Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Hot Day

By voltinky

Someone said there weren't any new stories. Here is one, tell me what you think, any constructive criticism (as in, what did I do well, what should I do, not do, do more or less of) is in your interest.

It was 110 degrees in the middle of July. John really couldn’t stand the heat. He hated it. And that fucking humidity too. For all the 16 years of his life he had hated it. He always wondered why his mother, Carrie, 33, wouldn’t buy an air conditioner. She told him to think of the environment. “An AC consumes a lot of energy, instead of contributing to global warming by cooling our house, why don’t you just wear less?”

She certainly lived by her words. On any warm day, and even lukewarm ones, she wore clothing that couldn’t possibly have retained much heat. A ‘long’ skirt to her meant six inches long. She didn’t seem to care though that a loose blouse is better at cooling off than a tight one. She must have made up for that by making sure her tank-tops and blouses showed her bellybutton just as surely as it showed her cleavage. As for sleeves, those were unheard of. His friends would often come around to his house for the view. Once in a while, when he brought a few over, his mom would ask one of his friends to help her with something in the basement. When they came back up less than ten minutes later, his friend would invariably have a smile on his face and his mother would go brush her teeth.

Living in an outer suburb with little in the way of public transportation, John was dependent on his mom to get anywhere. So when she suggested they go cool off at the municipal pool, he jumped on the occasion to escape the heat. And the fucking humidity.

The car trip was short and uneventful. This being a Thursday early afternoon, there was little traffic. Arriving at the pool, John observed that the building was as deserted as the road, aside from a desk clerk. Carrie paid for both of them and they walked into the corridor leading to the male and female lockers.

“Johnny, come in the female locker room. I only brought one padlock and I don’t want either of our bags to be stolen.”

He was a little circumspect. Is that allowed? he wondered.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been here a couple of times at this hour on weekdays and there’s never anyone around except for the clerk. There’s not even a need to wear a hat.”

So he went into the locker room, a bit curious about what a female locker room was like. He was a bit disappointed when, surprise, it turned out to be just another locker room. Perhaps he expected dildos to be lying around.

So his mother went in aisle one and he went in aisle three. He quickly undressed and put on his bathing suit. He walked to the first aisle with his clothes bag when, seeing his mother, he dropped it. He was used to seeing her in outfits that were, daring (his friends would say slutty), but this was too much. The blue bathing suit was composed of one triangle that was four inches long by two inches at its widest and two triangles that were two inches long and two at their widest. All the rest was dental floss. Considering his mother was a 34D, he wondered at the engineering feat he was witnessing. At that point, his mother reminded him of that Catherine Bell chick in the silver bathing suit he had seen in Stuff magazine, but with even more skin showing

“All ready?” she said, getting his bag into her locker and then marching forward of him.

On the short walk from the lockers to the showers, John couldn’t stop himself looking at her ass. Seeing her bum like that made him even more uncomfortable than when he caught peeks of it as she bents over in her skirts. In the showers wetting his bathing suit in the shower made it even harder to hide his hard-on. To make sure she was unaware of it, he made sure to walk behind her, which did nothing to make his erection go down.

They got into the pool, which made him feel safer. They both swam for about five minutes when she got bored and noticed there was a basket on one side of the pool. She proposed they play a game of 21. She asked her son, “Do you want to play with a small or a big ball?” He said he didn’t care.

She said, “Big ball then. And let’s not play with all the complicated rules about lines and fouls and such.”

She started with the ball. She played quite aggressively and would back into him. The contact of her ass with his cock aroused him again. She didn’t seem to notice that he was hard and his Speedo was so tight (she had picked it out) that his cock was digging in between her cheeks. How could she not know? If she did, how could she not get offended? He didn’t think about that long, he had to stop her from scoring. He tried to get his hand around her to get the ball but she moved quickly and instead of grabbing the ball his hand glanced on her right breast. For a few seconds he was shocked and a bit scared of how his mom would respond. He saw that one of his mom’s hands had gone underwater which left the ball more vulnerable. He slapped the ball and the turn was his.

John tried to decide on his strategy. He would just walk as close as he could to the basket and tried to exploit his height advantage over his mother to score. He walked into her, trying to also use his weight to just push her back. He felt her breasts on his chest, nothing to help his concentration, and realized that she could probably feel his cock on her stomach. He decided to jump and shoot from a long distance. Just as he jumped he felt something hold him down. And then it hurt. He realized that his mother, to stop him from shooting, had grabbed his nuts to pull him down. His knees went soft and he had to put his weight on his mother not to go underwater. He griped her hips and found his head in-between the two little triangles. At the time he didn’t care much; all he could think about was the pain.

“Does it really hurt that much Johnny? You remember that we’re not playing with the foul rules right? Poor little thing.” she said as she ran her fingers through his hair. After he had realized just where his head was, he tried to pull away but his mother pressed his head into her chest and said, “No, no, you’re hurt. Hug me until most of the pain goes away.” This was a most unusual hug, he thought. “Tsk, tsk, I guess men should only play sports with women if there are rules to protect the men,” she whispered in his ear.

“Do you wanna play again?” she asked sweetly. He shook his head. “Alright, let’s go to the showers then.”

In the showers, she took off her bikini and instructed him to take off his Speedo too. Fortunately for him, the squeezing had made him go soft.

After she’d shampooed her hair, she asked, “Johnny, could you do my back?”

“Su… sure,” he said.

He began washing her shoulder blades. He didn’t dare put his hand anywhere else.

“Go lower; I can never reach that spot.” So he did and stopped above her hips.

“Come on Johnny, all that chlorine they put in the pool has to go. The back includes the lower back. ” He didn’t understand why she couldn’t reach that spot on her own.

“John, do you want another squeeze? You have bigger hands than I do so it’ll go quicker. Now make sure there isn’t any chlorine in my crack. Then do my legs.”

Not wanting to experience that pain again, he rubbed in-between her cheeks. No matter how much he tried to think of something else, that firm soapy butt he was forced to wash had him as hard as he had ever been. He then proceeded to wash her legs and her feet, with his head at pussy level. While he was washing one leg, she would press on the tip of his hard cock with the other foot, giggling as it bounced.

“Come on, I’ll do your back too.” She began by washing his shoulders feeling his biceps and then grabbed both ass cheeks with her hands. “Umm, those are firm.” She didn’t so much wash as grope, but he was just happy she didn’t insist on doing the front. Just when he finished that thought, a hand went from his buttocks round his hips and unto his cock.

“Mom, I can wash that alone I think.”

“Come on Johnny, the skin there is so wrinkly that it has to be washed thoroughly if we don’t want any residue to be left and I know how to clean it well, ” she said “After all, when you were little, who do you think would pull back the sheath that housed your little dagger in order to clean it?”

He always wondered why she had had him circumcised at age twelve. It happened after the big trend of the 70s and there was no medical necessity for it. He remembered that after the operation, when his cock hurt for several days, she insisted on personally bandaging it and every time he complained about the pain, she would undo the bandage, “kiss the booboo” and bandage it up again.

“It’s not a little dagger anymore though. Look at that! Turn around now.” Her glaze was fixed on his cock and she was breathing hard. “Son, do my front while I do your cock”

“Why don’t you I do my penis while you do your front?”

“SON, my hands are smaller than yours so they can handle more delicate parts than yours can. While I’m doing you this service, the least you can do is to scratch my back while I scratch yours,” she said as she tugged on his balls. “They are delicate parts, aren’t they, son?”

“Alright, mom,” his cramped voice said as he soaped his hands and began washing her shoulders. He quickly washed her breasts and went to wash her stomach.

“Johnny, don’t botch the job, they’re not clean yet. Or do you want another tug?”

He obeyed, not having much choice. He felt the tension build up and he knew he had to come at some point. He welcomed that because he had developed a case of blue balls. As she kept caressing him with her right hand, she put of left hand on his shoulder.

He couldn’t believe it. Here he was washing his mother’s full breasts while she was practically jerking him off. He started breathing heavily and just before he crossed the point of no return, she used the leverage on his shoulder and kneed him. As he crumpled to the floor and lay there, he saw her “washing” herself and moaning.

“Thank you, son, I’m sure all the chlorine’s gone now.” She then walked to the lockers, leaving him on the shower floor. In the distance, he heard a faint buzzing sound. After five minutes, he was able to get up and limp back to the locker room to see what it was. He saw that his mother was lying down on a bench getting several of what she had denied him. When she heard him, she opened her eyes.

“Are your balls as blue as your lips, Johnny?”


“Well, that’s your fault isn’t it? I’ve had the time to come several times now and you haven’t come even once, why is that?” she said, grinning.

He took his bag in her locker and began putting his clothes on as he heard the buzzing sound and her moaning. He was trying to block out that moaning but he just couldn’t. Being distracted, he caught his cock in his zipper. His mother heard the loud yelp and asked what was wrong. She saw what had happened and suppressed her laughter, not very effectively.

“Come here, a kiss will make it all better,” as she pulled him close to her.

She took the zipper and freed the poor dick. She then began gently kissing the head. With all the teasing he had endured, it didn’t take long for him to shoot.

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