate pain with a raging hard on that another girl had her hand wrapped around while she squeezed it and shook it back and forth. "Hey, I have an idea!" said Heather as her eyes locked on my cock and balls. "Let's play Truth or Dare!"

Everyone quickly agreed, and Amy looked at me and said "Truth or Dare!"

"Dare!" I replied, starting to get up to find my clothes.

"I dare you to stay naked the rest of the night!" I must confess, I hadn't seen that one coming.

"What?" I replied, my boxers now in my hand. I looked at them and tossed them over onto the couch. "OK, my turn, Amy, Truth of Dare!"

"Truth!" she giggled. Damn.

Well, fine, then I'll just embarrass her "Is it true that you like giving blow jobs better than sex?"

To her credit, she did manage a small blush "Yes, that's true. Heather, Truth or Dare!"

Heather was looking at my still hard cock, but as all eyes turned to her she looked up. "Uh….truth!"

"Do you like giving blow jobs?" Amy asked.

Heather actually looked uncomfortable. "I've never given one" she admitted.

"What?!?!" Amy was shocked. Heather quickly explained that she'd only dated her ex-boyfriend, and even though they were together for almost 3 years, they'd never really done anything, and the three or four times they had had sexy, it had been in a room with all the lights out. She went on to explain that this was the first time she'd actually gotten a good look at a naked man. My cock twitched and stood a little higher.

"Logan, Truth or Dare!" Heather said.

"Well, since no one else seems to be taking dares, I'll take truth!" now mind you, our little crowd wasn't shy - these were all questions we could have asked at any time and gotten truthful answers, but still, the game is the game.

"Did it turn you on when I kicked your balls?" Heather wanted to know.

Uh oh. I hadn't seen that one coming, either. Heather was looking at me, and Amy looked very curious as well. "Um….yeah." I sort of mumbled.

"What? It looked like it hurt!" Amy exclaimed in disbelief.

"Well, it did, but it was erotic, too…" I tried to explain. Amy was always teasing about hitting guys in the balls, so I suspected she enjoyed it, which explained her interest in finding out that I might be OK with it.

"Heather, Truth or Dare!" I said. Truth again for Heather. "So did you like kicking my balls?"

It was Heather's turn to blush. "Yes, it was funny and a turn on." My cock was really hard now!

"Amy, truth or dare!" Heather asked.

"I'll take a dare" Amy replied. Looking back on it, I'd figure out that the only reason she took the dare was that she wanted ME to take the next dare.

"OK, let me see…" Heather looked around the room. "Oh, OK. I dare you to take off your shirt and go get us more beers!"

Amy took off her shirt and headed to the fridge. Coming back, her nipples were hard from the cold air in the fridge, and I liked the view very much. She put her shirt back on and looked at me and said "Truth or Dare!"

"Dare!" I said

"I dare you to be our servant for the rest of the night; our wishes will be your commands!" After some negotiations, it was agreed that I would do it, provided I had the right to veto anything that was over the line, and that they would be topless for the rest of the night. The girls took off their shirts.

"So we can do anything we want with him?" Heather asked Amy.


"So if I wanted to grab his dick..." Heather left the question hang.

"Just reach over and grab!" Amy confirmed. Heather grabbed my hard cock with gusto. She squeezed tightly, pulling and shaking it around, "Look at the way his balls bounce around!" Heather giggled.

"Slap 'em!" Amy laughed, and before I could react, Heather's hand shot out and slapped my nuts, hard. Amy let go of my dick, letting me slump to the floor holding my balls as the girls laughed.

"Oh, we're gonna have fun tonight!" Heather exclaimed.

"You bet we are!" Agreed Amy. "Go sit on the couch Logan, and spread your legs!" Now, I didn't know it yet, but Amy was making sure that I got some of the things I wanted out of the night too. But it was gonna cost me. She walked over and stood between my legs, looking at me.

"You like my boobs? Want a closer look?" Amy asked, as she fell forward, landing with my cock and balls under her knee, and her tits inches from my face. Her nipples got hard as she started grinding her knee back and forth on my cock and balls. I figured there wasn't much else they could do to me that they weren't already going to do, so I grabbed onto her ass with both hands and started sucking her nipples as she ground my balls into the couch.

"OK, my turn already!" cried Heather. Amy gave my cock one more hard bounce, and got up. "I have a special delivery for his package!" Heather giggled, lifting her right knee into the air to indicate the delivery. I was so hard in anticipation of getting to feel Heather's ass and play with her breasts and suck on her nipples I couldn't stand it. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long, as Heather threw herself down on one knee, right on my meat, fast and hard. I grunted and my hands flew up to her ass as I leaned forward into her breasts all just in reaction to the pain in my balls. If I'd thought Amy had been rough, Heather was brutal. She bounced up and down, ramming her knee into my cock and balls over and over again, her ample breasts jiggling and bouncing, I couldn't suck on them, but she did keep rubbing them against my face.

Eventually, she stopped bouncing and began shifting her knee back and forth over my cock and balls, grinding them under it. I finally got the chance to suck on her pert nipples, and I was in heaven. All too soon, she tired of the grinding, and stood back up. She looked down at my meat, and planted her right boot squarely on my cock, trapping my balls under it. As she pushed down with her foot in the process of standing up directly on my cock, I grunted and groaned and whimpered, which brought a duet of giggles from the girls. Heather had her right foot with most of her weight on my package, her left foot resting lightly on my right thigh for balance, and her crotch directly in front of my nose. I leaned forward into her, as she put her hands in my hair for some additional balance, and I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs - all of this was really turning her on! With my nose just inches from her womanhood, I could smell the musky aroma of her arousal.

She moved her left foot to the outside of my thigh, and said "Packages needs stamps, don't they?" and giggled as she started "stamping" my package with her right foot. I had my chin on her mound, looking up her taught belly at the way her breasts moved with each stamp of my cock, rubbing my chin slightly against her as she moved.

"OK, enough of that, I wanna try some kick-ball!" Amy demanded. Heather reluctantly stepped off my cock, and then gripped it tightly and pulled me to my feet. Her eyes were locked on the image of her hand wrapped tightly around my bright red cock.

"OK, where do you want him?" Heather asked.

"Oh, I dunno - on his knees, maybe?" Amy said.

"OK then!" Heather replied, yanking my dick down and forcing me to my knees. "Spread your legs a bit more, so we have a good target. You wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you?" Heather teased. No, I certainly wouldn't want to disappoint her! Heather stepped back, and Amy unleashed a hard kick right into my groin, catching my balls perfectly with the top of her foot.

"Wham-o!" Amy giggled as I fell forward onto my hands and knees. "Boy this makes me hot!" Amy enthused. Just then, I felt another hard kick to my dangling balls from behind.

"They were just hanging there, I couldn't resist!" Heather laughed as I curled up on the floor. We talked for a bit while I recovered. Then we heard a car pulling up.

"Go stand on the balcony, and say hello to whoever it is!" giggled Amy. So out I went, red with embarrassment, just in time to see my neighbor get out of her car. She was 30ish, single and lived in the apartment under mine.

"Good evening. Beautiful night out tonight, isn't it?" I said as she walked towards me.

"Oh my gosh!" she gasped, seeing me standing naked on my balcony.

"What the hell are you doing?" demanded Heather from behind me.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!" I gasped as Heather's hand slammed up between my legs from behind, grabbing my nuts hard.

"I'm so sorry, he's been drinking, I don't know what the hell he was doing!" explained and apologized Heather, "I'll have to teach him some manners!" she said, applying more pressure to my balls, causing me to grunt, groan and beg.

"Looks like you have the "situation" well in "hand"" Giggled my neighbor, who had stopped just beneath my balcony to watch what was going on.

"I'll take care of it tonight, and I'll remind him in the morning that you owe him a similar "lesson" sometime!" Heather laughed.

"Ha, ha! I might just follow up on that!" my neighbor chuckled.

"Good night, and again I apologize!" Heather said as she dragged me back inside by my balls. Amy began slapping my hard cock while Heather kept a tight grip on my balls from behind.

Suddenly, Amy stopped. "Hey Heather, want me to teach you how to give a blow job?" Amy looked up and me and smiled, her eyes sparkling.

"Sure!" Heather readily accepted - Amy was famous in our little group for the quality of her blowjobs.

"Go sit on the couch Logan, this will be easier if you're sitting down." Amy directed. I certainly wasn't going to argue!

The End.

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