Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ballbusting in the Village (part 1-2)

by Sag

Winter, end of March, a small village in BC north of Canada.

There was a small restaurant which called winter sisters. There were only three workers working there: Linda, Diana and Rose. All had big butts held tight in stirrup tights because of the cold. They were the only restaurants there and they earned a lot of money. Each night Rose closed and they start to count money. On a Sunday late night Rose went to lock the door but suddenly three young boys around 19 or 20 held the door and asked for service.

“We are closed go and come back tomorrow we can not serve you at this time,” said Rose.

One of the boys answered, “Sure you can baby, especially at this time of night.” Then he pushed her and the two other entered. Each was holding a gun. One of them put the gun on Rose’s neck and warned he would shoot if Linda and Dana went for the gun or called the police. Each of the boys held one woman who was at least ten years older than them.

Rose said, “Take whatever you want and leave us alone.”

The first boy who was holding her grabbed her round butt and said, “But we want to have fun.” Suddenly Rose turned back and slapped him in the face. He got mad and said, “We will do what we want whether you like it or not. What are you going to do about it? You are just a woman.”

Linda interrupted him and said, “All right, I haven’t had it for a long time, but I want to choose.

The first boy said, “Okay, go on, which dick do you think is big enough for you?” Linda looked at the third boy who looked kind of scared but wanted to have it. She pointed at him, grabbed his hand and dragged him in to her room.

He said, “Oh I don’t want it lady; that was a joke,” but she closed the door and start rubbing his waist. He said, “Please lady, I am not in to it”

“Neither am I,” said Linda and swung her feet back and kicked him hard in the balls. He jumped up in pain and screamed like a girl but Linda held his hands so he couldn’t protect his balls. She was wearing opened-toed high heels with tan pantyhose. The next kick got both of his balls and he jumped up again, but when he was coming down she changed her posture and kneed him hard in the groin. The helpless boy, confused and with an immense pain in his manhood, started to cry like a baby. But she didn’t care, so she struck his balls with an open palm, which sounded like “dooop!”

He could only shout in pain and nothing more. Then she started squeezing the life out of his balls, a tight squeeze which made him to sink to the ground. But she didn’t let go until he was on his knees. From his shouting his friends turned back to help him but Rose and Dana from behind kicked them in the balls. They screamed and their knees started to weaken. Rose and Dana grabbed their legs and rolled them over. They started to stomp their balls with their open toe high heels. Tears appeared in the helpless boys’ eyes.

Rose grabbed a kitchen knife and held one of the boy’s balls in her hand. “Wanna cut them off right now?” said Rose. He started begging to let go.

Linda opened the door and she was dragging the poor boy on the floor. “Stop!” said Linda. If you cut it off we cannot say it was self-defense.”

“You are right,” said Dana. “Why don’t we just call Rona and Jill?” Rona and Jill were the only cops in the village.

“I want to keep this one, he is so cute,” said Linda.

“Are you crazy? These people were robbing and raping us a minute before,” said Rose.

“I know, but we had fun beating them up. Any way no male can just come here and rob us, right?

He got a hard-on when I kicked his balls; I think he likes the idea. We can practice on our techniques and we could use the extra help in the restaurant.”

“What if he escapes?”

“He won’t and if he disobeys or tell any body we just cut of his precious balls.

Then she grabbed his balls and said, “You won’t go any where right? If you stay being a good boy, we will all bust your balls.”

After ten minutes Jill the village police officer came in and stared writing a report. Every time that they told her about how they bust the poor boy’s ball Jill giggled and said she will type it exactly the same that they told her and in the news too.

The two boys were handcuffed and pushed out the door to the police car.

“What are you going to do with them Jill?” said Rose.

“I am will have fun tonight. They are going to be busted for breaking out of jail.”

“Oh! They were trying to escape already?”

“Yeah! Too bad Rona’s going to miss all the fun.”

“She isn’t in town?”

“No, she went to her wood house outside the town.”

“Is there any bad luck boy with her?”

“Yeah I guess so”

Rose got back to her friends and helped them to rope the poor eighteen-year-old boy to Linda’s bed. She was the catcher and she made the suggestion, so she would give the first ball bust that night.

“What is you name honey?” asked Dana.

“John ma’am.”

“Do you like being a slave? Be honest.”

“No ma’am.”

“Do you like to have your balls busted?”


“Come on, I saw your bubbling cock too.” She grabbed his balls and pulled. Soon tears in his eyes made Dana to quit her fun.

“Hey! Tonight is my turn,” said Linda.

“What are you going to wear Linda?”

“Something that covers my down part, I don’t want to give him the whole thing by one night.

“I think the panty hose are fine. Which color Johnny? It is your choice. Anyway, it is your balls. Tan or dark?”

“Tan, ma’am.”

“Oh, don’t call me that.”

Everybody went to their beds and John in Linda’s bed hand cuffed. It was late night and others didn’t think Linda going to do much to John’s red aching balls, but the sound of yelling and screaming of a young boy whose balls were under attack of a 35 year-old vixen made them giggle and dream about their turn for tomorrow.


It had been four days and each woman had already got her turn with John. He wasn’t feeling too bad, except more than his balls, his pride was hurt. Imagine being punished and humiliated by three beautiful women who were older than him and the only thing that he got was a pair of red aching balls. Ice wouldn’t work this time. “I cannot stand it any more. This is my manhood that they are crushing. I am the man,” he said to himself.

“Come on in honey; help me with the dishes,” said Dana.

He came in with an innocent look that turned onto Dana’s ass.

“What are you staring at? You bad boy. Then she moved more quickly than John could imagine and punched him hard in the balls.

“Oooooooh!” His knees stared to shake and in a minute he was on his knees.

“OH! You poor piggy. Are you hurt badly?”

“Yes. It hurts like hell, please stop…”

“Shut up! I am not talking to you. I am talking to your peanuts.” The door opens and Linda came in.

“Hi. You are needed in the front, Johnny.”

“What are you doing? The customers might hear him screaming.”

“Come on, it is my turn to work on his puny manhood.”

“Maybe we should call off the attack to his balls for a change.”

“What’s the matter, already tired of it?”

“Of course not. I like using men in the way I want and remind them who is the weaker sex. But the thing is, I kind of like him. And he likes being with us. On the other hand he may tell someone about us.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’ll never admit in front of anyone that he is beaten up by women and hurt through his sex. Nobody would believe him and he would be humiliated.”

“Yeah, I guess so. But you and Rose are very cruel to him.”

“Oh! How is that? He screams like an 8-year-old girl when I squeeze his balls and he has an erection. I even let him cum.”

“Do you help him cum?”

“Of course not. He does it himself and out of my bed. Oh he did that in my bed once and I grabbed and twisted his nuts until he licked it all back in.”

“That is what I am telling you. You’ve got to give the boy a break.”

“What do you expect, give him a foot job??”

Suddenly a man shouted from the front counter, “Hurry up! I am waiting for an hour.”

“Would I love to bust his balls,” said Linda.

“I just do it to John and think of people like him,” said Dana.

After the rush hour for lunch the restaurant became totally empty.

“Are you still open girls?” That voice was very familiar to the girls.

“Look folks, it’s Sonia, our self-defense teacher.”

A pretty woman in tights and high heels with her niece came in. a 17-year-old girl in a high school outfit and pantyhose. They hugged and kissed and then gathered around the table and talked about their lives and their ball-busting experiences. In that time the girl was walking around the restaurant. John was passing there and he saw the girl. Taking a long look at her legs, he decided to talk to her.



“New around here?”

“Yeah. My aunt wanted to visit her friends here.”

“I am John.”


“Look Sandy would you like to have a drink or something?”

“Sure, but hey… I am not interested in you.”

“Come on, we can be friends.”


After a long talk Sandy began to like John. The way he looked at her especially. She was a straight girl that if she wanted something she would have it. When John was telling her a story suddenly she interrupted him and kissed his mouth by grabbing his shirt, making him stand up and move away from the chair. The kiss was a very long one. Then she drove her nyloned knee under John’s balls, massaging them. Suddenly he backed off with fear.

“Come on Johnny, I wont hit you.” Suddenly the door opened and her aunt and her friends rushed in.

Sonia the self-defense teacher said, “Who is this boy? Do you know him girls?”

“Yeah, he works here and he is a good boy,” said Linda.

Then Sonia told Sandy, “If you don’t like him or he went too far just tell me.” She grabbed John’s balls and squeezed a little. Just enough to make him jump. “If you cheat on her or want to go too far, I will crush them.” Suddenly from the idea he got a hard-on in her hand. She got skeptical. A young scared boy with three ball-busting women in a house, that figures. But she didn’t want to ruin it for her beloved Sandy, so she didn’t say anything and got back to her friends. They gathered around the table again.

“I want to ask you girls something and I have a feeling that you will tell me the truth,” said Sonia.

“We never tell you a lie, dear you know that,” said Rose.

“Are you busting that young boy’s balls for fun?”

“Well, yes Sonia. He was with that creeps who wanted to rob us.”

“So why do you keep him? And having a criminal around is not a wise thing.”

“He is not a crook. He just went to the wrong way. And he is working hard, we don’t pay him half. He works and we enjoy humiliating him and so does he. But we can forget about it if your dear Sandy wants to take care of it.”

“Girls you are my best friends. In fact I think Sandy doesn’t want that boy this bad.”

“You and your sister are very rich and if you want a slave to humiliate, you can have John any time you want. We will send him to you or you can come here for him. Like sharing things.”

“Thank you. I think that is very generous of you.”

In the meantime Sandy was in John’s room making love. After a long session of kissing, Sandy grabbed John’s balls and massaged them in a sexy way. His erection got fatter and soon she had a big dick in her hand. Then she let go and started to leave the room.

“Where are you going?” said John.

“Back to my aunt.”

“Please don’t go. I need to cum.”

“It is not my problem.”

Then he jumped on Sandy and tried to have it. But she moved too quickly and kicked him hard in the balls. He jumped in pain but he knew if he screamed others would come and join her and he might lose his manhood under their kicks. So he covered his mouth. She used the opportunity and grabbed his hands, then kneed him soft in the balls. She pushed him on the bed and let him cover his balls.

Sandy liked to see men hold their balls in pain. It kind of turned her on. “Come on lick my cunt. “

John was too scared. “She hits the balls very hard. Not like Linda. I will do whatever she says,” he thought. Then he started licking through her pantyhose. She was in heaven. After a short time she came on his mouth.

“Good job, you pig. I am going to reward you with my foot in nylon. Then she put her sexy feet around his dick and started to rub. Before he came she put her feet away. But John was so horny that he did the rest by jerking off.

“Yes, you know I am a little tired of busting your balls and I don’t feel like punishing you when you cum on my feet.”

That night it was Dana’s turn, so John went to her room. She knew he had a hard time with Sandy, so she gave him a break.

“Sit on the couch honey,” said Dana. Then she joined him, wearing tights. “Let’s watch TV.”

An action film was on and the first actor was a sexy woman who busted men’s balls and the sound effects were very realistic. After a while she couldn’t resist. Her hand went into her cunt and she began to enjoy herself. John turned his head and saw how horny she was and he tried to get something in-between but she punched him in the balls and grabbed them with his aroused dick. First she pulled them up, so that he stood up then she started to squeeze the life out of his balls. He started to beg her to let go. The squeeze continued till he was on his knees, eyes full of tears, red face and hands on the red aching balls. She pushed him on the floor on his back, began to take off his pants.

“Oh! How cute, your little manhood is as red as a tomato now. Not feeling too powerful now, are you John? Perhaps I should ask your balls.” Then she put her high heels on and stepped on his balls and flattened them to the floor. He jumped up and blacked out in pain. She was kind of afraid to destroy his manhood, so she stepped on his dick. She put her weight on his dick. It became red and suddenly his cock burst out lots of cum all around the place, including Dana’s feet. She kicked his balls lightly to wake him to make him clean his mess, but he was out for good.

“Oh well, I guess I didn’t give him a break after all,” said Dana. Then she dragged him to the bed and lay next to him. She couldn’t sleep. She needed something to play with. She held John in her arms and placed her knee under his balls. She imagined how he was going to be ball-busted when he woke up and suddenly received a knee first thing in the morning.

(The story has a third part too; I will start to write it as soon as possible.)

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