Friday, November 9, 2007

First Meeting

By stockings

This story starts about two months ago when a lady I e-mailed as a member of a Yahoo Ballbusting club actually replied. I realized from her profile that she lived close to myself, but was surprised by her lengthy reply (unlike the usual twenty words or so). Over a period of weeks we wrote most days, negotiating the parameters of a potential meeting, until one day, she actually suggested me meet. What had started as a fantasy now seemed possible to happen. Her only stipulation was to follow the "rules" of our negotiations to the letter. I went cold with shock before replying "Yes". We then agreed a date and location, a pub about ten miles from my home. She had my description and was expecting me to approach her. I was to look for a lady in a dark blue dress, black stockings and black stiletto heeled court shoes (the stockings and deadly pointy-toe shoes being one of my stipulations).

The day of our meeting arrived. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had never done anything like this before. Driving to the pub, I wondered if this was such a good idea as only once before had I been kicked in the balls and it had really hurt. Then I started to wonder whether she would turn up, whether she would not be as I hoped in my minds picture of her, or even worse, would she be a man! While still pondering all these things, I turned into the pub car park and turned off my engine. I was ten minutes early, so closed my eyes and listened to the radio.

At exactly the right time, I walked into the pub and towards the area she had said to meet. Unbelievably, there was the most beautiful woman of about five foot ten sitting at a table wearing a dark blue dress, black stockings and the most elegant black stiletto heel shoes you could imagine. I approached her and it was immediately obvious that she was the lady in the E-Mails. I sat down and had a gulp of Coke (already agreed she would get this from the bar). She was actually amazed that I had turned up! I sat opposite her, as agreed, so she could access my balls with her foot. Not that she did for the whole hour (and three lots of drinks) we were there.

She did however swing the foot of her crossed leg close to my groin and ask questions like, "Are you nervous?" or "Do you think I will really hurt you?". She would giggle at my nervous replies, especially as she drank more vodka based drinks. Then, after about the hour, she said I checked out, so we could go back to her house for the session. I gulped; we both stood up and left to go to my car.

On arrival at her house, she poured us both some drinks (I was still on Coke because of driving. She was merrily getting rid of any inhibitions with more vodka). "Do you approve of my shoes and stockings?" she asked. I replied that they were incredibly sexy and ideal for the task. She giggled again. We both knew it was fast becoming the time for me to stand before her, legs apart, as per our agreement. I asked if she wanted to begin and she said yes.

I rose to my feet, opened my legs and looked at her beautiful feet and shoes. "Would you like me to remove the shoes?" she asked.

"No" I replied. I had come this far and wasn't going to back-out now. She giggled again, drew back her leg, and kicked me full force in the balls. Her pointy toe hit me direct on the left nut and I immediately fell to the ground in agony. Nothing I could do with my hands alleviated any pain. I rolled from side to side, fully aware she was watching my every move and smiling wickedly. After a few minutes she asked if I was ready for another. We had negotiated three kicks, two at least with her wearing shoes. There was no way however my balls were going to take such punishment. Realizing my vulnerability, and still gasping in agony, I begged that there be just one more kick, without shoes. She looked disappointed, but agreed. I asked for a few minutes more to recover which she also agreed.

After the few agreed minutes, I slowly lifted myself up to a standing position. My balls were on fire, I felt sick to my stomach and she still had her shoes on. Despite my love for her shoes, I begged she remove them before approaching me. She giggled and said "Don't you trust me?" She then agreed to remove her shoes before approaching me as long as I kiss her feet after the kick.

"Fine," I said, happy to agree anything at this stage. She removed her shoes and ordered me to remove my hands and open my legs.

Never before, and maybe never again, I found myself in such a dangerous but sexy position. There I was, balls severely in agony but ready to be kicked again by the sexy stockinged foot of a beautiful woman. The moment did not last long however. As had happened before, she drew her leg back and kicked me full force right between the legs. Her sexy black nylon covered toes smashed both my balls and I collapsed (indeed, almost passed out) into a ball of agony on the floor. I had ringing in my ears and was trying not to be sick.

She was laughing at my predicament and asking bitchy questions like "Do your balls hurt?" and "Can you not take the third kick as originally agreed?" I couldn't answer her as my mouth seemed disconnected from my brain. Indeed, it just seemed as if my whole body was a mass of pain. I felt her stockinged foot cover my mouth, "Be ready to start kissing my feet in five minutes!" I heard her say, before she left the room.

Five minutes passed and both my balls were still in agony. The kick from her stockinged foot had hurt more than the one from her shoes. Perhaps this was because it was the second kick, or because it crushed both my balls instead of one? Whatever, she now sat on a chair by my head and ordered me to kiss her feet. I started to kiss them as best I could, given my predicament. Obviously not doing a good enough job, she roughly forced her toes into my mouth. If I weren't so damaged this would have been a real turn-on. Now however, I just wanted this over with so I could leave and recover. Eventually she tired of my attempt to kiss her feet properly and she stopped forcing her toes into my face. "Next time we shall do the feet kissing before your kicks!" she announced. So she intended a next time!

I slowly raised myself off the ground and sat also in a chair. I could tell my balls had swollen in size and were becoming strangely numb after the recent agony. "So, you want to meet and do this again?" I asked.

"Too right!" she giggled, but said next time she wanted to wear a pair of strappy stiletto heeled sandals so that I might go at least the second kick with her wearing them. I agreed to another meeting but not before I had made a full recovery. This was acceptable to her. I then stayed about another hour with her until I felt able to make it to my car and drive home. During this hour we discussed the experience. I told her how for me the enjoyment would be looking back and re-living the event. For her, destroying me so completely was the real thrill. She also showed me her sandals (gold in color) and I agreed to bring her a pair of tan seamed stockings next time to wear with them.

This all happened about a week ago. To be honest, I thought she had ruined me for life. My balls had not only swollen but also turned black. My prick had all but disappeared into the swelling and was also black, swollen and painful to the touch. Having a wee was a real experience! Now, a week later, some (just a little) of the swelling has gone down. Generally I think I am on the mend though and am looking forward to our next meeting.

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