Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At The Spa

By tumor

The following short story is based on true events, but the busting is exaggerated:

I was lying on my back; naked and on a sort of piece of canvas. I had almost fallen asleep and hadn't heard her come in, she said: "Hi, I'm Cindy. Ann tells me you're into feet?"

Raising myself on my elbows, I said: "Sure am," and looked down at hers.

"You even like to get kicked…" Saying this, she dropped her robe and stepped out of it. She was only wearing a black bra, black panties and black stay-up stockings. She walked over and without warning Cindy shoved her nyloned foot under my soft, flaccid scrotum and, kicking up sharply, threw my limp penis over onto its back, falling slightly to the left. Her great muscular thighs tumbled and rocked; her hips shimmied around the black panties; her firm breasts though held down by the bra, rolled and lolled sloppily up and down as her body came to rest.

I started growing hard. I got on my knees and reached up towards her chest and grabbed her thin, sheer bra by the cups and slipped it down over her firm, plump breasts. She reached behind her to undo the straps. I got up, paused, nearly startled somehow at the sight of Cindy's breasts quivering gently as she pulled the bra away. Her nipples were hard and pointing up, but not as much as my cock. Again without warning, she kneed me, quite hard.

"Uuuunngghhh!" I was on my knees again, cupping my balls. "That's… a little… too… hard…" I managed to say.

"You said you liked it…"

I glanced down at my penis, I was limp again and had some pre-cum glistening at the top. "Not so hard, gently at first," I said and reached up to her full, sleek thighs. I began sliding the sheer black stockings down from her shapely legs. As I pulled the stocking free from her right leg, I paused for a moment to admire her well-muscled calf, her slender, graceful ankle and elegant, smooth foot with pink painted toenails. I gently let the foot slip free from my grasp and took off the second.

With Cindy now bare-legged, I began to examine the black French-cut panties wrapped around her smooth, firm, proudly jutting buttocks. I grabbed and twisted the side of the panties and jerked sharply, ripping the panties loose and, in a quick motion, slipping them from around her curvaceous, full hips. Her inside thighs glistened down to the knees in some lotion. Her elegantly-trimmed, brown pussy fur sparkled with tiny droplets of fluid. The mixture of odors, the heavy musk of lotion and maybe some vaginal fluid, I found highly arousing. I was back, felt my penis stiffening again.

She stepped out of the panties and kicked them aside. "On your back, mister," she said, smiling. I did what I was told and immediately felt her warm foot fondling at my hard-on. This was heaven. Next, she started to gently kick me in the balls. She stomped my cock, squeezing the head with her toes, stepping down and churning my nuts with her heel. My cock was now hardened to the point of pain. Quivering and shaking like a miniature club as it stood straight out from my groin.

Cindy smeared it heavily in baby oil and started to kick up my balls again, harder. "Tell me if I'm going too far," she said.

"You're doing fine," I answered, rising on my elbows. "Just fine." I watched as her foot continued to smack my balls, increasing strength with each blow. Such stylish, elegant feet she has, strong and carefully pedicured, burnished and filed nails in a rich, glossy pink that matches her fingernails and lip gloss. Gently, almost lovingly, she now pressed the sole to my cock, started squashing it. Now she's back to kicking it and I feel an orgasm building. This is going to be a blast!

"Harder!" I moan. I'm still watching her foot and see she makes a fist with her toes and is now delivering very forceful kicks I wouldn't be able to stand if I wasn't this excited. The load is full. I can't hang onto it. I lose all remaining reason. I become not a man, but something different, something almost frightening, a creature of pure passion. I rear back on my haunches, arching my back as my hips and thighs buck out of control and the jism thunders from my cock in a hard, pulsing torrent, blasting so hard I get hit in the face. Cindy has stopped kicking. I keep shooting glistening white strings of pearls, enjoying countless waves of ecstasy. I fall back on the canvas, wasted. Cum on my chin and chest got cold fast; that's the last thing I felt before I passed out or fell asleep - I can't say.

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