Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ball Busting Wrestling Match

By unknown

One day Katie and Tom were watching TV at Kate’s apartment. Both of them liked to watch a variety of shows, everything from the History Channel to WWF. Tom was 25, about 5’11”, medium build with dark hair. Katie was 24, about 5’6”, shoulder length brown hair and a fairly athletic body. Katie also sported decent sized breasts for a woman with her frame, about a 34C. Tom and Katie had always been just friends and could talk about anything with each other. Even though there had never been anything physical between them, they both openly admitted sexual fantasies for each other and enjoyed occasional phone sex. Tonight they decided on WWF Nitro. They found wrestling comedic and unrealistic. During one co-ed match Tom made a comment how a woman could never actually beat a man even in authentic, Greco-Roman Freestyle.

“Are you saying I could never beat you in a wrestling match because I’m a woman?” Katie asked. She was always vocal about the way woman are sexualized in the media and television and liked Tom because he was open minded, however she always liked to argue her point.

“In a fair fight, I could take you anytime,” Tom said in quick response.

“I see. So what is your definition of a quote-unquote fair fight?”

“Well, no eye gauging or low blows, things of that nature,” Tom said.

Katie replied, “I’ll agree with the eyes and not going for the throat, but if I was wrestling you my dear, your balls would be fair game.” Tom knew that Katie could take care of herself in self-defense situations and had personally witnessed her take down two larger men with wicked shots to the groin.

“Whoa, let’s not get too excited here. There’s no way I’d let you get to me like that.”

“So, am I to take that as a challenge then my dear?” Kate coyly asked.

Tom hesitated for a moment, was she actually serious he thought to himself. “If we were to wrestle, no ball shots would be allowed and that’s final.”

“Oh, really? How about if spiced up the deal a little bit?”

“How so?” Tom asked.

“Let’s say we wrestle and the winner is determined by who gets the other persons clothes off first.”

Wow, she might really be serious about this, Tom thought for a minute and said, “I’ll wrestle you for that. Sounds like fun.” They had already seen each other naked during various strip poker nights with friends from college.

“Even with your balls free-game?” Katie asked.

“No, no, I never agreed to that,” Tom replied assuredly.

“Okay then, let me spice it up a little more. We wrestle, the winner is determined by whoever gets the other persons clothes off first, low blows are legal, and remember I never said I would actually do that, but you know I could and you know that I know where to hit a guy. And then… the winner gets to tie up the loser in bed and have sex with them any way they want.”

Tom was silent for a minute, his mouth hanging open. “You would actually let me tie you up spread eagle and have my way with your body if I agree to your terms?” Tom replied, making sure Katie understood every word he said.

“Yes, and remember, the tying up part works both ways. I will say that if I did try to nail you in the nuts I wouldn’t be trying to cripple you, but hard enough to teach you a lesson. This is freestyle wrestling so I couldn’t kick you since we aren’t standing. Besides, you know I love sex. When I have you tied down in my bed I want your equipment to be functional when I’m fucking your brains out.” She paused for a minute to let this spin through Tom’s head. “So do we have a deal, are you man enough for the challenge?” Katie wasn’t exactly sure if Tom would accept but would keep her word if he agreed.

Tom thought for a minute. “You’ve got deal. They way I figure, whatever the outcome is, we both wind up getting laid anyway.”

“Exactly!” Katie exclaimed as they shook on it.

“What kind of clothes do you think we should wear? Tom asked.

“Something you don’t care about if it gets ripped. No shoes or belts. A pair of sweatpants or workout pants would probable work best. Jeans or chinos would be too much trouble. And when we wrestle, it’s one piece of clothing off at a time. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Tom answered.

“I’m working tomorrow night,” said Katie, “Let’s do it this coming weekend.” “

Sounds great to me,” Tom replied. “And one more thing,” Tom added. “Our ‘Battle of the Sexes’ match will be two scrimmage matches, this weekend and one the following week, and then a final.”

“I’m cool with that,” Kate said, “That way we’re both guaranteed to get laid three times!!”

“Exactly my point,” Tom replied.

Saturday night came. Tom helped Katie move her furniture out of the way and lay down a few area rugs on top of the carpet. “Okay Tom, what are you wearing?” Katie asked.

“I’ve got my socks, these running pants, and T-shirt,” he replied.

“Boxers or athletic shorts underneath?” Kate asked.


“Good,” Katie said. “It’s easier to grab a hold of a guy’s package with those.”

“Yeah, yeah, what about you?” Tom asked.

“Just my socks, these stretch pants, T-shirt and sport bra underneath,” Katie replied.

“Panties or athletic thong?” Tom asked.

“Thong all the way baby.”


“Now remember the rules Katie. One piece of clothing at a time, no eye-gouging, ear pulling, or choking. Loser is decided by who gets there clothes taken off first and then gets tied up in your bed.”

Katie quickly added, “And your balls are free game.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever,” Tom replied.

“Let’s get in on!!” Katie and Tom said in unison as they both wore a grin of excitement on their faces.

On their knees they circled each other. Tom sprang first, grabbing Katie around the midsection, tackling her over onto her back. Tom reached back to pull off a sock but she quickly rolled out and got back her knees. Tom went for the same move and caught her this time, holding her leg back and pulled one sock off her toned leg and threw it onto the nearby couch.

“Score one!” Tom shouted. Next Katie grabbed at Tom legs to pull him off balance and went for his pants. Tom was able to regain his balance and was quickly able to pull Katie’s shirt up over her head. With her blind he pulled off another sock and then her shirt.

“Fuck!” Katie shouted out. Tom was starting to feel a little cocky. At this point Katie shifted strategy a bit. She was able to get Tom off balance and pulled the same trick on him by pulling his shirt up and a sock in the process.

After another ten minutes or so, Katie was down to her thong and sport bra while Tom was still wearing his pants and boxers. “All right”, Katie said. “Let’s finish this”. As she lunged at his midsection, Tom grabbed her rolled her over. As he grabbed her, Katie noticed she had a clear shot at his balls and decided on an attempt to nail him. Quickly she swung her elbow back into Tom’s crotch.

“Ah. Not so fast!!” Tom said as he blocked her, pulling her arm behind and lifting her sport bra off exposing her beautiful firm C cup breasts. “Only one more to go and you’re all mine Kate.”

“It’s not over yet Tom.” Katie got behind Tom and started to pull his pants down when Tom swung his weight around knocking Katie on her back. Using her momentum, Tom grabbed her thong easily pulling off his trophy and held it triumphantly in the air as he gazed down at her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Got you!!” he exclaimed as Katie cursed under her breath.

“All right Tom, you got me,” Katie replied.

They both took a quick break to catch their breath and have a drink before going into Katie’s room where she laid down on her bed. Tom kneeled down next to her admiring her body as he stroked her arms and legs. As he massaged each arm he tied a piece a silk around her wrists and onto the bedposts. Next he paid attention to her legs as he tied her spread-eagle. She looked really beautiful he thought, kneeling between her legs admiring her pussy, which he knew was all his for the taking.

“You know, it’s going to be hard to fuck me with my legs tied like this,” Katie said.

“Yeah I know. I’m going to have some fun with your body first,” Tom replied.

As Tom massaged Katie’s body he reached over for his glass of water and removed an ice cube. With his ice cold mouth Tom ran his tongue all over her breasts and nipples as she winced from the cold feeling.

“Ooh, you are a bit daring, Tom.” As Katie said that, Tom quickly moved the ice cube between her legs. Now she really winced from the cold. “Oh Tom, pray I don’t get you back for that one.” Tom only smirked. Now he decided to go to work as he untied her legs and strategically positioned her hips. Tom wasn’t completely selfish as he took great pleasure from ramming his cock into Katie’s pussy as he knew some moves to drive her wild. By the time he was finished she had lit off three incredible orgasms.

“Wow!!” Katie exclaimed. “If I knew you were that good, we may not have remained friends for so long.”

“Round two will be next week,” Tom said, untying her.

Later the next week, arrangements were the same as were the rules. Katie had spent some time at the gym to practice her moves as she felt she was beat way too easily. As the match progressed however, it was pretty much the same as last week. Again she was down to her sport bra and thong while Tom had his T-shirt and boxers left. Now she was getting pissed as Tom pinned her down and was going for her sport bra. But he was getting cocky and as he braced his weight against her, he left himself exposed. Kate saw her chance and swung her elbow back between Tom’s legs squarely connecting with his loosely hanging balls.

“Ugh!!” he shouted. “Fuck that hurts!”

Finally! she thought as she used this moment to pull his T-shirt off. However, Tom quickly recovered, spun Katie on her back, reached between her legs and pulled off her thong as his final prize once more.

“Fuck!” Katie swore.

“Got you again,” Tom boasted. “Man, that shot to my balls hurt.”

“You’ll have to protect them better. I may not be so nice next time,” Katie sternly responded. Tom only laughed. Again, they caught their breaths and walked into Katie’s room.

This time Tom had a little more fun. After he was finished with the ice cube he reached over for one of the burning candles on Katie’s dresser and held it over her body in a circular motion.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Katie said. With that Tom let a few drops fall on her belly.

“That’s for nailing me in the nuts.” For about ten minutes Tom slowly dripped the hot wax over Katie’s belly, legs and her breasts.

“Shit, you really are into this,” Katie said. Tom then grabbed the Polaroid on Katie’s dresser and snapped a shot of her gorgeous breasts encased in the candle wax being respectful by not getting her face in the picture. After he was finished with her breasts, Tom dripped a circle with the wax around her pussy being careful not to actually drop any on her clit or the holiest of holies itself. Another picture was snapped. After he was finished he untied her legs and when off on her as he did last week. This time, Katie lit off four orgasms before Tom was done.

“Third and final match next week will decide our Battle of the Sexes,” Tom boasted.

“You bet, only next week the picture will be of your cock and balls proudly displayed for me as I have you tied spread eagle,” Katie said confidently. Tom only laughed again. After all, it had been her genitals proudly displayed for him lately.

“I think I’ll film next weeks match to keep for posterity”.

Katie was angry now. Her honor as a woman was at stake here, especially after she boasted about being able to beat him. During the week Katie bumped into her good friend Maria and told her about the challenge her and Tom had and what she could do.

“Well,” Maria said, “remember you don’t want to hurt him too bad. Use your knee and the heel of your foot in quick succession. Don’t give him time to think. Use your body to your advantage. Remember you’re a woman. Use your breasts and what’s between your legs to distract him. Just think, once you have him tied up in bed, his manhood is entirely at your mercy and then you can have some real fun. I just ask for one favor.”

“What’s that?” Katie asked.

“Remember to take a few pictures like the ones he took of you. I’d love to see the results of your handiwork when you’re finished with him.”

“Maria, consider it done.”

The next week came and Tom and Katie quickly got down to business. Katie was a lot quicker this week pulling Tom’s pants and socks off within a few minutes. Tom was then a bit pissed and had Katie topless in very quick order.

Good, she thought, he’ll be so captivated with my breasts, they’ll just distract him. Another five minutes go by and things aren’t looking well for Kate, as she was down to one sock and her thong. Tom was down to his T-shirt and boxers. He lunged at Kate pulling her legs from underneath her, but Katie braced herself to prohibit herself from falling. To throw her off balance, Tom jabbed his elbow into Katie’s breast.

“TAKE THAT!” Tom shouted as he swung his fist hard into her pussy. Ouch!! She wasn’t expecting that. This sudden movement threw them both off balance and they both landed on their backs with a thud.

Lying back, Katie could see one of Tom’s balls hanging out of his shorts. Katie was pissed as her tit was throbbing, her pussy hurt and she wanted to win. Not wasting any time Katie struck out with the heel of her foot. Wham! Direct hit.

“Ooff!” was the only sound Tom made as Katie’s heel rammed into his ballsack.

Finally! she thought, now to really get him.

“Fuck, you got me again!” He shouldn’t have been talking as Katie quickly pulled his shirt over his eyes blinding him. In the same motion she yanked his boxers off exposing his entire package and in rapid succession, shot her knee into Tom’s exposed jewels twice.

As he winced in pain, Tom moaned, “Ugh, my balls!!” as he pulled his shirt back down. “Fuck that hurts, you bitch.”

“Oh, take it like a man. Now get up.” Feeling much weaker now, Tom struggled to his knees to face her. All he had to do was get her thong off and that wonderful pussy of hers was all his to own all over again.

“I’ll really teach you a lesson this time. Like I said last week, I have a video camera set up at recording the whole thing.” Katie wanted revenge for that shot to her pussy and her eyes never left Tom’s manhood as he lunged at her. Moving out of the way Katie was able to trip Tom and roll him onto his back holding onto his legs.

“THAT’S FOR MY PUSSY!!” Katie screamed as she mercilessly slammed her fist into Tom’s totally vulnerable and totally unprotected testicles. White-hot agony shot through Tom’s body and before he could curl up to cradle his precious jewels, Katie pulled his T-shirt up and over his head. Triumphantly, Katie pranced around the room, her gorgeous breasts bobbing up and down as Tom lay curled up in pain on the floor. He couldn’t stop thinking about what she would do to him when she goes to claim her prize in the bedroom.

“I’ll give your balls some time to recover and then I expect you in my bedroom,” Katie said sweetly. Tom felt worn out as Katie tied him up. Kneeling between his legs she paused for a minute admiring his manhood as his raging hard-on proudly saluted her. Having a man this vulnerable and exposed was an incredible feeling for her.

“How do your mighty balls feel now, sport?” Katie proudly asked.

“Ugh, they hurt like hell,” Tom said exhausted. “I’ll never punch you in the pussy again. That’s for sure.”

“Wise words my friend, and don’t worry, your nuts look fine. A bit swollen but that’s normal. I’ll put some ice on them hehehe. Don’t worry, I didn’t damage anything,” she said examining them. “Like I said, I want them functional.” As Katie grabbed the Polaroid she also picked up a small white handkerchief and tied it at the tip of Tom’s cock.

“What's that for?” he asked.”

“That’s for my new favorite picture. I’ll entitle it ‘The Battle of the Sexes Decided’. I figure your cock standing at attention over your swollen balls with a flag of surrender is worth a thousand words. Now it’s time for me to get to work on you,” Katie said with her hands on her hips, still wearing only her thong. Tom couldn’t stop thinking how hot she looked. “You had some fun with me the last two times but now it’s my turn,” Katie said as she stroked his legs running her nails close to his genitals.

For about ten minutes Katie slowly worked her tongue over Tom’s entire body until she reached his cock. Being careful not to touch his balls, she ran her tongue up and down his six inch shaft and the pain seemed to go away for him. Sitting up now and straddling his body, Katie reached for her glass of ice water. She saw Tom wince as condensation droplets fell off glass. She let two ice cubes fall onto Tom’s chest and slowly moved them around his body down toward his genitals. Tom enjoyed the soothing ice water as it ran over his balls and breathed a sigh of relief. That was until his ballsack was suddenly in the glass with all the ice cubes. His body shuddered as Katie straddled him holding him down fast.

“Don’t like your balls on ice, huh? I’d imagine not. An ice cube on my clit was bearable for only a second as well. Don’t worry dear; I’ll warm them up now,” she said as she placed the glass aside a reached for a nearby candle.

The first drops fell on Tom’s chest. “Hurts, doesn’t it? Katie said. “Your chest isn’t as sensitive as mine and you see how it feels on you,” she said as the drops began to fall on his legs. Tom knew what was coming. Katie was prolonging this as long as possible as she drew a circle around his manhood with the wax. Katie put the candle down any repeated her oral pleasure. She waited for Tom to relax for a few minutes and when he finally let out a sigh of relief she once again picked up the candle and watched the first drops of hot wax fall on his ballsack. Tom’s body was really shuddering now as Katie let drop after drop fall to its mark. Pretty soon his entire manhood was encased in the wax and Katie took another picture.

“Another beautiful shot,” she said boastfully as she gazed upon her magnificent wax creation. “So, how do your balls feel now?”

“Oh God, like they’re on fire,” Tom moaned.

“Good!” Katie said with a forceful tone in her voice. “Now let’s rock!” she said as she finally pulled her thong off. Very carefully she peeled the wax off his cock and very gingerly off his balls. Her pussy had been wet with excitement for some time now as Tom’s cock easily slid into her as she straddled him. Within the course of the next 45 minutes Katie showed Tom every woman on top position she knew including several she just made up along the way.

“Holy shit Tom! I’ve had five orgasms so far. Are you ready to shoot off yet? I want to make you cum soooo bad. Sex with you is absolutely incredible!” Katie screamed.

Moaning in ecstasy, Tom shook his head no. “My balls are still a bit sore. But I’m getting there.”

“Good, I’ll make cum no matter what my friend even if I have to reach back and squeeze it out of you,” she said joking as she tickled his balls from behind. “Just give me a second or two warning.” Katie asked.

A few more minutes passed by as Tom began to moan, “Almost… Almost… Oh Yes. Now!!!” With that. Katie pushed herself off and quickly shot her knee one more time into Tom balls. Not as hard as before, but enough. As Tom’s body shuddered with the ultimate pain and the ultimate pleasure, Katie grabbed a hold of Tom’s throbbing cock with both hands and wildly jerked him off sending cum everywhere until he was drained. Tom was exhausted. Katie was exhausted. With her last bit of strength, Katie unbound Tom’s arms and legs as they passed out next to each other.

When they woke up the next morning, both Tom and Katie were very sore. Tom’s balls still hurt a bit, as did Katie’s breasts. After recapping the past few weeks, they came to the conclusion that the best sex they ever had was with each other.

A few days later, Katie saw her friend Maria and showed her the pictures and let her borrow the tape.

“Wow! Nice balls. Good work. He’s got a nice set there. I hope you didn’t hurt him too bad, I may want to wrestle around with him myself,” Maria said halfway joking. “I’ll have to give this a try with a guy Mark I know. He’s always been a jerk to me and has always wanted me in bed.”

“I know Mark,” Katie said. “He’s always tried to hit on me as well. Just, remember Maria, I want pictures as well.”

“No problem,” Maria answered.

About three weeks later Maria called Katie over to her house to watch a tape she made. They shared a laugh together as Maria produced her own Polaroid of a little white flag attached to a guy’s cock standing at attention over a pair of swollen testicles.

“Wow, Maria!! Good work. I’ll bet that really hurt. You must have been really pissed off at him, those balls look pretty busted. I’m glad I’m a woman,” Katie said.

“Oh yes, I busted his nuts thoroughly,” Maria said boastfully, “and even though I swore I’d never sleep with him, I soooo enjoyed fucking his brains out. I must have squeezed every drop of cum out of his body. Anyway, he won’t be professing thoughts of male superiority anytime soon. Remember, unlike you and Tom, I was out to get this guy.”

“Didn’t Mark know better? He knows you practice self-defense and kick-boxing.”

“Obviously not,” Maria said. “Anyway you see what happened to his balls in the picture and the video. I guess he was just thinking with his dick.”

“Male genitals are sure useful,” they both said while toasting each other.

To this day, Katie still carries her favorite picture around, as well as the ring on her finger Tom placed there less than a year afterwards.

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