Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Driving Practice

By voltinky

Today is supposed to be my driving practice day. I know my mother and my sister are up to something. I’ve heard them whispering about “the car” and “teaching him a lesson” and then suddenly change the subject when they realized I was covertly listening. I don’t know what’s gonna go down exactly but I have a hunch it has something to do with the videos I’d found in mom’s underwear drawer. I was looking for something and really couldn’t find it so I thought I’d look there, okay? What it is I was looking for might have been there. It’s a possibility. So, the video showed guys getting kicked in the balls. For a while I thought it was some videos she found funny but the fact that it was next to her dildo makes me think she might have gotten off on it. Anyway, a few weeks later I was searching for another item in my sister Lori’s room and I stumbled on the same type of videos.

So here I am on a Saturday afternoon minding my own business when my sister barges into my room and says, “Get up bro, mom wants to talk to you.” So I get up and go to the kitchen where mom is waiting for me.

“John, today’s the day you begin to learn how to drive.”

“But mom, I don’t need to drive. I can take the bus.” Of course I’d love to be able to drive, but I knew I’d hate what came with it.

“Son, you’ll go with your sister so she can teach you how to drive. That way, you can be our chauffeur.”

“No, I won’t mom.”

Suddenly, she put both her hands on my shoulder and kneed me hard. I bent over, trying not to fall. I could hear Lori laughing at me.

“Yes, you will, or you’ll get more of that. Is that understood son?”

“Yes mom, I’ll go.”

“Don’t you wanna be our chauffeur, Billy?” I hate when she calls me ‘Billy’. As for being her chauffeur, yeah, right, so I can drive her to frat parties where she’s the ‘main attraction’. I’m still in high school but my sister has found the slutty joys of college from what I hear. Many of the guys at my high school have older brothers going to the local college and she has quite a reputation as a ‘collect a blow job and do not pass go’ kind of girl. The provocation ‘I did your sister’ doesn’t even bother me anymore. I just answer, “Did she let you come?” and that usually gets rid of the jerk’s shit-eating grin. It used to be that they all bragged about it but rumors travel fast and I learned a couple of things about her.

She sadistically prick-teases and never actually lets a guy come. She’s careful to pick a place where she knows they’ll be disturbed and keeps the guy on the edge of coming until someone does walk in on them. When that happens, she looks upset and leaves the room, leaving the receiver in a rather uncomfortable position. A few minutes later, she finds one of the guys who walked in on her, knowing that a college boy gets aroused by even a fraction of a second of seeing a real live blow job. She invites him in a relatively quiet corner and the cycle begins anew until the wee hours of the night. I heard her ‘record’ was fifteen guys in one party. In short, she’s a slut, knows it and flaunts it. Especially today, though this isn’t the sluttiest she’d dressed, she’s still wearing a tank top and a short skirt. And of course, the high heels. She’d wear high heels while mountain climbing.

I take two minutes to recuperate and follow my sister to the car. I sit in the driver’s seat and she to my right.

“Alright Billy, you see this? This is a key, you have to insert it in the keyhole, hence the name, to get the car to start.”

“Fuck you,” I think, but I just smile.

“Now put on your seat belt and unzip your pants,” she says.

“Why the fuck would I do that?”

“I’m taking a behavioral psychology course and I’ve learned that one of the most effective ways of teaching a skill to a subject is to cause him pain if he fails and give him a reward if he succeeds. You’ll see, you’ll learn real quickly with me.”

“No way. I won’t be your guinea pig.”

“MOM!! Billy won’t let me teach him properly.”

“Alright, alright, we’ll do it your way.” Anything to avoid another one of mom’s knees.

My mother in the distance, “What is it honey?”

“Nothing mom, we’ve sorted it out.” With that, she broadly smiled at me while I unzipped my pants. She roughly grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them out of my pants, causing me to wince and her to giggle. Her hand was at the base of my cock, where she could both tease it while easily squeezing my balls.

“Alright, we’re all set; just pull the stick at the same angle I pull your cock so we can back out of the driveway.”

So I start the car and do as she tells me. I’ve already got some experience driving in empty parking lots and dirt roads so we go for driving in relatively deserted suburban streets.

We get to an intersection and I break briskly. “No bro, you have to do it gently,” she says as she starts squeezing my nuts. I gripped the wheel and tried to withstand the pain. “I’ll be as rough with your balls as you are with the breaks. Now look both ways to see if you can go.”

Of course, there’s no one around, so I turn right and we get to the next intersection, I’m careful to break really smoothly. “Good boy, see, I told you my teaching technique is effective.” With one finger, she caresses underneath the head.

I get squeezed and teased for another five minutes until we get to a gas station to fill up.

“Alright, here’s the money mom gave me for the gas. Zip up your pants, get the gas and bring me an O’Henry.” I do as she says, trying to hide the hard-on from other customers.

I got back into the car, buckle up and zip down.

“Bro, I wanna try something else but it’s up to you. I’ll either use my mouth or my hand. If I use my hand and you screw up, I squeeze, if you do something good, I jerk you off. If I use my mouth and you do something bad, I bite but if you do something good, I’ll lick and suck. Which do you prefer?” she says that as she puts the chocolate bar in her mouth and starts sucking on it, making slurping sounds. I know she’s trying to get me into something that’s bad for me. But, those lips and that tongue. I could be that chocolate bar!

“A-alright, the mouth.” My brain says, “No, no! Don’t do that, it’s stupid!” While my cock is saying, “Hey brain, shut the fuck up and just make sure he drives well.”

So she leans over so she can both see the road and easily access my cock and angles it upward with her left hand.

“Let’s go Billy.”

I kept driving around for a while. Then suddenly, some idiot doesn’t even slow down at a stop sign. I broke hard and she bumped her head against the steering wheel.

“You dolt, you should have seen it coming,” she said as she lowered her head.

“Hey, it’s the other guy; it was his stop sig – OOUch!” I look down; she bit the shaft and left marks, the bitch. Being in her mouth felt good for one second and then it hurt like hell.

“Now be more careful or I’ll bite the head next time.”

I now anxiously looked around, drove a lot more slowly and suspected every pedestrian, cyclist or motorist of secretly being suicidal. She didn’t go soft on the shaft and the head would just hurt so much.

Since she’s leaned over, I’m only driving with my left hand, my right hand by my side. She takes the free hand and put it around her back to her breasts.

“How am I supposed to concentrate with my hand there?”

“Take it away then, Billy.”

I can’t take my hand away, her breasts are, well, they’re breasts and just that would be good enough but even as breasts go they’re pretty good. On the other hand, I couldn’t drive with my hand there. But I couldn’t take my hand away. But I…

Holy SHIT!!

I almost hit a pickup truck while passing on a red light. I never saw it was red, I was just trying to decide if I should leave my hand on her breasts or not. Now I had it coming. I saw her lowering her head and I pleaded but I knew it would be to no avail.

AARRGH! She bit the head and pulled at it. I looked and saw she drew blood. Not much, but it HURT.

“Oh, poor little Billy, Does your little dick hurt?”

I opened my mouth to call her a number of names but then I remembered I’m not really in a position of strength. I just grinned and bore it.

“I’m not Goth or anything but I like the taste of blood,” she said as she started licking the head.

It felt so good that it almost made it worth it for her to have bit me. She was skilful.

Just as she started licking, she stopped and said, “Hey, I think that’s Pete’s car.” As if I’m supposed to know who Pete is. “Stop next to him at the light and roll down your window.”

As we got to the red light, she yelled to get Pete’s attention.

“’lo, what’re you up to?” he asks.

“Just teaching my little brother how to drive.” She thought for a moment, looked ahead at the empty street and asked him, “Do you wanna race?”

“Well, I don’t know, if you say your brother is just learning.”

“I’ll blow the winner, is that a good enough argument?” As she licked her lips.

Pete thought for a moment. Clearly, his brain and cock were having the same conversation mine had. The same part of him won.

“Alright, whoever gets to Pine Road first wins it.”

“You got it.”

“Wait a minute, this is dangerous” I started to say. She squeezed my balls.

“Bro, you’ll do it and not a word to mom. Here’s a taste of what you can expect if you win.” She lowered her head and deep-throated me for a few seconds.

The light turned green and I accelerated as fast as the car would allow. Luckily, Pete’s car was his own, that is, a college student’s whereas the one I was driving was that of a baby boomer.

“Come on, bro, faster, faster!” The faster I go, the faster she jerked me and herself off, which was definitely an incentive to put safety aside.

Pete’s shitty car had more horsepower than I thought it did. It actually gave me some competition. I made it to Pine Road just a few seconds before he did. Finally, I was going to get that blow job.

“Alright, let’s go back home, you’ve learned enough today. You did good.”

After I got into the driveway, she opened the door and was about to get out.

“Lori, what about my blow job?!”

“Oh, right, I guess you deserved it.” She began by licking up and down and then took all of it in her mouth, like she promised.

Two minutes of this and I was about to come. My balls hurt so much, not only had they been squeezed a lot but my sister had been teasing them for two hours. I knew she won’t let me come. I decided to risk it. As my sister’s head was bobbing up and down, I put my hand on the back of it and pressed down so she was unable to pull back. That seemed to startle her for a few seconds, just enough to get me past the point of no return. She began screaming in anger though obviously, her screams were a bit muffled. She tried to pull away and I kept pushing down, the back and forth struggle creating even more friction. I came in her mouth and let go of her head. She quickly pulled away, spitting out the sperm.

“You’ll pay for this bro.”

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