Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beach Initiation

By unknown

I had spent the day sunning on the beach, and had actually falling asleep. When I woke up it was starting to get dark and the beach was practically deserted. As I was heading back to my car a group of girls showed up. There was petite redhead and five other girls. They block my way with Red standing directly in front of me.

“Hey stud, are you here all by yourself?” asked Red.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Perfect, I need your assistance with my sorority initiation; you’ll help me won’t you?”

“Maybe, what would I have to do?”

“Nothing really, just provide a pair of balls for busting.”

“What, are you insane? I’m not uummmffff…”

Red’s knee had suddenly shot up into my crotch, and I went down holding my balls. The other girls quickly sat on my arms and legs and one had my head between her legs and put towel over my mouth. Red sat between my legs and I totally knew what was coming. The girl holding my head said maybe I was lucky that I had a Speedo on, maybe that would hold my balls tight and so hurt less. Somehow I didn’t think so. I hadn’t even had time to get panicky when Red punched me dead on in the balls. I couldn’t breathe at first, and then the pain came and I started coughing and gasping for air.

They all were laughing and one of the girls said, “Girl, you got him GOOD!”

Another girl replied, “Yeah… but she’s got do better than that if she wants in our sorority.”

Red hit me several more times; and then grabbed my balls and squeezed like hell. Man did that hurt!!!

One of the girls yelled, “RIP’M OFF GIRL!”, so Red started pulling and twisting too. They had me securely pined, I could hardly move, and knew that there’s no way I could break free. My balls were totally hurting, that was the worst ever! I mean, I beat off when I read stories on the Internet about a guy getting busted and all, but for real was no fun. She just kept going at it, squeezing and yanking on my balls, I was dying. Finally Red stopped squeezing but she didn’t let go of my balls.

I was grasping for air, and then one of them said, “Oh look, he’s crying,” and they all laughed. My balls hurt so badly, and the pain was creeping up in my guts. When I could halfway breath again, Red told the girl to put her legs under my head so I could see. She did, and put the towel over my mouth again. Then Red started punching my balls, real hard, she was really laying it on. After like the third or forth one, I was just screaming like hell into the towel. I was afraid she was going to fuck up my balls BAD, and this was already the WORST. The pain in my balls was exploding; it came like in waves, but then it was just one big pain in my sack. I started to see stars and everything got blurry. After like forever, Red finally stopped, and the girl took the towel off of my mouth. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t even scream, I was just sobbing and coughing. Then Red hit me with one more, and that was the hardest of all. At first, it hurt so bad that I could not breathe at all but then I screamed my guts out.

Red pulled the front of my Speedo down, exposing my stuff. She grabbed my balls, and I had to inhale hard. She said to relax; she was just going to check if they were ok. She started squeezing them, just a little and then harder. GOD THAT HURT. She said my balls were really swollen, but it doesn’t look like they got “swished”. I have never heard of “swished” balls. I hoped she meant that they weren’t ruptured!

Then she told me to take a deep breath and hold it in, and she was going to check if the cords on my nuts were ok. What was I going to do about it? So I inhaled and she squeezed really tight and then pulled them down more and more. That HURT!! I started to cry from all the pain and begged her to let me go. She ignored me pleas, and started pulling even harder, till I was hysterically screaming, then she stopped.

She fondled my balls for a while, giving me some time to recover, then said, “Just one more thing, and it’s over; I need to make sure your balls still work”. She was holding my balls real tight and she took my dick in her mouth. She was working it really good and I got close to shooting a few times, but she kept squeezing my balls also, so I couldn’t. It took forever, but in the end I had to cum, even though she was being really rough with my nuts. When I did, she squeezed really hard, while I was still shooting! She kept going at it for like two minutes after, and that hurt so bad I started crying again, and then she let go.

They all got up and I rolled into a little ball and held my nuts. I just wanted to die. Someone said, “Damn girl, now that’s how you bust some balls!” Then they all walked away. I was just lying there, crying like a little kid, and holding my balls, and whichever way I moved or rolled, the pain wouldn't stop.

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bobfeet91 said...

It's hard.... very hard.... but so cooool!