Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Young and Curious (part 1-4)

By rocketeer

It was my eight grade year. I was making the transition from being a confused seventh grader to a cocky immature eighth grader. It's a confusing time, as people are changing, both physically and mentally. I was average for my age-height wise, bulk wise, and sexually speaking. In eighth grade, most kids are still curious about the opposite sex. I was no exception, and sometimes curiosity can cause you to ignore dangers. I had no girlfriend at that time that I would have even considered having sex with, but that doesn't have anything to do with liking the girls I knew or being horny at all. I had quite a few female friends, and come to find out they were as curious about me as I was of them.

After school had been in session, I had been hanging out at my neighbor’s house in most of my spare time. He was the same age as me, although he went to a different school. He was more athletic than me, and was great at both baseball and basketball. I was average at both but worse at baseball. Both of his parents worked, so they were rarely home. He had a sister named Monica who was a year younger than me. She always liked to hang out with us, as there were few girls her age in our neighborhood. She was much like her brother, that is active and athletic. She would go on to be great at softball, volleyball, and basketball.

The routine usually was my friend would call me after school or in the mornings on weekends and I would come over or I would just come over and he would be there. We always used his house, because he had a large yard and his parents were never home. He also had an unending supply of Mountain Dew, a kid’s best friend. There are a number of things we would do including sports in the backyard, watching TV, b-ball in the driveway, tag in the dark (outside at night or in the basement), etc. It was quite common for Monica's friend Amber to come over when she was available as well. She lived somewhat close but could only come in good weather as she had to ride her bike and the distance was just too far in rain or cold. She was average, less athletic than Monica or my friend. Unlike Monica's long blond hair, she had only shoulder length brown hair. Her skin was well tanned.

One Saturday, I came over to their house only to find my friend gone having staying the night at a mutual friend’s house. Monica bid me to stay and hang out for a while, hinting that my friend would be back shortly. I decided I had nothing better to do, as I had no plans. It wasn't that I had a crush on Monica or anything, but we were friends. We sat down and watched some TV. Then she got up, got me a soda and sat back down. We were watching some MTV and everything was pretty cool. She was decked out in shorts, flip flop sandals and a replica b-ball jersey over a small black sports bra. She was only in seventh grade, and was just starting to get breasts. Then Amber showed up so Monica got up to let her in. Amber was wearing cut off jean shorts and a baby tee up top, with white shoes. She sat between us and grabbed the remote. As she was flipping through the stations, she caught a scene where a guy kicked another guy in the groin, and that guy was rolling around on the ground afterward.

The girls watched the scene and then looked at each other. "How come he can take kicks and punches constantly anywhere else, but one kick ‘there’ and he is on the ground?" Monica looked at me and asked.

"Testicles are sensitive," I said, uncomfortably.

"Oh," she said, seemingly satisfied.

We watched the show a little longer, and then I went to use the restroom. When I returned both girls were looking at each other. I didn't really like what I was seeing, though I didn't yet know what it meant.

"Umm, we were just talking and-you know-neither of us has ever seen a guys testicles," Monica started. "Although I remember seeing my brother’s penis..."

Amber started in, "We were wondering, since you're a guy and all... and you're our friend, could we please see yours... just so we know what they're like?”

I shifted uncomfortably. "Well..." I said. “They’re kind of personal..."

"But please... You're the only one we can ask. My brother would be too weird," Monica pleaded.

"I... I... " I stuttered. "I'll let you girls look for a sec as long as you don't tell your parents, your brother, or your friends." Both girls smiled and promised they wouldn't. Then they each got up and grabbed a hand, one on either side and escorted me to Monica’s room. Her room wasn't large per say, but it was big enough for a full bed, a desk, and floor space. They lead me in front of the bed, and each sat down facing me on the bed, eyes level with my waist as it was a rather low bed.

How does a young guy show two girls, his friends, his most valuable possessions? I took a deep breath and then undid my button and fly, and stepped out of my denim shorts. There I was in my boxers and a t-shirt in front of two girls, already feeling nervous and ashamed. I worried that since Monica had seen her bro's penis, mine might be smaller, especially since I was so nervous. Then the girls called for me to take off my shirt which was hanging past my waste, so I took that off and stood in my boxers, afraid to take them off.

Part II

Standing in front of Monica and Amber, while in my boxers, I not only had second thoughts, but third, fourth, and fifth as well. I got scared, and looked Monica in the eyes and told her I couldn't do it. Monica stood up took my hand again and lead me into the bedroom across the hall. She explained that she had told Amber that I would be willing to expose myself...and she didn't want to be wrong. I explained that I didn't feel comfortable...being naked in front of two girls. She suggested just relaxing a while, and then seeing if we could go further. I followed her back into the other room, and she invited me to lie on her bed. I jumped on and laid stomach down, and she climbed on next to me in the same position. Amber sat in the chair across from the bed.

Then Monica started a conversation. She talked about weather, friends, etc, nothing of importance. After about fifteen minutes of this, the conversation dwindling, she looked at me, five inches away, and told me to stand up. I stood up in front of the bed where she was laying, facing her, while Amber sat off to my side on the chair. Monica reached out her arms, sticking her painted nails on the inside of the elastic that held on my boxers. Then she proceeded to slowly lower them down over by wet noodle of a dick and my hanging balls. I felt extremely exposed. Then she let the boxers fall down to my ankles.

"Wow!" Amber exclaimed "Look at all that hair down there!" I did have a lot, covering my balls and around my cock. Monica just lay silent examining by balls with her intent gaze. Then she opened her lips and asked if she could touch my penis and testicles. Since I had gone so far already, I saw no reason to not let them have a quick feel. I told her she could do whatever makes her happy. She poked at my soft penis, and then began to fondle it and my balls. My penis became engorged and stood upright, causing her to withdraw her hand.

"I think he like's that!" yelled Amber. Then Amber took a turn to feel my now hard cock. She squeezed the head of it, feeling the softer tip, and then ran her fingers to the base. Then she grabbed each of my balls in turn, rolling them in her finger. I, like any other guy, enjoy experiencing the soft touch of a girl’s hands on my balls. I opened my legs a little farther to allow easier access for the girls. Then in an unexpected turn of events Amber started to flick my balls with her finger. Each time she did, she caused me to flinch, causing Monica to giggle.

"Does that hurt?" Amber asked. Not wanting to show weakness, I told her it didn't really bother me, and wincing was just a reflex. Then Monica took over the reigns again, tugging on each ball, seeing how far it would extend from its home. She didn't grab it hard enough of pull far enough to really cause me pain, but it wasn't as pleasant as the first time she had fondled me.

"Is a man's equipment always that size?" Amber asked. I told her some were bigger and some were smaller, I was pretty much average. They played with my penis for what seemed like hours, but was actually only about 15 minutes. Since they had been touching me for a while there was some pre-cum coming from my penis. They touched it and asked what it was from. I told them that when I get excited or stimulated, precum acts as a lubricant for my penis. Then the girls looked at each other just as they had before and said they wanted to see sperm. I told them that guys usually look at magazines and stimulate themselves. They asked what magazines and I told them ones with women in bikinis and lingerie. They asked if I they could help me masturbate. I looked at them with a questioning look and told them I guess it was okay. At this, they told me to lie on the bed on my back. I did and Amber sat beside me. Then she reached over and grabbed my dick and started to rub it. My dick got hard again and, although Amber didn't have perfect technique, it wasn't long and I shot a large load up in the air and all over my chest. The girls looked at me and laughed. It felt really good to be able to "perform" well enough to please the little ladies.

Then Amber stopped rubbing and my dick got soft.

"Can you do that again?" Monica asked. I told her it would be a while, as I needed to reload. She smiled and nodded. I asked her if I could clean up, and she said that she and Amber would give me a bath. I said alright.

They lead me into the bathroom, and started running water. The water they used was really warm, and I was thinking that it didn't get much better than this. They took soap and washed all my 2000 parts. When they got to my crotch, they asked if they should use shampoo, and then they laughed. Then Monica got an idea, and asked if they could shave me. I immediately said no, but both of them pleaded and told me they both shaved their legs and were good at it. Being the softy that I am, I gave in. They lathered up and did really well. I was afraid of having a bloody sac, but they did without many nicks or cuts.

When they were done, I got up out of the water. With less hair covering my balls, they actually looked smaller, but because of the hot water, they were hanging really low. It is in this light that the girls had another idea...

Part III

As I go out of the tub, and was drying off, I could already feel the difference that existed from having my crotch shaved. My balls were hanging low in the sack from the heat of the water.

Monica commented, saying, "It looks like a little punching bag!" Amber just stared with a devilish smile. I was actually getting comfortable being a plaything for these girls. Although I no longer felt in control, I was providing amusement for them. Heck, I like to entertain and I aim to please. This was still my first time being exposed to anyone other than the doc though, except for gym class and football practice in the locker room.

Monica, seeing me in this way, asked if I had ever ‘been kicked in the balls’.

I didn't like where this was going but I just answered saying, "No, I haven't." She said she really wondered what it would feel like to kick a guy ‘there’, and how he would react. I told her I didn't know, and didn't want to find out.

She looked at me with a big smile and said, "Is someone a little chicken? Is a big strong man like you afraid of a little girl like me?"

I told her there was a fine line between bravery and stupidity. Then Amber started begging. I hadn't been hit hard in the nuts at all during my life. I considered myself lucky. Now, when two girls are begging to issue you pain in the balls, I was experiencing some confusion. I wanted to let them, but I was afraid. I figured a logical answer for me was to ask what I'd get out of it.

They turned to each other and then started conversing. I waited, hoping they would drop the idea. Instead they stopped talking, told me to stay and went in another room. I stayed where I was, naked, and nervous.

A couple minutes later they came back. They said they had a proposition for me. If I would let each of them kick me in the testicles, they would be my servants for the rest of the day... meaning they would do some cooking, massaging, etc. Nothing major.

I contemplated, and thought I would give it a try. They lead me into the basement, in which there was an exercise mat. I stood on the mat with my legs about shoulder width apart, hands dangling in front.

Monica told me, "Hands behind your back." I complied then she jumped in front of me and slowly raised her bare foot till it rested under my balls. My dick was soft at this time. Monica started moving her foot causing my balls to bob up and down. After a few seconds of this, my penis started standing up for her. With it in the air, there was no protection from her foot. She brought her foot back down, and looked at me a second. Then I saw her swing her foot back, then up, catching me on target. Initially I felt pressure and then a shooting pain jumped from my groin into my stomach. In retrospect, it wasn't a super hard kick. She did take it easy on me. I hunched over, but didn't fall or drop. It hurt, but in a few minutes, I was standing upright again.

Monica was beaming. "I felt them against my toes!" she exclaimed. My balls were hurting. Then I knew there was more to come.

Amber squatted down in front of my and grabbed my balls, causing me to jerk. "I just want to examine them!" she said. They were fine, only a little red. "Can you still take another hit?" she asked. Although I didn't want to, I told her my word is my bond. She smiled and said she was hoping so because she was getting excited.

Part IV

I really didn't want to let Amber take her turn. I still had a dull ache in my balls and it could only get worse with her. Still, I didn't want to look too weak in front of these girls, and I wouldn't mind being serviced for the rest of the day. Amber took a few practice swings in the air, and flexed her leg. She circled around me and then stopped in front. She told me she wanted me to spread my legs open a little more. I started to move them apart just a bit. She said, “Even more.” When she was satisfied, they were four feet apart. She then told me to bend over and put my hands on the ground. I looked at her funny and she repeated her order. I obeyed. Now I was bent in half, and was looking through my legs. She walked behind me, so to me she looked upside down. Then she drew her foot back, and let it go. I could see it coming and then I felt it. It didn't hurt any less coming from the back. I fell over, right on my bent over head. It hurt like heck.

Both girls burst out laughing at the scene. My hands went to my crushed twins. She hit me harder than Monica had. I felt really nauseous. It took some time for the pain to subside. Both girls watched me groaning with little concern in their face. Monica commented on the face I had made. I didn't really understand why they liked it so much. I laid there for quite some time. Then they helped me to the couch upstairs, and got some ice for my balls. There was noticeable swelling, but nothing too extreme. It was the first for me.

They sat with me, while I lay on the couch most of the afternoon. They treated me real nice all afternoon, getting me beverages and ordering me a pizza. I was actually in too much pain to get up and do anything, but oh well. They were content with the experience, and I was the first boy to show them my goods. That's the only time they busted my balls on purpose, although there were sports incidents in the future. Future truth and dare games left me stripped again as well, but that's a different story. Any time Monica and I would see someone get kicked or hit in the balls, movie or other, she would look at me and smile.

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