Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Busted by School Babes

by Unknown

Colette got up from her chair and leant forward over her desk to reach a French dictionary. I was at directly behind her and I could not help staring longingly at her sexy, tight ass.

Colette had the tightest ass in the school and she knew it. She would wear the most skin-tight trousers she could find-so tight, in fact, that as she leaned forward I could clearly see the tantalizing cleft of her cunt. I swallowed hard and felt something else getting hard as I imagined bending her over the desk and ramming my cock into her. Suddenly I felt Sam, who was sat next to me, looking at me. I quickly looked down at my work.

“You dirty pervert,” Sam whispered in my ear.

Sam was a real bitch, but I had a thing for her big time. She too had a fine arse, but she didn’t seem to now it. She had modest tits, but the fine pair seemed to have a life of their own-they constantly jiggled, wobbled and bounced whenever she moved the slightest bit. She was a dark brunette, with dark eyebrows shaped so that she appeared forever angry. She was the kind of girl who would use the tiniest of excuses to turn violent on a boy. This would usually end up with the boy rolling around on the floor clutching his nuts while Sam mocked him to the amusement of the other girls.

“What?” I squeaked.

“I saw you looking at her arse.”


Sam turned in her seat and my eyes flickered down at her tits as they bounced. She gasped. “You perv! I saw that too!”

I gave her my best innocent look.

“If you really are that desperate, just ask to see them.”

“What?” I croaked.

“Just ask,” she smiled, seductively.

“Alright,” I said, unconvinced. “Show me.”

Sam’s hand ran up to her collar and pulled it out. She slowly leant forward and I caught my first glimpse of her perky baps. While I was mesmerized, she put her hand on my groin-a little lower than my erection on two very tender parts. Before I could do anything her grip tightened and I struggled not to yelp.

“I showed you my pair, now I’m gonna crush your pair,” she said, licking her lips. She turned back round to face the front of class and kept squeezing with all her might. My nuts were brutally ground together in her clenched fist. My head was on the table and my hands were desperately trying to loosen her grip.

“Struggle and I’ll squeeze harder,” she smiled.

I was urged to keep trying, but as soon as I did, her grip tightened till I was in agony. My muffled squeals must have alerted Colette because she turned around to see what was happening. She looked at Sam who was sat grinning with one hand under the table. Then she looked at me. My head was on the desk and my hands were now squeezing the chair to control the pain.

She looked at Sam quite puzzled. “What’s with him?”

“Let’s just say I’ve got him by the balls,” Sam giggled.

“No-oo!” the beautiful blonde gasped. She ducked her head under the table and saw Sam’s hand full of my trouser meat. “Sam you bitch!”

This made Sam giggle even more. “You wouldn’t say that if you saw the way he ogled your arse when you bent over.”

“Did he?” Colette gasped, knowing full well that every boy did. “Well squeeze ‘em harder!”

My higher squeals told her Sam had.

“You bitch!” she repeated. Then everything got a whole lot more painful.

The teacher told us all to get into groups of four. Colette quickly turned her chair round to our desk and began calling frantically to her friend Danielle. Danielle was the all round sexiest girl in the school-she had everything. She was gorgeous, with her brown/red hair tied back in a small ponytail; she was sexy, with her stunning figure and shapely ass, and she was buxom- her baps were huge!

She rushed over and sat down beside Colette. “What is it?”

“Look under the table,” Colette giggled.

Danielle peered under and the burst out laughing. “Nice one Sam!” she laughed. She had by far the biggest tits and while she giggled, I couldn’t help but notice her huge baps jiggle wildly.

“Hang on!” said Sam, amazed. “He’s managed a hard-on!”

Danielle looked down at me and saw where I was staring. I tried to alter where I was looking, but her immense jugs filled my entire view.

“Oh. You like them do you?” she asked. She perched her tits on the desk, pushing them up high. She lifted her black pullover and began unbuttoning her white shirt. Even before she had, I could see her pink nipples through the flimsy cotton. Then there it was-her left breast. It was twice the size of Sam’s and I think Sam noticed too, because her grip suddenly tightened again. It was also by far the best I’d ever seen, not that I’d seen many, but her tits weren’t surpassed until very recently by another girl called Danielle (what is it with Danielles? Are they all fit or what?).

After tucking it away, Danielle swapped seats with Colette and leant back on her chair. “Sam?”


“Squeeze them out of your hand so I can put my boot on them.”

“Okay.” She smiled. Sam squeezed my balls so they popped out of her hand.

“Sam?” said Colette, eagerly. “Get them out of his pants!”

Sam’s smile doubled. She quickly let go of my balls and unzipped my trousers and was delighted to see my swollen pair. She quickly grabbed them again and yanked them further out of my trousers.

“What do they feel like?” asked Colette, scrunching up her nose cutely.

“You never touched a pair?” gasped Sam.

“Yes, but never after a good crushing.”

“Well you’ll get your turn.”

“Just tell me!”

“Well, they’re hot and hairy and it might be my palms, but something’s wet!”

“I’ll tell you one thing that’s wet!” Danielle giggled crudely. She lifted her foot and I felt the cold, hard heel of her shoe on my aching balls. She slowly began adding pressure, twisting her foot slowly.

“Make, sure you’ve got a good hold!” Colette giggled without taking her head from under the desk.

I felt my plums begin to flatten against her grinding heel and gritted my teeth. For what felt like hours she pushed and twisted her boot into my flattening nuts. Then, luckily for my balls, Danielle removed her heel.

“No use busting the bastards too quickly.”

“Yeah,” giggled Colette. “We want some real fun first!” Colette and Danielle swapped places again.

“Yank them closer to me,” Colette ordered.

Sam began pulling savagely on my knob-sac. “You either pull your chair in or I tear your bollocks off!” With all the strength I had left in my legs I pulled my chair in.

Colette reached under the table and felt them. “Wow!” she gasped, “They’re a lot harder than I thought they’d be after all that crushing!” She violently poked one to watch my reaction. She then grasped round Sam’s fingers and took over hold of my nuts. “How far do you think they’ll stretch?” she said, devilishly.

The other two girls shrugged and giggled. Colette began pulling on my nuts with all her might. The other two girls looked under the table.

Suddenly Nat walked over to see what they were laughing at. “What’s up?” The girls stopped laughing straight away.

Nat was not in the group of friends, but she was popular. She had brown hair in a long ponytail and was quite short, but what she lacked in height she more than made up for in cup-size. Somehow she’d always managed to get away without wearing proper uniform. The reason for this is probably because she always came in wearing low-cut tops and push-up bras-not that her doughy knockers needed pushing up. A tight top would usually push them up so that they were almost spilling out. Nat was also the proud owner of the most famous nipples in school. The large nubs could always be seen trying to tear through her top and that was when it was warm; when it got cold she could hang coats on them!

Today she was wearing on of my favorite tops. A small tank top, which she wore obviously bra-less. The top was so small her huge baps hung out of the bottom of it magnificently.

“Nothing.” Sam snapped. “Nothing’s up.”

“Well, what’s the matter with, him?”

“Erm,” thought Sam. “He’s…”

“Caught his nuts in his fly,” said Danielle.

“Really?” asked Nat excitedly.

“Oh, Danielle!” Sam huffed and slapped her right bap. “You dumb bitch.”

“Let’s have a look,” said Nat bending down. She gasped at what she saw.

“Don’t tell!” pleaded Colette, who didn’t even loosen her grasp.

“Tell?” laughed Nat. “You must be kidding! I want a go!”

I was shocked. I didn’t expect Nat to tell on the tormentors, but I didn’t expect she would be eager to join in my torture. But I soon found out that if you show a pair of balls to any girl, she won’t even think twice before grabbing them and squeezing the spunk out of them.

Nat pulled at chair up onto my end of the table and dipped her head under the table to get a closer look. “Wow! You’ve really been squeezing ‘em. They’re both red and swollen! I mean I should know I’ve seen enough!”

“Really?” Colette gasped. “When?”

“Well, once in drama I ‘accidentally’ trod on this lad I didn’t like. I put my toes right on his balls and squashed them flat against the floor until I swear I felt a pop. He squealed like a pig and everyone looked round and started laughing. I said, "Oops, sorry about that did I hurt you?" and then walked off laughing.”

“Oh I love it when they squeal!” Danielle giggled. “Sam, make him squeal!”

“Miss will hear him,” she replied.

“Here pass me them,” smiled Nat. “I want some fun.”

Colette passed Nat my throbbing nuts with one last squeeze and Nat grabbed them greedily with one hand. With the other hand she pulled her thong to one side and began rubbing her pussy. Danielle’s hand also traveled toward her cunt, but Colette grabbed it and guided it over to her own wet minge. Danielle began rubbing Colette’s pussy from over her tight trousers and Colette moved her hand to Danielle’s fanny and returned the favor. They both closed their eyes and groaned quietly. Danielle’s free hand slipped up her shirt and began massaging her heavy tit.

I could do nothing but stare in agony as Nat fingered herself while increasing pressure on my balls, while her fingers caressed her cunt. I felt like I had to squeal, but I held it back. If I were found getting my balls busted by four girls I’d never live it down.

Sam was the only one not creaming herself off. She just watched my face as I fought against the intense pain in my balls. “Are poor baby,” she whispered in my ear, before sticking her warm, moist tongue in it.

“Bitch,” I grunted.

“I know,” she smiled, grabbing Nat’s hand and squeezing it harder round my throbbing nuts. My vision began getting hazy and my eyes began closing. Nat saw this and quickly let up on my plums and shoved her fishy finger under my nose. I quickly woke up again.

“Don’t go fainting on us,” Sam smiled devilishly.

Nat let go of my plums and they flopped down into the chair with a soft PLINK. Even the tiny impact of this caused my balls to scream with agony. I gritted my teeth and fought it and that’s when the teacher came over.

“Why has your team got five in it?” she asked.

“Well,” started Sam thinking quickly. “He’s not feeling to good, so Nat’s helping.”

“He doesn’t look well, does he?” she said eyeing me carefully. “Take him to the medical room will two of you.”

“Can’t we all take him?” asked Nat desperately.

“What? It doesn’t take four of you to take him.”

“He’s dizzy and two of us girls won’t be able to hold him up,” said Colette, only just sliding her hand from in-between Danielle’s warm thighs.

“Okay, but hurry back. We’ve got a video to watch.”

“Yes, miss,” the four of them promised.

As the teacher turned away, Sam grabbed my swollen nuts and shoved them roughly into my trousers. Without zipping up the flies she and Nat lifted me out of my seat. The four eager, giggling girls carried me across the classroom, but along the way, my stretched and battered bollocks dropped out of my flies and swung freely for the two girls on the front row to spot. They gasped and giggled hysterically as my glowing red plums bobbled by.

The closer and most daring of the two picked up a long metal ruler and whispered in the other girl’s ear. The other girl giggled and nodded. I could only watch and wait for her to swiftly smack it across my exposed nads. It made a loud SMACK and I coughed so violently that I though I would vomit.

“Hurry up and get him to the medical room!” shouted the teacher from the back of the class obviously scared I would hurl on her carpet.

“Yes, miss!” Danielle shouted back, before opening the door into my nuts with great force. “Oops! Sorry.” The corner of the door pinned my left plum agonizingly against my leg.

“Nice one,” Colette whispered, as Danielle smirked and continued to push the door.

“Oh, this damn door’s stuck. I think it needs a nut tightening!” Danielle mocked as she rammed the door a second time into my torture left plum. As the cold air hit my balls I prayed they would shrivel up into my trousers, but my sac was stretched too far and they both dangled naked for anyone to see as we crossed the open yard.

At that moment the girls’ football team chose to run out of the changing rooms all kitted up for a game, except for one girl who was pushed out topless, clutching her tits. The other girls had stolen her shirt and pushed her outside for a laugh and were now waving her shirt at her tauntingly. Two girls wearing only their underwear blocked the entrance back into the changing rooms. The girl’s tits weren’t huge, but she barely managed to cover them with both hands, not that she was particularly trying. Until she noticed me.

“Argh!” she screamed covering up her bare baps the best she could, but then she saw my nuts. “Oh my! Look at his bollocks!” The other girls turn and gasped.

Sam laughed and shouted, “How about a free kick?”

“Really?” asked the girl.

“All of you,” Sam answered. “Take penalties from there. See if you can nail him.”

The topless girls forgot about covering her tantalizingly erect nipples and grabbed a football off the floor. “You know we’re the best team in the league don’t you, Sam?”

“Yep,” Sam giggled. “Give it all you’ve got!”

The girl pulled back her foot and struck the ball masterfully, which then struck me in the balls masterfully. The pain was indescribable. My entire groin burned. I bent in the middle and did my best to enclose my pulsating plums between my legs, but Nat and Colette pulled them apart.

Suddenly the other girls were fighting over who was to kick next and eventually it was a free for all. Even the two girls in just their underwear ran back inside to put on their boots. Footballs flew at my tortured nut-sac at an astonishing rate. Each one striking like a ball of concrete, until Sam had to tell them to stop.

“No more!” she yelled. “His baby-makers are ready to pop.”

“Fuck me!” gasped Nat examining them. “They’re huge!” She was right; my plums were so swollen that they strained against my already stretched ball-bag.

“Swollen more like,” Sam corrected. “If we’re not careful with them he’s not gonna be walking for weeks.”

“I think we’re past that stage already,” said Colette taking my scorching sac in her hand. “I can’t believe they’re not mush already.”

“Wow. He’s got balls of steel!” Danielle joked.

Suddenly a football came flying out of nowhere and bounced up into my hefty plums.

“Hey!” Nat yelled. “Who did that?” The topless girl was giggling hysterically.

Nat looked at the football on the ground and then the girls jiggling jugs. She kicked the ball with all her might and it sailed into the girl’s knockers with immense force. There was a soft SMACK and the girl screamed and dropped to her knees clutching her battered melons.

“These are our balls so go find your own to crush!” Nat cried and with that they continued to drag me across the yard.

“The medical rooms that way, isn’t it?” asked the dim-witted Danielle.

“Yeah,” said Sam, “but the bike shed is this way and that’s where we’re taking him.”

“Why?” asked Danielle with more proof of her slow mind.

“For more fun, you dumb bitch,” answered Nat harshly.

“Oh, right,” Danielle said with a smiled. “Yes!”

All I could do was groan as they dragged me behind the remote bike shed.

I came round at seven o’clock that night. It was getting dark and I found the girls had gone back, and got my bag and coat and tossed them by my side. They had also stolen my pants and trousers so I was laid there half-naked with my softball-size scrotum unprotected against the elements. I managed to stand and pulled on my coat, which hung down over my inflated nuts covering them, but not my bare legs. I hoped anyone who spotted me waddling home would assume I was wearing shorts. The journey home was long and painful, but the pain wasn’t over yet.

I was just over halfway home, keeping out of sight by sticking to a small pathway surrounded by bushes, when I saw a woman in her late twenties approaching me with a small puppy. Her puppies on the other hand were huge but my concentration was on the small dog bouncing on the leash. As they got close I tried to walk as normally as possible and not look pained doing so, but the dog jumped up and buried its nose in my battered balls. I fought the urge to squeal, but not very well. The woman noticed and bent down quickly to get hold of her mischievous pup and I was treated to an awesome view of her cavernous cleavage. At any other time I would have gotten a solid boner immediately, my mind was not on sex at that moment.

As the woman lifted the dog under one arm, it wriggled vigorously and popped her right bap right out of her top. She blushed and looked up from the floor at me about to apologize. When she saw up my coat she screamed. Her left hand rushed out in an instant and the second the fist as much as touched my nuts I was out cold. The woman must have freaked out and ran off. No doubt she fingered herself off all night over the way she felled a man with a single punch.

When I eventually got home I was relieved to find my parents had gone shopping. It turns out that Sam had told one of my friends that I had gone to Danielle’s house for a shag and she told my friend to cover for me. He told my parents I was staying at his, but when I did finally go back to school, after a weekend of rest, I was a hero and my funny walk was interpreted as just how hard I fucked her. Soon after this we left school for college.

I hardly ever see Danielle, luckily because she always says, “Hi, lover,” and squeezes the Hell out of my balls.

Colette I see walking around now and again and she always giggles as I pass by. I once saw her in a nightclub when she was drunk and she put her hands down my pants, dragged me into the girls’ toilets by my nuts and fucked me senseless.

Nat I got very close to and ended up going out with, but it didn’t last long as she found out about the toilet incident with Colette and hit me in the plums with a baseball bat. She threatened that if she ever saw me again she’d cut off my balls with a pair of blunt scissors.

And then there’s Sam. She continued to torment and torture me for a year after. One time, still at school, I had been sent to fetch a basketball from the storeroom. It was small and dark. I was looking for the ball when I heard the door close behind me. As I turned to see why, I was rammed into a horse and bent over it. I felt someone’s hand slip down my pant and grab hold of my nuts from behind.

It was Sam. "Surprise!" she said as she squeezed my nuts hard making me squeal. After a lifetime of squeezing, twisting and yanking, she let them go and delivered a vicious knee, flattening them against my arse. Then she left me there to make an excuse for not being able to play basketball. It was when Sam found out I was going out with Nat that she got really rough on my nuts. Once she even stood on them with her entire weight and almost popped them completely!

After their experience with me, the girls” football team secretly called themselves "The Ball-Breakers" and I heard of boys being dragged across the school field by their nuts and left with stud-marks on their scrotum. The most infamous rumor was that the day before a big rugby game, the girls stormed the rugby team’s showers and left them all curled up and squealing! It was just a rumor, but the team lost by the biggest amount ever the next day.

Two years later:

The whole of my college class had either skived the lesson, or were out researching, leaving me the only person in the classroom. That was until Danielle walked in.

Danielle. The name brought back memories. This Danielle however, was even better looking and, amazingly, even more buxom! She was in the year below me and I fancied the fuck out of her. She looked just like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but with Kelly Brook’s baps. She walked over to her drawer, which thankfully was the bottom one. This meant that she always had to bend over to reach it.

Many a happy moment was spent staring longingly at her shapely behind. Today however I was feeling especially brave and she was wearing an especially low-cut top so I walked over to the light-box on the cupboard beside the drawers she was bending at. I placed my paper on the box and pretended to start tracing, all the while staring down her top as she struggled to remove her large, heavy drawer.

I almost passed out when I saw into her top. She was wearing absolutely no bra! Her big, juicy tits swung, bounced and jiggled as she frantically tried to take out her drawer and after a particularly hard tug, her jugs all but spilled out of her top and I saw her left nipple in its full glory. She didn’t seem to notice, so intent was she a removing the drawer, but suddenly she looked up at me and I froze.

“Erm, could you help me get this drawer out, please?” she asked helplessly.

“Sure,” I croaked. I bent down quickly, but she didn’t stop pulling and the drawer came flying out and slammed into my balls, squashing them flat against my left thigh. I squealed and dropped onto my side, before rolling onto my back and lifting up my knees.

“Are you okay?” she asked in distress. She crawled over to me and my eyes popped out as her tits almost did the same. As she crawled over me they hung down and swayed pendulously. At that moment another first-year girl walked in. Her name was Tina and she was another of my favorites. She had short, spiked, black and pink hair, which echoed her bubbly personality and equally bubbly breasts.

“What happened?” she asked with a smirk. Then she noticed me staring at Danielle’s melons. “He’s staring at your tits!”

“What?” asked Danielle, before looking at my guilty face. “You perv. That’s what you were doing leaning over me! You were staring down my top!”

“So you smacked him in the balls?” asked Tina.

“No, well, yes, but accidentally. I wish I’d have done it on purpose now.”

“Well, do it, then,” Tina suggested devilishly.

“What?” asked Danielle, “I can’t.”

“Course you can,” said Tina, “There’s only Katie in the other room and I know she’d be up for a little ‘football’!”

“Okay,” agreed Danielle excitedly. “Go get her.”

I panicked and tried to stand, but Danielle felled me quickly with a sharp jab to the balls. I dropped onto my back and tried to cover them up, but she grabbed my meat roughly.

“This’ll teach you to stare at my tits. And I know you saw them because I’m not wearing a bra, you dirty perv!”

Tina and Katie rushed into the room and Katie giggled hysterically.

“Let’s see what he’s got!” she shouted eagerly.

Danielle’s eyes lit up and she began unfastening my jeans.

“No,” I groaned weakly.

“Shut it, perv,” she growled, giving my left nut a sharp pinch. Then suddenly my jeans were open and my pink plums were laid bare.

“Hmm,” said Tina thoughtfully. “Not bad, but we could make ‘em bigger! Pull him up.” Danielle struggled to lift me to my feet so Tina had to help, leaving Katie stood in front of me.

I looked at her face, not the prettiest of the girls, but still attractive. Her peroxide blonde hair and fine rack made up for it, but then I noticed her shoes. The toes of which were pointed cruelly.

“Oh, fuck,” I gasped quietly, but she still heard.

“You like “em?” she asked seductively. “Here. Have ‘em.” She sent the toe of one sailing up into my exposed ball-bag. I squealed loudly as the toe nailed my tortured left bollock into my groin.

“Wow!” Danielle gasped. “Those are accurate. I wonder what my shoes are like.”

“You’ll get your turn,” Katie said, “but I want to nail his right plum too! Ready, boy?”

Tina was holding me firm and as Katie pulled back her leg, she straddled my thigh so that when I jumped I’d rub her clit. The shoe was dead on again. My right marble molded round the point of her shoe as it was squashed agonizingly against my pelvis. I was lifted off the ground and Tina squealed with delight as I brushed her pussy.

“Do it again,” she pleaded. “Harder!”

“No,” argued Danielle with an obvious thirst for tormenting me. “Any more kicks like that and she’ll pop ‘em. I want a turn before they’re mushy!” She let Katie grab my arm and she skipped around front.

“Oh, they’re nice and juicy now,” she groaned. “Just like my tits. So you like my juicy tits? I hope seeing them was worth all this pain.” She pulled back her leg then paused. “Aw, his dick gets in the way. Hang on. I’ve got it!” She lifted her top up and her massive melons flopped out, leaving me gasping. They were perfect and so ripe!

“These were what you were wanting to see, right?” she asked giving them a sexy shake.

I felt my cock stiffen and suddenly realized what she was doing, but it was too late. With my stiffened cock out of the way, she let fly her boot and it smacked painfully into my nads. I almost blacked out immediately.

“Wow!” gasped Tina. “Good one! He nearly passed out! Let me have a go!” Danielle took my arm and Tina readied herself.

I saw she was wearing trainers and was slightly relieved, but not for long as with cheerleader-like skill she kicked up into my throbbing globes.

“Yes!” she screamed as she nailed them both. “I bust his baby-makers good!” My flattened balls slowly re-inflated and flopped back down, as did my dick.

“Aw, his knob’s back down again. Let me get it up!” she pleaded.

“Okay, go for it,” said Danielle.

“I know you stare at my arse, you know,” started Tina. “I’ve seen you. Why do think I give it a wiggle now and again.” She turned and wiggled her sexy rear. “And why do you think I bend over so often?” She spread her legs and bent over until she touched the floor. Her tight trousers crawled in-between her firm, peachy cheeks and she smacked both hands onto them roughly. Slowly she began to peel the trousers down and I saw she hadn’t any underwear.

“I just love to go commando. Feel my clit rubbing against my trousers. Mmmm. It feels so good!”

As her trousers were pealed further and further down her fine arse, my dick began rising again, this time I didn’t even care. I was too busy watching Tina’s striptease. With her trouser all the way down her rounded ass she back up into him groin, taking my cock between her cheeks and rubbing the length of it. Then, abruptly, she pulled her trousers back up and turned back round to face me. “But I know what you really want to see.” She began pulling down the front of her trousers. I could see her flat, smooth stomach and suddenly, as the top of her finely trimmed minge came into view, Danielle and Katie grabbed a bollock each and began squeezing and pulling in either direction. My sac stretched and my balls were ablaze with pain. My eyes closed and I missed the best bit of the show.

“Aw, did you miss my pussy? What a shame. Drop his nuts,” Tina ordered and when they did she ran up to me and planted her knee into them.

As I leant forward exhaling, Tina ran her tongue up the side of my face. “Going soft on me?” she asked. “I was just beginning to enjoy myself.” She left me to double over so that my balls were dangerously exposed from the rear.

Katie snatched them up greedily and squeezed them with brute force. I had never felt anything like it-my balls were ground against each other so hard I was just waiting for the POP. The world began getting dark, when she let go and I heard heavy shoes running towards me. Danielle took a run up from behind and volleyed me full blast in the nads.

I rolled arse-over-head and landed, sprawled out on the floor barely conscious and who was stood directly in-between my legs, but Tina, with a huge grin on her pretty face. She lifted her foot high above my balls and then slammed it down to Earth, squashing my globes between the floor and her trainer. She pressed and pressed and, when she-eventually-lifted her foot, I had the Nike tick printed on my nuts! That caused much giggling and the cry, "Just do it!” went up as they all took turns stomping on my swollen plums.

Suddenly Danielle was spooked. “Quick. Get him up and we’ll take him in the toilets, ‘cause break’s nearly over and they’ll all be back.” I was amazed to think that quarter of an hour had just flown by.

They redressed me roughly and the three of them dragged me out of the room. For the first time ever I saw not one person walking the corridors between my room and the toilets, and then we were there-the girls’ loos. How I survived with both nuts in tact is beyond me.

I can’t remember quite what happened, but I remember each girl mounting me, while my nuts were flattened under the toilet seat on which we were sat. When I did finally come round I found I was still sat on the toilet seat with my balls pinned beneath my own weight. The girls had also left the cubicle door open and as I was gently peeling my almost flattened plums from under the seat a three of the gorgeous girls from hairdressing walked in and found me. Two of them, a blond and a brunette, burst out laughing at my predicament, but the third, a redhead, just smiled devilishly.

“I’m gonna go get security, you sick fuck,” she threatened.

“No. Please!” I pleaded, covering my massively swollen sac.

“Well, I won’t if you do one thing for me.”

“What? Anything.”

She reached up her short white dress pulled down her thong. Lifting herself so that she was sat on a sink, she opened her legs and said, “Eat me out. Now, bitch.”

“Wow,” I gasped. “I was expecting much worse.”

“I wasn’t finished,” she said with a smile. “Eat me out while my two girlfriends squeeze your balls.”

“W-what?” I stammered.

The blonde and the brunette rushed into the cubicle and grabbed a bullock each.

“You’d better come with us quickly,” said the blonde pulling on my nut, “because I don’t know how far your ball-bag will stretch.” The two of them dragged me out of the cubicle and across the room to the redhead. With my trousers around my ankles I almost tripped twice and I knew the girls were hoping I would-there was no way they were letting go of my nuts. I got to the redhead and dropped to my knees.

“Eat me. And if you don’t make me cum in one minute you can kiss your bollocks goodbye.” She grabbed my head and buried it into her quivering lips. She was so wet I almost drowned, but I couldn’t stop because with every second the two girls increase the pressure on my balls. The blonde was being particularly evil. She was increasing the pressure at twice the rate of the buxom brunette. I tried my best at licking the redhead’s pussy but I just ended up screaming into her flaps. In the end the vibrations must have done the trick because she came violently and almost crushed my head between her legs.

“Damn it!” the blonde yelled. “Couldn’t you hold out any longer, Geri?”

“Fuck no! That was great. You should try it!”

“I wanted to pop his nut!” moaned the blonde.

“Really asked the top-heavy brunette. “You wanted to crush it completely?”

“Yeah. Just imagine what it would feel like to rob a man of a nut! Imagine the tiny squelch as it pops in your hands.”

“Oh, please do it!” groaned the brunette, her hand disappearing up her dress, while the other cupped her ample breast.

“Okay!” cried the blonde grabbing my right ball. “Here goes!” She squeezed so hard that I could feel my nut reach breaking point.

“Stop!” ordered the redhead. Finally recovering from her orgasm. “I like him. Leave his balls alone.” Dropping to her feet she took of her soaked thong and put it to my nose. “Here’s a souvenir. Bye, bitch.” The other two girls followed her out of the room looking very disappointed.

I still see them around college. Usually they sit on the grass whistling at me and asking me if I like my souvenir. The blonde once joked that if she had carried on squeezing I’d have been able to fit inside the tiny thong.

As for the other girls, Danielle still wears low-cut tops and bends down to her drawer seductively. She rarely wears a bra and loves showing off the fact to me.

Tina still wiggles her arse and drops her pencil a lot.

And Katie still wears her devilishly pointed shoes.

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