Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What a Night! (another true story)

by kysub

This is more of a documentary of a real experience from last night than a story.

Last night after work I went out and had a few drinks and somehow ended up in a local strip bar called Trixies. I didn't stay long but I watched a few of the girls dance and finally got up enough nerve to ask one of the girls for a lap dance. The girl I chose was your basic "Pamela Anderson/Barbie" type, long blond hair, blue eyes and nicely tanned etc. but what caught my attention was her beautiful feet and perfect toes that I could see in her strappy high heel platforms. When she came over to dance for me the first thing she did was place her foot in the chair, directly between my legs and I could feel her toes in my crotch directly under my balls. Immediate erection. It was great! She did it a couple of times during my four minutes of heaven but then the song was over and she was gone to the next guy with $20. But the night didn’t end there.

I went home after a while with the thoughts of that totally erotic blond in my mind and since I don't have a girlfriend I decided to call an escort service. I’ve called and used their services a few times before. Since I live in a not so desirable part of town they only have one girl that will come to my neighborhood to see me. A sexy, muscular legged, brunette, who is very open minded and will do just about ANYTHING. For privacy reasons I’ll just call her K. She arrived wearing jeans and a jacket and flats and went into the bathroom and changed into her lingerie and five inch heels. We sat and talked for a little while. I usually start by giving her a foot massage so I did and I told K that I am moving soon to North Carolina. She said she considered me to be one of her "regulars" and hated to see me go.

Anyway, after giving her feet a good massage with baby oil she started teasing my already stiff cock (which hadn’t gone down since the strip club) and balls with her toes. She has rather large (probably at least a size 10) feet but they are very pretty and very soft. After teasing the hell out of me with the footjob, she proceeded to give me a handjob for a little while. She'd done this before and knew that I liked having my balls smacked occasionally while she squeezed and pulled on my cock.

After about a half hour, after the usual spankings and the anal plugs and the candle wax, etc... I said, "Well since this will probably be our last session together how about we do something a little different?"

K said, “Sure, why not?”

I then asked her to stand up and I got on my hands and knees in front of her. My right hand kept me steady and my left hand was jerking the head of my cock. I then asked her to kick me in the balls from behind. She said, "You want me to kick you in the balls?"

Hearing her ask me that turned me on even more. I was breathing very heavily but managed to say yes. She said, "ok" and lightly kicked them. A perfect kick, right on target! But not hard enough. She said, “Like that?”

I said, “Yes, but a little harder.” I was still jerking my cock as she continued to kick them about a dozen more times. I was extremely turned on and getting close to cumming. I was looking between my legs with my head down so I could see her foot come up from behind me and connect with my nuts each time, but I wanted to see her face while she kicked me.

I then said, “This isn’t working very well.”

She said, "Now what?" She then told me that kicking me in the balls was making her a little wet. This was music to my ears. I told her my arms were getting tired from that position and told her I wanted to kneel in front of her with my legs spread so that she could kick me some more. I also asked her to put her five inch pointy heels back on and she did.

First K teased my nuts a little bit with the pointy toe of her shoe. Then she said, "You know this is really gonna hurt don't you? I told her yes, but I was so turned on that I didn't care. K then said ok. I looked up into her eyes; she was smiling as if she knew she was going to enjoy busting me. She then drew her foot back and...WHAM! She was dead on target. The top of her foot connected with my balls with quite a bit of force, luckily it wasn't exactly the pointy part of the toe of her shoe or I surely would have been in major pain. But this hurt bad enough. She looked at my reaction and without saying or asking anything else she kicked me again, only seconds after her last kick.

At that point, still with cock in hand, I came PROFUSELY! I came for at least 30 seconds or longer, it was about 15 good hard squirts about 2 seconds between each one. It shot all over her legs, feet, all the way up to her chest and on the wall behind her. It was by far THE best orgasm I ever had. I slept like a baby last night and as of this morning at the time of posting this, my balls are still aching and very sore, not sure if it's from the kicks or the super explosive orgasm, or both, but I love it!

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