Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joy and Payne

By Wizard

“Well, ain’t this a bitch!” exclaimed Payne. “I log on to this site every day and I haven’t seen a decent story in ages.”

Joy stood in the doorway wearing her short pajamas, cup of coffee in her hand. She yawned. “Why don’t you write one?” she asked absently. Payne quickly quit Netscape and mumbled “That’s awright. S’not important.” A bit too quickly, Joy thought. Payne jumped out of the chair and tried to push past her, but she blocked his way.

“Hey!” he complained. “Outta my way!” Joy glared at him. She did not like the tone of his voice at all. He tried to dodge round her by moving from side to side, but Joy deftly blocked him each time. She liked the way his large, loose testicles wobbled in his thin jockey shorts. She smiled. I tried to love him for all the right reasons, she thought, but just maybe it was the bulge in his pants that attracted me!

“Come on Joy, let me by. Don’t be a bitch!” complained Payne. Joy’s eyes narrowed as he uttered that fateful word. She regarded his scowling face and came to a decision. It was time to let him know who was really in charge here.

Joy smiled sweetly. She realized then that she had been waiting for just such a chance as this. She suddenly jerked her knee up between his legs with great force, her thighbone driving through his large, soft, unprotected testicles and slamming them into his body. She loved the way she was able to lift his whole body off the floor and she could feel his squishy balls through the thin cotton of his boxers.

He collapsed to the floor in a heap, clutching his balls and moaning and groaning in pain. Joy was extremely satisfied at the effect of her surprise attack and spontaneously laughed at seeing this big strong male writhing about the floor in agony! Joy felt great! Maybe now he would think twice before getting angry at her and especially at using that word she loathed. She studied him for a moment and rubbed the smooth skin of her thigh thinking how his cute little balls in their cute little sack had felt when she slammed into them. Men are really weaklings she thought. Women are definitely the superior sex. And what fun it was to sometimes remind them of that fact, especially as they always thought they were all that!

Payne was still hunched over saying “Shit!” and “Fuck” and drawing air into his lungs through his teeth. Hmm, thought Joy. I guess it really does hurt a man if you kick him in the balls. She smiled again. And I didn’t even spill a drop of coffee! Now to see what he had been hiding.

Joy went over to the computer and pulled up Netscape. Payne didn’t protest. She used the history to log on to the site Payne had been looking at. Well, well. Look at this! Ball-busting? She found a story page and started reading, curious to know what it was all about. She felt a flush and thought it was embarrassment. These little girls were beating up a grown man, kicking him in the balls again and again! He was helpless in their hands – or rather, feet! She turned and looked at Payne, sitting now but still unwilling to rise. Suddenly she was REALLY embarrassed as she realized that the thought of beating up a man – especially kicking his nuts in – was getting her turned on. She couldn’t look at Payne at that moment and so read a little further.

Look at this, despite the abuse, the man had a raging hard-on, and the girls were giggling to see him at their mercy and took it in turns to touch his bulging cock until it exploded. Suddenly she realized that Payne LIKED these stories; that HE got an erection too at the thought of a female kicking him where it counts! THIS she had to check out. No wonder he felt guilty and tried to hide it from her. He would never be safe from her now! She could totally dominate him and claim she was doing it all for his benefit. Oh my, thought Joy, I’m getting my pajamas shorts all wet! Time to confront him.

Payne was on his knees, still feeling the effects of her wonderful female thigh on his tender male parts. Joy stood in front of him in triumph. “Come on!” she cried. “Let’s see your dick then.”

“What?” said Payne in surprise. Joy realized he had been rather preoccupied whilst she was checking out the ballbusting site.

“I see what you’ve been up to,” she said, indicating the computer screen. “I read one of the stories. Let me see your hard dick.” Reluctantly Payne pulled open the fly of his shorts. He was in no mood to argue with her.

“It’s not hard” she complained. “I thought this was all about you getting a boner when I kick you in the balls.” At the mention of the word ‘balls’, Payne’s penis twitched.

Joy noticed this effect and continued. “I mean, I just looked at this story where two girls kicked this guy right in his balls. They kicked him in the balls, they kneed him in the balls, they even grabbed his balls in their hands and squeezed.” Payne’s little dick was now several sizes bigger.

“Hear that, Payne, they grabbed his balls and squuuuueeeezed. HARD!” She was now gazing at a full-blown boner. A real woody. Hmmmmm, this really had possibilities. She decided to play and bent over him, stroking his erection with gentle fingers. This calmed him somewhat and he relaxed a bit. Even his erection was not so strong now. She slid her hand into his shorts and cupped his testicles. Immediately he tensed, and his dick swelled again. She squeezed them in her hand and Payne gasped. Such a little squeeze! She gazed into his eyes and quickly but gently squeezed again. She smiled at him, and little beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead as he realized how helpless he was. She squeezed again, putting a little grip into it this time. Payne’s whole body was tensed and his dick looked bigger than she could ever remember.

“I’ve got you by the balls!” she cried out, and laughed at him. Payne wanted to protest, but his dick had swollen and was so big and hard he couldn’t think straight. Joy was fully wet now and soaking her shorts. She suddenly pulled them off and jumped on him, sliding his beautiful dick into her juicy pussy. Funny how a penis looked kinda ugly when limp and suddenly became irresistible when erect! Payne was taken by surprise and tried to struggle out from under her so he could get on top. Joy simply reached behind her and punched him in the balls with a nice solid thump. He yelled in pain and the writhing of his body under hers brought a shuddering wave of orgasm through her body. Her vaginal muscles clamped down so tightly she nearly expelled his dick from her body.

Payne meanwhile was trapped. He had been helplessly pinned beneath her and when he had tried to get out she had hit him squarely in the balls. The pain had racked through him and he had nearly passed out, but his dick throbbed harder than ever. Now she gripped his shaft in a death grip. Slowly, oh so slowly she relaxed and as she did so did her grip. Payne exhaled and relaxed and his erection subsided. Suddenly Joy realized this and sat upright. Payne saw her hand reach behind her and instantly his dick started swelling again. Joy looked deep into his eyes, and slowly, slowly raised her fist. She saw the look of utter terror mixed with elation on Payne’s face and giving him her best smile she swung her fist down hard.

“Urghhahha!” he yelled and bucked beneath her, filling her pussy once again with the most fabulous erection. This was great! She could hardly catch her breath as her fist swung again. Thump! And again! Payne was in agony as Joy climaxed on top of him again. She almost toppled him over the brink but every time he was about to come her fist rammed into his balls again sending him into agony. Joy was about to faint with pleasure and was very nearly spent herself, but this ramrod kept throbbing inside her and she started to ride the roller coaster again. This time she was so caught up she couldn’t concentrate long enough to get her arm behind her. Payne didn’t know this and expected at any moment to feel her fist smash into his aching balls. Every time he thought this his dick strained to thrust ever deeper into Joy.

Just as she was riding the very crest of the wave she leaned forwards, put her face right in his and cried “Kicked you in the balls, Payne, kicked you in the BALLS!” Payne shuddered at her enthusiasm but his dick rebelled and finally erupted inside her. She felt his convulsions and came herself, crashing headlong into the surf – WIPE OUT!

Slowly, Joy got to her feet. She felt lightheaded, like she was floating. Those stories! IS this what they meant? She found it hard to believe. She kicked at Payne. “Come on, get up.” He groaned and slowly turned over and struggled to his knees.

“Payne!” she yelled, “that was fantastic. Your dreams have come true. I’m going to kick you in the balls every chance I get!” Payne was confused. On the one hand she was right. He HAD dreamed about having his balls kicked, and it was true, it gave him a great boner. On the other hand, if the bitch was going to smash his balls in like that first thigh had, he was in real trouble, and his male ego did not want to submit to a female, however superior she might be.

Foolishly he opened his mouth. “Jeez Joy, you didn’t have to act like such a BITCH!” Joy couldn’t believe her ears. She hated that word! She saw she was really going to have to subdue this one. She guessed he really wanted her to dominate him. He was still on his knees, his back towards her, his testicles dangling in the open like the irresistible target that they were. She kicked and he howled and went sprawling. If he had been at her mercy before then he was doubly so now. His balls hurt so badly he couldn’t move. Joy stepped forward and placed her foot on his balls, squashing them into the floor. The pain leaped over him in waves and he nearly blacked out, but she eased the pressure. She seemed to sense his pain threshold and eased off just at the point it seemed about to overwhelm him. Payne slowly started to realize that he would be forever at her mercy now, and that thought sent waves of pleasure alternating with waves of sheer embarrassment through his body.

“Before you start calling someone a bitch,” she purred, “you had better realize what great targets these big balls you have make.” She stepped down and he groaned again.

“Now,” she said, “I don’t want to hear any more whining about having no stories to read. Are you listening to me?” She pressed her foot down, putting the weight of her body on his lovely balls.

“Yessss… Argh!” he cried out like a little baby.

She smiled. “You don’t need to worry,” she laughed. “I’m going to be giving you plenty of story material from now on. You can start by writing up this little scene.”

“I don’t feel like…” he started, but she reached down between his legs and took a firm grip on his scrotum. His balls were even larger now they were swollen, and Joy had to make sure she encircled the scrotum above his testicles so they could not escape. Then she yanked up as hard as she could. Payne shot into the air! Amazing! Keeping a firm grip she dragged him over to the chair in front of the computer screen, only releasing him so he could sit.

“Get typing,” she instructed, “and make sure that web page is bookmarked. I want to read some more of those stories.”

“Oh, and one more thing. I want you to post a message in the general section to say that if anyone else whines about not having enough stories, tell them you will send me round to personally give them all the material they need. Joy gets immense joy out of causing testicle pain, Payne, and don’t you forget it!”

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