Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Don’t Laugh! (part 1-3)

By vegasfox

Part I

“Hahahahaha...” Andrew’s laughing always rang obnoxiously in her head long after his voice died away. In her 16 years of life, Tina had never come across anyone nearly as annoying and mean as Andrew, the brown haired, lanky boy-next-door. She had been living in this small, rural town just six months and already she felt like it had been an eternity. The nice thing about being an army brat was the constant moving and she was itching for another one.

Tina was tall and slim, long blonde hair and brown eyes. Too much of a tomboy still to be the object of many boys’ sexual fantasies but unfortunately, she had also been unable to avoid the notice of the all-too immature Andrew. She wasn’t special in that regard, for Andrew taunted and teased any girl who crossed his path. He was her age, in her homeroom class at school and seemingly within sight whenever she tripped up or dropped something or whatever other mistake she made that set off his laughter and mocking. She couldn’t help the fact that she was clumsy. It was just one of those unwanted gifts bestowed from God, perhaps.

On this occasion she had been walking home from school and had not been paying attention to the jutting sections of the old cement sidewalk that had been pushed up by the many ancient roots of the oak trees lining the street. Her thoughts had been on the nacho cheese, tortilla chip and salsa concoction that she planned on fixing for her after-school snack. Just then the toe of her white sneaker caught on the broken, upraised edge of the concrete and down she tumbled. Books fell, papers scattered and the serenity of the warm afternoon was shattered by the unexpected loss of balance. Tina was able to get her hands out to cushion her fall and lessen the impact on her knees but she was unable to keep her dignity as the ever-present jerk, Andrew let off his guffaws.

“Aaaahihihihi!! Did you see that?” he chortled to no one in particular. “You are so funny, Tina. Really, you must be part clown!”

Tina blinked back the tears and tried to casually retrieve her strewn books and school papers from her knees. She had nearly grasped all of them by the time Andrew had arrived by her side. He stopped next to her looking down but she didn’t acknowledge his presence until she had all of her things in hand or under her arms once more. Slowly and a bit shakily, she stood up, quickly inspected her skinned right knee and right palm. Not bad, she thought. Should be worse... I’m such a klutz. Don’t let him see you angry, though.

“Andrew, I thought I heard your laugh. It’s so distinctive... kinda like a retarded person choking on a piece of food. Hehehe...”

Andrew’s self-satisfied smile was quickly wiped off his face by her insult. It was the first time that she had dared to mock him back. His face grew red and his brown eyes began to twitch a little as her words hit him. She could see the effect her words had on him and she reveled in it. This was not usually her way but she had had enough not to stand up for herself. Andrew struck out without warning and his fist hit her in the chest, knocking her backwards and onto her butt. Once again her papers flew out of her grasp and she landed with a thud, her school skirt bunched up and inadvertently exposing her white knickers. Andrew looked down at her and seeing the anger on her face was like an eraser, smoothing out his angry frown into a snide grin.

“You little girl, who do you think you are, talking to me like that? Do you see what happens when little girls talk back to big boys? They fall down, go boom! Hahahahaha!”

The impact of his fist and the suddenness of her fall had occupied her mind such that his bullying had just reached her awareness. She looked up into his eyes and saw not only smugness but an intense interest there. It was then that she followed his gaze, looked down and realized that her knickers were on display. She quickly grabbed the hem of her black and white checkered skirt, pulling it down to a modest length while gathering up her things with her other hand. This time it was impossible to hold the tears back and a few spilled from her left eye, leaving a trail down her cheek. As she felt them fall, she turned her head down causing her long blonde hair to shield her face.

Luckily, Andrew didn’t seem to notice her tears; her undies no longer on display, he continued on his way, mockingly singing, “I see London, I see France, I see Tina’s underpants...”

Part II

Later that night, Tina lay on her bed mending her knee and her pride. What an asshole he is, she thought. Him, a big boy? Huh. Just cause he is bigger and stronger than me... I can’t believe he hit me like that! What gives him the right? All of these thoughts and others swirled around and around in her head, making her madder and madder. Ha! he’s probably never even seen a girl’s underwear before today. He’s such an ugly brute, what girl would show him!? I’m gonna get him back but it’s gotta be special. Hmm, but how? she wondered. It was then that she decided to get up and go to the window and look out at his house.

Her bedroom occupied the second floor and looking down she could see the side of his house and the fence that separated their two yards. She slowly cracked her blind. His bedroom windows were level with hers and it being dark out, she could see inside. Just then, his mother came in, flipped on the light and set some clothes out on his bed. Then she went around and reached out to turn the blinds down. Hmm... Tina thought, show over. But the blinds didn’t close completely. Instead, she carelessly left them cracked enough for Tina to see through. She then walked out of the room turning off the light.

It wasn’t long before Andrew came walking into the room with a towel around his waist. He clicked on his light. Tina had her lights off and she held her breath as she peeped through the tiny crack she had made between her blinds. He casually glanced in the direction of her house but was evidently unconcerned that anyone could see into his room because after closing his bedroom door he whipped his towel off and threw it on the bed in one motion. Thus it was that Tina was greeted with her first eyeful of male anatomy.

“Ahhahahha!” Tina laughed out loud as she caught sight of Andrew’s dangling appendages. As soon as the laugh escaped her, she hurriedly clamped a hand over her mouth, frightened that Andrew had heard her. Of course, just because the two houses were so close, affording her an up-close view, didn’t mean that her high-pitched girlish laugh had escaped her sealed bedroom. Her instantaneous amusement returned as she stared unabashedly at her male adversary’s nakedness. She had seen him many a time, the tall, lean form. His arms and legs were really unremarkable. Her eyes were fastened on his comical looking gonads.

“Ohhh my... Andrew, what have we here?” He was standing facing her as if a model for her appraising. He had a mirror to one side of the window and she now knew that he fancied himself by the strutting and preening he was engaged in. He stood, turned this way and that, flexing his arms in various poses. But regardless of his pose, her eyes never left his manhood. She couldn’t help but laugh at the little wormlike appearance of his penis. Its head jutted out from his dark pubic hair, its full length barely longer than her little finger, she guessed. So insignificant looking it was, her interest was soon captured by the movement of his pendulous sack sitting behind it. The thickness of his thighs seemed to accentuate the narrowness of his nutsack as it ran halfway down the length of his legs before ending with the twin roundness of his nuts. And nuts they were! she thought. She had never seen a pair before but looking at his-how they appeared to be a couple of walnuts suspended in that wrinkly, furry looking sack-she understood why the slang term “nuts” was coined. They swung and bounced around between his legs as he moved about the room and her mind began turning with the possibilities of revenge.

“So Andrew, you’re a ‘big boy’ are ya? With that pathetic little wiener? What a joke YOU are, no wonder you always make fun of others.” The insults came flowing through her mind like a river’s current as she sized him and his manhood up. She had seen many men get hit between the legs on TV or in a movie but had never felt threatened enough nor angry enough to ever use such action against a boy. But remembering that afternoon’s events: Andrew’s taunting, his physical attack, and her embarrassing exposure, her mind became made up. She would attack him where he was most vulnerable. Those obscenely low-hanging nuts would be hers!

Part III

The next day at school, Tina could barely keep her mind on her school work. She had been up all night planning her revenge. She was feeling a strange mix of lethargy-from lack of sleep-and anxiousness-from the pending execution of her attack on Andrew. The final class of the day felt so long and the bell releasing them all from school also released a flutter of butterflies in her stomach.

She caught sight of Andrew on his way out of the school. He stopped momentarily to flirt with a couple of girls older than him before setting off down the sidewalk home. The sun was brightly shining but Tina was sure that her sweaty palms and shortness of breath were due more to a sudden fear that threatened to overpower her former rage than the high heat of the afternoon.

Ok, you can do this. You SHOULD do this, she muttered to herself under her breath, over and over as she crept up, slowly decreasing the distance to him. Last night she had mulled over how best to distract Andrew before pulverizing his soft gonads. She had finally decided that the most distracting was the best way to go. So she had removed her bra during a bathroom break just prior to the final bell. Her unhindered breasts were thus freely moving about under her white, short-sleeve school blouse. They weren’t the largest in the school but she had determined last night that bra-less, they produced enough jiggle and wobble to distract Andrew sufficiently.

As she drew to within a dozen paces, she purposefully began scraping her white tennis shoes along the sidewalk. Andrew immediately turned to see her walking towards him. At first, he turned only his head but her exaggerated walk with bouncing breasts caused him to turn his body in such a way as to be walking sideways. She had intended to mesmerize him with her chest before leveling him with a knee thrust between his legs but fate stepped in and put Andrew in the same position that Tina had occupied twenty-four hours earlier. Distracted as he was, his foot caught on an upturned portion of the cracked cement and he tripped up. He fell down sideways, his hands outstretched to catch himself.

“Hahaha. Oopsie, looks like I’m not the only one with clown blood in me,” Tina laughed out merrily. She was within a few feet of him and her genuine laughter at his expense was painful to his ears. He jumped up and brushed the dirt off his pants. He was dressed as always in his white button down shirt and black dress pants. She stopped laughing as his face clearly registered his anger and he stepped closer to her.

“Why you stupid little...” Andrew yelled not more than two feet from her face as he raised his right hand to strike her.

Tina anticipated this and responded just as quickly. “Hey Andrew, you get distracted by these?” She stepped back and raised her blouse upwards, exposing her twin mounds and large brown nipples. This was the first time that she had ever flashed a boy but she was so caught up in the adrenaline of the moment that she didn’t even care about modesty. The sight of her boobs had the intended effect. His hand stopped in mid-air and hung there as his mouth dropped. Clearly, this was new for him. He was dumbfounded by her exposure and it showed.

Tina, with a smile on her face and with as much innocence that can be displayed while flashing her boobs, closed the distance between them with two steps. Looking him in the eyes, she had kept her blouse up until she was directly in front of him where she then moved her hands to his shoulders. He had that shocked look on his face until the touch of her hands on his shoulders woke him up and his eyes darted from her breasts to her large brown eyes framed by her loose hair.

She saw raw animal lust in his eyes and was pleased with her power over him thus far. The animal lust wavered; however, as she stood holding him by the shoulders, leaned in and purred, “Are you really a BIG BOY, Andrew? You know, with that little Vienna sausage you got there between your legs.” And with that, her right leg flew back and then upwards. She was positioned so that her leg was directly between his parted thighs and her shorter stature gave her knee perfect leverage. Her knee cupped his loose nutsack on its flight up and she felt his body shudder under her hands as her knee crushed his nuts into his pelvic bone. The sensation of his soft nuts being crushed on her leg sent a shiver of wicked pleasure coursing through her upper body. They were so very squishy! she wondered quickly as he lurched forward from the impact.

“UUuuuunngggggggghhhhh,” Andrew seemed to breathe out through his open mouth. Tina looked down into his eyes and noticed that his wide eyes were no longer full of lust but only with the shock of her devastating attack on his soft parts. His hands were clenched helplessly between his knees at the juncture of his thighs and his eyes squished up as the initial impact in his nuts turned to the gut-wrenching fire burning upwards from his injured organs to sit in his lower stomach.

“Wow, uhhhh. Did I just do that?” Tina said in a mockingly sincere voice. She was enjoying the moment of superiority that her well-aimed knee had given her. “So, ahhh, Andrew, ummm, are you gonna be ok? Cuz, I felt those soft little nuts of yours squish and I can definitely say I wouldn’t wanna be ya right now. Hehehe...must suck having such weak little things like those.”

Andrew, moments earlier had fallen first to his knees and then all the way to the ground, most ungracefully clutching his aching nuts. He was rocking and moaning, not at all attentive to Tina’s taunting. But she didn’t care, she was fully satisfied with the nut-pain she had inflicted on her former tormentor.

“Awww... little Andy....you see what happens when little boys like you hit girls like me? You fall down, go boom, huh. The difference between me falling down and you falling down is that I can hop right back up again, while, you on the other hand… Hmmmm, I’d say you’ll be nursing those pathetic nuts for a good while and then when you are able to walk home, you’ll most likely manage only a painful shuffle. So, in the future if you have any other thoughts about laughing at me or mocking me for any reason, please know that I won’t hesitate to go after those ridiculously weak nuts of yours that hang so invitingly between your legs. OK? Good!” she said with a smile though he hadn’t so much as looked at her let alone responded verbally.

With a last look of triumph at her helpless, anguished bully, Tina carefully stepped around him and continued on her way home. She made sure to enjoy the warm, pleasant weather and to watch her step; although, she was sure that if she were to trip this time, Andrew wouldn’t be behind her to laugh. Hehehe....

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