Monday, October 8, 2007

A Very Good Night

By jtomin31

Hi, this is the first story I've ever written... hope you like it!

We’re in bed, both naked. We’ve been kissing and fondling each other for a while, and are both quite aroused. Your hand moves down my chest to my stomach, and off to my inner thigh. After a little bit of caressing my leg, you move your hand to cup my balls gently.

“These babies are going to be sore tonight,” you say.

I shiver with anticipation, and get even harder than I already am. You smile at this, and run your hand up and down my dick.

As we continue to make out, your hand goes back to my balls, and you begin squeezing playfully. Every so often, your grip gets pretty strong and I give off a little groan, which you love. Your grips continue to get harder and longer, and soon I find myself short of breath, as every move puts me in pain.

You start changing your grip around, grabbing just one ball at a time and really digging into it. I can’t recall you ever playing so rough before, and I’m in constant pain, yet hard as a rock.

“I loooove to watch you squirm,” you say as you give a really strong squeeze. I want to take you to your limit tonight honey!”

With that, you move to straddle me, and let go of my balls, for now. You rub your clit against my dick, and I’m amazed at how wet you are. You moan a little, as I thrust against you.

You look so hot above me.

You lean forward and kiss me some more, then push your breasts and nipples toward my mouth. As I lick your nipples, you move both hands between my legs, and raise off me. You shove your perfect tits into my face and at the same time you grab my balls with both hands, and squeeze them together hard. My mouth opens with a silent scream, but you don’t let go.

After about a minute, you relax your grip, and I’m squirming under you. You let go, and rub your crotch against mine some more, which snaps me back out of the pain. You grind away for a bit, then lean down and we kiss again. You lift your body off mine, and I have a feeling I know what’s coming next.

“I want to feel your warm wet tongue drive me wild,” you purr. I smile and nod, the pain of my balls has already diminished to just a dull ache as you move forward and straddle my mouth.

I lick your clit once up and down, and you moan eagerly. I start to suck on it a bit, then begin draping my tongue back and forth, over and over. You love it, and I move on to twirl my tongue around your bud. You grab my hair and pull my head into your crotch even harder. I start going faster. You reach back and grab my cock and ask me if I want to feel as good as you do. I know how amazing your blow jobs are.

You pull your body off mine, then turn around, repositioning your pussy over my mouth. I nibble gently on your clit once more, as you lean forward and take your first lick, around the head of my dick. You grasp it with both hands, and start jacking me off while sucking on the top of my cock. It feels incredible, and I know I’m going to cum quickly. You keep rubbing my dick, but take it out of your mouth and say, “I’m not ready to cum yet. I need you to wait for me to catch up!” I moan in agreement, and you say, “Actually, I think you need to wait a while before you come.” I know instantly that it’s been a bit of a charade.

You cup my balls in your left hand, my scrotum firmly nestled between two fingers with my testicles resting in the palm of your hand. You reach back with your right, then slam down with a clenched fist, again and again. You punch into them over and over, quickly smashing my nuts with your little hand. I try to reach out or shake you off, but your knees are pinning my arms down, and your body is firmly positioned over my face. After a dozen or so solid hits, my mouth is wide open and I’m in agony. You say, “Don’t stop licking my clit; I’m too turned on already. Besides, you don’t want this getting any worse for you, now do you?” With that, you starting hitting again, using an open hand. My balls feel like they are on fire. You’ve never done this to me before.

I am in constant overwhelming pain, and I stop licking your clit. You stop your relentless attack of my balls, and take on in each hand, warning me not to stop. You give a gentle squeeze, which still hurts like hell, but then lean over and start sucking on my dick some more. I thrust into your mouth, and start tonguing your clit again.

You are going up the length of my shaft, faster and faster, but at the same time slowly increasing your grip on my balls. I’m caught between pleasure and pain, but I’m still totally turned on. You bear down hard on my nuts, and I flinch and jerk about. You stop your blow job to say, “Oooh, don’t stop now, I’m so close to cumming.”

With that, you squeeze hard again, since it turns you on so much. You are so aroused by thrashing my balls that you could probably cum without me going down on you. You start sucking on my cock again, and I am licking away, nibbling on your clit. I can tell by your motions you are about to cum, and so am I. You relax your grip on my balls, as you usually do when I’m close to cumming, and I explode in your mouth. At the same time, you start shaking with your orgasm.

Your convulsion causes you to clench your fingers together around my nuts. Another load of sperm shoots out of me, but then the pain starts to really set in. You don’t let go. You are grinding your pussy into my mouth, and you stop sucking on my still erect cock. My ecstasy is rapidly descending into agony, as you squash my jewels around in your hands, wringing them through your fingers.

“You told me once that you thought all the pain is amplified after you come, but I figured it’s time for us to really find out,” you say, as you finally release my balls from their torment. They feel heavy out of your hands, I’m sure they are swelling up severely. You run your fingers up and down my cock, then get off me completely and sit next to me on the bed. You tell me to turn over onto my front, which I do. You spread my legs, and reach your hand down beneath me. You find my sac, and grab the fleshy part of my scrotum, trapping my balls away from the security of my body. You pull your hand up and away, drawing my balls taut to the very edge of my sac.

You start your next wave of assaulting my manhood by applying pressure with your right hand on the top of my balls. This adds to the pain in the pit of my stomach. You begin pushing harder and harder, with a rhythm to your motions. I’m breathing normal, but fighting off the steadily increasing pain. You continue to push down more and more, until you are leaning your body weight into it. After many minutes of this, you say, “I guess that’s enough warm-up. It’s time for a real ball-beating!”

You lay in with your first open-handed smack across my balls. I shake around, but can’t pull out of your grip. “Stop it,” you say, smacking again. And again. Smack. Smack. Smack! With this last hit, you keep your palm on my nuts, pushing down and laying your entire body weight into your hand. I’m having a lot of trouble catching my breath and it takes a couple of minutes before you finally ease off.

I relax somewhat, and my body unclenches, when you suddenly start raining down punches with your fist. You lay at least a dozen full-force punches into my eggs, and they feel completely scrambled. This is by far the most brutal you’ve ever been. You switch back to open-handed smacks, and say, “I want you to count along with me. If you keep the count right, I’ll stop after ten – if you miss one, we start over.”

You hit me, and I say “one.” Again, “two.” Again, “three.” Again, I cough, and say “four”. You are hitting about once every two seconds, and I don’t think I can keep the pace. After the eighth hit, sure enough I am just catching my breath when you get a second hit in before I respond.

“Uh oh, looks like we’ve got ten more to go. I’ve never seen your balls this swollen and red before, but they just look ripe to me! Start counting!”

Another ten smacks, but you kindly lessen the pace, and I manage to keep up this time. You relax your grip on my sac, and start rolling my tender orbs around in your hand.

“You’re doing really well babe, and we’re almost done for the night.” You follow this statement with two of the hardest punches you’ve ever hit me with. You release my nuts, and roll me over onto my back. My whole body is putting up no resistance, and there is a pain in my gut I’ve never experienced before. You squat in between my lefts, and rest your legs over my thighs. I think we are both amazed to note that I am completely erect, my penis bulging with the blood pounding through my body.

You grab a ball in each hand, as I stutter out a “please, no!” You smile lovingly, and grip down hard. You start pushing your thumbs into my ball meat, moving and adjusting to try to find the most painful grip you can. After a minute you release from this devastation, but then move your hands and start to squeeze again. Now my balls are being shoved into each other, doubling the pain and I feel like I am going to black out.

You must notice the look in my eyes, because you relax your grip, and I take in some more air, but this is interrupted by a few sharp slaps.

“I think you’re about done for the night. Your balls feel so hot and swollen in my hands. Do you want to cum again?” I nod, knowing that cumming will ease some of the pressure that’s built up in my nuts. Plus, I figure another blow job will help make this night perfect. One hand is cradling my balls in a nurturing manner while the other gently strokes my shaft. You motion your head toward the bedside clock and say, “you’ve got exactly one minute to cum in my mouth. If you can’t do it in time, you’re going to have to take care of yourself. Deal?”

I agree, knowing you can get me off much faster than that, despite the ache in my groin. You lean over and put your soft lips on the head of my cock, and roll your tongue around the top. You start bobbing up and down while pumping with your hand. In about 30 seconds, I’m feeling ready to explode, which I warn you about – our one agreement when you give me head.

With that warning, you take your hand off my dick; then again grasp a ball in each of your hands. You begin to crush down on them. My face contorts with pain as you squeeze my helpless bulbs. I try to focus on the sensations in my cock, but you are grinding away at my nutmeat, and I can’t take the pain.

I am twisting and turning, thrusting my cock into your mouth, desperate to cum, but your vice-like grip is keeping me at bay. All of a sudden you release my balls, and I know I can shoot my load, but then you open your mouth, releasing me back to the open air. “Time’s up, darling. It’s in your hands now.” I am a little frustrated, but I don’t mind too much, we’ve masturbated in front of each other many times before.

You snake your left hand around my scrotum, encircling my plums once more. You lean back and say, “Better get started, because I’m going to pound your balls until either you cum or go soft in your own hand.” With that, you punch down once more with a slam. Slam. Slam. You are punching quickly. I immediately reach for my cock and start pumping away. I’m totally turned on, but also scared, feeling the strength of your punches, knowing you aren’t playing any games. Slam. Slam. SLAM!

I watch your amazing tits jiggle in front of me as you punch my balls again and again, while I am rubbing as fast as I can. You hit over and over again, at least a dozen times, and I feel my dick is getting a little softer than usual in my hand. I quicken my pace, and you notice the look of concern on my face, and smile.

“I want,” SLAM, “your balls,” SLAM, “sore,” SLAM, SLAM, “ALL,” SLAM, “night!” I’m losing to the pain. You hit down one more time then quickly change back to holding a ball in each hand. You squeeze them as if you are trying to burst my berries, and I cry out. I’m desperate, close to completely losing my hard-on, when you finally lay off. You change your grip to have both my balls in one hand. This is a bit more challenging than at the beginning of the night, because they’ve almost doubled in size from all the beating. You put your other hand between your legs, and start moaning as you finger your clit. You pause and put your hand to my mouth, and I suck your juices as my dick comes back to life. I am rubbing myself vigorously as you are pleasuring yourself.

“Beating your balls tonight has made me sooo wet. I’m going to cum again tonight, but I don’t think you’re going to join me!”

But you’re wrong on this count, as watching you touch yourself and tasting your wetness has me back in action. You start shaking and moaning as you begin to cum, and your hand clenches my balls tight. They feel like they are about to burst and the combination of events pushes me over the edge. I shoot, and cum is gushing out of me like a rocket. You finally relax your grip as I slow down pumping my shaft. You collapse on top of me, and we kiss each other deeply, before we both fall asleep, satisfied and exhausted.

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