Sunday, November 25, 2007

Julie Holland

By unknown

Julie was an assassin, trained to fighting perfection. A supreme martial artist, she was also possibly the most beautiful, sexy, sassy and absolutely gorgeous women on the planet. She was 26 years old, about 5’ 8” with long straight brown hair that shined in the sun. Her eyes were deep blue and sensual. Her ass was perfectly round and plump and smooth. She had luscious softball size breasts that were perfectly round and silky. She was female perfection.

As an assassin, she worked for a secret government operated organization known as THE FANG. She was one of their best operatives, completing dozens of missions with trained perfection. But despite her marvelous track record, one slip-up was all it took. She had accidentally let a target escape on her last mission. A mistake that would cost her her life.

But THE FANG was much sneakier than that. Rather than simply kill her, they decided to knock her off by surprise when she would least expect it. Several days after telling her that she would get another chance to prove her self, they assigned her another mission. She was deployed out into the city to kill an ambassador in his hotel room at night.

She dressed up in her standard mission suit: A skin tight black body suit that covered her whole body in spandex. Only her angel face was visible. She armed herself with a set of ninja throwing stars (much more silent than guns) and headed out. She arrived at the hotel on the roof and entered the building through a vent in to the hall way. Withdrawing one of her stars she walked down the hall silently like a black cat. She could feel the usual adrenalin rush now as she neared the door to the ambassador’s room. She began to sweat, her heart pounded beneath her breasts. Her pubic hair, hidden and tufted away beneath her spandex frizzed with excitement.

There was a guard standing at the door. No problem. A flick of the wrist was all it took to drop him to the floor with a throwing star in his throat. She crouched down next to the body on the floor and removed a set of keys from his jacket pocket and unlocked the door slowly. With it opened only a crack, she peered in to see the ambassador sitting in a chair watching TV with a guard on each side of him and another standing at the window.

She burst in quickly, taking them by surprise. The abrupt entrance startled them enough to slow their reaction time. Before they could draw their guns, Julie sent out three stars in one shot. Each landed with perfect precision in the throat of each guard. Now it was only her and the ambassador.

Still in the doorway, Julie looked him in the eye real sassy-like and said, "Death calling." She slammed the door behind her and walked toward him. He was old and too flustered to even stand up. It was over before he knew what him. The only body in the room that still had life in it, Julie started to leave when suddenly the window flew open and a man jumped in.

Julie knew who he was. He was someone from her past. When she was a teenager, she used to train with him in a kung fu class. In the four years that she knew him, they became very close friends. Very close but they never admitted to one another that they had feelings beyond friendship. When they grew up, Julie joined THE FANG and Tim became a freelance mercenary, using his ninja and kung fu skills to make a living just like Julie. He had recently been hired to find and kill the assassin that had been plaguing the city for several weeks. And now, he had found her.

"Julie!" he said in surprise. "Julie Holland!" She looked at him with surprise and fear that her cover had been blown. But there was something more in her eyes. Though she tried to fight it, she still had feelings for him.

"Tim…" was all she could get out.

"Julie, I've been tracking the assassin for weeks and now I've finally found him... well her... and it's you?" They sort of subconsciously walked in close to each other out of long lost longing for one another.

"Tim, I can't believe this..." she looked him in the eyes. "THE FANG orders us to kill any witnesses." She swallowed solemnly. "That means…" she paused. "That I have to KILL YOU!" At that she swung a kick up to his head, knocking him back.

"Julie, wait!!!" Tim cried. But she attacked again with punch aimed at his face. He swiftly blocked the attack. With his arm up to block her punch, she took her female advantage from below. With a jerk of her sexy thigh, she shoved her knee up into his crotch. Even in the old days when the two studied kung fu together, Tim was never as good her for two reasons. One, Julie was just a little better. Two, Julie had no specific weak spot while Tim, being a male, did. As her knee crunched into his balls, he bent over, leaving his face wide open for anther punch. This punch connected with a THWACK.

"Pleas Julie, stop this..." he called, but her mind was set. All those who discover a member of THE FANG must die. She kept attacking and he kept backing up, blocking as good as he could.

As Julie swiftly attacked, Tim was knocked back. A quick punch to the nose sent him stepping back far enough for Julie to fully extend her small female foot in the form of a snap kick to the crotch. He started to bend forward but before his hands could reach his balls, she came in close with a low swinging back hind that sank into this lose scrotum, pounding his nuts. Now her body was pressed in tight to his and she faced him sideways. Too close to actually punch or kick him, she jerked her wide feminine hips forward into his balls. He backed away holding his balls in excruciating pain.

Julie was in the zone now. Her assassin-trained mind blanked out all past feelings for him and focused solely on taking him out. Her cover had been blown and he had to pay for it. She punched and kicked, hitting him in the face, stomach and, of course, the place where she knew it counted most, his balls. Finally she backed him into the wall. Holding him by his shoulders, she pressed her smooth sexy body into his and thrust her black-clad knee into his crotch with crushing force, holding it up there for a second or two to highlight both his pain and the sexual pleasure that it gave her. Julie loved the feeling of dominance of men.

She looked him in the eye and grinned. "Ohhhhhh, poor little boy. What's the matter? Getting your ass kicked by a girl?"

I'll continue this another time.

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