Friday, November 2, 2007

BB in Iran

By sikako

Hi guys,

Sag said a while back he would write about bb in Iran, but while we’re waiting I’ve got a fantasy story that I thought up that I thought you might enjoy. Read on!

Habib was hot. It was the height of summer, and the sun was beating down with full intensity. Here in the hills of northeastern Iran, the sun seemed to reflect off the dark rocks, making them hot enough one could fry eggs.

Habib was a wanderer, traveling place to place finding his fortune, and he wasn’t one for hardships. A place to lie in the shade picking grapes was all he wanted. But fate had sent him up into these mountains, on a job that would take him over the border into Afghanistan to pick up a load, which he then had to bring back safely. Just thinking of the hard work made him cringe. He couldn’t wait to dip his body in the lake he had heard lay on the other side of the ridgeline, just sitting back and forgetting all his woes.

Jamilla had just turned 18. She lived in a town close by, and had come down to the lake to wash some clothes. But the day was so hot, and the water so cool... and not a soul in miles around, or so she thought. In any event, she was well shaded by the trees and bushes.

Ah, the lake! Habib couldn’t wait to get in. Taking off his pack, he was just about to immerse himself when he heard a rustle from behind the bushes. Pulling out his knife, he moved in to investigate the sound.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A young girl was standing there, the contours of her large breasts and female buttocks clearly visible through her thin summer dress. As she removed her silk sari, delicately placing it on a rock, he saw her face. It was beautiful.

Habib was accountable to nobody, and was not a man of high morals. What his anger, his stomach, or his dick told him to do, he obediently did. As the woman slipped off her summer dress, revealing her exquisite firm feminine form, there was no question what his dick was saying. And as her body sunk into the cool water, it became an order.

Habib didn’t like to overexert himself, so he placed his knife back in its sheaf, and took all his clothes off. Pick her off as she comes out, and run off. He wrapped a cloth around his face so she would not recognize him, not because it mattered, but because the local warlords could be pretty fierce and one never knows who might no someone who knows someone who knows someone.

Jamilla`s long hair swished around like seaweed in the lake, before she pulled it back, ringing it out. It felt so good, the cool water on the hot day. Habib looked lustfully at the water drip off her lower hair as she got up. Her girl cheeks were so firm. Their treasure so inviting.

Jamilla came out of the pool, and Habib was wound up like a cat. At just the right moment... Jamilla turned away to pick her clothes up.


A big, hairy hand came over her mouth, and another around her waist. Before she realized what was happening, she was rammed face first into a tree trunk. As she felt something long and hard against her backside, her mind went red.

NO! THIS CAN`T BE HAPPENING! Nobody will ever marry me!

Pulling and pushing with all her might, Jamilla tried to wrestle her way out of Habib`s grasp, but he was too strong.

"Ah, my little mountain girl," said Habib scornfully, not pleased that he had to put any more effort into this than he had to, although he could still control her easily. "Don’t resist and this won’t hurt any more that it has to. Ha, ha, ha." He began fondling her huge soft naked breasts. Bending her over, Habib tried to push it in, and Jamilla was not strong enough to resist. But this couldn’t be happening to her! She had to do something... something...

Spreading her legs, she slid his penis right in between her thighs, and clamped shut. Waves if pain resonated through Habib, as she violently twisted her hips, yanking his manhood back and forth. He started screaming, "Stop, stop, please, in the name of Allah!"

Surprised, Jamilla suddenly realized she had him, and clamped her legs shut on his erect penis even more tightly. "Go away or I’ll break it."

"Okay, okay, anything. I am just a poor herdsman, and..." Habib made up the biggest cock and bull tale anyone had ever heard, and Jamilla, being a gullible sort of a girl, believed him. His manipulative character had gotten him out of trouble more than once. And like the true rattlesnake he was, the second she let his dick out of its vice, despite having sworn by Allah and by his father’s life and by his family’s life and by the honor of himself and his family to leave this place and not to touch her, he struck. Darting into the trees just long enough to get his dagger, he lunged back at her, throwing her to the ground. To her disbelief, he was on top of her, as she was lying face up on the sand.

"But, but..." she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Ha, ha, ha... let Allah care for himself. And I don’t give a shit about my family- bunch of losers. I would slit their throats for the right price."

"Your mother?" asked Jamilla in disbelief. "Who gave you life? You would slit her throat. No. That’s not right. THAT`S NOT RIGHT!" And she grabbed his knife hand at the wrist.

"Big mistake," thundered Habib, as he pressed his knife in for the kill. She was struggling hard though. But she had no chance against his strength.

Unless... Jamilla, struggling with her hands with all her might, clamped her legs around Habib`s upper thighs, and squeezed as hard as she could, trying to bring pressure to bear on the part of his body she knew couldn’t stand it. And then she began powerfully jerking and yanking her hips from side to side.

Habib was getting more and more uncomfortable, his already aching penis being powerfully yanked from side to side, with annoying intermitted pressure below it.

"I’m going to kick your ass!" screamed Jamilla, attacking below with all her might, while pushing his arms to role him off her. Before he knew it, she had reversed the positions, and was sitting on top of him. But he still had the knife. Twisting it, he tried to cut her hand.

But Jamilla knew from the village girls what to do when sitting on top of an aggressive male. She knew that on the ground, a woman, with her wide hips and powerful legs could hold the advantage. And she knew just how. Pulling her knee back, she rammed it home with all her strength.

Habib`s face looked as if he had eaten a bumblebee.

"Shit... bitch..." he blurted out.

"Drop the knife!" screamed Jamilla down at him. "Drop the knife or I’ll kick them again, and this time I’ll break them! Drop the knife!"

Habib was not one to make a stand for honor, and right now he was scared as hell and in pain, and he dropped the knife. His hands wanted to cradle his aching gonads, but she held them firmly in place. Picking up the knife, she held it to his throat.

"Now you pay," she said, and lifting her other hand away, she began punching his face. He couldn’t respond because of the knife to his throat. "And let that be a lesson!"

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