Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busted By a Stripper

By tall_pete

I had a very cool experience yesterday. Maybe ten times a year or so when I've got nothing to do, I get a yearning to go to a strip club. I don't go to the fancy ones downtown where the girls are gorgeous, but they know it, make more money than I do, and know they don't have to do much to get money thrown at them. I go to one just outside the city where the girls are still good looking and they give lap dances to die for.

I also have a method for choosing a girl for a lap dance. I never choose the best looking, or the ones who just stare at themselves in the mirror as they do their choreographed moves. I prefer the older ones (so they are veterans who take their craft seriously) and ones who stare at you and lick their lips as they grab their pussy's on stage

Anyway, I chose a dance with this girl Dee. She was probably in her late thirties (a little older than I like even with my theory) and had fake tits (another turn-off for me) but she looked slutty as hell. So she took me back to the lap dance room. The bouncer dude sits outside the door, and basically if your clothes and her panties stay on, you can do just about anything the girl feels like doing.

OK, one more digression. I don't like to just tell girls what to do. I have tried it, "please grab, smack, knee my balls, etc". I have found a few drawbacks. One, half of them look at you like you're nuts. The other half will do it, but it is so obvious that they are doing it only because you ask for it and they get paid. It sort of kills it for me. Anyway…

So she starts her dance, and she starts talking dirty (which again can be a turn off for me when it is over the top.) But in this case it easily got us to BB. She said something like "I'm going to make you beg."

I respond with something clever like "I bet you are." This carried on with her saying something about spanking me and then she said she wanted to grab my cock and squeeze it and then squeeze my balls gently. I cleverly saw an opportunity said "no, squeeze them hard."

When I said that, she had been rubbing her leg against my crotch as she rubbed her tits against my face. She immediately increased the pressure against my leg ten-fold and asked if I liked that. Obviously I said yes and told her to do it harder. That is where it got good. She removed her leg and promptly smacked my balls twice and pretty hard with her right hand. I was stunned, but I still had enough presence of mind to give her a big smile and make it clear I liked it.

Dee went to town on me for four songs. She stood in front of me and slammed her shins into my nuts repeatedly. She turned around and rubbed her ass against my dick and squeezed my balls with her hands. She bounced up and down, pounding my balls with her ass and put her tits in my face and kneed my balls. I could tell she was checking on me to make sure she wasn't over doing it, but she seemed to be having an absolute blast.

She also continued stroking my cock and rubbing her body against me. She told me that I was going to cum or she was going to be pissed off. She ordered me to etc. I was dubious. I came once in eight years of periodically visiting strip clubs and that was years ago.

This may be too much info, but sure enough, half way through the 4th song, she was rubbing her shin against my cock and smashing my now very tender balls with her bare foot when my doubts were proven wrong. That really isn't my goal, but matters were out of my hands. After that, I was truly begging her to stop and she slowly and grudgingly did.

It was far cooler than any visit I have had to a dominatrix. Some of them are great, but it is always more professional. I have never seen a girl go at my nuts with such enthusiasm.

Thought y'all would get a kick out of it…

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