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Global Domination

By wince

Kathy's heart began to race as she realized she was being followed. At this time, in this area of the campus, it was mostly deserted. She quickened her pace, just short of running, to her dorm. Scenes of being attacked danced sharply in her mind. She knew the statistics and didn't want to become one.

"SING, SING, SING," she reminded herself. It was the acronym they taught her in self-defense class to remember the four targets to focus on. ‘S’ was for Solar-plexus, ‘I’ was for...damn, she couldn't remember... she moved on to ‘N’, but again she was blanking out, she was too nervous and the class seemed so long ago. ‘N” is for…knee, no that wasn’t right.

‘G’, she thought, and she smiled despite her growing fear. G was for Groin, the throne of both pain and pleasure for any guy alive. Since she couldn't recall the exact spot for the solar plexus, she would concentrate on G.

She looked over her shoulder, ready to run if she found anyone there. There was no one, at least that she could see.

"G, G, G," she whispered to herself. If any creep came up to her, he would infinitely regret it. A single strike to his G-spot, and it would be curtains for him. She wasn't helpless she told herself. She had many weapons- her hands, her elbows, her knees, her feet. Yes, if some idiot came to her she would introduce the balls of his crotch to the baalls of her feet. She didn't need to be afraid. 'In fact,' she told herself, 'I'm not afraid. I'm not scared, I'm not even-'

"Kathy, buen-?"

Kathy shrieked, whirled and launched her foot outward as hard as she could towards whomever was behind her. They connected with a solid THWUMP right into the crotch of a guy she realized she knew. It was one of her classmates, a transfer student from South America. She'd remembered staring at him earlier today, thinking he looked so hot with his lean muscles, dark skin and doe eyes. Now the poor sap had dropped to his knees, his face scrunched up and his hands cradling his mashed potatoes.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. Are you okay? Are you, um, okay down…there?" She suddenly remembered that he spoke only a little English. A long time ago, she'd taken Spanish courses, but she never came close to mastering the language. Still, she had to ask him if he was all right. "Como estan... su...huevos?" She slapped her forehead, concluding that the language barrier was too great. Not that the expression on his face was in any way unclear conveying the agony he was in.

She heard someone clear their throat and saw a thin blond girl hiding in the bushes. The blonde motioned with her hands for Kathy to come towards her. Kathy had no idea what she wanted but it looked very urgent.

Kathy looked at the guy whom she had just given a temporary castration. She patted his back in what she hoped was an assuring manner. "You'll be okay, just try to relax and take deep breaths, and maybe you should take some aspirin. Uh, I'll be right back."

Kathy ran over to the other girl.

The blonde said, "What the heck did you do that for, you could have killed him. And aspirin is not gonna do a thing."

"I thought someone was stalking me!"

"Well, that was me actually."

"What the hell is wrong with you, I thought someone was about to rape me," said Kathy. The blonde looked around nervously and said, "Well, from the sounds he's making and the way he's lying there all curled up, I get the impression you can defend yourself well enough. Please, my name is Maria; I'm actually here to help you. Let me start from the beginning. Just listen. A few weeks ago you signed up to be a test subject."

Kathy nodded. One of the requirements for passing her Psychology class was to participate in any one of a number of experiments being given on the campus. This helped allow the older Psych students to have a steady supply of guinea pigs. The one she had signed up for was being conducted by a grad student named Chris Farino. The experiment was slated for tomorrow night.

Maria continued, "I'm Chris' lab assistant. It was supposed to be a study of which stimulus- pain or pleasure- is greater to focusing mental acuity and reflexes. But he's rigged the experiment. You were going to be competing with another test subject. You would be given a pleasurable stimulus whenever you were doing well and the other test subject, some guy named Daniel Milburn, would be subjected to pain every time he was doing poorly."

"Wait, did you say Daniel Milburn?" Kathy recognized the guy as this asshole who always treated women like inferiors when he wasn’t busy treating them like objects. There was a most aggravating incident when Dan had pinched her butt as she walked by him in the university center. She was so shocked she just hurried away quick as she could. She relished the thought of giving that idiot some well-deserved pain.

"Yes," said Maria. "But like I said, the experiment is rigged. It turns out that Chris and Daniel are friends. Chris has rigged it so that the wires connected to Daniel's genitals are offline."

"Whoa! Back up. Did you just say 'connected to his... genitals'!?" Kathy couldn't believe what she was hearing. "If it's rigged then I just won't show up."

Maria smiled nervously, "No, it's okay. I'm going over to the lab right now. I'll rewire the machines. You won't have to worry about anything, but you do need to show up."


"Well, for one thing, to dish out some well deserved punishment to this Daniel guy. I've met him and he is a class A jerk. Even if he does have the prettiest eyes this side of the Mississippi."

"I know what you mean. On both counts."

"Also I have a side bet with Chris," said Maria as she rolled her eyes. "One I don't particularly want to lose, sooo...."

"Are you sure I'll be okay?"

"You have nothing to worry about. In fact, you better head home and get a good night's rest. It's going to be quite a fun night for us tomorrow."

Kathy was still worried but nodded. "Ok, I'll see you tomorrow night." Maria smiled and ran off towards the science buildings.

When Kathy turned she saw the poor guy still struggling to get to his feet. His legs were wobbly like a newborn fawn. "Here let me help you," she said.

At the sound of her voice, he turned. When he saw her coming towards him, he shrieked in terror, and tried to hobble as fast as his uncooperative legs would allow. The pain in his groin was still shooting through his body, but he had to get the hell away from this crazy senorita.

Kathy sighed guiltily. But as she watched him hobbling away in terror, a loud giggle burst from her lips. She covered her mouth with her hand, but it was no use, the thought of what she had just done was too funny to contain.

She strutted back to her dorm room, feeling empowered. "Yeah, that's right, I'm bad."

The next night, Kathy entered the science lab marveling at how well funded the department seemed to be. Chris and Dan were already there busy talking to one side. Maria came over to where Kathy stood. Whenn Kathy looked at her she was not encouraged by the expression on Maria's face.

"What's the matter?" Kathy asked.

"I was going to rewire it so that your stimuli would be offline, while increasing the signal to Dan. The wiring was a little more complicated than I thought it would be, but I think I got everything right."

"Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead."

"No, don't worry," said Maria. "There's a failsafe button that will shutdown the machine. If things get bad for you, just flutter your eyebrows and I'll push it and stop the experiment. Trust me."

Kathy had a hard time trusting anyone who said, "Trust me" but she didn't have any time as Chris called her over.

Chris was of average height, short dark brown hair with glasses and wearing a traditional white lab coat. He would have been handsome were it not for the snooty pretentious expression on his face. Kathy noticed him smirking and looking at her breasts, and she had to suppress the urge to run and knee his balls through the roof of his mouth.

"Well," Chris began. "I'm incredibly lucky to have such a gorgeous test subject for my little project. No doubt, you're dying to find out what my ingenious little contraption does."

He was gesturing to two fancy metal and leather chairs spaced side by side. Before them was a large translucent monitor screen on a table. The table had two lengths of cable, one snaking up to each chair. One cable ended in what Kathy could only describe as a dildo-like object. The other cable connected to something that Robocop might use as a jockstrap.

Chris pointed to the monitor. "That is a 3D optitechnic holoscreen that will display a simple video game that the two of you will be playing. As the game progresses, you will be subjected to certain "stimuli" that will reflect your performance in the game. That's basically all I can tell you, from now on I will mostly play the role of observer and note-taker. I will be up in the observance booth so as not to prove a distraction. Now, my lovely assistant, Maria, will aid you with putting on your respective equipment."

Maria walked over to Kathy and whispered, "Okay, I'm afraid you're going to have to insert that thing" -she pointed the dildo-like cable- "into, um, yourself. Don't worry, it's not so uncomfortable."

"How would you know?" asked Kathy.

Maria rolled her eyes and blushed slightly. "Well, let's just say I gave it a test run a few days ago."

"Fine," Kathy said with resignation. "If you could just provide me some privacy so that Dan won't be leering at me?"

"Sure," said Maria taking off her own lab coat and putting it around Kathy. Kathy dropped her pants and panties and gently attached the bizarre device into herself. She immediately broke out in goosebumps. Oh, she thought, the things I do for payback. Once she had the device on, she was actually able to pull her pants up a good part of the way. She had to leave her zipper open and pants button undone though.

"I think I'm all set," said Kathy as she gave Maria back her lab coat.

From the other side of the room, Dan called out, "Hey, Maria, maybe you can give me some "assistance!" He was smirking lewdly. Maria walked over. Despite her indignation, she one again marveled at his beautiful blue eyes. Oh well, if everything goes right, in a short while he'll have a matching pair of beautifully bruised blue balls.

She stood in front of him hands on her hips. "Try taking off your pants first, Einstein."

"I thought you'd never ask," he said.

"Now drop your undies," she commanded. He dropped his red boxer briefs to his ankles, stepped out of them, and put his hands on his hips, mimicking her pose. He stood there smirking.

"What, do you expect me to applaud or something? Considering your shortcomings, a laugh track might be more appropriate." The truth was he had nothing to be ashamed of, but Kathy wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of showing she noticed. She grabbed the robo-jockstrap. It opened up by a hinge at the crotch. She fantasized about his nuts getting trapped in the hinge, but alas the hinge was too small to catch his sizable gonads. Inside the device were two large holes for him to drop his testicles through, and a sheath large enough to hold his penis even if he sprouted an erection. Within the holes and sheath were a variety of gears, grinders, and electricity-producing needles to break even the strongest man's will.

She slipped it between his legs and snapped the two halves of the device together loudly, causing him to jump. There were two latches at the sides of the "waistband" that locked automatically.

"Mmphh, a bit snug," he said.

"Now take off your shirt," she commanded.

"What? Why do I need to do that for?"

"It's part of the experiment," she lied.

"Fine, I think you just want to see my pecs."

Hmm, maybe he's not as stupid as he looks, she thought. He threw his shirt on the floor next to his pants and briefs. She scooped them up and left him standing there wearing only his socks and the robo-strap. She went up to the observation area with Chris.

"Okay, now sit down and I'll give you your last instructions," came Chris' voice.

They sat down and as they put their arms on the armrests, shackles came out trapping their wrists in place. Kathy noticed her right hand had access to a joystick and at her left hand was a button.

Suddenly the monitor display before them shone up. Then it darkened enough to show a little gun turret at the bottom of the screen. Kathy fiddled with the joystick and found she could control the direction of the turret. At certain angles she could see the tinted reflection of Dan's face from where he sat beside her.

Chris' voice said, "You'll be playing against each other. Once the game starts, little circles of different colors will float down from the top of the screens. When circles of the same color touch each other, they pop and disappear and any circles around them are propelled away. Otherwise they fall down till they hit the side or the bottom of the screen where they will stick and accumulate.

"Kathy, your colors are yellow, white, and green. Those are the ones that you want to get rid of. Dan, your colors are purple, red, and blue. If the screen fills up, whoever has the least circles with their colors wins. You'll find that the controls on your armrests let you move the gun at the bottom. By shooting at the falling circles, you have some control which direction the circles go. One last thing you should know- the more circles you get rid off, the more circles of your opponent’s colors will appear on the screen.

"And that’s all you need to know for now,” said Chris. “Ready and … begin!"

Letters began to appear on the screen spelling out the words "Global Domination." Then the letters disappeared and the game started.

Kathy began tentatively; she fired a shot at a blue circle but missed by an inch. She fired again. This time she hit a green circle, knocking it into another green circle. They both popped like balloons. She heard a pained gasp come through from Dan's side and saw his face tense because of her last maneuver. At the same time, a pleasant tingling sensation tickled her between her thighs.

'Stay focused!' she warned herself. Her next few shots either missed or hit the circles at the wrong angle. Actually, she thought, maybe she should call them globes instead of circles, since, after all, the name of the game was Global Domination. And by the end she intended to have Dan's 'globes' thoroughly dominated.

Dan shot at a purple globe bouncing it towards another purple globe. This time his eyebrows arched and a soft "ohhh" escaped his lips. Kathy realized that he was getting his own pleasant tickling sensation, and she braced herself to receive some painful stimulus. But nothing happened.

'Okay' Kathy thought. Maria must have really screwed up the wires because nothing was working as she had predicted. It seemed that whenever globes of Kathy's colors popped, she would feel pleasure and Dan would feel pain. On the other hand, if a globe of his colors popped, he would feel pleasure but she would feel nothing.

Kathy shot at a yellow globe making it crash right into another yellow. They popped and their little explosion pushed a nearby blue globe (one of Dan's) into another blue globe.

Dan felt two conflicting forces on his genitals. At first there was a brief but agonizing yank and slap sensation on his balls. A split second later there was a pleasant milking sensation on his penis. His face scrunched up as his confused brain tried to reconcile the input.

Kathy was really getting into the game now. She smiled at how this was turning out. The next few minutes were give and take and neither she nor Dan was clearly winning. He would alternately let out sighs of ecstasy and whimpers of distress. Kathy spared a glance towards him and saw sweat coating his thighs. All the while, she felt the feathery warmth vibrating in her pussy every time she made globes of her color disappear.

Up in the booth, Chris was taking notes. He noticed Dan overreacting as if he was receiving stimuli through his robo-jock. But that couldn't be, as Chris knew he had fixed the wires. Oh well, Dan always was a ham.

Chris turned to his fellow partner and noticed that she was grinning. "What are you smiling about? You do realize that she's gonna lose and you're going to have to pay up?" It was a simple bet. If Dan won, Maria would become Chris' sex slave for the rest of the night. If Kathy won, then Chris would be Maria's boy toy instead. Either way, Chris thought, he was going to get laid

Maria smiled innocently. "Anything can happen. You never know."

Meanwhile, Kathy was still playing, giving Dan's crotch a dual workout. Geez, he must be getting very sore down there by now.

Only Dan really knew the hell he was experiencing, and he wouldn't have been able to put it in words, assuming anything other than inarticulate sobs could come out of his mouth. The damn robo-jock was driving him insane. At times, it would be expertly milking his erection like a nymph with a silk glove. It would circle a feathery "fingertip" around the rim of the head, stopping every now and then to linger and massage the soft underside of his love pump. Then at other times- WHAMMO- his poor wretched nuts were ssuffering some combination of a squeeze, slap, yank, flick, punch, or flattening. Never before had he experienced such a volley of bliss and misery. At intervals, the two sensations almost seemed to merge like two bodies in the throes of passion.

Kathy was enjoying herself tremendously, but she knew she couldn't keep this going all night. She never really played video games, even as a child, and her eyes were starting to tire. Her hand was also starting to cramp. But if she wanted a quick win she would have to use strategy.

She had a plan. It was going to be risky, but Dan had more to lose than she did.

After a few moments, Dan realized that Kathy had stopped firing. At first, Dan thought Chris might have done something to her controls. Taking as much advantage as he could, Dan started firing with renewed vigor.

Each time Dan got rid of his globes, the pleasuring sensation invaded his groin. Without the occasional pain to his balls to counteract it, his cock began to swell and throb. It was like a slow but magnificent hand job.

Unfortunately, just as Kathy planned, this played havoc with his concentration. She just sat there and watched his face, observing the frustration of a young man crawling erratically, but surely, towards the brink of orgasm. At times he would close his eyes briefly, having to concentrate while his brain dealt with the immense sensations. In the painful haze of pleasure, he imagined that the gun turret at the bottom of the screen was his throbbing cock shooting up little spurts of precum.

And that's when Kathy decided to strike.

Her aim was true as she shoot at her globes. Pop, pop, pop, her attack was ruthless and relentless. Because she hadn't been firing, most of the globes on the screen were of her color. So once they started popping there was a cascade effect as they bounced, careened and exploded all over the screen.

Nearby, Dan thought his heart would stop. Here he was, standing at the threshold of the most intense orgasm in his young but promiscuous life, when he started to feel his balls being pelted and pummeled. It was as if he'd stuck his balls through a hole in the wall and women on the other side were hurtling stones at them.

His poor addled brain nearly short-circuited. His ejaculation began erupting out even as his aching nuts were being thumped, smashed, and cracked. Even the sound that came out of his mouth was confused, a primal scream of finding heaven and hell at the same moment.

Simultaneously, Kathy was making her own sounds, cooing at the rush of ecstasy seeping between her thighs. Dan's pain was being translated into her own sexual climax. She gripped down on the sides of the chair as her toes curled involuntarily. She hadn't realized she'd closed her eyes, but when she'd opened them, she saw Dan lying slumped and unconscious. His poor little brain was too overwhelmed, she thought.

The game was still running, but it was an easy enough matter to finish it, now that her opponent was incapacitated. She felt every globe she popped pleasuring her and knew that Dan's balls were being pummeled even as he lay there unconscious.

Soon it was over. She was exhausted but she had won. She was surprised to notice Maria standing next to her cheering.

"You did it," Maria shouted. "Wow, you're practically glowing after that victory." Kathy wasn't sure if she were blushing. Maria helped her out of the chair and put her clothes back correctly. They both walked over to the unconscious Dan. With a slightly morbid curiously, they knew they both wanted to see what was left of Dan's gonads.

Maria opened up the robo-jock, and laughed as she saw Dan's spunk spread out. It was a wonder that he hadn't short circuited the machinery and ended up frying his cock and balls. Then again, she thought recalling his last scream; maybe that's exactly what happened.

But neither girl could see Dan's balls. They had swollen so much that they were now trapped in the holes in the robo-jock and would not come out.

Chris had come down in the meantime and saw what the girls were doing. He was going to stop them, but reconsidered. Dan deserved what he got. How dare he lose after, Chris had gone through the trouble of rigging the whole experiment. And now Chris had lost the bet. Oh well, he guessed submissive sex with Maria was better than no sex at all.

The girls decided that they really wanted to see Dan's balls. So while Maria held him down, Kathy began to pull on the robojock. They could see the two orbs being stretched unnaturally.

Just at this time, Dan started regaining consciousness. He looked down and started screaming at the sight literally spread out before him.

“This is for pinching my ass,” yelled Kathy. With an Amazonian battle cry, she pulled with all her strength. With a final yank, Kathy heard two *pops*. Dan slumped back into his chair, mercifully unconscious again. Of course, the pain was still going to be there when he woke up.

“Yuck,” said Maria looking at Dan’s crotch, “I’ve never seen a sight like that before.” She high-fived Kathy.

Chris couldn’t watch anymore so he started going back to the observation booth. As he walked away, Maria said to his back, “Later tonight, midnight, right here.”

Chris smiled over his shoulder, “I won’t be late. Make sure you bring your appetite, and I don’t mean for food.” He heard the girls giggling like little kids as he left the room.

Chris arrived quite early. A lab wasn’t the most romantic place, but then again, he was here for the sex, not the romance. And the old bouncy-bouncy can be done anywhere, even in a lab.

Finally he heard the door open, and saw Maria come in. He frowned when he saw her still in a lab coat, but she opened it slightly revealing a marked lack of clothing underneath. Her ample breasts peeked out as the lab coat opened even more.

“Damn,” he said, “I knew there was a reason I made you my assistant.”

“Okay, big boy,” she purred. Without another word she pushed him into the chair. Automatically the wrist restraints cuffed him down. She grabbed his ankles yanking hard enough to bring his ass to the edge of the seat.

He looked at her standing there poised between the fork of his legs holding his legs outstretched. He could feel his erection inflating. ‘Boy, oh, boy,’ he thought, ‘I am the luckiest man in the world.’

“What I don’t understand,” said Maria. “Is how someone as smart as you can be so incredibly stupid.” She let go of his ankles and jabbed quickly at the growing bulge before her. He yelped just as she punched again, this time digging and grinding her knuckles till his nads were tightly sandwiched between her fist and his pelvic bone. In one fluid motion, she opened her hands, encircled his throbbing testicles, and squeezed. The muscles in her face tensed in a smile as she applied as much pressure as she could. Mercifully, he passed out.

When he woke up, he didn’t know how much time had passed, but he realized he was naked except for the robo-jock.

Maria lounged in the other chair, fully clothed, with a bucket of popcorn in her lap. “Glad, you’re up again.”

“What the hell,” he said groggily, “I’m not going to play against you.”

“That’s right, you’re going to be playing with yourself, so to speak. I’m just going to watch. I assume you don’t want to get your nuts tortured, so you’re going to try to win. Which means the jock will pretty much be a milking machine. Of course, eventually your hands are going to tire, or your dick is going to be so sore that you’ll choose to have your balls be the center of attention. And that’s when the real show will begin.” She smiled.

He saw the words of his doom appear on the screen. G-L-O-B-A-L D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N. Sweat immediately broke out on his forehead as the globes began to fall.

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