Friday, November 16, 2007

How To Use A Climbing Harness

By tempest

Sun angled in through the skylight, just enough that it lightened his closed eyes and woke him. He shifted slightly, and rose on one elbow to take in the smells of the cool city morning. Beside him lay Linsey, the wonderful woman he’d just met at Vincent’s weekend party on the river. They had swum and kayaked all day Saturday, then later danced a little and told stories around the bonfire with the others. On Sunday, at Linsey’s insistence, they had hiked up to Fallon Cliff to do a little rock climbing. She was an accomplished climber, and promised she would teach him to be comfortable on the rock. The adjustments to his climbing harness had taken her nearly 40 minutes due to a faulty buckle, but once she had replaced it and tweaked and twisted the webbing to fit snugly around his thighs and hips, they were off on a great adventure. Afterwards she returned to the city with him, to his apartment, for a gourmet dinner that he made himself.

Now the morning alarm sounded, the soft tones of jazz music on the radio. She rolled onto her side and slid her warm hand between his legs to caress his knee. With the tips of her fingers she smoothed his thigh then softly encircled his balls in the cup of her hand.

“Thank-you, Brian,” she whispered, her eyes still closed.

“For what, sweet?”

“For last night. For the weekend.”

“You know I loved every minute of it.” He smiled, stroking her dark hair.



“Put on the harness again.”

“The climbing harness?” He spanked her playfully.

“Mmm, yeah.” She rolled onto her stomach, tucking her hand under his buttock. “Over your old jeans, just like yesterday. D’you remember how to buckle it?”

“Well, yeah, I think so…”

“You looked so sexy all trussed up in that thing. Teaching you to rock climb was the highlight of my weekend.” She rolled onto her side and flashed emerald green eyes at him, then with her little finger, traced a line from his navel to his nose. He could only stare at her, until finally he swung his legs off the bed and stood. He pulled on his briefs, and feeling cocky, leaned over to take her breast in his lips. She moaned slightly but pushed him away.

“You’re full of surprises,” he whispered, and grinned. Sitting on the bed he pulled the faded jeans over his feet, then stood and faced her. She watched the buttons on the fly catch lightly on the bulge in his underwear as he pulled the jeans up. Then he lifted the harness off the chair and positioned the leg loops around his thighs just as she had done yesterday. He fastened the waist belt.

“Is that right?”

“Pull the leg loops up just a little higher, babe.”

In a few minutes he was strapped in properly, and stood, bare-chested, in front of her. The waist belt of the harness rested on the waistband of his jeans, and he could feel its coarseness tight against his bare skin.

Linsey, naked, rose from the bed and pulled him to her. She kissed him and backed him slowly to the wall, then held his arms firmly against it as she traced another line –this time with her tongue- from his chest to the harness. She tugged at the waist belt with her teeth and then let it go, apparently satisfied. But with her hands she tightened each leg loop until his penis and balls were captured in a tight denim triangle.

Now unbearably aroused, Brian shifted slightly to lessen the pressure, but Linsey steadied his hips, pressed her breasts into his crotch and rose slowly, grabbing the front harness loop as she did so. She looked him square in the eyes with a twinkle, and pulled upward firmly but slowly, lifting him slightly.

Brian, now fully hard, could barely stand the tight prison of his jeans and the harness and began to back the gorgeous woman toward the bed as he kissed her. But she grabbed the harness loop again and pushed him back hard against the wall. She kissed his neck and thrust his right hand downward to run his fingers over his own stiff bundle, just as she guided his left hand to the incredible wetness between her legs.

He moaned in frustration and in the promise of pleasure and she moved his finger inside her until she gasped with orgasm. Then slowly he again moved her toward the bed.

“Ohh. Ohh no, baby.” She stopped him, her face close to his, her eyes intense. “No,” she shook her finger at him. Brian looked at her, puzzled, completely intrigued but now in considerable discomfort.

Suddenly she jerked the loop upwards again, trapping his cock and nuts in even tighter confinement. Those emerald eyes stared into his with an excited glint and she rammed her knee sharply upward into his testicles, then again, harder still, before she released her grip on the loop and let him fall to the floor.

Hands curled in agony around his throbbing groin, Brian could not muster the coordination to undo the buckles and release himself from the pressure of the harness. He writhed impotently, his head thrown back, mouth open in grimace, his eyes closed and tearing. Once or twice he tugged at the leg and waist loops of the harness, but he had no strength to alter his predicament.

Linsey, now dressed, knelt beside him and gently ran her fingers through his hair. She loosened the leg loop buckles and undid the waist belt to free him.

Brian looked at her, trying just to focus, unspeaking, but with a question on his lips.

The beautiful young woman’s eyes danced with a mixture of compassion and delight. “There’s no reason, baby,” Linsey said softly. “No reason at all.” She rose and left.

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