Monday, November 19, 2007

Girl Gang

By tirsomaly

Jim was a marketing executive for a major US corporation. He was a fairly successful man. He had a nice BMW, which he was too cheap to get full coverage on, and lived in a nice, but expensive apartment in the city. He was working late one night because of some extra paperwork that needed to be done. He finally got done with his work at around eleven pm. There was nobody in the building besides the old janitor. He walked out of his office and to the parking garage. Jim was tired and ready to get home and go to bed.

As he walked through the garage, Jim was surrounded by a group of three girls. All three girls had red hair. Jessica, the leader of the group, had shoulder length hair and was about five foot, nine inches tall. She was wearing black leather pants and a white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. She had a lot of eye shadow on. To the left of her was Sarah. Sarah had longer hair, but short bangs. Her hair looked kind of ratty, making her somewhat uglier than the other two girls. She was wearing all black. Brooke was standing behind Jim. She had about the same length hair as Shannon, but hers was wavier. She would have been the prettiest, if it weren’t for the B carved in her arm.

Brooke instantly had her knife tightly against Jim’s neck, as Jessica began searching him and emptying the contents of all of his pockets into a black leather backpack. They took Jim’s wallet, which had his ID, three credit cards, debit card and all his various video rental and library cards, along with four hundred dollars. Jessica took his new Nokia 3650 for herself. She continued searching him. She searched his crotch by roughly grabbing and twisting his package around, causing him severe discomfort. He tried to grit his teeth and bear it, but it was difficult. He was afraid that she would do permanent damage.

“Take us to your car,” Jessica ordered. Brooke kept the knife against Jim’s throat as they slowly walked towards his car. When his BMW got into view he pointed it out.

“Very nice,” Jessica commented. Jim wished there were cameras in the garage, but there were not. “Sorry, sweetie, but we’re taking it all from you. Now, take off your clothes.” Brooke released him, but stayed on guard with her knife. Jim thought this was strange, but did not hesitate to obey the girls, as he feared for his life. He took off all his clothes, and Jessica transferred them into the black backpack with his wallet. After he was nude, Brooke returned to her position with her knife against his throat. Jessica walked over to the BMW and put the backpack in the back seat.

“Now we have our fun, girls,” Jessica announced. The girls smiled. Jessica stood in front of Jim, and laughed while looking at his package. Her foot snapped up, driving Jim’s testicles into his abdomen. It only took a few seconds for them to descend again. Brooke had released him from knife point, because she wanted to get involved with the beat down. Jessica pulled some handcuffs out of her pants, and handcuffed Jim’s hands behind his back. She then shoved him to the floor.

“Would you like to go first, Brooke?”

“Sure.” Jessica and Sarah held Jim’s legs apart in a ‘V’. Brooke kicked him hard in the balls about fifteen times with her steel toed boots. Those first fifteen kicks were hell for Jim. Each kick felt like it was killing him. Each kick caused his pain to multiply tenfold until his entire being was nothing but pain. After that each blow only sent his mind into further delirium. Brooke got down between his legs, and grabbed each swollen testicle between her fists. She squeezed down on them like they were grapes, nearly crushing them.

“Ok, who wants to go next?”

“I will,” Jessica volunteered. Brooke took a hold of Jim’s leg, and Jessica took Brooke’s place. Jessica alternated kicking and stomping on his swollen, bruised balls. She kicked him about seven times and stomped him about twenty-five times. His testicles were black and blue and bleeding internally. Sarah traded places with Jessica. Sarah was rougher than her two counterparts. She put much more force into her kicks and probably ruined Jim. She kicked him about thirty times and stomped down hard on his nuts about twenty times. All the girls were laughing at him when they were done, as Jim lay there, unable to move, even to protect himself. As a joke Brooke kicked him one last time. He didn’t even try to block it, because he was unable to move.

“Does anybody have to use the bathroom before we leave?”

“I do,” Brooke said.

“Okay. Oh, by the way, in case you haven’t realized it, you’re gonna be our bathroom tonight,” Jessica informed Jim. “If you don’t like, we’ll cut off your balls.” Jessica held a blade up to his swollen balls, to ensure his obedience.

Brooke pulled down her leather pants, and positioned her legs around Jim’s face. She squatted down on his face, and positioned her urethra over his mouth. “You better not spill a drop or you’ll lose a nut,” Brooke warned him. Jim was disgusted and now fearing for his manhood even more. The urine began spilling into his mouth, and he was absolutely mortified. He tried to swallow it, but began choking after a few cups. After that it spilled over his face and onto the ground. She finally finished pissing.

“Ok, now, I do have to use the bathroom too,” Jessica said. Brooke put her pants on as Jessica took hers off. Sarah had Jim’s balls at knife point now. Jessica squatted down on Jim’s face, and positioned her anus over his mouth. Jim tried to turn his head away.

“Swallow all of this or we’ll castrate you.” Jim believed her, so he opened his mouth, and put it around her butthole. The shit started coming out, and Jessica raised her ass up above his face, as she squeezed out the last bit of it. Jim was gagging but swallowing her feces little by little. Eventually none of it was sticking out above his mouth, and they put duct tape over it, trapping his mouth closed.

“Well, he did good swallowing the shit, but I don’t like him. Let’s castrate him, girls.” Jim struggled to escape but Sarah and Brooke pinned him down. Jessica sat on his legs and casually pulled out her knife.

“Nahh, this would be too bloody, let’s do it the quick way.” Brooke and Sarah knew exactly what she meant and turned him over onto his stomach. They forced his legs apart and tied a string tightly around his testicles.

“Say goodnight, boy,” Jessica taunted, as she set his balls against the cement. Jessica turned her back to his balls, and lifted her boot up as high as she could. She slammed her boot down on Jim’s testicles, smashing them into the cement, effectively turning them to cream. She reached down to make sure they were destroyed. When she found them destroyed, she felt a sense of satisfaction.

Jim passed out when his balls were crushed. The girls hogtied him and put him in the trunk of his own car. They drove him to the roof of the garage, where nobody would be until the next morning. They left him there at around midnight and drove his car away to get new plates, and new paint job.

Jim woke up a few hours later, cold and naked, with the taste of shit in his mouth. He could not do anything but wait. He thought he would freeze to death. He wasn’t sure if he still had testicles. He could feel a lot of pain emanating from his crotch, so he hoped that meant he still had them. He didn’t sleep the rest of the night. He only tried to survive.

A car finally parked on the top level where he was. He saw a figure of a businesswoman step out. He realized it was his boss. She saw him tied up there and didn’t know what had happened. She called 911 but didn’t bother helping him by taking his duct tape off or anything. She was frankly disgusted by this.

In the emergency room, Jim learned that his testicles had been completely crushed and that it would be impossible to save them. The remains of his testicles were surgically removed. After the surgery, he was finally able to talk to the police. He described his car to them and prayed they would be able to find it because his insurance wouldn’t cover the theft. He called his bank and all his credit card companies to find that his bank account had been emptied of all the twenty thousand dollars he had saved in there. All of his credit cards were maxed out, and he was stuck paying all of it. His total debt on the credit cards was somewhere around sixty thousand dollars. He called into work to explain everything, and was told that he was no longer employed there due to his poor attendance, although the real reason was because of how disgusted his boss was with him. The police never found his car, and he ended up getting evicted from his apartment, due to his inability to find a job. He had no-one to fall back on, and began living in a homeless shelter.

He had been homeless for a few years when a car drove slowly up to him at night. He could see it was his old BMW. The car came to a stop right in front of where he was sitting on the sidewalk. The window rolled down and the girls that robbed him looked at him. They were trying to tell if it really was him. They recognized him by a scar he had on his face.

“Thanks for the car, eunuch!” they yelled. They started laughing, and threw a McDonald’s cup full of urine at his face. They had put an apple in the cup, in order to give it the weight to fly farther. The apple struck his nose, causing pain, and the urine spilled all over him.

“Bye, loser,” Brooke taunted. All the girls thought it was hilarious that he was a homeless eunuch.


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