Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Intern

By tall_pete

Here is my first story in a while. Let me know what you think. I like it (then again I wrote it...) but I'm not sure it is worth continuing. Sometimes the buildup is more fun that the real hard core part. This way we all get to imagine what we would want to happen in the next room. But let me know what you think. Is it better to do another build-up with a different scenario or continue with this one? – Pete

John was a pretty successful guy. He was in his young thirties, made a good living, kept in decent shape, and did ok with the ladies. But there was something missing. John knew what it was but he just didn't have the balls to do anything about it. You see John fantasized, no was obsessed with, women totally dominating his world by torturing his precious and currently deprived balls.

John lived this crazy life in his fantasies and even sometimes online under various names. He wrote wild stories about gorgeous women torturing his balls until he begged for mercy only to have the women then beat them all the harder. In real life he was a straight-laced, corporate chicken-shit.

John was fantasizing when he first interviewed the new intern, Jessica. She was sexy as hell, vibrant and forthright. John guessed she was about 5'5”, maybe 135 lbs in all the right places. She had femininely muscular calves and shoulders, probably c-cups, a thin waist and beautifully rounded ass. Her face was pretty in an every-day sort of way when she wasn't smiling. When she smiled, or spoke with enthusiasm, she became magnetic. You wanted to hear what she had to say. You wanted her to like you. You wanted to please her.

John dragged his mind away from the idea of Jessica pounding her now bobbing foot directly into his balls as he kneeled in front of her. He really was impressed by this young woman, and not just in his fantasy word. She was smart, and ambitious. She was going to be a senior in college and wanted to work in marketing. She thought so much of the company's marketing campaigns (that John created and managed) and oh so much wanted to work with the company for the summer so she could 'learn from somebody so experienced in the field’. John never stood a chance. She really was far more qualified than any other intern he had ever hired. In fact his only concern was that he seemed to have trouble thinking or speaking coherently in her presence.

John didn't regret his choice. Jessica proved to be an extremely hard working and quick learning intern. John found her more adept than many veteran employees and began working closely with her on a number of projects. He knew there was a sexual energy between them. He realized that she sensed when his eyes lingered a moment too long on different parts of her anatomy. She even seemed to encourage it with her body language, coy smiles and knowing looks. But John disciplined himself about this. He caught himself when his eyes did begin to linger. He tried not to flirt. He wanted to keep it professional.

That became more difficult after one Tuesday afternoon about six weeks after Jessica started. John had been working on a new BB story to post online during lunch. It was, not surprisingly, about a younger woman busting an older, professional man's balls. The man was a coach and the girl a student athlete. But even if John didn't want to admit it, his inner fantasies about Jessica heavily influenced the story. The girl was fictional version of Jessica and the man was himself.

John was almost done the story when an emergency meeting was called about a campaign that was going out the next day. So-called emergency meetings were commonplace. John found it amusing how people could create emergencies about some very silly things. His amusement disappeared as he sat down at his desk after the meeting. His screen was not dark and it should have been after 40 minutes without being touched. To make matters worse the top window on his screen was a word document and he knew he had left his email on top. When he killed the document his stomach did a lurch. He was looking at the BB article we had just been working on and it was on page 6, the last page he was working on. He knew he had closed the document. He always did. It wasn't possible he was confused about this.

John was still trying to get a grasp on the situation and its possible implications when Jessica walked into his office -- and damn if she wasn't smirking. "Were you using my computer?" John asked quickly before she said anything.

Jessica, un-phased by his tone, responded, "Yeah, Kim needed me to fax the campaign report to her so I printed it out and faxed it to her."

John was momentarily mollified until his mind reminded him how that did not explain why his BB story was up and on the last page. He had closed it and Jessica had just admitted she was on his computer. John looked up again as Jessica sat in the chair on the other side of his desk, crossed her arms under her pert breasts and crossed her legs so that the most prominent thing John saw was her bare right knee bouncing as she sat. She continued to smile at him.

"Did you want something?" John managed.

"Me? No I just wanted to see if you wanted something. You are the boss right?" She grinned wickedly.

"Ahh, no, not right now. Thanks," John stammered. "Sorry, I've got something on my mind. Do you have something to do?" John continued as he managed to recover slightly.

"Yeah, there's always something to do," Jessica replied “And don't worry about it. It may turn out just the way you want it to," she added with a smile.

John's heart almost stopped. "What?" was all he managed.

"Whatever you are worried about," Jessica replied with a coy grin, "I'm sure it will work out for you. I have complete faith in you." With that Jessica rose and left John floundering motionlessly in his chair.

Things were awkward for John during the next few days. Jessica continued to smirk at him. He also caught her looking at him curiously when she didn't think he noticed. He was becoming certain that she had read his story. In a way it excited and encouraged him. She seemed to smile at him even more than before, and there was something extra to the smile. He would never hook up with his intern, but the idea that this hot young vixen found his fetish cool was exhilarating.

The situation escalated the following Thursday. A campaign had been moved up to that weekend. It was a large campaign and if it worked it could make the company and John a nice piece of change. But it meant a lot of work had to be done by Friday morning. Jessica, usually the biggest help on these projects had to leave at five o'clock. She was very apologetic, and almost agitated that she couldn't stay late to help. John reassured her that he had spent many an all-nighter before and he doubted this evening would be as late as some others had been.

Sure enough, John was wrapping up what he thought had to get done that night around ten when to his surprise the door buzzer sounded. The building was locked at night and only a few people had keys. John made his way to the receptionist’s desk and hit the button on the intercom. "Yes?"

"Hi John? It’s Jessica," the metallic voice responded.

John had mixed emotions as he watched the numbers on the elevator climb to the 4th floor. He always liked to see Jessica, but he was ready to leave. It wasn't like she could be much help now. When the doors opened to reveal Jessica, John could feel his pulse quicken. She looked amazing. She was wearing a short black skirt that didn't make it a third of the way down her thighs and a silver, low cut, sleeveless vest. She had on black stockings and black boots that came half way up her calves and had 3-inch heels. Her hair was down and curly.

"Wow," John let out with full sincerity. "You look great. Hot date?"

Jessica flashed him a big smile as she walked towards him. "Date yes, hot no. I thought I would swing by and see if you were still hard at work."

John was struggling not to ogle at her as he said, "I'm pretty much done for the night. I hope you didn't cut your date short."

"Not short enough," was the curt reply. "I couldn't wait to get out of there. Well that isn't fair,” Jessica paused, "He is a sweet guy, but guys my age bore me." Jessica finished as she gave a John a look that made it clear that she had a different few of men a little older.

John could feel his face redden slightly as his heart hammered against his chest. He hadn't felt this way in a long time, but tried to keep control of his emotions as he replied, "I bet the guys can't get enough of you though." John wanted to kick himself; he was flirting. He didn't want to flirt.

Jessica's eyes flashed in response. Her posture shifted slightly so that her right hip jutted out just a little, her back arched ever so slightly. It was probably a natural response, one that she intuitively knew played up her curves in a way that made it hard for men not to stare. "Do you know why I wanted the date to end John? Do you know what kept going through my mind?"

John swallowed nervously. They hadn't moved since she had stepped off the elevator. John leaned back and half sat on the receptionist's desk directly behind him. His knees where bent slightly but his feet were still planted on the ground. John wondered momentarily if he were trying to retreat. After a very long moment, John asked almost in spite of himself. "No, tell me."

Jessica leaned forward, but didn't move her feet and stared directly into his eyes, making sure that he was fully captivated before continuing. "I kept thinking about kicking you in the balls." John froze in place as she continued without missing a breath. "I thought about what it would be like to have you completely at my mercy. You know I read your story John. Well I also searched online and found others I know where by you. You want me to kick you in the balls don't you John?"

John felt like the world had stopped as she continued to hold his gaze. He couldn't look away even if he tried. He was also pretty sure he couldn't speak. He felt like he was 14 again, scared to death of girls. Finally, he nodded. He didn't say a word, just nodded and then looked down.

John saw Jessica's right leg step back at the very top of his line of vision. He then saw her left knee bend and the muscles tighten as the right leg began to swing up at him. John clenched onto the desk and spread his knees slightly wider as he saw her knee rising up in the air as if in slow motion. John's mind reeled silently as he then watched the leg begin to straighten as the knee rose so the foot was accelerating far faster than any other part of the leg. John thought his mind was playing tricks on him; the knee seemed to be moving in slow motion while the foot seemed to turn into a blur. Then there was a flash, or maybe an internal explosion. Jessica's foot slammed into his balls. John's eyes bulged. His back arched. He opened his mouth to yell but nothing came out. His balls didn't hurt, nothing hurt. The world just seemed to have become one overwhelming sensation. It was like he had stuck his finger in a light socket.

Then the first wave of pain washed over him and then another larger one. A deadening ache seemed to spread from his groin and his body started to deflate. His head fell forward and his body slumped. He was surprised when his head landed on Jessica's shoulder and he felt her arm go around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her and clung to her back, enjoying how she felt and smelled as he tried to acclimate to the waves of pain washing though his body.

Then he felt her hand move across his crotch. He was mildly surprised to realize that his cock was almost fully erect already and was at full salute within seconds after her hand brushed over it. This seemed to reassure her because after a brief pause her hand continued lower and maneuvered so that she was holding both his balls. This was oddly erotic and simultaneously soothing. That is before she started to squeeze, twist and pull.

Each yank, twist or squeeze sent new jolts of energy and waves of pain through John's body. He hung onto her for dear life as her other arm hugged him closer to her. After a couple of yanks he was whimpering and yelping into her shoulder. He let out a slightly different kind of shudder when she first nibbles on the side of his neck. In moments she was passionately kissing, sucking and biting on his neck while she tormented his aching nuts with her hand. The yanks and pulls became harder and harder and her body started grinding against him.

John was completely overwhelmed. He was in ecstatic agony. He didn't want it to stop but his body was starting to curl up instinctively to defend itself and he seemed unable to stop it. As his thighs squeezed together and his body doubled over, Jessica found it harder and harder to get a good grip on his balls. Suddenly she pulled away, reached down and pulled his legs apart with both hands, and then looked up at him as she grabbed his shoulders. She looked inflamed. Her chest was heaving and her face was flushed with a look of pure exhilaration.

John looked her in the eye, totally defenseless as her right knee flung up into his battered balls. There was another amazing surge of energy, but this time his body immediately collapsed, falling to the floor. Jessica grabbed his body, unable and not even trying to stop the fall. She made sure he landed on his knees in front of her. John instinctively wrapped his arms around her, but she pulled him away from her by his hair. John, sat on his heels, his knees spread before him and stared up at her in complete submission and adoration. She could have sent him sprawling with the slightest shove. Jessica smiled warmly down at him, caressed his cheek with her left hand while she slammed her right booted foot directly into his balls one more time.

Jessica couldn't help but smile at the response. If she weren't so enraptured by the power and emotions that rolled over her, she would have laughed out loud. John's body convulsed. His face looked completely perplexed at what could be taking over his body like this and then he flopped to the ground, practically wrapped around her feet.

Jessica stepped over him towards his office and leaned down and grabbed him by his hair. She had walked into the office filled with the confidence of a nice buzz from the drinks at dinner, but it was completely replaced now with a rush of power. She turned and yanked his hair to follow her as she walked towards his office. She thought she was walking slowly but could tell he was struggling to crawl along behind her on his hands and knees as she led him by his hair.

This was going to be a lot of fun, she thought to herself.

To be continued?

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