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BBQueen 2003. Trish's quest for the crown (an installment)

By tall_pete

Hi all. I know I am behind in my promised work for BBqueen 2003. The path I chose to take was to follow the winners of each bracket though their matches. My brackets are Miscellaneous and Music. This is the first two of Trish Stratus's bouts (the Misc champ.) The next should be coming soon. Then I will move to Christina Aguilera, the champ of the music area. I may then try the runner ups, but not sure I'll get that far. Please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Trish stretched as she got ready for her match. She was excited although she made sure she didn’t show it. Sometimes she got tired of doing everything that was scripted for her in wrestling. The money was great and she had to admit she loved the fame. She liked the idea that there were slews of 14-year-old boys masturbating to the idea of her -- many of her kicking their ass. She bet there were even some 20-year-old men thinking the same things. She might even like to make some of those fantasies come true, but probably not exactly how the guys imagined it.

Trish considered herself a nice person. She loved guys. She loved them in all shapes and sizes, well, lots of shapes and sizes anyway. But she really loved to hurt them too. She had the most fun when the guys wanted her to hurt them. Although even then, it was the most fun to hurt them far more than they ever wanted. She could also get just about any guy to want her to hurt them. She was Trish Stratus after all.

As Trish’s thoughts drifted to last year’s match, she couldn’t prevent a frown from flashing across her face. How could she lose to that 2-bit no-talent like Anna. There is no way in hell Anna could bust a nut as well she could. But Trish let the anger pass. She had learned something from her defeat in the ball-busting contest last year. Something she had mastered already in wrestling. Sexuality is a big part of it. She had allowed Anna to out-sex her last year. There was no way she was going to let that happen this year. Her first opponent was Tyra banks, a model and no talent actor. The only way Tyra could even compete would be to try out sex her and that wasn’t going to happen. She was Trish Stratus.

Round 1

Trish got up and made her way down to the ring to watch her opponent. Since Trish was ranked higher than this no talent beauty queen she got to watch her go first. Tyra Banks was already in the ring, getting all the testosterone drugged males in the audience excited. It didn’t bother Trish in the least though. She got plenty of calls and looks as she sauntered down the aisle to watch the match. And she was still wearing her robe.

Tyra was wearing a leopard leotard that showed off her body well. It pushed up her tits so they were spilling over the top and hugged the curves of her thin waist. It had a sheer legging material that made the thin sinews of her leg sparkle softly as they rippled. The guy who was Tyra’s opponent was transfixed by her beauty. As far as Trish understood it, the guys volunteered to be in the ring with these models, but they didn’t know exactly what they were volunteering for. They had to sign that they understood that bodily damage was likely and waive all suits. Trish wondered how many would volunteer if they knew their manhood would be mauled.

The volunteer in this case was a smallish guy, around 25 years old and maybe 5’10 170 lbs. He was in good shape. He was only wearing boxer trunks and you could see him trying to flex unobtrusively to impress Tyra. Tyra played it up, waiving to the crowd, running her hands along the guy’s shoulders as she walked around him. She then ran her hand across they guy’s pecs looking him in the eyes, and licking her lips seductively. The guy was transfixed. His erection was obvious He didn’t even notice it as Tyra stopped, lined up her left leg and thrust it into his groin. The guy’s eyes bulged and he let out a grunt, but Trish could tell it was not a solid shot. There was not enough force and Tyra got him with the soft part of her thigh, not her knee.

The beauty of Tyra’s face faded slightly with frustration as she realized her blow was not well delivered. But Tyra didn’t wait long for the chance to make up for it. She held on to the guy’s shoulders, looked down at her target and drove her knee in again and again. Her aim got better each time. The guy let out a cry with the third blow and in his pain was able to lurch forward and to the right, falling to his knees and grabbing his now battered balls. Trish shook her head, there is no way she would have let the guy escape until she wanted him to.

Tyra seemed unfazed, shaking her hands above her head in celebration, almost causing her beautiful cleavage to jump right out of the leotard in the process. After a short celebration, Tyra tried to pry the guy’s hands lose and kick him in the nuts a few more times. But even in his weakened condition, Tyra did not have the strength to pull his arms free. So her kicks, even though they were clearly painful, were largely absorbed by the guy’s hands. Tyra was tiring and quickly switched tactics. She grabbed the guy’s hair and pulled him forward as hard as she could. He did not resist, falling onto his hands, breathing heavily with the pain. Tyra walked around behind him and delivered her strongest kick yet from behind. The guy promptly curled up into a ball on the matt and whimpered in pain. The judges called the match and Tyra threw up her arms gratefully. It seemed like she was happy it was over.

The scores were mixed. She scored well for sexuality just for her beauty, with an 8.9, but not as well in brutality, 7.1 or technique 4.8.

Trish felt her heart accelerate as she knew she was next. She didn’t wait for any formal announcements. She rose calmly to her feet and walked towards the ring. One of the security guards went to stop her, as if he didn’t recognize her. Trish didn’t even break her smile as she left the poor guard doubled over with a sharp knee to the groin. The next guard either recognized her or just thought better than interfering. He stood there with his hands covering his balls.

Trish, patted him on the face as she passed, commenting. “Good boy. When you see Trish Stratus approaching the ring, cover your nuts and let her by.”

Trish climbed quickly into the ring and stood there, with her hands on her hips staring at Tyra Banks. Tyra, quickly climbed out of the ring. Trish smiled and began marching around the ring like she owned it and waving to the crowd. The guys in the crowd, and they were all guys, went wild. Trish egged them on, raising her arms above her head in a premature victory sign and waving, fully aware that every time she raised her arms, her short robe was pulled up above the tiny bottoms of her bikini. Trish continued to play to the crowd as her opponent made his way to the ring.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could tell he was tall with an athletic build. He climbed into the ring and stood there nervously in loose fitting sweat pants and a tank top. Trish stopped her celebration, and tore off her short robe in a quick motion. She stood in the middle of the ring, posing in her small black bikini. He breasts threatened to burst out of the top and the bottom portion, a small triangle tied on with a string struggles to cover her trimmed pubic hair. Trish grinned as she saw her opponent’s eyes bulge.

Breaking the pose after only a brief pause, Trish marched up to her opponent, his eyes, transfixed with the bouncing of her barely concealed breasts. He never even saw her right knee fly forward as if it were spring loaded when she reached him. The thud could be heard from the stands. Trish nailed him with the very end of his knee at full velocity, capturing his right ball between her kneecap and his pelvis. This time his eyes really bulged. He let out a cry and began to double over. Trish grabbed his shoulders to steady herself as her knee was already driving forward with the second blow. This time her opponent just sobbed and his knees began to buckle. Trish realized that she wouldn’t be able to holdup his dead weight, lowered her shoulder and practically threw him backwards into the corner of the ring. His back slammed into the corner, his legs askew. As his legs were already jelly, he began to slide slowly down the post, his arms flailing to the sides.

Trish had wanted to step back and take a full kick, but realized she didn’t have time before her opponent would be on the ground and probably in a fetal position. So instead of stepping back to get the momentum she would need for a kick. Instead she followed her current momentum and lunged forward, to grab the ropes behind her victim. As she got a firm grasp on the ropes, she pulled with all her might to deliver one last devastating knee to the man’s groin before he fell to the ground. Like the first one, this was a perfect shot. The tip of her knee, the part with the most force and the least cushion, caught the man dead on. To add insult to injury, the man was already falling, adding force to the impact. In less than a second, the man was sobbing and twitching on the matt, oblivious to his surroundings.

The whole thing had taken 7 seconds. There was a hush over the crowd that grew to whispering, and eventually to yells and cheers. Trish was satisfied with herself. She knew she would need to add sensuality and torment to her devastation in future matches. But this was a great warm up. Trish walked out of the ring, without waiting for the scores.

Round 2

Before her next match, Trish was pacing in the warm up room. She had another cupcake as an opponent and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She wanted Stephanie McMahon to beat the tart as she knew she could wipe the matt with Stephanie and sort of hoped for the chance. But the cupcake wouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, she was a very sexy girl. But Trish understood she had barely beaten Stephanie because she clearly wasn’t an experienced ball buster. She would have to raise her game to another level to compete with Trish Stratus.

Trish headed out to watch her opponent, clad in her short robe and skimpy black bikini.

Laetitia Casta was already in the ring. She was wearing a sexy pink lace chemise with matching, hip-hugging panties. Trish could see why she was a lingerie model and not a wrestler. Laetitia’s opponent was stepping into the ring. He was young, maybe 19 and having problems getting in the ring while staring at Laetitia. Laetitia smiled back coyly and then pivoted slowly around, showing off her body to the young man. When the young man managed to make it through the ropes, he just stood there gawking. His erection was obvious in his loose athletic shorts. Trish noticed from her seat near the ring that the boy’s erection looked pretty impressive and it looked like Laetitia felt the same. She eyed it as she approached the boy.

Trish wasn’t sure the two of them ever looked each other in the eye. The boys gaze may have made it as far up as Laetitia’s lips, while hers stayed on the large bulge coming from his shorts. When Laetitia reached the boy, she smiled coyly again and reached down to stoke the throbbing erection though his shorts. Laetitia wrapped her left hand around it and began slowing pulling the boy across the ring to her corner. When they made it to the corner, Laetitia whispered something in the boy’s ear The boy blushed and nodded before turning around and pressing his back against the post. He then maneuvered his left foot between the first and second rope to his right and then did the same on his left with his left foot.

Trish had to hand it to the girl, she had the boy with his legs spread and captured that way. Trish’s admiration grew, when she saw Laetitia bend down to tie the boys legs to the ropes with pieces of cloth. The boy just stared at her cleavage as she did this; either oblivious to his fate or thinking any fate

was worth this. Laetitia stood up and beamed with satisfaction. She paused to enjoy the moment and then reach forward with her left hand and pulled the elastic front of the boy’s shorts down to release his throbbing erection. She then reach between his legs with her right hand and grabbed his balls before letting the elastic of the short go so they slapped into the under side of the boys balls. The boy jumped but never lost his smile. He just stood there with his balls hanging over the elastic portion of his shorts and his cock sticking up at a 45-degree angle.

Laetitia stared at the boys cock, it must have been 9 inches. She grabbed it with her left hand, looked up at the boy and kneed him in the nuts. He grunted but kept smiling. Laetitia grinned back and kneed him again and again and again. The knees were fast, but not all of them on target. The boy held on to the ropes and started to breath heavily. Laetitia held on to his cock and kept kneeing his balls. Her chest was starting to rise and fall more noticeably as she got into her work.

Trish got rather bored watching, thinking it looked more like foreplay than ball busting when the tone of the scene changed. It must have been the friction from Laetitia’s hand on the boys cock as she was kneeing him, combined with the site of this hot young woman breathing heavily 10 inches away from him. The boy let out a cry as one of Laetitia’s knees connected solidly, but it wasn’t from pain. He came hard, his cum spraying the bottom of Laetitia’s chemise and her leg.

Laetitia stood there in shock for a moment. The crowd started to laugh and she looked around in embarrassment. The boy looked even more embarrassed standing there with his cock starting to deflate in front of him. Laetitia let out a small scream of anger and stepped back to deliver a full force kick to the boy’s dangling testicles. He let out a cry and struggled to free his legs. Laetitia took a couple steps back before stepping forward and kicking again with all her might. The boy let out a squeal and tore his leg from the ropes to fall to the matt. It was over. Laetitia, turned and ran from the ring.

Trish smirked to herself. She almost felt bad for the girl. At the same time, she had learned a lot from her. Things she would use to make her own ballbusting stronger.

Trish got up and climbed into the ring. The boy was still lying on the ground untying his other leg. Trish walked over to him and told him to get out. The boy took one look at her face and climbed to his feet. He gingerly stepped between the second and third ropes with his right foot and bent to fit between them. As he did, Trish stepped forward and kicked him from behind with all her force. The kick caught him perfectly, driving him forward so his head hit against the post. The boy rolled into a ball in mid air and fell down onto the ground outside the ring and lay there mewing in pain. Trish yelled down at the boy, “That’s for cumming on a ball buster.”

Trish was pumped. She had to control herself. She wanted this match to last longer than 7 seconds. She decided to simply lean against the ropes, cross her arms across her chest and await her opponent. She knew it might be a better entrance if she let the victim come in first, but screw it. This is her ring; she awaited his arrival and dictated his departure.

As Trish leaned languidly against the ropes her victim walked towards the ring. He was wearing a wrestler’s outfit, all one-piece tight and fitting. The top portion was a tank, showing off some well-defined arms, shoulders and chest, while the bottom clung tightly to a respectable bulge in his shorts. He was reasonably tall, maybe 6 ft and had hair falling to his shoulders like some eurotrash wannabee model. He eyed Trish with a cocky grin as he climbed into the ring. Trish smiled to herself, and took off her robe to reveal her bikini to his ogling eyes. She pushed herself slowly off the ropes and sauntered towards him as he stood in his corner against the post watching her.

Trish smiled coyly and reached down to stroke the bulge in the wrestler’s uniform and it immediately began to grow. She looked up at the man’s face and saw that he was leering at her. Trish had every intention to play with the man before destroying him, but the leer infuriated her. She withheld her desire to crush his testicles there and then. Instead, she slowly lowered herself to one knee before the man, eyeing his now growing bulge as she did so. The man closed his eyes and leaned his head back as Trish rubbed the side of her face against his now erect penis through the thin material. In the process of doing so, she worker her right shoulder between his muscular thighs. She moved it around until she was sure she had one ball pinned between the front of her shoulder and the man’s right thigh and the other ball pinned between the back of her shoulder and the man’s left thigh. She reached up with her right hand to grab one of the ropes behind the man and began to tense her right leg.

The man’s eyes popped open and he let out a groan as Trish pushed forward with all of her might grinding his right testicle between the front of her shoulder, and his pelvis and thigh. She could feel it compress and grind as she rolled it between the bone of her shoulder and the bone of his pelvis. The man tried to go on his tiptoes to release the pressure only to lose all his leverage. Trish was grinding her shoulder forward and backward mashing his testicles with all the force she could drive into her legs. The man tried to grab her hair but kept loosing his balance as he involuntarily tried to adjust to relieve the pressure on his balls. He ended up grabbing onto the ropes. The man then tried to pick up his left leg to try to swing it over Trish’s head and Trish would lean forward and grind his right testicle between the front of her shoulder and his pelvis. He would twist his body involuntarily to try to escape and put his left leg down. He would then try with the other leg and Trish would push backwards with her should and pin his left testicle. Trish liked feeling each testicle squishing against her shoulder.

Finally the guy escaped by falling forward. Trish ducked her head and allowed him to fall onto his hands and knees. Trish immediately rose up and slammed her right knee into the tight outline of his balls from behind. The man let out a gurgle and tried to crawl forward to get away. Trish grinned stood up and watch him crawl away from her on all fours until he was the perfect distance. She then stepped forward and kicked the outline of the man’s balls yet again. This time the man’s arms gave out and his face fell to the matt, his ass still in the air. He reached forward to grab the ropes to try to pull himself up.

Trish was impressed by the man’s fortitude and stupidity as she looked at the perfect target of the man’s balls directly in front of her. Trish resisted and walked around to stand next to the man’s head. She put her boot under the man’s nose and stated, “Kiss my boots and beg for mercy”

The man shook his head violently and continued to struggle to pull himself up. Trish laughed, grabbed the man’s head by his hair and yanked him up so he was wavering on his knees in front of her. When the man looked up he was staring straight at Trish’s breasts as they strained against her bikini. He slowly moved his eyes up to her neck and face as his head was pulled back by Trish. He saw that she smiled at him, but he never saw the kick that smashed right into his battered testicles.

Trish couldn’t hold onto him as he fell to the ground. She placed her boot in front of his face. He shook his head again, his body flopping as he tried to rise to his knees.

Trish grinned and grabbed the guy by his hair again and dragged him forward to the ropes. She then pulled him back onto his knees and threw him into the ropes. The man grabbed onto them and began to struggle to get to his feet again. Trish meanwhile, sauntered back behind the man to watch. As soon as he pulled his right leg forward to try to stand, Trish stepped forward and kicked him in the nuts from behind. She could see them compress, move to each side of her boot and then move back again as her foot mashed them and then retreated. She loved. She was tempted to take the boots off so she could feel it, but decided against it.

The man flopped forward, hanging onto the ropes with his legs flailing. Trish calmly stepped between them and delivered another kick to his balls from behind. The kick thrust the man body forward so his arms and head were on one side of the ropes and his body, and most importantly his balls, were on the other.

Trish raised up her right hand and held up one finger, yelling “one”. Then a second finger and yelled “two”, and then a third and yelled “three”. On three she stepped forward and kicked the man hard from behind. The force drove him further forward. It was clear he was sobbing now. Trish stepped back and yelled to the crowd count for me. She held up one finger, the crowed roared “One”, a second, “Two” a third “three”. She stepped forward and kicked again. The man let out a curdled scream. Trish stepped back again, began to raise her hand again, when the man screamed out “no please” between his sobs.

Trish put out her hand in a wait sound to the crowd. A few still yelled one and a number more grumbled. “Is that what you call begging?” Trish asked the man. The man blubbered “oh god, please no more. I’m begging you please.”

Trish shrugged and looked up at the crowd questioningly. All she heard were people counting, One, Two Three.” She shrugged and took her place again and raised her one finger. One the crowed roared, two, the man was blubbering and pleading, “three”. Trish stepped forward and kicked his entire body 6 inches forward via his balls.

The man was now bawling, and begging between sobs. “Aw god please, please, I’ll do anything.”

“Beg to lick my boots” Trish snapped.

“Please, please, please let me lick your boots.” The man sobbed.

Trish backed up and stood in the middle of the ring, and put her hands on her beautiful hips “crawl over here and beg again.”

The man slowly worked to free himself of the ropes. After a struggle he fell freely face down on the matt. He crawled slowly towards Trish. When he finally reached her, he moved his face forward to begin licking her boots. Before he could do so, Trish lifted her right foot and pressed it down on the side of his face.

“No, no, no, silly man. I said beg to lick my boots.” Trish said through a Cheshire grin.

“Please ma’am let me lick your boots. Please, I’ll do anything. Just no more.”

Trish grinned, and said “OK, lick the bottom.”

As the man licked, Trish stood above him and raised her arms in victory, her boot firmly planted on the man face. She then turned and marched out of the ring. As if she had to wait for the judges. She was Trish Stratus.

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